I was test riding dirtbikes at the local pro motocross track. I got a little squirrely over a jump and another bike landed directly on my back from 25 ft in the air. I instantly knew that my back was broken. I was airlifted to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Immediately they took x-rays and an MRI. Turns out when my spine separated part of it hit my aorta and caused an anuerysm. I was all drugged up on morphine as the doctor told me I might not make it through the surgery. It was 7 hours and I woke up with tubes in my nose and mouth, but I woke up. I know a lot of redditors don't believe in God, but I believe He saved me that day. If anything would have happened differently I would be dead. About a week after my surgery I started getting intense fevers. The doctors told me I had an infection. For 2 weeks they have been giving me every test imaginable from MRI's to spinal taps, to tubes up my nose and into my lungs. They still haven't figured out what it is, but I'm getting better finally. It was quite a rough 2 weeks though. This whole thing has been a life changing experience. I expected it to really affect my mood, but for some reason I feel better than ever. I have been working relentlessly to improve. I want to share that inspiration with everyone. I want to try more things. I want to explore more. I just realized how awesome and important life is. I was headed down the wrong path and I think this injury put me back on the right one. Now I need to help others see how important and awesome life can be.


  1. Thank you all for the encouragement. This is the kind of stuff that keeps me going. It also gives me something to do while I am sitting around in the hospital.

  2. No I cannot get a woody at the moment.

  3. I am not claiming this is strictly an act of God and that if I was left laying on the track I would have miraculously healed on my own. There were and are obviously a ton of people who have given me a chance to get where I am. I had some of the best surgeons in the world perform on me and without them I would have died. You better believe I thanked every one of them. I simply believe there was some divine intervention that kept me alive long enough for everyone else to save me. I believe there are some energies in the world we cannot measure or explain but are definitely there. This is how I see God.

  4. I am going to start working on a website today that will be much more comprehensive and will be updated with stories and videos as I progress through my life from here on out.

Edit #2:

I just found out I will be able to get a boner, and I will be able to have children. Greatest news ever!

Here is proof: http://imgur.com/bx3DALd

And here is a meme I made of myself just for fun: http://imgur.com/2fS9KFJ

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Anemoni34 karma

1) You're really cute!

2) How have your friends and family reacted to your accident?

bsmnproductions24 karma

Well thank you very much. My friends and family have been awesome. They are the reason I have been able to stay so positive. At least one of my parents has been by my side every day. Many of my friends have visited and brought me all kinds of goodies. It really is important to have support with a traumatic event like this.

iwanttofork20 karma

I once seriously injured my lower back (not as serious as your case though) and was lucky enough to make a semi-full recovery, after tons of painful physical therapy. During the time that I was bedridden and unable to walk, I began to realize how much I took something as simple as walking, moving, taking a dump etc for granted. Your views are something I definitely agree with. Anyway I dont have a question. Just giving you my best wishes and dont give up! You will make progress with your positive attitude. But first, "Wiggle your big toe" -Kill Bill Vol. 1

bsmnproductions27 karma

So very true. Not being able to know when you poop is not fun. I've been trying to wiggle my toes everyday. So far all I get is tingles, but its only been 3 weeks.

PounderMcNasty20 karma

Do you still get boners?

bsmnproductions23 karma

Not currently, but once my acute injuries heal thats gonna be one of my top priorities.

confusedgerman23-15 karma

Dude,come on...

bsmnproductions44 karma

come was a bad choice...I can't do that either

IAmAnObvioustrollAMA13 karma

Fucker! That meme shamed me into going for a run tonight...

Hope you have a speedy recovery!

bsmnproductions10 karma

Haha that was the point. Thanks though.

nmaxcom9 karma

I'm a T12 paraplegic from a motorbike crash 4 years ago. Since my accident i've been setting up and running an organisation that raises funds towards spinal cord injury cure science. We'll get there.

In the meantime, what's your exact spinal cord injury? I'm glad you have a positive attitude, but don't let it fall into false hope, it's worse. Trust me i know.

BTW I have to challenge if you allow me:

I know a lot of redditors don't believe in God, but I believe He saved me that day. If anything would have happened differently I would be dead.

Why not think "if anything would have happened differently, I wouldn't be injured at all"? Why put you and your loved ones through this suffering?

