Hello Reddit! We are Chromeo, tha Funk Lordz coming to you live from the Mothership (there's wifi in it). We just wrapped up our new album, "White Women", just released the trailer for it and the first song a couple of days ago. We're now taking questions on anything you can think of.

Proof 1

Proof 2

Edit: Okaaaaaaay that was fun. Funkateers, Chromettes, we're calling it a Reddit day for now. We shall return. Stay funky!

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Super_Ball_Sack_64128 karma

If I let her see my fancy footwork, what should I expect?

chromeo194 karma

Keep a stash of money for child support payments. - D

ExitRow86 karma

I have to know...Did P wash his hands before starting this AMA?

chromeo111 karma

ALWAYS wash your hands before touching women, computers and synthesizers... P

southernkitsune86 karma

Thanks for the AMA. As a black woman, I'm confused about the album title. You love us too, right?!

Also, I saw y'all back in 2011 in STL. I had an Afro, and wanted to let you know I still do, and it's much bigger now. So when you roll through New Orleans (I moved back home), I'll be expecting a new photo with you!


chromeo82 karma

I still remember you! Of course we love ALL women, come on...
We chose the title because it's the name of the first Helmut Newton book. He's a huge influence on us...you know, the legs, that 80s sexy look. And we thought the title was ballsy, funny, was going to get people thinking. Our music always blurred boundaries between past and present (is it retro? is it modern? is it both?) and now we want to blur boundaries between gender and race as well. Makes sense? - D

kupcayke84 karma

So excited for you guys to be back! How many pregnancies do you expect to result from the new album?

chromeo144 karma

They say population is declining so let's just say we're on a demographic mission. - D

taylorishere43 karma

Can you talk about your experience with Daryl Hall on "Live From Daryl's House"?

Also, can you share your song inspiration for the playlist on the DJ Kicks album?

chromeo38 karma

The experience was incredible, to sit there with one of your idols whom you owe so much of your music to. Surprisingly it wasn't awkward or forced at all! We just clicked right away! Best time of my life. P

TheDutchRudder4143 karma

How are you able to balance your Chromeo lives and non-Chromeo lives? As a musician and student, I have this problem.

Dave, I know you're a French professor and I believe P was in accounting?

By the way, J'ai Claque La Porte is the jam. Keep the french jams comin'!

chromeo40 karma

It's tricky. For this album, we focused solely on the band. Curious to see if you'll hear the difference. - D

mugsy55534 karma

Any collaborations on the new album?

chromeo134 karma

Toro Y Moi, Solange, Ezra Koenig, Pat Mahoney from LCD, the Oliver guys from Fool's Gold. - D

cravyvv33 karma

Hey guys thanks for doing an AMA. What's been the most surreal tour experience?

chromeo61 karma

The most surreal tour experience was playing in front of a lake in Holland. We got booked to play there and the stage was in front of a lake with all the fans on the side that we couldn't see, it was dark, then we told people 50$ for the first person to jump in the lake, 5 people went in and we actually paid the first guy for real.. P

skaw233 karma

Chromeo ooooh! Chromeo ooooh! Chromeo ooooh! Chromeo ooooh!

chromeo67 karma

Sick post

jesterguy31 karma

I went to one of your shows in DC during your Business Casual tour and I GOT PREGNANT. I'm a guy so I thought this was only possible in Schwarzenegger/DeVito movies but apparently that can happen. Just wanted to let you know he's healthy and doing fine.

Also the show was amazing, I drove 4 hours to see it and had the best time. Come to San Diego next year!

chromeo51 karma

We will. Bring the kid. We should be his godfathers. And his councilors in case he has trauma growing up around so much funk. - D

schm185530 karma

If my girlfriend and I are able to be married in space, will the promise of a trip to space be enough for you two to play at our wedding?

chromeo65 karma

Call our agent. [email protected] - D

chromeo42 karma

Of course, I have a cabin up there where I spend my weekends off... We'll just fly over and do the show. P

Dave1_is_hella_foxy30 karma


chromeo32 karma

  1. Better, Funkier, Poppier, Catchier, Happier.
  2. Top of the new year.
  3. You're already signed up. Thank you boo! - D

h3rbivore30 karma

P, do you ever have entire conversations with people via talkbox? Please say yes.

chromeo41 karma

Absolutely, yes I have! I've serenaded many ladies with just a talkbox, try it some day, it works. (read this back with a computer voice) P

aiiiiiiiko27 karma

What is your favorite dinosaur ? Do you like trains ? Would you marry me ?

