You may know me from movies like "A Few Good Men," "The Usual Suspects," or from my podcasts Kevin Pollak's Chat Show or Talkin Walkin, in which I ramble as Christopher Walken for an hour... !

I love doing impersonations, playing poker, and answering your questions!

I'm directing a movie about the dark side of comedy called "Misery Loves Comedy" I'm interviewing famous funny fuckers like, Lewis Black, Kumail Nanjiani, Jim Gaffigan, Christopher Guest, Janeane Garofalo, Jimmy Fallon, Bob Saget, Liza Kudrow, Marty Short, Judd Apatow and a shit ton more. Check out our kickstarter campaign here:

I've done some interviews and already have some hilarious and heartbreaking stories to share.

Proof: Check out this tweet @KevinPollak!

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Kevin_Pollak100 karma

Mornin', fuckers! Hope this coffee works...

IggysGlove48 karma

Love you on o&a. But what do you have against broadcasting legend primetime sam roberts. I hear there is tension

Kevin_Pollak69 karma

There's no tension. I love o&a and Jimmy, I just can't stand the fucking sound of Sam Roberts' voice. O&A and Jimmy are both in the documentary I'm filming. They talk about it for about 15 minutes and it's fucking amazing.

Kevin_Pollak43 karma


Alright everybody, thanks for the mostly great questions. That's it for today. For those of you that sucked, the rest of us now know. Thanks so much.

Feelz3236 karma

Did I just see you in an Eastern Motors commercial? WTF was that?

Kevin_Pollak78 karma

Yeah. Everyone's got a number. Mine is ridiculous. They said yes.

jvreeland35 karma

On the set of Grumpy Old Men who was funnier Walter Matthau or Jack Lemmon?

Kevin_Pollak130 karma

Matthau. He said on the sequel, when he met Sophia Loren for the very first time, "Great to meet you, love to eat you."

qbertwasradical32 karma

Hello, Mr. Pollak! Thanks for doing this! I don't have a question sir, but I am donating $5 to your Kickstarter because of this gem: "Fuck your father in the shower and then have a snack? Are you going to charge me dickhead?" Best of luck and take care!

Kevin_Pollak43 karma

You are my hero. Everyone else can suck it.

Daysian29 karma

How many times have you gotten laid just because your Kevin Pollack?

kevin_pollack53 karma

3 times

Kevin_Pollak124 karma

Hey fucker...knock it off. It's only twice.

Deja_Vu_For_You24 karma

My dad went to school with you. He made the whole family watch willow when I was a kid just to tell us that he knew you. Oh and that you were one of the funniest guys in high school. I still fucking love willow..... Edit: How awesome is Lewis Black to talk to?

Kevin_Pollak39 karma

Weird, because I think your dad beat me up. Once. And Lewis Black is by far one of my favorites thus far. Genius.

ubernood22 karma

Boss Vic Koss is an asshole!

Kevin_Pollak30 karma

He certainly is. Nice fucking comb-over, jack off.

Johns425019 karma

Did they use real money on the Million Dollar Money Drop?

Kevin_Pollak32 karma

Yes they did. I tried to steal some. It was harder than I thought.

wundabredd16 karma

If you had imitate one of the following for a full week, Arkin, Walken or Shatner, who would you choose? In my opinion, all Shatner imitations are imitations of your Shatner!

Kevin_Pollak33 karma

Walken. I could dance in those shoes and no other shoes for a couple of months...before they take me away. If you're in LA, I'll be doing a live, on-stage recording of my podcast (where I ramble as Christopher Walken for an hour...also available on iTunes...) "The talkin' Walkin'" at the Westside comedy theater. Say "Pollak sucks" at the box office...

Salacious-15 karma

Which single comedian do you really dislike (as a person).

As a follow up, which comedian do you just find not funny at all?

Kevin_Pollak79 karma

Ann Coulter. That bitch rarely makes me laugh.

seanatwork14 karma

What is your favorite Christopher Walken SNL skit?

Kevin_Pollak32 karma

The Continental by far.


How hard was it to understand Benecio Del Toro on the usual suspects? I still have a hard time, every time I watch it.

Kevin_Pollak56 karma

In the lockup scene, when my character says "What the fuck did he just say?", I wasn't acting and the director chose to leave it in the film. Not kidding.

martlet113 karma


Kevin_Pollak66 karma

The Usual Suspects. When I met Stephen Baldwin, he was wearing leather pants. He hadn't arrived on a motorcycle...or a horse. He was just wearing leather pants.

Sifu-tz13 karma

just wanted to say thanks for all the laughs and fantastic parts you've played. means a lot.

Kevin_Pollak30 karma

Finally. I've been waiting to hear from you, you son of a bitch. You're the one.

lokilullaby11 karma

Who do you think is the funniest "New" comedian?

Kevin_Pollak31 karma

I just interviewed him actually. Kumial Nanjini.

masturbatingmonkeys11 karma

Making this documentary, and talking to so many comedians, what are some interesting things you've learned that you can share with us? Whether it be about the process of making the documentary, or something about stand up comedy that you weren't aware of before.

