I’m Arsenio Hall, Talk show host, comedian, actor, winner of Celebrity Apprentice, Semmi from “Coming to America.” I’m bringing back my talk show starting 9.9.13! Ask me anything! I’ve got time to answer questions for about an hour.

Proof: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=566128513441442&set=a.310742335646729.76658.286281948092768&type=1

Twitter proof: https://twitter.com/ArsenioHall/status/374958455091507200

EDIT: Wow, that went way too fast. I had fun answering your questions, wish I could do more. I'm about to do a Google Hangout with a bunch of other Arsenios, so check that out. I'll put the link here.

Thank you all! And be sure to watch Conan.

Edit 2: Google Hangout happening soon! http://youtu.be/V_UvIDpnVEo

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ds53841074 karma

Make a Vine video and say; "I'm wanna tear you apart... and your friend too."

_vargas_744 karma

It's been a quarter century. When are we getting a Coming To America sequel?

IAmArsenioHall1851 karma

Murphy and I have always thought we shouldn't mess with perfection. That's why they're not making a sequel to Gigli.

retard_logic690 karma

You were great in that thing you did!

IAmArsenioHall895 karma

Yeah, you too!

shma_680 karma

What do you make of Paul Scheer's re-enactments of your show?


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhR7btqBtjU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytUYBLxegQY

IAmArsenioHall966 karma

It was a flawless impression. My cousin thought I was back on air already.

KushTheKitten475 karma

You don't seem to age. Are you a vampire?

IAmArsenioHall1169 karma

Yes. Shout out to R-Patz.

today_okay470 karma

is it 'whoop whoop whoop' or 'woof woof woof?'

IAmArsenioHall1285 karma

It's 'woof woof woof' which came from the Cleveland Browns. Most people are embarrassed to be from Cleveland. But not me.

nicknitros443 karma

How robbed was Penn on Celebrity Apprentice?

IAmArsenioHall953 karma

He's coming on the show. Thanks for helping me preproduce that interview.

(My PR people are pissed I just typed that.)

johnnieb421 karma

You honestly did a lot for black artists when your show was on. A lot of them would never have been invited to the Late Show or the Tonight show. Are you going to continue in that vein?

IAmArsenioHall1158 karma

Yes, absolutely. Of all the black artists I broke, I'm most proud of Trisha Yearwood and Billy Ray Cyrus and I plan on doing more of that.

rells383 karma

Can you get Bill Clinton to come back and play some wicked sax?

IAmArsenioHall949 karma

Trying to get Hill-dawg on the tables. Wait till you hear her scratch.

roonz304 karma

Who was your favorite character to play in "Coming to America"?

Big fan, by the way. fistpumps

IAmArsenioHall1563 karma

I'm proud of my performance as Louie Anderson. I had to gain 160 pounds that morning on the Paula Deen diet. She kept calling me names and I stress ate.

It's a laserdisc special feature.

cobaltcollapse270 karma

have you ever had an actual hall named for you? is it the Arsenio Hall or the Arsenio Hall Hall?

IAmArsenioHall653 karma

No hall, but that cough drop thing was very flattering.

Citizenchimp229 karma

I give tours of old Stage 29 - I've heard a ton of legends and rumors about the giant framed portrait of Kareem Abdul Jabbar in the back and I wanted to get some facts straight:
*Was the giant portrait made for your show or another? *Was it just to honor him as a guest on the show or was it used in a skit or sketch? *I've heard that it has protective powers and the last production that dared attempt to remove it suffered "mishaps and misfortunes" - any validity to these awesome legends? THANKS FOR DOING THE AMA!

IAmArsenioHall500 karma

Kareem gave me a 7 foot tall photo, which Dr. Phil has now and believes is good luck for Stage 29. I want it back.

Here it is: https://twitter.com/ArsenioHall/status/374969280393015296

Holla at me Phil. Don't make me call the big O.

AwfulPossum203 karma

Arsenio! I remember you as one of the few hosts who really had captivating interviews.. (calling out vanilla ice)

My question is this, who would you want to interview you that's out there today?

IAmArsenioHall335 karma

Because of a scheduling conflict I couldn't do one with Barbara Walters back in the day and I always regret that.

elbowguru161 karma

Hey Arsenio,

I'm curious what was your favorite musical performance that you hosted on your show?


IAmArsenioHall463 karma

The hip hop all stars that Dana (Queen Latifah) put together for me as a surprise. It was the perfect finale to a 6-year party.


Mycrewrunrun159 karma

How much has the industry changed since you had your talk show in the early 90's? Any guests you look forward to having on?

IAmArsenioHall397 karma

Technologically! That's where you find the biggest changes. Literally I have a phone in my pocket all day, back then if I had a phone in my pocket you'd think I was well hung. I've been talking to everyone except Elvis, we're making the big announcement this afternoon. Hopefully the colonel will get back to me by then.

CTGBFan132 karma

Do you still fondly look back on your time voice acting for The Real Ghostbusters?

IAmArsenioHall364 karma

It was cool voicing Ernie Hudson's character. Not many people realize I also did Ernie's voice in The Hand that Rocked the Cradle: The Animated Series.

dispatcher_83131 karma

Arsenio!!! You are one of my favorite comedians of all-time...some of the characters you've created in film and tv are amazing, especially Coming to America and the barbershop scenes. Any plans to return to film in the future (looks like you've done a lot of tv lately)?? How is your new show different than your original show??

IAmArsenioHall462 karma

I'll be starring in Magic Mike 2: Return of the Anaconda.

I'm hosting in my Tasty Freeze wardrobe from Black Dynamite. https://twitter.com/ArsenioHall/status/374961526290911232

Wrestlingisgood114 karma

No question, I just wanted to say that your show was awesome.

I can't wait for your new show and you are a wonderful entertainer.

IAmArsenioHall299 karma

Wait until you see me Riverdance.

Coldfire24111 karma

If you could do it all again, what would you do differently?

IAmArsenioHall372 karma

I would wait 40 years to come back because this shit is really hard.

shifty1032231101 karma

What is one of your funniest on set stories when working on 'Coming To America' with Eddie Murphy?

IAmArsenioHall310 karma

The shootout with Suge Knight and John Landis. I must say I hesitated calling an ambulance for Landis. (It was just a flesh wound. He whines a lot.)

MissPug62 karma

Hi Arsenio! Big, big fan! Important question, do you like Pugs?

IAmArsenioHall146 karma

Yes. This time around I have a Pug Pound.

He_who_humps54 karma

What is your all-time, favorite album

IAmArsenioHall231 karma

Whatever Lil Twist does next. I like to stay ahead of the curve.