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Hey Arsenio,

I'm curious what was your favorite musical performance that you hosted on your show?


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Holy shit, that was awesome! Thanks for the link!

You just blew away my personal favorite, which was the Beastie Boys featuring Cypress Hill.


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I'm a huge fan of all your films, "The French Connection" is easily in my top 3 favorites. I'd like to ask you two questions:

I'm curious, will we ever see a special edition release of "Sorcerer" on Blu Ray or DVD? Some may call it blasphemous, but I consider it better than Clouzot's.

Do you know much about the original story of "The Exorcist" that took place in St. Louis in the 40's? Many of those reported events took place in the house where I was born and grew up in.

EDIT: Links in comments below for those that have questions or are curious about the house I lived in.

Thanks, can't wait to see the new film!

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Is the Dean Martin story true?