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Caught_in_a_coke_can1519 karma

Are their blurry crutches a turn-off?

Edit: Did I stutter?

sexclubthrowaway389 karma

Well, they don't shave just like the Good Lord intended.

If you mean the pixelated porn (ok, you mean that), there's plenty of uncensored Japanese porn to forget it even exists. Still a stupid law in Japan all things considered.

zentrandi176 karma

I dont think Bush is a bad thing. it just needs to be kept in check. Also, Asian women tend to have less coverage anyway, and probably just need to be trimmed from time to time.

sexclubthrowaway364 karma

They're definitely do not have curly or thick pubic hair and it's not a jungle either on average.

Education time: In Japan its common to go to public baths where you'd be nude around other people including co-workers. It's accepted that only porn stars (AV or adult video actresses) shave their pubic hair. So, most women will not shave in part for that reason. Plus, there's no societal pressure to do it.

st4857117 karma

It just baffles me that the country that invented Bukkake and tentacle porn forbids the sight of genitalia. Based on their interpretation of a law that forbids the creation and distribution of obscenity. Apparently a vagina is obscene, but this (NSFW) is not.

sexclubthrowaway124 karma

Law and logic don't always meet.

American_Pig548 karma

Are you ethnically Japanese? I was under the impression Japanese society is relatively xenophobic about foreigners in these kinds of places.

sexclubthrowaway858 karma

Nope, completely white. You're right that many sex related industries like Soap Lands (legalized prostitution) tend to deny foreigners. At the happening bars though, they allow foreigners if you can understand the rules and don't have tattoos. Understanding Japanese helps cause it helps understanding the rules. Not having tattoos is big as they're seen as a criminal element since they're popular with Yakuza.

To be honest, I think I get better attention than the Japanese because I am foreign, can speak quite a bit of Japanese, and don't act like an asshole. Again, it's not a guarantee but I think it helps. Remember its a club for men and women that are interested in sex. Considering Japan is not as sexually repressed as the US, I'm sure the women have had plenty of Japanese guys. Since there's not as many foreigners, a foreign guy is more of an exotic experience.

JerkoffJack302 karma

I wouldn't really consider Japan to be noticeably less sexually repressed than the US.

sexclubthrowaway649 karma

No, it is definitely not repressed. Prostitution, while technically illegal, happens openly. There are "health clubs" where you go to get blow jobs by great looking ladies (since there's no vaginal sex, more women are willing to work there).

Most likely, this open sexuality is due to the Buddhist and Shinto being the major religions instead of Christianity. It's still a conservative culture, but it just doesn't have sexual hang-ups the US has.

Plus the convenience stores sell alcohol 24/7. How the hell can you top that?

ghostly_harmless91 karma

Can you say more about these Japanese "health clubs?" How does one find them, and how does one go about negotiating a blowjob?

sexclubthrowaway125 karma

Nothing to negotiate. Blowjobs are part of the package when you pay for entry into the club. There was an AMA on 2ch with a lady that worked at one of these places that somebody translated and posted. Just remember when she says every guy has been to a brothel, she's referring to Japanese guys.

dqsg2213 karma

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Considering the long hour, high stress, low pay work environment I can believe it. Plus, expanded families living in the same place with thin walls is common so it's not like mommy and daddy can get it on at night (assuming daddy made it home from the office).

I can believe this stat, but the thing about averages is that events happen above and below that line. I partake with the people that have fun in the area above that line.

unbanmi5anthr0pe2 karma

but it just doesn't have sexual hang-ups the US has.

lol, muh animu pillow.

sexclubthrowaway5 karma

Don't judge Japan just on the nerds from Akihabara.

amurrikan98 karma

How strict are they on tattoos? Like none whatsoever, or only large ones?

sexclubthrowaway236 karma

Very strict. If you can't cover it up with a bandage they probably won't let you in. Same rules applies to Spas and Water Parks. It's a Yakuza thing, nothing against you personally.

hanni90-28 karma

well, plus, japanese dudes have smaller dicks. you must feel huge over there.

sexclubthrowaway23 karma

On average they're smaller but we're not talking pencil dicks. I'm 7 inches in length and 6 inches in circumference so I'm above average for the US and fairly big compared to Japanese. I make sure the lady knows about my size and I go carefully since hurting a lady's vagina is not cool and not fun. If I have to I'll grip my penis so it can't go in too far, which is great as the g-spot is near the front anyway.

