I spent 10 years as a fine dining chef before being offered a position on a large private yacht. I have served as both a permanent chef on several large yachts and as a freelance chef on charter yachts. The typical boat i work on costs over 20 million dollars and the private boats have all been owned by billionaires including a forbes top 50 member. I have been all over the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. AMA!

My Proof: I will provide proof to a moderator upon request. Cannot post pictures or state owners names due to non-disclosure agreements.

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Chicagooan458 karma

What's the most ridiculous use of money you've witnessed?

elineu061508 karma

This wasnt on a boat i worked on, but a friend of mine worked a charter for a Saudi billionaire and he tipped each member of the 15 man crew a brand new mercedes s class.

masturbatingmonkeys156 karma

So what's your most ridiculous tip been?

elineu06455 karma

2k for 8 days. Not too crazy but after my salary too made for a pretty good month.

elineu06435 karma

The entire concept of superyachts is a disturbing waste of money. They cost hundreds of thousands (some millions) per month to operate and pollute at an astounding level.

soundslikeribeye390 karma

Currently I am employed as a cook on a tug boat. I make an acceptable carnitas taco, as well as a mean pot of chili. Can I be your sous chef?

elineu06470 karma

I haven't gotten into the realm of yachts big enough to suffice a sous chef. Its a one man operation. I am the dishwasher the cook and the chef.

elineu06358 karma

Here is me making a Caprice salad on a big boat [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/vKKALDP.jpg[/IMG]

Surf and Turf: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/bw7x2jY.jpg[/IMG]

Proof its me: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/PuXsaRE.jpg[/IMG]

giubaloo104 karma

Do some people call Caprese salads "Caprice"? Honest question, never seen it spelled like that before...

elineu06271 karma

No. I spelled it wrong.

AndShabadoo12 karma

The generic sprig of rosemary! Hello 80s! Remember, if you can't eat it, don't plate it.

elineu0634 karma

Hahaha i know. I had a mountain of it in the fridge and it was the last day of the trip. I said fuck it, may as well use it. Its not without a purpose, the odor is very pleasant when the dish is put in front of you.

my_redditusername275 karma

What's the most working-class item you've had an absurdly rich person ask you to prepare? Do Saudi princes ever eat Hot Pockets? Any billionaire CEO's with a weakness for Kraft dinner?

elineu06521 karma

Fish and Chips as well as cheeseburgers get requested pretty often. I worked for a billionaire once who literally dipped everything in tartar sauce.

Illbjammin240 karma

What's the most requested entree?

elineu06392 karma

Usually its whatever can be caught in the water where the boat is.

Illbjammin156 karma

Who does the fishing?

elineu06400 karma

Sometimes the guests like to do fishing excursions or the deck crew will do it too. The boats i work on are big enough that they usually have a fishing boat in tow or in the garage.

starwobble844 karma

in the garage.

Jesus. I don't have a garage for my car, let alone a garage on my boat that contains ANOTHER BOAT.

elineu06597 karma

I have seen boats that carry a submarine, fishing boat, speed boat, inflatable utility tender, and a bunch of jet skis.

trasofsunnyvale200 karma

I remember a story about Roman Abramovich's new yacht that was the most expensive in the world (at the time). He had a submarine and I believe his boat (part of it) could withstand a direct missile hit.

elineu06460 karma

Some arab guy outdid him recently and built a bigger one. It couldnt withstand a missile hit but it has a missile defense system.

HiImNewToTheInternet227 karma

Do drug-fueled "eyes wide shut" type orgies, involving white slavery, pedophilia, and human sacrifices to ancient pagan gods, really go on with the powerful and super rich? Probably quite a bit, right?

elineu06398 karma

Not on the boats i have worked on but i have heard stories. For example next door to my last boat was a yacht owned by a really rich fat mexican lady. She only hired good looking young men and required them to fuck her as part of the job...gross If they are partaking in the real nasty shit im sure they keep it a secret.

523367218 karma

Really rich fat mexican lady can only be Elba Esther Gordillo, aka Chucky.

Oh my God, the mental images!

elineu06300 karma

You didnt hear it from me.

