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You mentioned multiplayer games. Do white supremisists have people who just sit and play Overwatch, League, that type of thing and just spam their slurs or what is that tactic like?

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Big fan of your music! I was wondering on average how long the process is for making songs like Seven Light Years, Smoke & Mirrors, and Ghost Writer?

Thanks for doing the AMA! You're a fantastic musician and every time I hear your music I feel like a badass. Thanks man!

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Wow, thanks for the answer. That's unbelievable, but I have no doubt it's going on. It's really shocking.

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Hi Christian. I am from a very small town where the majority of the population is white.

I've noticed that a lot of ignorance rages over logic in my town and I was just wondering how I, as a young person, can try and change that. How can I do my part to stop the hate and stop intolerance from being taught and passed down?

I've just felt so helpless these past couple years and I just feel like I can't do anything.

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Thanks so much for responding, never been to one of these so early before. Thanks much man!