Yeah, I get a lot of "Ookii" and "Dekai" from men and women in Japan. Still, size does not matter as technique is what brings a woman to multiple orgasms. With technique you can make her come with your tongue, chin, hand, forearm and even your thigh. And yes, a guy can be too big or too small, but that's the exception and not the rule.

emperor1ee20 karma

that cant be right your dick has same circumference as my wrists

sexclubthrowaway30 karma

Nice try. You're not touching my dick.

nakedanimals11 karma

Ok, I'm truly not interested in your dick but... 6 inch circumference? Really? C'mooonnn... that... that is fucking enormous! Even for "big" dicks.

A 6 inch circumference is vagina damaging. Please tell me that was a typo.

sexclubthrowaway5 karma

Take a six inch piece of paper, make it into a cylinder. I'm sure it doesn't seem that big. It's not porn star size, that's to be sure.

tired_papasmurf6 karma

What is "Ookii" and "Dekai"?

sexclubthrowaway4 karma

大きい or ookii just means big. でかい or dekai is also a term for big just with a slightly different semantic.

DatShhCray-8 karma

6 inches in circumference

...you're the only person I have heard of to measure the circumference.

sexclubthrowaway10 karma

Girth makes a difference. Plus, on top of that I'm circumcised and a grower not a shower. My balls are small though, though I don't like them being played with anyway.

IOnlyUpvoteSelfPosts515 karma

How do you avoid sexually transmitted infections? Are there any rules in place?

sexclubthrowaway712 karma

Condoms are a must. In the US I notice that the older couples didn't like condoms sometimes, but you really want to wear them anyway.

I've never gotten an STD at these places. I've gotten STDs and was treated, but that was from sex in the normal walk of life (if you call a Pacific tour of locations normal).

iamaredditer175 karma

What STD did you contract?

sexclubthrowaway308 karma

It was just an infection. Cleared it with antibiotics I guess. This was over a decade ago so I can't recall completely.

achingtopupate429 karma

Is your partner Japanese and is she bisexual? Is she completely okay with going to the clubs and watching you have sex with others? Or does she do the same thing, too?

sexclubthrowaway708 karma

My current partner is straight, but she did go down on one woman once. She's not okay with the clubs anymore because she put on weight and is a little older now (I don't think so, but self impression is an important ingredient to confidence). When she did go with me, she was okay with having sex with other guys and watching me have sex. I also had no problem with it.

For now, she doesn't care if I have sex with other women but she doesn't want to know about it if she wasn't there. Hopefully, she turns around again but if not, that's okay as I intend to stay with her.

shmirshal359 karma

Have you seen any crazy things happen?

sexclubthrowaway687 karma

In the Japanese sex clubs for singles and couples (Happening Bars), seeing good looking ladies tied up was crazy. Last month I witness the hot wax from candles being performed on a lady including clothes pins on the nipples. Seems crazy considering how laid back the places are for the most part.

*edit: I remember now. One of the craziest things had to be the evening that a porn actress named Cytheria showed up at a sex club in California. She had some type of fan club set up and those that signed up were given blue wrist straps. They were able to have sex with her first when she was in the mood.

First experience I had with a lady that squirted so much she hit the ceiling. Scared the shit out of a black guy that made her come a second time (he didn't see the first). Later I was able to join (being erect helps) and had fun making her come three or four times, but I didn't like the whole "Come on me, come on my tits" routine you hear in porn all the time. It was funny seeing her boyfriend/manager recruit a couple of ladies to be the "fluffer" for the evening.