Cynictologist213 karma

Hi, Chef. Is there a written rule separating what's fed to the crew as opposed to the guests in terms of price and quality of ingredients? If not, is there an unspoken understanding as to what the crew can and cannot consume from the ship's stores?

elineu06316 karma

Boats have different policies in regards to this. Part of being a yacht chef is feeding the crew 3 meals a day. When the guests are owner are on board usually its a free for all because the budget goes out the window for the boss. When the boat is at port or in the yard there is a set budget. Its usually enough to eat damn good though.

Cynictologist168 karma

Warren Buffett, for example, loves Cherry Coke and burgers. What common, grocery store item(s) do you usually have to buy or prepare for an employer and their guests? Thanks for doing this AMA, btw.

elineu06277 karma

A big fancy yacht is stocked with every kind of drink and most types of food you can imagine before a trip. Thousands of dollars worth of crap are consumed/thrown out a day.

JETPUNCH115 karma

do you bring the food back to land to dispose of it or do you throw it into the ocean?

edit: one of the more interesting AMA's I've seen.. thanks!

elineu06294 karma

I throw most organic waste in the water unless its something with a really high oil content like salad dressing.

turtle_in_trenchcoat207 karma

How's the living situation for the crew? Does each member have their own cabin? What does a normal day for you look like? Any leisure time, and if so, how is it spent?


elineu06412 karma

Depends on the size of the boat. Usually its 2 crew per cabin and it will have its own bathroom and shower. Its not the ritz but its livable.

There are basically two separate lives as a yacht employee. When the boat is in use it is literally nothing but work. Once the guests leave its a normal 9-5 with weekends off. I use my leisure time differently than most crew. A lot of them drink and do drugs. I like to explore and take pictures.

iambobanderson112 karma

What do you do 9-5 if the guests are gone?

elineu06212 karma

Cook for the crew. Maintenance.

seanalltogether77 karma

So I'm confused, are you and the crew full time regardless of whether you're out to sea or not? Do you all come to the boat every day when not at sea? What's the split here, are you at sea 20% or the time, or more like 70%?

elineu06163 karma

If you are permanent crew you will live on the boat full time. You wake up and go to sleep at work.

o-neg81 karma

If possible, could you upload some of the photos you've taken?

elineu06244 karma

Sure. Here is a pic of the top deck of a yacht off the west coast of Mexico: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/mcsB9I8.jpg[/IMG]

o-neg55 karma

That's beautiful! Thank you!

elineu06268 karma

No prob! Here, enjoy a sunset in the Exumas: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/KpIzXxz.jpg[/IMG]

elineu06183 karma

Goodnight Everyone. I had fun but its time to hit the hay. I have a lot of PM's in my inbox and i will try to address them tomorrow. Cheers!

tango979158 karma

I'm curious to know, what are the hyper rich like in private? Do they act more or less as people on vacation do (just with a lot more money) or are there epic parties that would make common people's head spin

Most importantly do you have stories that could cause a scandal if you were allowed to make them public?

elineu06364 karma

They are normal people, they are just used to getting exactly what they want when they want it. I have been lucky and have worked for cool people. I have heard nightmare stories about people who are terrible. Russians and Arabs have horrible reputations in this industry both as people to work for and as charter guests. Russians will destroy the boat and tip you in empty vodka bottles.

ponchietto203 karma

My wife has a small sail-boat charter and I can confirm the russian story. We now simply refuse to rent the boat to russians.

elineu06313 karma

Lots of charter yachts will not allow russians on board.

Frank_Bubbletrousers156 karma

Best AMA in a LONG time. In an earlier answer you said the first step to being a better cook is to understand the science of cooking -- any suggestions on how to start learning on that topic?

elineu06207 karma

Understanding heat and the way different proteins react to it is the key to making a perfect piece of meat or seafood. Learning the how to emulsify oil and butter with non-fat based liquids is important to makings sauce. Blending flavors takes experience and a good palette. Taste everything.

Bartimus_Prine155 karma

As a cook who would love to get into something like this, I have a few questions:

  1. Culinary school?

  2. How did you get into being a private chef?

  3. What is your schedule like? I would imagine it's kind of hard to balance as you theoretically can make your own schedule, but are still subject to employer whims if you want to make money.