chromeo84 karma

TriceratopLESS. No particularly. Yes (duh). - D

la_chromette25 karma

Would you like to see me dance, Chromeo?

chromeo39 karma

Yes, Miley, yes. - D

chromeo32 karma


bluedrank1522 karma

Can yall swap each others dress style for 1 show, please?! It would be funny as shit

chromeo118 karma

YOU THINK WE HAVEN'T DONE THAT ALREADY? - D http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2485/4097410678_50290fc80f_o.jpg

NudeJude21 karma

Will you ever tour with a full LIVE band?

chromeo91 karma

Only if we can reunite all of Parliament. - D

riceandsoysauce21 karma

Can I just get you to touch my left boob?

chromeo37 karma


deL921 karma

I got laid with Bonafied Lovin'. Just wanna say thanks.

chromeo26 karma

We got you. - D

pwilliams6920 karma


chromeo26 karma

It was purely platonic my man! Hope you guys are well. - D

rubenwt19 karma

What has been your favorite remix of one of your songs?

chromeo55 karma

There's so many great ones it's hard to choose. But as we speak my favorite one would be Don't Turn The Lights On - Aeroplane Remix. P

BearDanger16 karma

CHROME-OH! I cannot express how much I adore you two - you blew my mind when you came to Seattle last, and I will drop every thing to see you guys again next time you're in town!

I wish I had something intelligent to ask, but I've honestly always wondered... The legs that hold up your keyboards. Were they fashioned especially for that purpose, or did you yank them of some hapless mannequins as a sacrifice to funk?

chromeo17 karma

Sacrifice. - D

k0hler16 karma

Hello from Hong Kong!

What are you guys currently listening to, and what emerging bands would you recommend?

chromeo50 karma

Vampy Weeks, FKA Twigs, King Krule, Holy Ghost!, Danny Brown, Drake, Oliver and everything on Fool's Gold. - D

jayman41316 karma

How did you come up with the term Tenderoni?

chromeo36 karma

We didn't come up with it, it was a term made popular by Michael Jackson and subsequently Bobby Brown. P

whitewomaninmiami16 karma

Love you guys!! Business Casual got me through my divorce haahaa. Come to Miami for iii Points!!!

chromeo26 karma

White Women will get you on the market again, watch! - D

WOooooaaaaHHH15 karma

I'm curious when you guys will go on tour again? You guys should stop in Minneapolis!

Also can you guys do more Vines theyre awesome!

chromeo23 karma

Top of next year! Minneapolis gets a special shout on the album, you'll see... - D

readymade2514 karma

Can you show us your legs?????

chromeo26 karma

WE HAVEN'T SHAVED. Show us yours! - D

GypsyFever14 karma

Did you and A-trak collaborate at all when you were younger? How has being brothers affected your music / style?

chromeo20 karma

We collaborate on everything we do. It's total symbiosis. - D

Spandi_13 karma


chromeo12 karma

For sure, she's super talented. - D

piper402612 karma

What's your favorite Prince song?

chromeo13 karma

I Would Die 4 U. - D

Rebeleleven12 karma

I love you guys. You've been my go to jam for years now.

I've always wondered what your favorite song is?

Also, one more question, if you don't mind. When you were younger what did you plan on doing? Or did you always want to go into music?

Thanks guys!

chromeo21 karma

Thank you! My favorite song is More Bounce to THe Ounce by Zapp. That's what got me started on the talkbox when I was 14 years old, never put it down since! I always wanted to be a chef, accountant or an architect, but I always kinda knew music was my path, it was just a hobby for such a long time. P

sketchyprem12 karma

What is your opinion on the following things (for both of you individually)

1) Kanye's recent album 'Yeezus' 2) The brand 'Stussy' 3) The film 'Only God Forgives' starring Ryan Gosling 4) The New York based skate/fashion label 'Supreme' 5) The drink Rum and Coke 6) Ben Affleck being cast as the new Batman 7) John Oates' moustache

keep up the fancy footwork

chromeo25 karma

1) It's amazing. 2) Classic. 3) Haven't seen it. 4) Greatest American brand since Polo. 5) We like it. 6) On the fence. 7) Sorely missed. - D

awhite9111 karma

Hi guys! I've always wondered... which one of you two is the bigger ladies man?