Kevin_Pollak19 karma

We've filmed over 25 hours with over 20 comedians thus far. One of the most surprising things was Freddy Prinze Jr. talking about his father on camera for the very first time...he was absolutely hilarious while doing so.

Cadrid11 karma

Did you ever have the privilege of meeting/talking to/sucking the dick of George Carlin?

If so, was it pre- or post-mortem?

Kevin_Pollak32 karma

I met him in a hotel elevator. I told him he was a hero and he acknowledged me as a stand-up, but was much more impressed with me as an actor. It didn't come up, but I probably would have given him a handy.

Ryno363911 karma

What movie/project do you regret doing the most? Which one was your favorite?

Kevin_Pollak47 karma

I said yes to a movie called Juwanna Mann with Will Smith as the lead. When I started the movie, Will Smith was no longer the lead. That sucked pretty hard.

idiosyncrassy10 karma

Are there any actors you've worked with that are secretly hilarious, but aren't publicly known for it?

Kevin_Pollak32 karma

Gabriel Byrne.

KushTheKitten10 karma

Why do you think comedians are miserable?

Kevin_Pollak34 karma

We've interviewed over 20 so far. The answer seems to be this: Everyone is miserable. Only a few of us have turned it in to a profession.

joeahchay10 karma

Mr. Pollak! Thanks for doing this AMA.

Podcasting has obviously seen a huge influx of comedic talent lately, with many of your peers starting their own shows. As a medium, what are the perks and drawbacks to hosting your own show? Do you feel it has opened up doors or created new opportunities for you, in terms of getting offered roles or other projects? If you stopped acting all together, do you feel that podcasting would be a viable option for you as a sustaining career option?

That was a ton of questions. Apologies! Huge fan of your work. Thanks again!

Kevin_Pollak18 karma

The one great thing about doing a podcast as a comedian is that it affords you the same amount of control and ownership both creatively and the content that I've never had as an actor.

MCKaney8 karma


Kevin_Pollak12 karma

You just have to do it... and then do it again 10,000 more times.

MickCollins8 karma

Kevin, what was it like working with James Woods on "Shark"? Also, did you try to hit on Jeri Ryan (and if so, how did it go?)

Kevin_Pollak10 karma

Woods is a genius. If you don't believe me, ask him. I had dreams about Jeri Ryan...the one that got away.

fliggugiggu7 karma

Hi Kevin. Just wanted to say that you were hilarious when I saw you in San Fran in April and that our group appreciated you taking the time to take pictures with us all after the show. Also, I'm sorry my Grandma grabbed your ass.

Kevin_Pollak22 karma

Pretty sure that was your grandpa.

refOree1777 karma

Kevin F'n Pollack, the man, the myth, the original "That Guy! From That Thing!"

I'm an aspiring voice actor [apparently not all that I'm cracked up to be], and I know you are one of the Kings of Impressions.

What advice can you give to those out there looking for work both as original as well as impression voice acting jobs out there?

Kevin_Pollak11 karma

Just don't get frustrated by rejection. Never give up and you'll be fine.

ttwiv7 karma

KPCS no longer downloads to TiVo. Why?

Kevin_Pollak10 karma

They fucked us. You can get it with Apple TV or Roku...or!

murfmurphy6 karma

Hi Chat Show!

Thanks for the AMA! How did you end up with such a great sidekick for your podcast as Samm "The Ma'am" Levine (AKA Lil' Wolverine)?

Kevin_Pollak8 karma

I begged and then offered to pay him nothing.

tnuts4206 karma

would you rather win the WSOP main event or an oscar?

Kevin_Pollak15 karma

WSOP main event.

cultstatus6 karma

Are there any impersonations that can't do for whatever reasons?

Kevin_Pollak11 karma

There's always a bunch that you'll never get no matter how hard you try.

gzafiris6 karma

I loved you in The Whole Nine Yards. How much fun was it to work on that movie, considering the amazing cast? I imagine much joking around happened off camera

Also, "Don't be-long" has stuck with me forever, and everytime I hear somebody say it, that phrase immediately springs to mind.

Kevin_Pollak13 karma

One of the best times ever. Matthew Perry gave me "Don't be-long" to try on the seventh take and it has been quoted back to me more than anything I've ever said in a movie. Michael Clark Duncan, although he sadly died far too young, was a complete and total dick.

badf1nger5 karma

Kevin. Great to see your AMA going well.

Thanks for the memories. What is your heritage? You always play different roles with awesome accents, and I've always wondered where your family is actually from?

Kevin_Pollak4 karma

My parents were first generation Americans. My dad's father is from Russia, my mom's father is from England.

SpinDocktor5 karma

Loved your stand-up special on Netflix.

When has one of your impressions landed you in hot water?

Kevin_Pollak6 karma

Action hero from the 90's, Jeff Speakman.