  4. What kind of restaurants did you work in prior to becoming a private chef? Michelin starred places?

  5. Favorite mother sauce?

  6. What kind of knives do you prefer?

elineu06306 karma

  1. I am one of the few chefs in the industry without a culinary degree. I actually studied mechanical engineering at Northeastern University. I have been cooking since 15 and supported myself through college working at restaurants.

  2. I was living in Florida which is kind of the global epicenter for yachting. I was doing engineering work on a superyacht and they got in a bind and needed a chef short notice. I told the captain i could cook and never looked back since. (this is not typical for the industry whatsoever)

  3. Schedules all depend on the schedule of the boat, whether the owner is using it, where in the world you are etc. It can be very long hours.

  4. I worked in French restaurants throughout Boston and NYC.

  5. Beurre Blanc

  6. I use Japanese Knifes. I have set of Shun Kaji's, a suisin slicing knife and a Miyabi rocking knife and a few German knives i use for the heavy hacking.

Bartimus_Prine115 karma

Thanks for the response!

A few quick follow ups if you don't mind:

  1. What would you say is your "signature dish?"

  2. What's your favorite dish to eat? Favorite to cook?

  3. Favorite chefs? Who inspires you?

  4. Best meal you've ever had?

  5. What would you choose for your last meal?

elineu06231 karma

  1. Sole Meuniere. Can be made from start to finish in under 30 mins and its delicious.

  2. I love indian food and other spicy foods. I make a mean curry too.

  3. Anthony Bourdain. I was a fan of his way before the TV shows. Great writer too. Thomas Keller is has the best restaurants though.

  4. Dinner at a restaurant in Venice that i cant even remember the name of. I really wish i remembered. It had gnocci's with prawns and garlic sauce and lots of charcuteries as appetizers.

  5. A big bowl of spanish fishermans stew. Clams, Mussels scallops, cod and shrimp in a light saffron tomato broth.

Superfluous420142 karma

Ever been asked to prepare a dish and refused? Do you socialize with the people you cook for or do they see you as staff? How much do you get to see of where you travel? And what's the difference between a great, average and bad cook?

elineu06453 karma

1.Yacht crew cannot have the word no in their vocabulary. The only time is if the ingredients are not on the boat and we are at sea.

2.They see me as staff. The chef and captain commands more respect than the rest of the crew but you are still just the help.

3.I usually get to see a lot of it unless we are just passing through or stopping for provisions or fuel.

4.Understanding the science of cooking is what makes a chef good. Applying artistry to make it beautiful makes a chef better. Being great depends how much you care.

allenahansen132 karma

What is a typical per guest per day food budget for you? (Excluding wines and booze.)

Are you typically also responsible for food procurement?

What is the most morally-obnoxious food you've ever prepared? ("Here she is...your Komo-do Dragon....")

elineu06400 karma

Usually on yachts the budget is unlimited. I have spent over 5000 at whole foods before provisioning.

I am responsible for everything food related on the boat.

May sound tame but swordfish and tuna are pretty irresponsible ingredients and I hate it when they are requested. They will both be extinct in our lifetimes.

allenahansen177 karma

Appreciate you saying that, eline. Most people are oblivious of this sad fact given the ubiquity of canned tuna and grocery store swordfish. Thanks for the response.

elineu06345 karma

People really need to show awareness when it comes to buying seafood. Our oceans are dying. There are some places in the bahamas that less than 5 years ago had beautiful reefs and tons of life. Big companies have come in and built golf courses and resorts and the pesticides have killed everything.

Dumb_Dick_Sandwich4 karma

A captain I worked for was proud of how he was depleting the oceans by catching swordfish by long line floats. He also mentioned how he would love to kill a Continental Bald Eagle and have it stuffed.

He had his nice moments though.

elineu067 karma

He sounds like the biggest asshole of all time.

fellowkaintuck128 karma

Ever felt like stabbing one of the rich guys in the eye?

elineu06505 karma

Obviously yes. Usually it is their wives who deserve the stabbing the most though. There is nothing worse than a woman with way too much plastic surgery who has never worked a day in their life.