Get well mate.

bsmnproductions5 karma

My spine is broken at the T11 vertebrae. It really doesn't matter if it is false hope because I am going to keep trying. It is more satisfying to me to try and fail and try and fail again than to just say "ok I'm paraplegic for life. I'm going to give up." I will live a great life as a paraplegic, but you better believe I will not stop trying to walk again! As for your challenge, I don't believe it causes anyone suffering. I believe it gives hope. I think the way you put it would make me ruminate over what I could be still doing. Instead I choose to believe that some divine intervention saved my life and gave me a chance to do something great. Just my beliefs.

Reed__Rankin9 karma

Thank you for you're story and god bless you.

bsmnproductions15 karma

Just trying to show people that even really bad experiences can result in good outcomes.

airbadfly9 karma

What were your life goals? Have they changed with the accident, if so, what are your new life goals?

Also has the accident changed your views of life and death?

bsmnproductions20 karma

I didn't have any life goals before. I just played video games and went out every weekend to get shit wasted drunk. Now I realized how much more there is to life. My new goals are to experience as much as possible and motivate others to go out and live extraordinary lives. My views of life and death haven't changed much except for the fact that you could die in an instant. I always thought I was invincible.

airbadfly2 karma

Have you got anything specific in mind for experiencing life I.e. creating a bucket list? What are some things you think are a must to experience?

bsmnproductions5 karma

I've never been out of the country so traveling the world is a top priority.

_Aj_8 karma

After reading some of your replies i absolutely applaud your attitude.

The human body and mind is an incredible thing, and many times have people recovered simply because they kept trying

Not sure if you've ever heard of this man, Morris Goodman, aka Miracle Man, if not i highly recommend reading about him. Similar conditions (only full paralysis) i'm sure you might relate.

Anyway. From one random guy to another, I wish you all the best mate. I'm extremely proud you found a silver lining in this, always keep that attitude you have, its a rare thing.

bsmnproductions3 karma

Thanks a lot. I will definitely check him out.

johnny_tapia7 karma

Is there any chance you'll ever be able to walk again?

bsmnproductions59 karma

In my mind there is a 100% chance I am going to walk again.

Brad_Wesley8 karma

How about in the doctors minds?

bsmnproductions28 karma

They haven't said anything about it and I don't really care what they think.

NorhanAlhajjar7 karma

Your positivity is very inspiring. Did you believe in God before your accident? Or was it your survival that sparked your faith?

bsmnproductions24 karma

I was raised Catholic. I abandoned any notion of God around the age of 15. Just in the past year I started to have my own relationship with God. It wasn't through church or anything. I just started noticing some weird coincidences and at times I felt I was speaking with Him. My survival has only strengthened the newfound faith that I had.

erowidtrance6 karma

In all seriousness when you thought you spoke to God did he say anything back?

bsmnproductions5 karma

It was strange. It wasn't a conversation of words. The first time it happened I was sitting in bed thinking. When I had these thoughts about bad things I wanted to do the loudest thunder strike I've ever heard happened at the exact moment I had that thought. During this time different weird things kept happening as I had certain thoughts. The wind would blow extra hard through the window, or light would shine really bright. It is really hard to explain, but it was like God was showing his power to me.

NorhanAlhajjar1 karma

Sounds amazing. I'm glad you're okay and wish you the best of luck with everything in the future

bsmnproductions3 karma

Thank you very much.

cocosette7 karma

Are you going to keep us updated on your recovery? I am very interested and hope things go well. I had a brain tumor when I was younger so I suppose that caused me to be more interested in these kind of medical challenges people have in their lives. Also, I was wondering where your back broke? Which vertebrae? Thank you. Hope my questions aren't to invasive.

bsmnproductions6 karma

I will do my best to keep it going. It is hard right now because I've been very sick, but once I get going on rehab I will post more.

potsandpansboy5 karma

Is there anything you wish would be invented or innovated in order to help you be more independent? Possibly something that would help you with a problem you wouldn't have guessed would be one until the injury

bsmnproductions4 karma

Something that would tell me when I have to poop or when I'm going to poop. It really sucks not knowing whats going on down there. If it wasn't for my nurses constantly checking I could lay in my own filth for hours.

Gravy-Leg__4 karma

There was an AMA on here not too long ago with a girl in a similar situation to yours. She had a tube inserted into her GI tract and she could flush out the poo with a syringe filled with saline solution. Maybe something similar will be done for you once you stabilize?

bsmnproductions3 karma

Yeah I will be working with therapists soon to find a solution, but thanks for the idea. It's nice to have things to ask them about.

MikhaMikha5 karma

And He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. 10 Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in needs, in persecutions, in distresses, for Christ’s sake. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

God Loves you :)

bsmnproductions2 karma

I know He picked me for this injury because He knew I was strong enough to handle it, and that I can use it to inspire people. God bless.

hihi44-1 karma

If God loved him why did he take away his ability to move?

ibstayer2 karma

Who knows? But the immediate change in his attitude toward life, new found optimism, a desire to inspire and encourage others, regaining his appreciation for life and now wanting to live it to the full AND strengthening his relationship with God all seem like pretty good reasons to me.

bsmnproductions3 karma

I heard a quote from a quadriplegic last week who was having a rough life then had an accident that broke his neck. He said he was happier than ever and had been paralyzed for around 30 years. The quote went, "God broke my neck to save my life." I found it very interesting that this guy was happier as a quadriplegic than he was before living a rough life.

bsmnproductions1 karma

Maybe He knew he was strong enough to handle it, and that he would use his injury to do great things.

not_so_hot_wheels1 karma

i like to think if he did lay a part, it was for the second part of this statement, good luck

bsmnproductions1 karma

Thank you. I was thinking of a certain project I wanted to start, and this has given me the extra fuel I need to start it. Unfortunately it is secret for now because I believe it is something no one has done before.

The_Pussy_Whisperer-2 karma

So let me understand this:

  1. God did not have the power to prevent this accident, or:
  2. God had the power to prevent it, but chose not to.

Which is it?

bsmnproductions3 karma

Number 1. The accident was caused by two humans crashing into each other. Humans are imperfect, make mistakes, and can be very stupid. God cannot affect human will. I know one thing though. The doctors were astounded that I survived with the injury I sustained to my aorta. I belive God kept me alive long enough to allow the surgeons to save me.

dimafleck4 karma

did it hurt? what was it like?

bsmnproductions17 karma

Worst pain of my life, hands down. I was conscious all the way until they put me under for surgery. For the first week and a half the pain drove me nuts as well. They finally got it under control. The thing that sucked the most though was the moment of impact. I instantly knew my back was broken and I could not feel my legs. Scariest feeling ever.

chriscosta771 karma

Wow, that gave me goosebumps. I've been in some terrible spills, and had some terrible injuries but nothing as scary like you described. I hope your recovery is complete and swift.

bsmnproductions1 karma

Sorry to freak you out. It was something else though. I'm just glad the worst is over. I'm moving extremely fast in rehab. All my therapists are amazed. Hard work and believing you can do something will get you pretty far.

movshare4 karma

Are you going to become a superhero?

bsmnproductions35 karma

Yes and my superpowers are going to be motivating and inspiring.

kraymx103 karma

As a fellow motocross racer/rider, I can only imagine the feeling of getting landed on. I hope you have a speedy recovery and maybe, just maybe, you can get back on a bike again and ride some day. How have you been able to cope with all this like taking your mind off the wreck and all the hospitalization you've gone/continue to go through?

bsmnproductions5 karma

It was a bad week for motocross. I overheard the nurse say 3 more motocross injuries came into intensive care a few days later. People say I was dumb for doing it in the first place, but they obviously don't realize what a thrill it is. I will ride again. I once was riding at a local track and had some guy pass me only to see he was strapped to the bike and had metal roll bars on the side. That dude ripped. The wreck pops into my mind sometimes and I try to push it out immediately. It feels awful if I think about it. The thing that has helped most is that I'm fairly close to all my friends and family. Having visitors helps a ton. I also have beautiful young nurses which allows me to flirt all the time... yeah that definitely helps.

irishdude923 karma

God bless. I wish the best for you, my friend.

bsmnproductions3 karma

Thank you my friend!

mikec49863 karma

So good to see that you're staying positive! Good luck on your recovery!

bsmnproductions3 karma

Thanks a lot. I appreciate it.

wu-tanging3 karma

Even with no proof, I'd like to ask you something.

What do you wish you'd have known before that jump/day. Seems as though a lot changed between then and now.

bsmnproductions5 karma

How fragile life is. Everything can change in an instant, sometimes for the worse, sometimes for the better. I always thought I was invincible and never imagined such a drastic change would happen so quickly.

coconut_water3 karma

I have nothing to really ask of you but just wanted to thank you for sharing your story. The amount of inner and outer strength you have is going to take you far.

