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Thank you for your service. This is a cool AMA. What's the one thing you miss most about 'the good old days?'

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As a mother of an (almost) 19 month old daughter, your job makes me cringe. Thank you for catching the scum who pray on young children.

What's your most fucked up case?

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Happy (early) birthday. Loved you in Shattered Glass. That was a great movie. Tell me about your most awkward encounter with a fan who recognized you.

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I got a kick out of the original thread - whenever someone called you hot, you'd ask if they were in Canada. Then you'd follow up with 'let's be friends.' - Did you at least get a date out of that thread? :)

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Hey fellow Brit! I moved from London to NYC in 1996 and like you, have been fortunate to have road tripped across America several times. THere are some places in the States that are beautiful - I wasn't expecting Utah and Montana to be so stunning.

Colorado is magnificent, as are many other places. That really surprised me. What's your favorite place so far and tell me about the most awkward encounter you've had on your travels?