Arsenio Hall

Arsenio hall
is an American actor, comedian and current talk show host. He is best known for hosting The Arsenio Hall Show a late-night talk show that ran from 1989 until 1994, as well as its successor of the same name, which began in September 2013.

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IAmArsenioHall1851 karma

Murphy and I have always thought we shouldn't mess with perfection. That's why they're not making a sequel to Gigli.

IAmArsenioHall1563 karma

I'm proud of my performance as Louie Anderson. I had to gain 160 pounds that morning on the Paula Deen diet. She kept calling me names and I stress ate.

It's a laserdisc special feature.

IAmArsenioHall1285 karma

It's 'woof woof woof' which came from the Cleveland Browns. Most people are embarrassed to be from Cleveland. But not me.

IAmArsenioHall1169 karma

Yes. Shout out to R-Patz.

IAmArsenioHall1158 karma

Yes, absolutely. Of all the black artists I broke, I'm most proud of Trisha Yearwood and Billy Ray Cyrus and I plan on doing more of that.

IAmArsenioHall966 karma

It was a flawless impression. My cousin thought I was back on air already.

IAmArsenioHall953 karma

He's coming on the show. Thanks for helping me preproduce that interview.

(My PR people are pissed I just typed that.)

IAmArsenioHall949 karma

Trying to get Hill-dawg on the tables. Wait till you hear her scratch.

IAmArsenioHall895 karma

Yeah, you too!