On a personal note: I had "sensory connection issues" (that's what they labeled it) when I was a child and didn't learn to walk until I was 3 - equine therapy (even though it was a relatively new discipline) and my occupational therapist were such blessings. When my feet felt sensation for the first time they said I was screaming in "pain" because I had never felt anything there before. It will be the hardest work of your life but when you take your first steps (again) it will be such an incredible moment. I, for one, cannot wait for you to post THAT story.

bsmnproductions3 karma

Equine therapy is awesome. Right before my accident I went to a ranch that specialized in equine therapy. I rode my first horse there. It was awesome. I felt such a connection with the horse. Even though nothing was wrong with me, I felt much better afterwards. I am journaling everything, and plan on writing a book at some point. I've been meaning to already because my life has been pretty crazy already, but this just added everything I need for an astounding story. Thank you for the encouragement.

coconut_water1 karma

Yes it was so much fun. I recommend a lot of the kiddos I work with for equine therapy that focuses more on psychotherapy. The interesting thing is that this specific type of therapy uses animals that were once abused which helps youth learn how to self-heal and cope. Animals are such beneficial tools for learning; it's pretty amazing.

I actually did think of a question - which may have already been answered - but how are you paying for your treatment? Will insurance be covering the surgical and physical therapy costs?

bsmnproductions2 karma

Amazingly I bought an insurance policy the day before my accident. I will have to pay a couple grand, but that's nothing compared to what would have happened if I had not bought that policy.

mjh06283 karma

Beaten GTA V yet with all that downtime?

Also, any website, youtube channel, or blog where we can follow your progress and thoughts?

bsmnproductions1 karma

As soon as I get out of the hospital I'll be all over GTAV It sucks I cant get it here. I'm thinking of starting a website once I feel good enough to put the time in. I will post the link here once I do it.

JshKlsn3 karma


bsmnproductions5 karma

Yeah I have a picc. They told me there were no restrictions when I first got it. I later learned that I shouldn't be doing pull-ups all day in my bed. I just work with my physical therapist now, and she knows how far to push me. Thanks for the encouragement though.

cuhooligan3 karma

Fellow Minnesotan here: (I actually live near St. Paul, so I'm not too far from ya now) just wanted to say I appreciate your courage and positivity! Keep your chin up and keep your faith!

bsmnproductions3 karma

Thanks a lot my friend. I lived in Minneapolis before the accident so we were probably really close, but really I appreciate your good words.

Beowulf_s4br3 karma

Is this permanent? Im sorry man.

bsmnproductions10 karma

I plan to walk again, but it will be a long road and a lot of work.

Math2S2 karma

I feel so sorry for you...I really hope that you can live a full life with your problem...Here's my half serious question: So can you still get boners if you're paralyzed?

bsmnproductions12 karma

Don't feel sorry for me. I will do just fine. I have big aspirations. I can't get it up at the moment. I plan on finding a way though. Boners are one of my favorite things in life.

xth30nlyAketx2 karma

i take it your arms work?

bsmnproductions3 karma

Arms work wonderfully.

AmstrLoL2 karma

What about permanent injuries? Are you going to be a paraplegic or might get some movement back? Were there any safety procedures that you/the other biker could have done to avoid what happened?

Hope you feel better soon :D

bsmnproductions1 karma

I plan on walking again. I might even try some experimental procedures to do it, but I will walk again. As far as the wreck goes there wasn't really anything that could have stopped it. Motocross is simply a dangerous sport and this kind of thing happens.

gay_mike2 karma

No sensations below your chest? The ladies will love your ability to go all night! WIN!

bsmnproductions1 karma

I will get a boner again, and when I do you better watch your ass for making smart ass comments like that.

Sirsilentbob4232 karma

Has the doctor mentioned anything they can do about repairing the spinal column?

bsmnproductions7 karma

They realigned my spine and it is being held together by a plethora of plates and screws. There isn't anything else they can do in terms of going back in and trying to fix it surgically. There are different machines and experimental treatments that may help the signals that travel down the spinal cord become possible again.

GreenEggsAndKablam2 karma

Can we have the blank template for the meme? :p

bsmnproductions8 karma

http://imgur.com/GZqn7rh here it is, but if you use it for anything even remotely evil I will hunt you down and take your legs :)

finally_reason2 karma

Are you surprised by the number of people who misread your post as "ask me about my wiener!" I kid.