chromeo46 karma

One is bigger, one is taller so it all evens out. - D

blackstarokeechobee11 karma

Where can I learn to dress as fly as Dave 1 and as fresh as P-Thugg?

chromeo25 karma

Tumblr. - D

TheLastSamurai10 karma

Is she still a needy girl?

chromeo11 karma

Sometimes. - D

itsslanger10 karma

Question for P....you still rocking Dx100 and a banshee? Do you ever mess around with different setups on the albums/live?

chromeo8 karma

Yes always on the DX100, best synth out there for talkbox. The Rocktron banshee is great for live because it comes with a preamp so you don't need to put the synth through an amp like the old school Golden Throat ones. But for recording I chose the talkbox according to the song. Sometimes the Banshee, sometimes the Golden Throat, sometimes the new MXR talkbox. P

8bitMari10 karma

Why are you guys so awesome? Is there some recipe? I must know.

chromeo20 karma

One ingredient: funk. - D

johanngulin10 karma

The toothbrush in the backpocket in the beginning of the Night by night video, why?

chromeo18 karma

It's a reference to a Robert Mapplethorpe photo. Find it! See, there's always hidden meanings with our stuff. - D

lamest-liz10 karma

Can I be the first in line to receive the complimentary Bonafied Lovin'?

chromeo12 karma

Yes. - D

LazyMary10 karma

Just wanted to say I love your music and how different you guys are. I also wanted to know what is your favorite song you guys have ever made ( and come to the bay soon!!!)

chromeo25 karma

Used to be Momma's Boy, but there's a bunch of stuff on the new album we're really proud of. - D

dvdjamm9 karma

Since Kavinsky did a song with The Weeknd,any chance of you doing a song with Drake or Bryan Adams?

chromeo8 karma

We can only wish!!! Bryan or Drake, call us up! P

JGC279 karma

Hey guys! I have three questions:

  1. Is there a deeper meaning for the name of the new album, or do you simply have a thing for White Women?

  2. Who would be your dream collaborator(s)? Personally I'd love to see you and Breakbot work together.

  3. What do you think of Daft Punk's latest album, and/or them in general?

The new song is fucking sick also. Thank you both for the music!

chromeo29 karma

  1. We actually don't have a thing for White Women. It's a reference to the first Helmut Newton book. He's a huge influence on us -- legs and all. And we thought the title was funny and sexy in a Roxy Music kid of way.
  2. He remixed us. Pretty sure we'll collab with him at some point. That's the homie.
  3. Daft were a huge influence on us with Discovery. We always say this: Discovery is the Thriller of electronic music. - D

sdgrant7 karma

What moment in your lives did you realize that this crazy Chromeo experiment was going to work and people REALLY dug what you were doing?

chromeo13 karma

Right after Fancy Footwork came out. - D

thegimp907 karma

I'm going to Montreal shortly....what's your #1 strip club in the city? merci!

chromeo14 karma

Super Sexe or La Caleche Du Sexe P

theredpowerranger1237 karma

Dave- How was your experience teaching at Columbia? Would you suggest attending graduate school there?

chromeo9 karma

Of course, it's amazing. Make sure you get to teach the Core too. I never got to do that and it sounds like an incredible experience. - D

iliftalot7 karma

Do you find it hard to not to slip into those poppy edm beats (calvin harris, david guetta, etc) that seem to be all over the radio and popular vs. staying with your original style although they may not get as much radio play time?

chromeo11 karma

We would if we knew how to produce music like that. We have no idea how it's made! - D

thecrimsonlion7 karma

Why no Toronto Tour?

chromeo13 karma

We'll come to TO for sure during the real big tour. - D

KnuckleMeat7 karma

My daughter loved you guys on Yo Gabba Gabba. Any plans to do a children's album?

chromeo7 karma

That would be dope! We totally would. - D

LazyMary7 karma

Is there a chance I can just get you guys to admit you wrote 100% just for me <3

chromeo15 karma

Something to say...when you're so far away... - D

chromeo12 karma

Totally, just for you... P

tttenderoni6 karma

this little chromette loves your love for women, especially the way you talk about them in your music. how do you keep a subject like that from getting boring to write about? also, your album artwork is amazing! how do you guys pick it? love you. <3

chromeo13 karma

There are always original and quirky ways to talk about love and women. We try to pick different angles, perspective... Kind of like R.Kelly but less, you know... Anyway. - D

lukebreal6 karma

Have the robotic white mannequins from your 'Needy Girl' video become self-aware yet? I need to know if its safe walking the streets at night.

