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Was the episode where Gilbert and rocko fake a marriage for visa purposes a thinly veiled attempt at depicting a gay relationship as normal in a kid's cartoon or just comedic stab at married life?

Even as a Kid, I felt there was some deeper subtext in Rocko choosing a dude instead of some female friend.

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I noticed you mentioned your an engineer who got turned into a chef. Do you double as a ship engineer? Does it help you get industry gigs compared to other chefs.

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How so dumb?

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Is it really true; the stereotypes of Nigerian men and Nigerian women in relationships?

The man needs to be respected and treated like a King....otherwise he will be very angry and unhappy? There was a stereotype of Nigerians in the countries I lived in that they would be very hot/cold and hit their women(...it happened enough publically).

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I accidently thought you said you were at the NSA

Man, those next two paragraphs confused the hell out of me....I didn't think we could use microgravity to spy!