Do you think there is anything regarding safety in motocross that could be done to avoid such accidents?

bsmnproductions2 karma

Yeah I think I will add an edit into my main post. It hurts knowing that my hardware is broken right now. As far as safety in motocross there isn't much I can think of that would help. It's an extremely dangerous activity, but it is also one of the greatest thrills out there. It's hard to understand unless you've rode before.

CrunchBang2 karma

What was your job before the accident? Will you be able to go back to it or will you need to consider a different career?

bsmnproductions2 karma

I just graduated from college with a psych degree. I had no idea what I wanted to do with it though. I ended up getting a job driving a shuttle van for a high class hotel. I worked there for a week before the accident, and they already have came to visit and told me they consider me on leave of absence and would offer me a possibly even better position. They are absolutely awesome! I have a lot of skills in my toolbox and I want to use them to create something that people haven't seen before. They said they would be willing to help me with that so I am very thankful I found that job before the accident.

Thinc_Ng_Kap2 karma


Something to consider when you're ready.


bsmnproductions3 karma

Sled hockey is awesome. I play hockey and I'm a goalie. When I was a pee-wee I had a goalie coach that was paraplegic. He played for the US paralympic team. His name was Manny Guerra. He was on a sled and it was amazing watching him. He would sit in the net with nothing but gloves and two little mini sticks, and he would just swat pucks out of the air like mosquitos. One of the most amazing goalies I've ever seen. He was a super cool dude too. He got my mask painted by the same guy that did Martin Brodeur's for almost no cost. I definitely plan on looking into sled hockey.

ess_renee2 karma

I haven't read all the questions/replies yet. I once dated a boy who (during the time we were dating) got into a car accident and became disabled from about the clavicle down. This was about a decade ago. He didn't have the same positive attitude as you, which I know can be hard. So, I commend you. I'm so sorry this happened to you but please stay positive. I can't imagine being in your shoes but know that those who love you struggle too, and wish they could make everything better. And sometimes they will make you angry, as I'm sure this whole situation has made you angry, but stay positive.

Thank you for doing this AMA

bsmnproductions5 karma

I have seen a little anger and frustration in the people around me, especially my parents, and that has transferred to me a little bit. I have been the one to mediate though and remind everyone that everything is going to be alright. We have to look at the big picture, and realize that all this will pass and I will be back kicking ass...wait a minute.

natnats882 karma

Your so inspirational, good luck with your recovery I hope it goes well. Seems you have the determination to work hard at it :-).

Have they mentioned a time frame for when you'll get to go home?

bsmnproductions2 karma

Probably about a month from now. I have to move to rehab, and that takes 23 days.

Skeon2 karma

Do you have a partner? If so, what are your thoughts about the more physical elements that exist in a relationship? e.g. being able to make love, the complications that exist around (maybe) wanting children.

Sorry if these questions have already been asked but I couldn't find anything similar.

bsmnproductions2 karma

You are the first one to take it further than "can you get a boner?" I appreciate that. I don't have a partner right now, but those questions have constantly crossed my mind. I definitely want children, and making love is one of my favorite things. That is definitely not the same if I don't have my main tool. I do plan on walking again. The first things that would regain use would be my penis and bowels. So fortunately with some therapy I think I will be able to make love and have children at some point.

Skeon1 karma

I'm inspired by the positive attitude you maintain. I wish you all the best in the future. I know you will be an amazing dad.

bsmnproductions2 karma

As long as I get the hardware working again I will love being a dad. Thanks for the kind words.

Weareallaroundgaming2 karma

What have the doctors said about walking again?

bsmnproductions1 karma

They haven't said anything, and I haven't asked.

fuckyouindass2 karma

sorry for what happened...just one question...can you get a hard on

bsmnproductions3 karma

I have wondered if viagra would give me a woody even though I can't feel down there. By myself though...nothin :/

fuckyouindass2 karma

dude i feel so bad for you...remember...viagra has a magic power...just believe in yourself man

bsmnproductions10 karma

I know I will get the hardware working again! It is a dire situation!

ShockandSlaw1 karma


bsmnproductions2 karma

I've heard of it. Those guys look crazy. I played rugby for a while, but even that looks pussy compared to those guys.

