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Please tell me whatever was in the RR1998 will be brought back in some other bottling?

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Thanks for taking the time Eddie and Bruce. Love the product you guys have and are continuing to produce. As for some questions:

(1) What is the story behind the Wild Turkey Cuvee De Lafayette?

(2) Why is the 12 year stock of the 80's/90's so sought after and was there a different maturation or fermentation or housing involved in that distillate?

(3) Really enjoyed the 1998 and 2002 Russells Reserve is these another on planned in the future?

(4) Was the "Christmas" Rye Wild Turkey distillate of possible distilled at another source?

(5) What is your favorite wild turkey "Dusty"?

(6) What is the most underrated Turkey product, new and dusty?

Thanks so much

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Thanks so much guys. Amazing juice. I seriously still dream of the RR1998. What a pleasure to have tried some.

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Love your music. Big fan. Would like to know what you guys are listening to: