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Do you still fondly look back on your time voice acting for The Real Ghostbusters?

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Voice acting does not always get the credit it deserves. Thanks for the response and best of luck on the new iteration of your show!

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If he lost his voice doing Dr. Teeth, he also must have been close to it doing Convincing John on Fraggle Rock.

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I was also wondering, have you seen some of the great fan-edits and/or restorations out there and what is your opinion of them, provided that those who download them have already obtained legal copies of the originals. (hey, I believe in paying the content producers first)

For example, there are those who have found all of the versions of Emmet Otter or Muppet Family Christmas and added all of the scenes in. There is also something called The Darker Crystal which uses the original workprint audio with minimal english dialog, synced with the DVD footage.