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Thanks for doing the AMA and I love the CCC series. What is your favorite way to relax and unwind?

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What has been your most interesting find so far?

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David - U-571 is one of my top favorite movies. How has your past as a former submariner played into the film? Was there anything vastly different from WWII era submarine experiences to a more modern one that you served on?

Arnold - what advice do you give to people to really motivate them to get back to the gym?

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Staying past midnight playing Age of Empires at my friend's house is probably one of my favorite memories growing up and is responsible for me getting into RTS gaming.

How do you feel about the expansion of RTS games since then? And where do you think the next big RTS game will be?

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Loved your stand-up special on Netflix.

When has one of your impressions landed you in hot water?