chromeo10 karma

They're well on their way. Going through therapy now. - D

minibini6 karma

Any future collaborations with 'his royal badness' aka. Prince? (( Loved your set on Live From Daryl's House BTW))

chromeo15 karma

We're boycotting his afro. We like perm Prince. - D

p4ndalogic6 karma

When you show her your fancy footwork, what moves do you have in mind?

chromeo29 karma

The marshmellow and the electric slide. No twerking. - D

1chromette6 karma

Dave, are you still vegan? haha.

chromeo10 karma

No. I fucked up. Larry David voice HI SAM DON'T THINK WE DON'T KNOW IT'S YOU! - D

SpaghettiMmm6 karma

Dave, you're so gorgeous.

Have any funny stories about meeting fans, touring, or just anything in general?

chromeo10 karma

Thank you so much. We like when fans dress up as us. Or as Chromettes. That's always cool. - D

bionicmittens6 karma

Do the Funk Lordz ever have an unfunky day? If so, how do you get your funk back?

chromeo14 karma

It happens to the best of us, unfortunately. But if you listen to enough old records, you'll get it back. Music is the answer. - D

jolecore2046 karma

Chromeo, You guys rocked the crowd in Winnipeg this past weekend, thank you for that!

According to a video I saw on the youtube, women can get pregnant just by listening to your music. How has this affected your personal lives?

chromeo10 karma

It's really expensive, a major commitment, but we're responsible men, so... - D

Baskerbosse5 karma

You guys make every talkbox fan cry of happiness. What is the single greatest funk album of all time?

chromeo8 karma

Thanks, the talkbox also makes me cry of happiness. To me the greatest funk album ever done was Zapp 1 from Zapp. That's what actually got me started playing the talkbox. I heard this for the first time when I was 14 years-old and I knew that it was my calling. RIP Roger Troutman P

The_OutRunner5 karma

Do you guys still get inspiration from Shalamar and Rick James, Brothers Johnson, Zapp and Roger, and all those 80's funk icons? or have you stemmed away into other music for inspiration?

chromeo7 karma

They're still our Gods, for sure, but we have more modern influences as well. Indie stuff, contemporary electronic music, rap... - D

DayumCake5 karma

Does A-Trak always call you up to me in music videos?

chromeo5 karma

Sometimes. We weren't in Tuna Melt! - D

orkboyz175 karma

Hi Dave and P, I'm very happy to see you guys doing an AMA and I have a couple of questions:

  • Recently you did a remix for the Donna Summer track 'Love Is In Control' with Oliver. How did this remix come about and how did this collaboration between you and Oliver happen?
  • Speaking of collaborations, will we be seeing any collaborations on your new album?
  • I just wanted to say that I love what you guys do and that I'm very much looking forward to the new album and your Lifelike collaboration!

chromeo4 karma

Point form, I like. - We got asked to do it. We worked with Oliver on this new album. They're our funk brothers. - Toro Y Moi, Solange, Ezra, Pat from LCD on drums! - Thank you!

vanwyngarden5 karma

Can you please tell your brother A-trak to stop traveling so much? I am worried about his health, dude is always on tour! Semi-joking but anways, please come back to Portland, Oregon soon! We love you

chromeo5 karma


discobret5 karma

Your music is funkgasmic. When will you release the track you cut with Toro y Moi? And will you ever tour with the funkiest band on the planet, The Motet?

chromeo8 karma

It's on the album and will probably be a single. - D

gorzkii5 karma

P-Thugg, how long I must venture my beard to have as long as you have it?

chromeo10 karma

Depends on your pilosity, it took me a good 9 months to grow to this length. But some guys can never go past a certain point. Whatever grows in one year is probably the most you'll ever see from it. Beards unite P

n3cr0p0lis5 karma

So I was in a 3 year relationship and I got my ex into Chromeo, now that we aren't together, she has basically ruined my once INSANE love for you guys, can you promise me my ex won't be able to listen to the new album? Please, I need this.

chromeo21 karma

Dude. Come on. She can enjoy it for her reasons, and you can too! There's enough funk for all of us. We got your back, don't worry. - D

DoorMarkedPirate5 karma

I saw you guys at Lollapalooza a few years ago and you absolutely ran away with the show. My question is specifically for Dave 1, how do you find the time to push forward in an academic career and produce music at the same time (i.e., do you work your touring schedule around teaching courses and writing journal articles or manage to somehow intertwine the two)?