NZKora363 karma

Cytheria? Wow.

sexclubthrowaway336 karma

Never even knew who she was, and I didn't really know how to spell her name so I never found any videos about her till a couple of years later. Let's be honest, aside from the squirting she's not exactly well known. Seems like a nice lady though and she was easy to talk to and had a confidence that adds to her attractiveness.

sexclubthrowaway68 karma

Oh damn, I'm still spelling her name wrong.

Brad_Wesley126 karma

How do I get to go to these things? Bring a lady who is also into them?

sexclubthrowaway412 karma

Just go, pay the entry fee and follow the rules. Remember it's a sex club so you having sex is not guaranteed (else it'd be a brothel). Kind of like going to a dance club doesn't mean you'll dance with someone, and it's kind of creepy to dance by yourself if others can see you.

Brad_Wesley117 karma

I went to one in Paris. I forget the name, but it's the most famous one. That's the limit of my experience though.

sexclubthrowaway183 karma

How was your experience there out of interest. I've never been to a sex club in Europe. Ok, I've never really been to Europe but you get the idea.

Brad_Wesley552 karma

It was interesting. I went with this Italian woman I was casually seeing. It was her idea actually. It was sort of a multi-story mansion. The ground floor had a bar and dance floor and people (mostly clothed) hanging around.

The second floor had a big public area with a bed where a hot young chick was tied up and getting banged by everybody.

On other floors and on the sides of most of the big rooms were little rooms or corners where people were going at it.

The chick I was with was a little shy so I bent her over a couch off to the side and was banging her. A french guy tapped me on the shoulder in the middle of it and asked me if he could have a turn. I tapped the italian chick on the shoulder and relayed his request. She said no, I told the dude no, and went back to banging her.

sexclubthrowaway184 karma

Ok, so it sounds like the one in San Diego which is a large private house in an industrial area. Hope you had fun and can have a chance to try something similar again. There's something liberating being around people open about sex.

kakapoopoopipishire82 karma

There's one of these near my house?!

sexclubthrowaway93 karma

If you mean San Diego, yeah, www.Thads.com

Zombiz334 karma

This is surprisingly a very good AMA! Thanks for the interesting responses OP.

sexclubthrowaway250 karma

Glad I could do. It's late here, I have no work tomorrow so I'll keep it up.

16GBlong231 karma

Unlike that first time at the new club...

sexclubthrowaway311 karma

I thought we agreed not to talk about that?

Fattigstudent310 karma

What is the male/female ratio on these things?

sexclubthrowaway479 karma

Depends on the days. First time I went to one club there were 4 girls and 3 guys. Last time I went there was a similar ration. For the most part you're going to see more guys than gals. A couple of nights I stayed for four hours and not a single lady showed up.

On the bright side, even then it's a club. In the US and Japan you can bring your own booze and food and sometimes that's provided by the club and/or the other guests. So enjoy yourself and don't get moody if you're not getting sex that night.

Fattigstudent301 karma

Haha somehow it seems incredible sad, the sight of four nude men all alone at an sex club xD

sexclubthrowaway345 karma

In Japan clubs I didn't have to be nude. We can be wearing street clothes if we want. You tend to wear bath robes since that makes having sex easier. Plus, you tend to want to shower before sex (kind of fun if you did it together).

In the US clubs, there were always at least one woman.

ActuallyYeah180 karma

Ha! What happens when you're in there with all guys and the first girl walks in?

sexclubthrowaway143 karma

That's when it pays to be a bit Alpha and approach her or at least acknowledge and talk to her. I'm kind of a reserved guy at times so I prefer it that a lady is given space, has a chance to sit down and take in the surroundings before having to put up with the chat up lines.

Who knows, maybe she's interested in you or she's not. Never know if you hide from her or let someone else do the talking.

