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is an American music producer and musician.

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i used to, but then i realized that a show is primarily a vessel for the crowds enjoyment, not mine. then, it actually became enjoyable.

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if you remove the chocolate or the peanut butter from a reese cup, what do you get?

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this story is in the internet ethers somewhere, but to condense, they asked. i said no. they asked again. i said no. repeat 4 more times. then i said yes. what did i get? aside from these blackmail nudes from the entire cast i required? not much.

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lol, what else should i expect from your user name? its not a prereq.

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LOL LOL LOL. no. fucking dude jacked my shit. even funnier? im a fan, if he just asked, i'd have collabed. fucking corny.

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lol, thanks. im no legend, though....still wake up everyday wondering how i can beat the last song/track/remix i did....daily struggle!

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hahaha! thanks. must have been a long time ago. i havent had a chai in years.

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ok, i'll bite. in short, i basically took elements of sound that laid in BETWEEN the vocal lines, and layered them throughout the places in the song where there ARENT vocals. your ear then starts to perceive these as embedded in the instrumental, not the vocal. so when the artifacts appear underneath the vocal, you hear them as already being there. a bit of a "look over there" type of technique.

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wow, that is RAD!!!

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the short story is that as a culture, we are making a bunch of micro-arguments that largely miss the macro-perspective of the issue. i almost dont want to bastardize the eloquent long form answer in lieu of a shitty short form answer. give me a bit on this...if things die down, ill try to drop a monster....