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My dishwasher often has ponding water in the bottom. What do you suggest?

Thank you for this, not enough people realize how important clean water is to society. I mean it's taken for granted.

Edit* thanks for all the great answers!

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during my 10 year tenet as a police officer, I can safely say shit like this does go down. it's one of the big reasons I left. I have a bad habit of being honest with people and I can promise you high ranking guys don't like that. there is a "good old boys" syndrome that surrounds and protects those guy. I often found myself on the shit end of a stick while being 100% in the right. I even had a captain tell me, after I had gotten absorbed into the ERT (like swat, but also trained for fire and ems) because I was the k9 handler that "if you think your job is so dangerous that you need a bullet resistant vest, go buy one". yeah, hitting doors of meth cookers and biker lunatics and our guys were getting shot left and right but I'm an asshole for asking for a vest. been out 15 years and I make 3x what I did and I'm happy as fuck. good luck, dude.

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just wanted to say thanks for all the laughs and fantastic parts you've played. means a lot.

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How do you like doing drop-ins at other BJJ schools when traveling? I enjoy it myself.

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Do you still see Karl Pillington, and how do you feel about the shape of his fucking head?