CoolCheech227 karma

I've only been to a Happening Bar once, and was lucky enough to be picked out by a nice couple where the man wanted to watch me bang his woman. After going to the big padded sex room, things got interesting. There were already 2 guys having sex with a chick, and when white guy, me, walks in, they stop and stare. So I'm trying to have sex with this woman, the other 3 people have stopped and are now nakedly standing around me watching, and the whole time the women's boyfriend/husband is in her ear saying over and over again, in japanese, "it's your first foreigner, it's your first foreigner." It was bizarre and I can't wait to go again.

Also when I walked in there were 6 or so guys tying up a the only woman in the bar at that time in the main room.

What's been your worst gawking experience at these clubs, as in people just amazed that there's a non-japanese there?

sexclubthrowaway160 karma

If you ever watch Japanese TV shows where it's a panel and you see them acting all fascinated by some seemingly everyday thing, I think you'd understand what CoolCheech is talking about. If you have an audience watching you have sex, they will be offering quite commentary discussing the situation at hand in all seriousness.

My worst experience was probably my first one at a new club. I just could not keep an erection and I don't think I was that good satisfying the lady. Truth be told, I'm an exhibitionist at heart that likes to show off so I enjoy giving a good show.

MadeiiNPoland177 karma

Favorite porn star? Ever see a porn star in the clubs? You mentioned you weren't Japanese, so uh, how do you compare in size?

sexclubthrowaway313 karma

Favorite porn star at the moment is Asa Akira for a few reasons plus she looks fucking hot.

Only "porn star" I think I've seen is Cytheria (known for her squirting), though it's possible I've had sex with others since I don't follow the porn scene that much.

As I mentioned elsewhere, I'm bigger than average for white guys (7" length, 6" circumference) and much bigger than average for Japanese guys just based on statistical charts. I'm sure a google search can bring up something about averages. Like I also mentioned though, size isn't everything and it can be a hindrance. Technique and a good attitude will trump size over time.

hulkbro155 karma

sorry, 6" CIRCUMFERENCE?! must be like a jam jar!

edit: i am a bellend. thanks for the corrections, can't believe i was that dumb! i think i was too amused at the thought of a jam jar cock...

gammadistribution220 karma

Curl your thumb and index finger into a circle. That's about the circumference of a penis. Now unravel it and notice how long it actually is.

majorlazer2160112 karma

Holy shit, I've never thought about how long that really is. I'm kind of proud of that now.

sexclubthrowaway114 karma

I love that people are finding this thread both fun and educational. I can go to sleep feeling a little proud tonight.

sexclubthrowaway124 karma

Seriously, take a 6" strip of paper and wrap it in a circle and you'll see it's not that big. Even better, get an erection and measure your own circumference. It's probably bigger than you'd expect.

Put it this way, can your dick fit through a toilet paper roll while erect? I can't and I assume more than a few other guys out there can't either.

MadeiiNPoland112 karma

I had a feeling you were gonna pick Asa Akira

sexclubthrowaway120 karma

Let's not forget Asia Carrera.

marsupialsales89 karma

Don't watch After Porn Ends. :(

sexclubthrowaway90 karma

Now why would you do that. That's just begging for me to google it.

queefin_it_real6 karma

yeah but she doesn't do anal.

sexclubthrowaway10 karma

She's hot and her scenes made me think I'd like to have sex with her, that's what counts for enjoying porn.

Enjoys_A_Good_Shart62 karma

Did you have sex with Cytheria? How awesome was it?

sexclubthrowaway184 karma

If I recall correctly I had sex with her, made her come three times. Once orally/digitally and twice vaginally. At that time, I preferred the lady on top during sex, but she only wanted to be on the bottom, still technique worked.

I couldn't come during sex, but she demanded guys come on her so I had to do the jack hammer jack off to finally come on her face. I'll be honest, it's not that sexy to come on a girl's face even if that's what she likes.

thelonious_bunk172 karma

it's not that sexy to come on a girl's face even if that's what she likes.

