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When did you decide to take action? If it started happening immediately when you got the job, how long did it take you to speak up?

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I'm glad your boyfriend is so supportive.

I just wanted to add that I don't think being sex positive and not wanting to date a sex worker/stripper/etc are mutually exclusive. For a lot of people with sex positive attitudes, dating someone in this or a similar occupation just might not be what they are looking for or are comfortable with. It doesn't automatically make them dark ages bigots.

I worked as a life drawing model (small, private studios and companies as big as Sony game development and the Art Institute) and although I absolutely loved it and was paid extremely well, I decided not continue it once I entered a relationship. To me, my nudity became something personal I wanted keep between my boyfriend and I.

So I'm curious now how it affects your relationship in terms of having something special that only your boyfriend gets to do/see? I'm not sure how to phrase it, but what do you guys have or do that makes him feel special and not like another internet viewer?

Also, props for making more money than I'll probably ever make again in my life, with a college degree and "real" job. If I didn't have a bf, I'd probably go into this :s

Another question: what about the long term? Do you see yourself continuing this indefinitely or do you plan on giving it up to make room for a CS related job? Will you make the same kind of money in your field?

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I'm sure you've read everything but I had arthritis from inflammation so bad in my wrist I was practicing writing left handed because I thought I'd be crippled. I cut out wheat in desperation and my arthritis and muscle pains went away. Could be worth trying to cut things out of your diet for a month or two and see if it makes a difference?

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What's worse to me is the thought of someone lifting some girl's Facebook pictures and making a doll out of a stranger or acquaintance.

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I met him in person and was there for a showing of The Room with a Q&A with him before the show. All I can say is he seemed completely out of his mind insane, and very serious. That, or he is the worlds viggest troll ever.