Kevin Pollak

is an American actor, impressionist, game show host, and comedian. He started performing stand-up comedy at the age of 10 and touring professionally at the age of 20.

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Statham is my new fav, yes. But I can talk as Christopher Walken for hours without realizing I'm doing it......and that makes me very happy

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AMAZING. And to be clear, I'd rather fight a hundred duck-size horses.

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25th Anniversay, yo!!! It was my first real film, and I have Rick Overton to thank for putting me on the short list when Ron Howard cast him and asked who else he would like to have come in a audition for his scene mate. Then, they shot the entire film in Wales and New Zealand, while Rick and I got to work on the largest blue screen stage (at the time) up in Northern California. My fav moment may have been when I introduced my father to George Lucas (the producer of the film) and my dad said (in true Homer fashion) "Nice to meet you. I really liked 'E.T.'..." Doh!

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This is a really great question because I miss a few TERRIBLY... Johnny Carson is a voice I take pride in, because I can really get inside his cadence - I love to speak random song lyrics as him, which is fun at the poker table especially. Dudley Moore, Jimmy Stewart and my high school football coach.

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Cross the Ts and dot the...lowercase Js

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Thanks for putting me in the company of an Oscar winner! I didn't choose to do drama, though. The irony of my career, almost, is that I wanted to be like Michael Keaton in "Night Shift," but I did Barry Levinson's "Avalon" really early in my acting days and overnight I was stamped dramatic actor. Then after "A Few Good Men," "The Usual Suspects" and "Casino," it was over for me. I rarely get to be the funny one... The truly strange part of it is that most comedians would KILL for a chance to be have ANY street cred as a dramatic actor and I'm here saying, careful what you wish.

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Again, not to be a promoting dick of my book, but the only way to really get a sense of what the fuck caused the whole thing is to read the many pages I devoted to this in the book. Having said that, we just couldn't stop laughing that day for several reasons: Baldwin making faces and screaming, Benecio mumbling took on new heights, and Gabriel laughing was the best, because he was so hard to crack up. At lunch, Bryan told us we had fucked the first half of the day and that we just couldn't afford to waist that much film that cost 5 mil and was shot in under 6 weeks (we were all paid coffee donuts), but that was like telling 9 year olds to not laugh at the funeral, and we fucked up the rest of the day without meaning to. To his credit, though, he took those "outtakes" and made the most memorable scene of the film.

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Matthau. He said on the sequel, when he met Sophia Loren for the very first time, "Great to meet you, love to eat you."

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Hey fucker...knock it off. It's only twice.

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Jeff Bridges and Gene Hackman are my two favorite actors. Neither have ever given a performance that isn't just genius, but also different than their last. Being sincerely complimented by Gene Hackman the one time we met, was the single greatest achievement, for me personally.