Different strokes (haha) for different folks. Any time the wife asks for it i love doing it.

sexclubthrowaway206 karma

Two consenting adults having a fun time. I see nothing wrong here.

thgirw-5 karma

No, you didn't.

sexclubthrowaway4 karma

Which part? Give me something to reply to so I can make corrections if I'm wrong.


No, man!! Lily Thai!! Lily Thai!! Asa Akira is hot but my mind was made for me the first time I saw a Lily Thai video.

sexclubthrowaway72 karma

Doesn't really matter. We're all fantasizing about women we're never going to be with. I just find I tend to play Asa's vids on PornHub more often then another lady.

Zombiz157 karma

What would your parents think?

sexclubthrowaway686 karma

My father sexually abused my sisters, my brother and myself so I could give a shit what he would have thought had he been alive today. My mother had a 20 year affair with a married man, smoked too much and died before she was 60. Her opinions on my lifestyle choices, including sexual choices, are not what drive me today.

That said, I'm sure they'd hypocritically complain about it.

Zombiz242 karma

Well, I kind of posted this question as a joke at first, but that was before I started reading the responses you were giving, it's actually very interesting and I enjoyed reading your AMA!

sexclubthrowaway314 karma

Sorry for the serious reply. I took your tone wrong. It was a good joke I just had an odd childhood.

real-dreamer125 karma

What is a japanese sex club?

Is this something you've always wanted to do?

Is this something you've enjoyed or do you want to stop?

Have you seen yourself doing things you never wanted to do or imagined yourself doing because of this hobby?

What is a normal sex club like?

What is a your favorite sex club like?

WHat is your least favorite sex club?

sexclubthrowaway150 karma

Japanese Sex Clubs are called Couple Kissa (Tea Place) for couples only and Happening Bars for couples and singles. Pretty much its a place for people to go have sex. Different clubs have different set ups such as one place having a common room where sex is on the couch or in the middle while others have rooms on other floors.

I really enjoy it and will continue

No, I have a tame imagination but I don't do what I don't like.

Feast or famine at times. Sometimes it can be all guys, sometimes you never get another lady to go with, sometimes you have three encounters in a night. Plus, each club has a different atmosphere.

I like the couples clubs the best, but that's with my partner who enjoys it but is shy about her figure.

I don't like clubs with too much smoking. I get used to the smell, but I don't like it. Same with bars in that matter.

MadeiiNPoland121 karma

How would you rate most of the women?

sexclubthrowaway235 karma

In the US last time I went it was a cow market, sad to say. Lots and lots of overweight women. It wasn't always that way, but it definitely has gotten worse. The guys were young and in shape because military in that town got a discount.

In Japan, the women are a little older (30+) but thin and attractive.

*edit: Let me add that gorgeous men and women show up to these clubs (I'm not one of them). It's just that in the US the obesity problem became more and more noticeable over the last 10 years. To be honest though, its not all about looks. If a lady is horny, has a good attitude, and has good hygiene, I'd probably have great sex with her if she were willing.

Shmigme115 karma

is it better then an american strip club?

sexclubthrowaway243 karma

It's much more expensive as single guys could pay fifty to hundred dollars to enter. This is needed to keep "tourists" out. Women are not required to be naked even in the US clubs from what I've seen. Remember though these are people not out for money but for fun so it's completely different from a strip club which is design to part you from your wallet.

Oh yeah, much better than a strip club.

technicallynotlegal82 karma

How much it is for the women to enter? Free?

sexclubthrowaway174 karma

Pretty much if single guys are 100 dollars, single ladies are free and couples are 50 dollars. Yeah, math, fucking genius there. For couples only clubs, it's a straight price for both. Usually 30 dollars in Japan.

Drinks are like five bucks each which you pay at the end.

Zhangar155 karma

An owner of a Swinger Club here got slammed with a fine by the Bureau of Equality for letting women in for free and men had to pay $50. The owner said its gonna destroy her club.