RodeoRadio126 karma

What's the most difficult client you had? Oddest request?

elineu06312 karma

The worst difficulties a yacht chef can face come from lack of sleep. I have had guests that pound music until 5 am and party and want snacks and what not all night but breakfast is still expected at 8am. It can be a 24 hour a day job. The last owner i worked for was like that. Oddest request? hmmm..theres been a lot. I recently had a mexican guest request cactus salad. Im not sure what that is or where to get cactus.

wondertaco63 karma

So you were you able to get the cactus from storage on the boat or did they go without cactus salad?

elineu06191 karma

No.. I fucked the duck on that one.

infinite_goats117 karma

Any playboy/baller type of stories aboard the yachts?

elineu06253 karma

I have heard lots from crew on other boats but none on mine. A friend worked for an italian owner who would fly a new stable of hookers in from Vegas every night.

zubbyn193 karma

Let me guess. Berlusconi?

elineu06217 karma

Haha no. It was some creepy businessman. He was married too and gave strict instructions not to tell her.

macjunkie109 karma

How different is your job from the reality show about yachting that was on TV

elineu06285 karma

I actually know a few of the cast members on that show. It was 100% staged. Real yacht jobs are very different. Showing a stewardess cleaning toilettes and a chef furiously chopping vegetables doesn't make good TV i guess.

RaySmoodiver55 karma


elineu0673 karma

I got an email from a producer as well. I didn't respond.

mattskins105 karma

Do any of the trophy wives ever go into the kitchen to watch/help/instruct you?

elineu06208 karma

Yes. Ive seen it all. They are usually drunk too. I have been hit on as well.

VI3061098 karma


elineu06208 karma

None. Most of the people i have worked for are over 60 and im sure they get down but i stay far away. Banging a guest or owners kid would be more in my wheelhouse but the risks outweigh the reward.

achilleshightops87 karma

How can I make super awesome Mac & Cheese for under $20?

elineu06277 karma

Make your own cheese sauce with white wine and a variety of your favorite cheeses. Crusting the top with breadcrumbs and herbs helps too.

PandaFriedRice82 karma

Thanks for doing this ama! When did you know that you were talented at cooking and if not what was the drive to refine your skills and follow this career path?

elineu06171 karma

I didn't commit to being a chef until my late 20's. I actually went to college for engineering! I cooked all the way up until i finished school and always knew i was good at it. I didn't commit until a really good job fell on my lap when I was helping with an engineering project in the engine room on a yacht.

CatchingRays80 karma

I am curious about pirates. I read some comments, and it looks like you spend most of your time in the caribbean. Have you been east of Africa? Any pirate scares? Scariest situation? Weather or pirates or sharks or whatever?

elineu06204 karma

To my knowledge yachts rarely if ever are bothered by pirates. Somalia isn't exactly a vacation destination. Sharks are harmless. I am more likely to get killed by the oven.

Scariest situation? I was out on the tender on my day off and the battery died 2 miles from shore and i had to swim with the sun going down. If it got dark i could have been in trouble.

Illbjammin77 karma

What is your favorite dessert to serve?

elineu06233 karma

I make a lot of french pastries. Here is a pic of a banana strudel with caramalized bananas and vanilla ice cream. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/SRT6hG0.jpg[/IMG]

37snoogans69 karma

What was the most you spent on a single meal. I mean specifically the cost of ingredients only.

How many diners were eating, and how many dishes were there?

How much would you have charged at a restaurant for the same meal?

elineu06140 karma

There have been some pricey ones. Probably the most expensive meal i cooked was about a year ago docked near ground zero in manhattan. I was cooking for a very rich and famous New Yorker and the boat was owned by a former Microsoft executive. There were 10 people total. I bought everything i needed at Chelsea Pier and spent over 2k. Lots of expensive seafood including maguro tuna (80$ a lb), caviar and sea urchin. Also got some kobe beef and lots of exotic vegetables and truffles. I made a truffle vinaigrette steak sauce for the beef. A tuna sashimi dish and a fisherman's stew dish. Cant remember what i did for desert.

At a restaurant it would have to cost over 6k for the party to turn a profit.

