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Arsenio! I remember you as one of the few hosts who really had captivating interviews.. (calling out vanilla ice)

My question is this, who would you want to interview you that's out there today?

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Holy crap, you responded! Thanks man!

I am picturing you and B-dubs taking a scenic walk through a rose garden while she gives a voice over and it's delightful.

Can't wait for the new show!

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Your answer to #1 just made my day.. Thanks Mr. Foley

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After reading through a portion of this something struck me..I have two sisters, and if anyone ever pulled this kind of shit with them I'd be furious.

For any guys out there who read this and feel like trying it.. First, try being honest. After that realize some girls will never fuck you. Manipulating somebody into sex is sad. If you have to play a "game" be above a "game" to get laid.. Then maybe you need to reevaluate your relationship with women.

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Come to Chicago, let's grab a beer.