Edit: Denmark.

sexclubthrowaway573 karma

Sometimes discrimination is a good thing. Women's restrooms should have more toilets that men's restrooms. Women's sizes should be smaller that Men's sizes. Women's entry rates for sex clubs should be less than men's rates. For whatever odd reason, men are more willing to go to sex clubs than women so prices are a method of evening out numbers.

That said, if your entry is free, do you view yourself as a customer or a product?

dballinouttacontrol105 karma

What made you start going? Was your partner equally eager? If not, how did you approach the topic? Do you stay together during the process or go off with other people? Thanks in advance!

sexclubthrowaway322 karma

First club I went to was in Okinawa twenty years though I wouldn't call it a sex club it was my first try at public sex. It was called "The Stage" where you paid 30 dollars. A different girl (either Japanese or Columbian) every 20 to 30 minutes would come out on stage, do a dance and semi-strip tease. She left for a couple of minutes then anyone that wanted to have sex with her on stage in front of everybody could stand up. If there was more than one (and you didn't go up before), a foam dice was rolled to pick the winner. You got up, take off your pants and she'd come out, clean off your dick, put on a condom, give you blow job then you have sex. I liked it and it was cool that you could go up as much as you wanted so long as nobody else wanted to go.

Later in California, I heard about a sex club called Thad's which allowed single guys and I found I was not embarrassed by walking around nude (a requirement to enter was no clothes for guys inside). It's not guarenteed sex, but you get great conversations and relaxed atmosphere since guys don't get in a fighting mood around other naked guys (the girls are another story).

I also met one partner at Thads and we hooked up now and again at couples clubs over a three year period. Sometimes you stay together as you swap in the same room. Sometimes, depending if the club has it and the other couple's mood, you can go to separate rooms with another partner.

In Japan, my partner was not as sexually active until she met me. I found out about "Kissas" and "Happening Bars" from a TV drama so I asked her about it. She agreed to try out a couples place to just watch which we did on the first night. Fortunately we sat next to a nice couple so my partner talked to another lady which relaxed her mood. The next month we went, we met the same couple and ended up having sex with each other. Even better, my partner had her first female kiss while both me and the other guy were eating the ladies out. That was a very good memory.

fuzzycuffs87 karma

How are you accepted into these places? I live in Japan and can't imagine the happening places readily accept single guys, especially foreigners.

sexclubthrowaway113 karma

Like I've said, the basic brothels like Soap Lands and Health Clubs will turn away foreigners (ie non-Asians) even if you speak Japanese. The sex clubs have been always been very accepting, though I've only run into one or two other foreign guys while I was there. Knowing Japanese helps, not being a dick and following the rules is a must.

Donnie_Ravioli58 karma

What are some of the rules in a sex club?

sexclubthrowaway292 karma

We do not talk about sex club!

No, wait, that's not right. It's don't touch if you're not invited. Don't go upstairs or into couples areas alone. Don't cause problems for other people. Some have a dress code or smoking code. Treat closed doors with respect. Be clean, don't have open sores, use condoms. Some common sense stuff really.

Don't be an asshole.

fuzzycuffs41 karma

Btw if you are a foreigner in Japan and are interested in health services that are ok with foreigners, check out erolin.net (edit .net)

(Full disclosure I don't partake in any of this but find it interesting that these mizu shoubai and fuzoku establishments turn away foreigners by and large)

sexclubthrowaway32 karma

The more you know .....

Lanathell82 karma


sexclubthrowaway128 karma

All the time. In the US sex clubs you have gang bangs that happen where you're just a participant, but for the most part its starting conversations and holding the interest of the lady and her partner if he's there.

In Japan, everyone I've had sex with I've talked to for a little bit at least. Sometimes I go with a hand massage and back rub after that, but it starts with talking. Again, knowing Japanese helps a lot here.

bahhrito665 karma

What is the drug situation at these places? Are people openly consuming anything or is it just alcohol?

sexclubthrowaway141 karma

Zero fucking tolerance on illegal drugs. Police will use any excuse to shut places down if that's thought to be present. Hardest drug should be alcohol.