chromeo12 karma

See above. Definitely tricky. I've done it for quite some time, but for this album, I wasn't teaching. Pee moved to NY and we focused solely on music. But I've done the touring while teaching thing...it's pretty gangster. - D

TheAlfiandOmega5 karma

It blew my mind when I found out that Dave 1 and A-Trak are actually brothers. What other crazy Chromeo facts should I know? Love you guys by the way, keep the funk coming!

chromeo20 karma

P-Thugg taught A-Trak how to drive. - D

wtfhlmao4 karma

No question, just love you guys!

chromeo8 karma

Best post...P

420kiki4 karma

Dave1, Will you marry me?

chromeo4 karma

Sure. - D

predrag_4 karma

remember serbia, exit fest? waitin for your nu album and you guys here again

chromeo9 karma

We do. It was amazing. But catering didn't have ketchup. - D

MrAlanaDigaa4 karma

Will you ever tour the Middle East? Lebanon has some incredible clubs that amazing producers the likes of Yuksek has toured. I'm sure they could use some of your funky tunes...

Edit: Also, Dave 1 you sang on Yuksek's debut album! You guys gotta come to Lebanon now.

chromeo14 karma

For sure we will come to Lebanon, I'm a native Lebanese, born in Beirut, been in America for way too long, need to come bless the motherland with the funk! Yalla bye P

randlejam3 karma

Hey Chromeo! Today is my wife and I's anniversary and we are big fans of yours! How about a shout out from the Funk Lordz?

chromeo7 karma

Happy Anniversary to Randlejam and Randlejam's wife! P

chromeo7 karma

Shout to you guys. May your marriage stay funky and true! - D

fabvalle3 karma

Hi, guys! When are you coming to play in Brazil???

chromeo6 karma

Next year hopefully! We love it there! - D

muelhau23 karma

Oh my word... Holy Chromeo.

So basically what needs to happen is you guys need to come to the University of Illinois in Champaign and perform (and give me back stage passes cause I obviously want to meet you). Sound good? okay great

Also, yeah I went to lolla in 2010 and was front row during your performance. I'm the girl at :34 btw. Proof: http://www.mtv.com/videos/news/549466/chromeo-funk-up-lollapalooza.jhtml#id=1645278

P.S keep doing what youre doing cause you guys rock!

chromeo5 karma

You're the best! - D

wutangdizle3 karma

How did you guys meet? What's the funniest comment you've heard on the fact that you guys are a Jewish and Arab duo?

chromeo23 karma

We met in high school when I had started a band with a friend of mine who was a drummer. Dave joined the band because he played guitar. I hated him for the first week, then I discovered his fundamental Larry David neurotic-ness and we became best friends. The funniest comment was a french radio station that labeled us as a "Judeo-Arab hiphop group" P

fineordandy3 karma

What were your art inspirations for the current album (not necessarily music, I'm curious about visual art/literature)?

Btw Dave, I found your interview on food today. It inspired me to go for Moroccan cuisine today. So thanks.

chromeo3 karma

Well the album is named after Helmut Newton's first book, so that's an inspiration right there. - D

manbearmule3 karma

What is your favorite board game? What was it like working with DJ Medhi?

Also you guys should come to Chicago.

chromeo4 karma

DJ Mehdi forever. He was like the 3rd member of the band. - D

astrocats3 karma


chromeo9 karma

How come it hasn't gotten us laid? - D

mHoodie3 karma

What type of music do you guys listen to when you aren't jammin?

chromeo10 karma

Rap, soul, R&B, classic rock. - D

420kiki3 karma

Why did you guys chose the name White Women for the new album?

chromeo6 karma

First Helmut Newtwon book (he's our idol). And funny. - D

olivelott3 karma

Dave, how'd you get so fly?

chromeo3 karma

Trial and error. Lots of errors -- look at old pics. - D

I_love_chromeo3 karma

What are your favourite Curb Your Enthusiasm quotes?