Derggy5 karma

Kevin! When are you anticipating releasing 'Misery Loves Company'? How wide will the release be?

Kevin_Pollak10 karma

The plan is a feature-film documentary, which usually means festivals. I'm gonna end up with about eighty hours of film. Two-time academy award winner Robert Logato is editing with me and so far his only advice is "Don't rush this one."

2jstone15 karma

Hi Kevin. I'm a big fan. I looked into your documentary, and it sounds like it'll be great, but I'm surprised that Mitch Hedberg isn't on the list of comedians you'll cover. Was he ever considered as a subject for the documentary? If so, why won't he be a part of it? I'm excited to see this documentary. Thanks!

Kevin_Pollak12 karma

A.) He's dead. B.) I've reached out to his widow, who I would love to talk to. C.) His brilliance will be covered in the film, one way or the other.

masteractor5 karma

What is your favourite movie character?

One that you've played, and one that you wish you'd played?

Kevin_Pollak11 karma

Walter Emerson from Deterrence...which nobody saw. I've always wanted to play the real-life story of Houdini.

Ryno36394 karma

You were the voice of Mr. Bell on the early episodes of The Drew Carey Show?!?!?!

Kevin_Pollak13 karma

The ENTIRE first season! Yes, I was. Thank you. Craig Ferguson owes me his career. It was really fun walking out on stage and letting the audience see me for the first time to see Mr. Bell was really fun.

thejenneral4 karma

So many comedians get their inspiration from the mundane, sad or dramatic. As a would-be writer, I can relate. I feel more inspired when I'm not 100 percent happy with my life. Do you think happiness or contentment is comedy kryptonite? Do you think happy writers/comedians exist?

Kevin_Pollak6 karma

Happy writers/comedians do exist, but only towards the end of their lives. And yes, it can be kryptonite for most.

microsoftpretzel3 karma

What's the biggest amount of bullshit you have to deal with as a director?

Kevin_Pollak4 karma

None yet. Fingers crossed...I'm sure it's coming.

Cthulusuppe3 karma

How long do you think it will take for the internet to replace traditional television and film as a vehicle for content distribution? Do you think consumer demand for Video On Demand will outpace Hollywood's transition into monetizing the internet and if so, what will be the consequences of that?

Finally, how are you doing? Is life treatin' ya well?

Kevin_Pollak6 karma

It's cut in to the numbers faster than people thought it would. The networks are posting download numbers and piracy internet numbers. The end is imminent but still not near.

SmokeyCloud3 karma

Years ago I wrote a piece entitled KEVIN POLLAK IS A NATIONAL TREASURE for a website. Sadly, it doesn't look like it's still out there in ether.

Regardless, the human race should really appreciate you more.

My question: I'm headed to Vegas this weekend. Should I bet on black?

Kevin_Pollak13 karma

Always bet on black baby. Oh wait... That's what Samuel L. Jackson says. Fuck him. Bet on red.

Poetlaurehate3 karma

Can you hit us with a text-based entry into the Larry King game? The impression won't come through, but I think we'd all appreciate that the spirit of the thing remains.

Kevin_Pollak5 karma

Dana Gould and Dana Carvey.

eschermond3 karma

In your opinion, who's a better impressionist? You or Spacey?

Kevin_Pollak29 karma

My answer is this:

Spacey's impression of William Hurt is one of the best I've ever heard. Ever. But his Christopher Walken sucks so bad it makes me cry and pee at the same time.

schwoogiejoe243 karma

SLOBBO! I noticed you listed your profession as "comedian" and not "actor." Is that because you still feel like a fraud on a movie set or do you truly prefer stand up?

Kevin_Pollak8 karma

You are correct. It's because I still feel like a fraud. I started as a stand-up comedian with no formal training. I will always prefer stand-up comedy.

Ryno36393 karma

Is it easier or harder to make a living as a comedian today?

Kevin_Pollak4 karma

It seems like it's easier to find stage time in more cities than ever, which is the only way you'll get the chance to make a living. So I'd say easier.

DementeDemon3 karma

Are there going to be any highlighted Internationally Famous Funny Fuckers? Other than European countries?

Kevin_Pollak6 karma

I certainly hope so. Got anybody in mind?

LordAbortion3 karma

Any chance you'll be touring through the Midwest anytime soon?

Kevin_Pollak3 karma

Workin' on this documentary through the end of the year. More dates comin. Be there, see ya soon.

endoflevelbaddy2 karma

Hi from Liverpool UK, Kevin. :D

Love your work.

Now you're directing, who would be your ideal cast, and where would the location be?

Kevin_Pollak8 karma

Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones. Trying to get her to star in my next film which I would love to shoot in my home town of San Francisco, or my grandfather's hometown outside of London.

downneck2 karma

would you rather fight 100 duck-sized christopher walkens or 1 christopher walken sized duck?

Kevin_Pollak14 karma

The 100 duck-sized Christopher Walken's because that is a hilarious visual vs. one GIANT-ASS fucking duck.