Hers a pic pulling out of the marina in downtown manhattan: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/qLlrZnK.jpg[/IMG]

37snoogans41 karma

In terms of flavor alone, are any of those items worth the mark up over similar items, or is the rarity/special care the only appeal.

elineu0698 karma

From my experience really expensive food usually tastes better. The rule of supply and demand apply to food as well. If something tastes average there will be no demand for it, especially if it is rare and expensive.

PanaLucho30 karma

Is it true that you can only get real kobe beef in Japan and not in the US?

elineu0699 karma

No. It is exported. Its just really expensive. If a restaurant has Kobe beef on the menu though you can almost guarantee its not real Kobe unless it was over $70 for the dish.

DreadPirateHenry61 karma

How much are you paid?

elineu06144 karma

Salary depends on the size of the yacht. I worked on a 150' boat and salary was 7k per month. Now i work freelance and my rate is $300 per day. Tips are common and vary in size.

JamboyJohnson33 karma

How many days a month do you typically work?

elineu0682 karma

This summer i worked almost every day. Now im going to take a month off and travel before I get on a new boat after the Fort Lauderdale boat show at the end of October. As a permanent chef you work 20-24 days a month.

osheasf56 karma

My boyfriend is a chef and would love to do this. How would you suggest getting a foot in the door?

elineu06341 karma

You will never see him again if he does.

moeza53 karma

What did you do on the yacht when not cooking and having some spare time?

elineu06128 karma

Read, watch TV, Reddit...I try to get off the boat if i have spare time. I like diving and snorkeling. Nothing wrong with a cold beer either.

snax_on_deck48 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA! Pretty cool to hear from you.

Have you ever had to make an emergency trip to land for some basic ingredient? (lemons, milk, something like that) /what happens if you run out of something essential?

Are you ever invited out to have a drink with the guests after a particularly great meal?

Is there a separate section of the boat for crew members to hang out, eat, etc. other than sleeping quarters? Any chance of a picture?

How many crew members do you usually work with?

elineu0681 karma

  1. Running out of essential ingredients is a fatal error i have never made. We always have way more of that type of thing then we will need. A lot of the time we are many miles away from the nearest market.
  2. Yes, but declining is standard protocol. Yes, most boats have what is called a crew mess. Its like a lounge with couches, tv and a kitchenette.
  3. Depending on the size of the boat its from 6-30 crew. The size i'm usually on has 10-12 crew.

thisguytx46 karma

Who is the richest or most famous person you've cooked for?

What is the usual salary for your position?

When alone do you tend to eat out or cook as you would at work?

Favorite dish to prepare? Care to share a recipe?

elineu06115 karma

I am not allowed to say but i was the permanent chef for a forbes top 50 member who owned multiple yachts. I would get flown to whichever one he was using. He was worth over 15 billion dollars. Cool guy too!

I mentioned pay already.

I always eat out when i can. Part of being yacht crew means making crew meals and eating them with the crew. When im off the boat i use the web to find cool restaurants wherever in the world i may be.

rihLana35 karma

can you name some of the countries you've been to? which have been your favorite?

elineu0678 karma

I just got home from La Paz, Mexico yesterday. I have spent a lot of time in the Bahamas and throughout the Caribbean as well. I have traveled from Miami to Maine stopping at almost every port along the way.

My favorite place to go yachting is Great Exuma, in the bahamas. Beautiful beaches and lots of sea life for diving.

MyDark_Passenger45 karma

You said it is 9-5 when the guests leave. What does a cook do with the ship in Port that constitutes a 9-5...and is this extended or just briefly when there are no guests?

elineu0689 karma

I have been on a boat making full salary for several months doing nothing but making a simple breakfast and lunch for the crew. Yachts are big complicated things that take a full staff just to keep everything working.

Illbjammin45 karma

What kind of entertainment do people bring on board?

elineu06108 karma

The boats are all the entertainment they need. We usually have dive gear, jet skis, seabobs and are in the most exotic locations in the world. The boats also have top of the line entertainment systems and wifi. Some have fog and laser machines for dance parties. Lots of booze gets consumed.

jjwinder954 karma

Are you usually allowed to participate in any of these activities?

elineu06223 karma

Crew get invited all the time. My last boat had a really talented free-diver and spearfisher. He spend all day plucking shit from the ocean for me to cook. It was awesome.