You guys are the best!

chromeo3 karma

Too many to name. "Are we cool de la?" "Big vagina." - D

Gb_iii3 karma

Chromeo! I'm so excited for the new album (tour?)! Having only the two of you, how do you decide the instrumentation for the live shows? Have you ever considered bringing in other musicians to play the parts that may have to be prerecorded? Thanks for the great music!

chromeo7 karma

We tried that but it never sounded quite right. Never modern enough. Too jammy. We wanted our show to be closer to electronic music. - D

Jimi873 karma

Hey guys, keep up the good stuff. I read you were into ZZ Top at the moment, what is your favorite ZZ top album? And do you guys like 80's metal like Motley Crue and RATT?

chromeo6 karma

Very much into ZZ Top we're a version of them but for funk music, at least that's what we like to believe. Favorite ZZ Top album is Eliminator. Ofc Motley Crue and RATT are dooope. P

tbduvall3 karma



chromeo11 karma

Does said uterus have an IG account? - D

NouvelleKid3 karma

What is your go-to-move?

What is something no one would expect you to do? Great Work!

chromeo9 karma

My go to move is the marshmallow... It's sexy AND funny all at once. And that's also something that nobody would expect me to do.. P

hellohaley2 karma

So excited you're doing this! I love you guys and the funk you're bringing back to dance music.

What were you guys like as kids? Hobbies, music, interests, dreams, etc?

chromeo3 karma

We were both big dorks. Still are, duh. - D

electroleum2 karma

I have a question for David: When it comes to music, who would you say has been the bigger influence between you and your brother? Have you been a bigger influence on Alan, or has Alan been a bigger influence on you?

chromeo4 karma

I'm the older brother, so of course I influenced him a lot when we were growing up. Now it's totally mutual. - D

tgentillon2 karma

Other than Solange, do you have other artists featured in your new album?

chromeo3 karma

Toro Y Moi and Ezra from VW. - D

mrtukkin2 karma

Recommendations on a current album release? What to you listen to right know?

chromeo3 karma

Twigs is the dopiest new artist. P

chromeo2 karma

We're listening to King Krule's album as we're writing this! - D

revzblove2 karma

Am I correct thinking the vocal part for bonafide loving came from nu shoes?

chromeo3 karma

Just influenced, not sampled or anything. - D

elimie2 karma

So we know we're getting a Solange collabo... any other fun collabs we can expect for the new album?

chromeo3 karma

Toro Y Moi, Ezra from Vampy...more to come.

elimie2 karma

Dave 1, tell us your secrets to being so suave.

rudypg2 karma

Have you tought of doing like a full collaboration with your brother, A-trak? I mean like, a whole cd or Ep, i think it would be awesome, mad skills from your brother.

chromeo4 karma

That has to happen at some point. - D

Meta_2 karma

I listen to Fancy Footwork before going out to pump myself up to talk to the ladies. Any tips for a romantic guy looking to sweep girls off their feet?

chromeo7 karma

Pumping yourself up to talk to ladies is a good idea, go in with lot's of confidence, a dash of humor (not too much or you become the funny friend), namedrop that you're a Chromeo fan and you should be all good ;) P

nibdibnob2 karma

What's the "better place" from Me And My Man, and are you still in control?

Great to have you hear and to be able to talk to you. :)

chromeo6 karma

It's a metaphor for life and destiny and...JUST KIDDING IT'S THE STRIP CLUB! Thanks for being such a longtime fan btw. - D

mmayra2 karma

Do you remember getting a fork bracelet, Dave?

chromeo4 karma


ExitRow2 karma

I dabble in guitar but I learned to play the solo from "Night By Night". And I never forget to look "that way" (---->) and make my guitar face. I'm pretty sure you demonstrated the guitar face adequatley when I saw your performance at First Avenue in Minneapolis in October of 2011. Amazing show!

My question: Will "White Women" have any other killer solos that I can learn to play (and will they borrow from other Eagles songs)?

chromeo3 karma

There's one big raging guitar solo on the first track. Not Eagles inspired though. You'll also find a 12-string guitar solo and some acoustic (no joke). - D

cabadaa2 karma

Dave, How many women were impregnated by your furious dance moves during the Night By Night video?

chromeo3 karma

Fourteen. - D

jeeaudley2 karma

Love your music. Big fan. Would like to know what you guys are listening to:

chromeo3 karma

Drake leak! - D

TheDoomPlayer2 karma

Is your new album still in something like "Needy girl" or "Hot mess" or you are trying something new like Daft Punk did?

chromeo3 karma

We keep the same style we always had, we just try to expand it and perfect it. Our next single is 142 bpm. - D

nirakara1 karma

Yo, can you bring the funk to Ithaca NY please? We're down to reserves now!

chromeo5 karma

Coming Soooon!! P