ShockandSlaw1 karma


bsmnproductions1 karma

I'll have to actually watch it. I just saw the trailer of them ramming into each other at mach speed.

grammarpolice131 karma

It's really interesting, and they even had a guy come and visit the hospital where a young man had been for some months recovering from a motocross accident like yours. He later joined the team, but was told if he regained full function in his legs, he'd have to leave the team.

bsmnproductions1 karma

It's not something I would want to do personally. I am looking more into sit-skiing and sled-hockey for now.

GeekyCreeper1 karma

What a touching story! I see that we also share the same faith. Have a speedy recovery and God bless you.

bsmnproductions1 karma

Thank you! You are an awesome person!

Kydenn1 karma

As a fellow Minnesotan, and human I wish you the best of luck in your recovery and I hope you can do another AMA once you HAVE fully recovered.

bsmnproductions1 karma

Thank you very much. I am going to start working on a website that will completely cover my recovery. I am also working on a journal, and I may write a book about this along with things leading up to it. Again thanks for the kind words.

jimbonuttz1 karma

best wishes to a speedy and full recovery! stay positive and don't ever give up!

bsmnproductions3 karma

Thanks jimbonuttz! Never quit, and don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something.

[deleted]1 karma

Just want to say that you're amazing buddy

bsmnproductions1 karma

Thanks a lot! You're an awesome person.

jansens20011 karma


bsmnproductions1 karma

The injury was at the t11 level but my sensation is at the t7 level because of the fusion in surgery. I don't have any spasms. I'm in a tricky grey zone where they can't tell if its a lower motor or upper motor neuron injury.

dwill1191 karma

Will you ever Valet again?

bsmnproductions1 karma

haha hints of someone I know. I could always wheel around the curbside and tell cars to get the heck out of my zone :) I may have been able to save a certain van from crashing through a hotel haha

not_so_hot_wheels1 karma

hey man, i broke my spine a couple years ago (also t11), don't give up trying to walk, but at the same time, wheelchairs are a lot of fun, i wish you the best!

did you have any insurance? how long will you be in the hospital / rehab centre?

when you first get out, get a before pic of your torso... i did it, and it motivates me to keep fit and make improvements for my fitness. you have a great attitude, and you will be fine as i am sure you know. my dad said to me in hospital, at least i am still 100% me mentally, which is the same for you, which is great.

it is still very early days, keep at it and keep the positive attitude! nothing is settled for two years in terms of movement, and even then your body can still surprise you :)

bsmnproductions1 karma

It is awesome to hear from someone who has had the same injury! You got it perfectly right. I am giving everything I have to walk again, but you better believe I am going to ride the heck out of my wheelchair until I do. It's crazy. I bought an insurance policy the day before my accident! I'll have to pay a couple grand, but that is nothing compared to what could have happened. I have been in the hospital a month so far. I haven't been able to start rehab because of an infection I got. I am hopefully over it though and will be going to rehab tomorrow. That is scheduled for 23 days. I plan on having my dad record everything I do in rehab on video so I can edit it into a motivational video later. I think that will help motivate all of us. Like your dad said the most important part is that we are still here mentally. I couldn't imagine having a major head injury. You could have control of your body, but you would not be yourself at all. I am so thankful that didn't happen to us. Thanks for the kind words mate. Hope things are going well for you.

Buick721 karma

Do you plan on getting on a bike in the future? If so when you do lets see a video as a update!

bsmnproductions3 karma

I actually am going to record my whole rehab on video and hopefully get enough good footage to make an inspirational video out of it. Video editing is a huge passion of mine. I'll definitely post it on here when I'm finished, and if I ever get back on a bike you know I'll be strapped with GoPros. I actually had one on the day of the crash, but it died right before the session I crashed in...so frustrating.

Jewert1 karma

Are you from Minneapolis?

bsmnproductions3 karma

Yeah I went to the U of M then decided to stay up there. I've been living there for around 4 years now.

someswedishgirl1 karma

:( Hug hug!

bsmnproductions1 karma

All smiles over here :) and hugs...hug hug.

animalcrackers11 karma

I am so sorry this happened to you. Your positivity is truly inspiring. No question, but I wish you the best of luck and a full recovery.

bsmnproductions2 karma

Thank you. You are awesome!

ziggypwner1 karma

What was your first reaction? And also, how would this change your sex life? In a fertility or pleasurable way?

bsmnproductions2 karma

Instantly when I was hit my thoughts were "My back is broken, and I can't feel my legs." As far as my sex life I am not sure yet. I'm trying to heal my acute injuries right now, but obviously that is going to be a major concern for me. I am confident I will find a way to make my hardware work.