Pitchcontrol43 karma

Hi there!

a) I'm no expert, or chef or anything related to the food industry. How can I be a better cooker at home? Any knowledge roadmap?

elineu06204 karma

The internet is the best cookbook of all time.

Yeastextract43 karma

If you had to tell one story/experience about your time on board yachts or other people you have heard about what would it be?

elineu06119 karma

Not many stories happen at work for the chef. I am putting out food the entire time i am awake. The stewardess get better stories. Most of the stories i tell happen on my days off. Swimming with whale sharks in Mexico, spearfishing in Great Exuma, racing jetboats around deserted islands in the Bahamas..shit like that. I have no interest in intruding in guests lives to get stories.

A story i like to tell involves a stewardess i was dating. Her boss was a really rich woman who made all her money from a divorce. She had 5 dogs on the boat and had a staff member whose job it was to clean there shit and piss off the carpet.

wondertaco42 karma

How much interaction do you have with the guests? Are you back in a kitchen with orders coming in or is it like your out amongst the guest cooking?

elineu06113 karma

Usually the only interaction is when they pop in the galley and ask for something or if they are curious about the smell of something cooking. Sometimes we will set up a grill and table on a secluded beach and i will cook in front of them.

Max80840 karma

Favorite yacht worked on?

elineu0666 karma

Feadships have the nicest galleys. They are incredible boats.

minos1638 karma

I noticed you mentioned your an engineer who got turned into a chef. Do you double as a ship engineer? Does it help you get industry gigs compared to other chefs.

elineu0666 karma

It should! Boats big enough to employ a chef also have a full time engineer. Most of the time i am too busy to help on engineering projects. If something in the galley malfunctions i usually fix it myself unless i am too busy.

rices31438 karma

May have been asked elsewhere but, how long is the average boat trip and whats the longest you've had to stay on a single boat? e.g. Trip around the world.

elineu0671 karma

7-14 days is normal. My longest was 30 days and after that i was so over it i took a month off. Some people like doing circumnavigations and ocean crossings but its not my thing. I have a life on land.

CrazyCapitalist36 karma

I'm late to this party, but do any of your yacht owners request "stick to your ribs" meals like jambalaya or a good old fashioned platter of fried chicken?

elineu0666 karma

Yes. Its totally normal to have guests that want fried food and sandwiches.

wu-tanging36 karma

What's the most obscenely extravagant thing you've ever been asked to cook?

edit clarification

elineu06133 karma

What do you mean obscene? Like a dildo shaped cupacke? I don't follow. Just because people are rich doesn't mean they want to eat rhinoceros meat.

KingBerger1427 karma

Have you ever made a dildo shaped cupcake?

elineu06128 karma

Im eating one right now.

Huplescat2235 karma

I see that you like spicy food. I’m on a quest to make the best salsa ever. My basic ingredients are Muir Glen Organic crushed tomatoes, fresh onion, green bell pepper, garlic, jalapenos and serranos, chili powder, cumin, lemon juice, and cilantro. I keep quartered, frozen habeneros and cayenne peppers on hand in case the fresh chilies that I get turn out to be on the mild side.

I like to make enough to keep for a couple of weeks in the fridge, but the cilantro seems to work better if I mix it in after the salsa has chilled overnight, and I’m a little worried about storage issues when I do that.

Thanks in advance for any advice to help me up my game.

elineu0671 karma

You recipe looks solid. I use lime juice, not lemon. Are you making it to sell or for personal consumption?

Huplescat2221 karma

I’m using lemon juice because I keep it on hand for its wider range of applications… everything from iced tea to freshening up day old tuna salad, but it looks I need to break down and give lime juice a shot. Unless I give some to friends this is all for personal consumption. So, is the cilantro best if it’s never been heated?

EDIT: I noticed your concerns about tuna. I thought the main problem was with blue fin and that albacore was, more or less, OK.

elineu0648 karma

Yes..The cilatro will change color and its flavor will become muddled. Try chopping it fresh and only adding it to the salsa that you are going to eat.

drtzz34 karma

What's the difference between the quality of the food for rich people and regular people?

elineu06101 karma

I am a firm believer that excellent food can be found at a cheap price. Rich people have a chef cooking it for them using the best ingredients with beautiful garnishes and 5 star service.

tangiblebanana33 karma

I'm jealous. Congrats on getting a rad job. Do you get time to stage at restaurants to pick up new tricks?

elineu0658 karma

I haven't yet but i learned everything i know in restaurants. I plan on taking a gastronomy course in France later this year to pick up some new skills.

