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This will seem like a dick question, but what do you do if a bolt or nut falls, since you can't see it. I'm guessing the magnetic wand type thing most people use?

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How many bbl is each brew and do y'all recycle spent grains?

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Thanks for the AMA. I've personally traveled quite a bit around Europe, Africa and Asia and admire your zeal for indie traveling. I always find it easy to assimilate with local cultures with a sense of adventure and some genuine kindness. My question is what city or country that you have visited surprised you the most be it with their food, music or overall culture. I know mainland china really surprised me in a good way with amazing food and truly beautiful people.

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Am I correct thinking the vocal part for bonafide loving came from nu shoes?

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Sir I travel globally for work but maintain my residency in your district. I'm pretty liberal but will be voting for you solely because I've seen Boehner lose touch with his constituent base over the years and hope you can bring as much pragmatism as possible back to the house.