CosmicVomit1 karma

How did the other rider react? As someone who has close friends who motorcross I can't imagine how one would feel after something like that.

You're truly blessed, and I hope you learn to walk again. It's going to be hard but I know you can do it.:)

bsmnproductions2 karma

He was the first to run over and make sure no one else hit me. I felt bad because I immediately started screaming, "I broke my back, I can't move my legs," over and over again. He must have felt terrible. My friend that was there with me gave him his number but we haven't heard from him since. I literally only saw him once and then he was gone. Thanks for the kind words.

Grytpype-Thynne1 karma

You have a great attitude and it will take you wherever you want to go. Good luck and here's hoping your recovery will surprise even you.

bsmnproductions3 karma

I like the way you think :)

-MadGadget-1 karma

Are you mad at god for saving you through the hands of a surgeon instead of simply moving the bike that landed on you a couple feet to the right?

bsmnproductions2 karma

I don't believe God influenced either of those people. He doesn't just physically move objects around or make a surgeons hands miraculously move in the right way. The accident was caused by two humans crashing into each other. The surgeons had practiced for years and were some of the best in the world. They knew exactly how to fix me. I believe that God kept me alive long enough, and sent me to the right hospital, in order for the surgeons to save me.

NiChun1 karma

Great of you to do an ama, not so great how you got an accident. Get well soon. Any cool stories from test riding dirtbikes?

bsmnproductions2 karma

It was super fun. I had a blast all day. I had my gopro strapped to my chest. It died right before the accident 0_o. It was definitely cool to see the differences between bikes. As far as stories, the only one I have is me breaking my back :/ Thanks for the kind words though.

Rico_Rizzo1 karma

Might be a dumb question but I have not seen the answer anywhere yet... Is your lack of sensation from the chest down going to be permanent? Or will it get better with time?

bsmnproductions1 karma

I plan on walking again. It will take a long time, and a ton of hard work, but I know I will. I am even looking into experimental treatments. There is a lot of new technology coming out. I believe in the next ten years that anyone with a spinal cord injury will be able to fully recover.

Pufflepuff1 karma

Ok ok I get it, you're handsome and inspirational. Jeez, rub it in.

bsmnproductions2 karma

What about strong and brave? lol

grahjc91 karma


bsmnproductions1 karma

In the future I plan on regaining control of the hardware.

Ketalar1 karma

I just wanted to say that I admire your vitality and perseverance. I'm a nursing student, and my first clinical was on a ward with quadriplegic patients. The recovery process is slow, but I have witnessed people who were able to walk again. I have lots of respect for you, and wish you the best with your rehab.

bsmnproductions3 karma

Thank you very much. I wish you luck in your nursing career. The nurses have been a huge part of my recovery so far. I love them all.

Cashdog6171 karma

How you feeling?

bsmnproductions2 karma

I'm feeling pretty damn good. For the first couple weeks I was in such intense pain that just being pain free feels amazing. I can actually do things.

taniffy31 karma

First off, Good luck with everything and I hope for the best outcome! My question deals with the health insurance side of things. I am in school to be a social worker and wanted to know if you had insurance/forms of payment. Also, how much physical therapy have you had/started?

bsmnproductions5 karma

This was another crazy thing. I bought a temporary health insurance policy the day before my accident. I could not have been luckier. I was about to start pt but then my infection started causing complications that didn't allow me to do anything.

AshuraSpeakman1 karma

So, have you seen Dark Knight Rises since the surgery?

bsmnproductions3 karma

No, but now I have to see it! You sir or mam are a complete genius. I might even watch it on repeat.

Oharoon1 karma

Really sorry to hear about your accident mate. For what it's worth, I hope it works out for you. Just out of curiosity, when folks find out about your accident and your condition, what is the one thing you detest being asked about (even if intention behind the question is well-meaning)?

PS: That meme shamed me into picking up running again. Really need to stop procrastinating on physical exercise here.

bsmnproductions2 karma

"Can you get a boner?" just because its been asked so much, and it is extremely hard to go without making love for such a long time. To me that question sounds like, "hey you can't have sex can you?" Thanks for the reminder. I'm glad the meme got you going haha that was the point. I'm making a video in the near future that should really get you pumped.