Divinity12132 karma

Ever felt seasick?

elineu06103 karma

I am lucky enough to very rarely get sick and when i do its not bad. I have been on trips where lots of people get sick. I get a sick pleasure out of watching charter guests getting ill and hiding in their beds the whole trip.

Dumb_Dick_Sandwich27 karma

Ahhhh I miss the yachting industry. Whats your best story about a former crewmate? The more out of control, the better.

elineu0674 karma

Recently at a boat show a crew member from a neighboring yacht managed to get into the master cabin at night. He threw up on himself and passed out in the owners bed and was discovered the next day.

masturbatingmonkeys25 karma

Ever stopped at St Maarten? :)

elineu0652 karma

Yeah! Great place. St.Maarten and St.Thomas are some of my favorite spots i've been to.

getintheVandell17 karma

Any juicy bad habits you can share of the rich and famous? Anonymized, of course.

elineu0635 karma

Im going to have to pass on that one. I don't want to wake up in a ditch.

Scott2G17 karma

What got you into the yacht culinary industry? Did you have an "in" with someone or did you just try and try and try?

elineu0630 karma

I was living in Fort Lauderdale doing other things and i definitely had an in. Its a tough industry to get into because there are not many superyachts out there.

nonametoday1211 karma

Do you have a place you call home? And how often do you get there and visit?

elineu0619 karma

I dont really have a place. I keep all my shit in my car and rent when i need to. The past 14 months i have been living on 3 different boats with only a bit of downtime in between jobs. I like to get a nice hotel in south beach in between work.

CFOthrow7 karma

Did anybody hate your food?

Did anybody every get sick from your food, or claim that it was your food?

Does being around people that rich make you depressed at all? My first job out of college was doing taxes for multi-millionaires, and it was not fun considering I was trying to live on $28K a year back then.

elineu0621 karma

No. No. No. There is nothing depressing about living on a yacht rent free in the tropics.

fajord4 karma

Any advice for a young guy (29) with a USCG 100 ton master license and STCW endorsements (plus some other random stuff) trying to get on yachts as crew?

elineu064 karma

Daywork at the shipyards. If you are good a job will come to you.

oversizedobject4 karma

Have you ever spit in someone's food or worse?

elineu0611 karma

Absolutely not. I wont even use a cutting board for 2 types of food without cleaning it.

Illbjammin3 karma

Last question from me,thanks for all your time!.Where is one place you would like to see that you haven't been?

elineu063 karma

I want to see Vietnam. Its a destination that has been attracting yachts recently but i haven't had the opportunity.

LiquoriceComfits2 karma

Ever do a line of coke with a celeb or anyone else of note?

elineu069 karma

Im doing coke with Charlie Sheen right now. Winning...

TheStraightBanana2 karma

How are the captains at avoiding heavy weather? Have you ever had any experiences with sudden squalls?

What was the worst?

elineu062 karma

They are really good. The boat wont leave the dock if a major storm is even a remote threat.

CynepMeH2 karma

Ever had to go through storm, get hit by a freak wave or think "oh shit, next party I'm going to feed are going to be sharks, fishes, and crabs?"

Also, what's your signature desert (or one you didn't mind sharing) recipe?

elineu062 karma

No. Yachts have the privilege of avoiding storms and staying in port if there is uncomfortable weather. The heaviest seas i have been in were 9 ft and it was really shitty but not too scary.

Almost every trip i make crepes with grand marnier, fresh berries and ice cream. Its a big hit every time and its easy as shit. Make a big crepe (easy to look up recipe) drizzle it with the Grand Marnier and top it with berries and ice cream. Garnish it with fresh mint and powdered sugar and lemon zest.

NoDiggityNoDoubt2 karma

Who removed the body of this post? If it was a mod, where's the reason?

elineu064 karma

I sent proof. I'm waiting for them to respond now.