Oharoon1 karma

Haha. Looking forward to the video. If you ever need a random stranger on the net to vent upon or just chat randomly, feel free to PM mate.

bsmnproductions1 karma

Haha I'm so sick of this kind of bs. Who do you think you are? jk thanks for the support buddy.

Allisonjenna1 karma

I had a friend whose mother was paraplegic, and one of the things I learned growing up with her family in my life was that there is a lowered life expectancy. Does this worry you?

I don't mean to be a bummer in that respect. From photos it looks like you were healthy before the accident and intend to stay that way. I hope that you have a lot of people around you to help you emotionally and ... fiscally, honestly.

bsmnproductions1 karma

These are all good questions. I've thought about them a little, but I'm more of a day to day person. My dad is handling my bills. He isn't paying them, but making sure they get covered. I also have some friends that said they could set up fundraisers for me. I have a lot of friends to help me out. Emotionally I've been pretty happy since the accident. I think anything can happen as far as life expectancy, but all I can do is live a great life while I'm here...do as much as I can, travel as far as I can go, and inspire as many people as possible. It really is all about attitude. If you're a negative person, your life will suck. By staying positive, I feel better, I have more motivation, and I attract other positive people who will help me.

WarriorkingNL1 karma

  1. You look great.
  2. How do you, err, take a piss? How do people help you with that?

Hug! <3

bsmnproductions1 karma

Thanks I've been feeling much better the past week. As far as peeing I have to use a catheter (a plastic tube I stick up into my bladder to not get too graphic). I can do it myself, but I usually have someone help me.

Hug Hug!

themomfiles1 karma

Has it really set in yet or do you think you're due for a meltdown? You seem so much stronger willed than patients I've seen with less drastic injuries. Remember to stay positive when you can but that it's OK when you can't. Nurses are great for venting to (by now you might know this already). :)

bsmnproductions1 karma

I have a great support team. I don't know if I will have a meltdown. I try to push any negativity out of my head. I want to stay positive. It is my main goal because if I can stay positive through all this and show that to others, I may be able to make a huge difference in their lives. I do realize that there are going to be obstacles along the way that may throw me off a bit though. I have people to vent to if that ever happens though.

StruttingSeagull1 karma

Hope I'm not too late but couldn't resist I suppose. I thought I'd ask how it's going and if they've given you a timetable for recovery. I had a similar situation in which I raced quads. I wasn't racing at the time but me and my dad and some buddies were on a steep trail. Given I thought I only needed a helmet when I raced I chose not to on the trail. I ended up getting a rock in the eye a jerked right off. I ended up with two broken knees and a messed up back (although nothing broke). Just thought I'd wish you a speedy recovery. I know how it is to not ride. Good luck!

bsmnproductions1 karma

Thanks man. I have so much free time in the hospital, I am trying to keep up with everyone's comments. That is a crazy story too. Knee injuries are no fun from what I hear. I have a long ways to go. I am only going to be in inpatient rehab for 23 days, but this is going to be a process that takes years, especially since I plan on walking again. It's a long road, but I am confident I will do well. Hope you are feeling good again since your accident. Have a good one.

thewicked761 karma

Are you going to be able to walk again?

bsmnproductions2 karma

Yes. I will walk again.

Redmoons-3 karma

7 hours surgery

but I believe He(God) saved me that day

bsmnproductions2 karma

Yes I see your point. Those surgeons and their years of practice and knowledge saved me. You better believe I thanked every one of them. However, there was definitely some divine intervention that kept me alive on the way to the hospital, and sent me to the only place that could handle my injuries. They almost drove me to a closer hospital, but for some reason someone decided I should be airlifted to Mayo. My survival was a combination of divine intervention and awesome people that sacrificed a lot to help me.

Brad_Wesley-6 karma

I know a lot of redditors don't believe in God, but I believe He saved me that day.

Have you considered that instead of God it was the Doctors and nurses who spent years and years of their lives in school and years of their lives working in high pressure environments that saved you that day?

bsmnproductions15 karma

I am extremely thankful of the Doctors and nurses who have helped me along. I had some of the best in the world work on me. Without them I would have died, and I have thanked every one of them. I just think there was some divine intervention that kept me alive. The doctors told me they were absolutely astounded that I didn't die with the injury to my aorta. I believe God sent me to the right place and kept me alive long enough for the surgeons to save me.