Now, there was a couple in a room at the California club that offered acetone or whatever stuff you sniff that they sold as VCR cleaning fluid. Wasn't my thing.

msiss65 karma


sexclubthrowaway170 karma

How would anyone know?

I wouldn't recommend a virgin female to go especially if she's going to have sex as that can get bloody if her hyman hasn't broken yet (speaking from experience).

Now, if by virgin you mean first time in a sex club, again, no one will really know unless you tell them. It might be best if you tell people as they will play a parental or older, wiser friend role to let you know the ropes. Hell, they might even hook you up. I don't recommend using it as a lie to get an easy lay cause that's pretty sad if you have to lie to have sex with a woman that wants to have sex.

IdahoLynxx53 karma

Do you remember the names of any of The clubs in Cali? I have always wondered about those and how legal they are

sexclubthrowaway82 karma

Just Thad's and Red Rooster (in Vegas). Only other clubs are couples clubs which are not really businesses. They're legal as they're private clubs. They don't sell alcohol as you bring your own. It's basically a private party so vice doesn't get involved (they've tried and lost in the past).

I am not a lawyer, so a little research can help in this arena.

yuckyucky52 karma

are sex clubs different to swinger clubs? thanks for the interesting AMA

sexclubthrowaway68 karma

They are swingers clubs are sex clubs but not all sex clubs are swinger clubs. Those that allow single guys to enter are not normally considered swingers clubs.

Nezrcanezr35 karma

Are tyere any in canada that you could recommend?

sexclubthrowaway50 karma

I've never been to Canada much less a club. It used to be there were free monthly distributions that listed adult clubs so I'm sure there are websites that'll do that now. Google might reveal all, but there might be a better term to look for than sex club. Can anyone help on this?

MiniGladiator31 karma

Is it difficult separating the sex of your private life and the sex in the sexclubs on an emotional level?

Really nice AMA btw!

sexclubthrowaway36 karma

Very easy. Now, if you have a good experience or learn a new trick don't be selfish and keep it to yourself. You take that knowledge and apply it to your partner to enhance her emotional level once again.

rayflex28 karma

great AMA. Do men that go there need to be in really good shape and god looking or is it open to regular looking guys? Do people wear masks and fancy stuff like this that might make things a bit more erotic? (Eyes wide shut style)

last one: Asians are famous for their shy/submissive attitude toward sex and I would like to know what attitude Japanese girl that go in these clubs have.

sexclubthrowaway38 karma

In Japan, the people just tend to be skinny. I'm more muscular and can fake muscle pose with the best of them, but I have quite a bit of body fat as well. The masks and stuff might happen on a theme night though I never found role play that erotic personally.

The shy/submissive type are not common in the sex clubs. They're more likely to be prevalent (as an act or real I don't know) in the brothel like places.


I see you mentioning alot of single men and women in couples. Is it very rare to see a single woman at those places who showed up alone or with a group of women like they would at any other type of dance club?

sexclubthrowaway30 karma

It's not rare. That the entry charge is free for single ladies helps that a lot.

langefinger20 karma

Did you read "In the Miso Soup" by Ryu Murakami, and if yes, what did that make you feel?

sexclubthrowaway36 karma

I haven't read Murakami yet till I'm able to read it in Japanese. Sadly, I've stopped studying so that might be a while. However, I assume it's profound and will make me question life and my place in the universe.

Play_Money_Pro18 karma

I enjoyed reading this, way to go OP!

sexclubthrowaway13 karma

Glad it's entertaining. Hopefully it's a bit informative as well.

djle1215 karma

Can you name some more names of clubs In california. I would love to do more research and visit one eventually.

What are the rules usually?

sexclubthrowaway39 karma

To be honest, I've only been to Thad's in California. The couples places have basically been private parties that change location depending on the host. Clubs that let in single guys are rare. Thad's gets away with it since they have a military discount to bring in young guys that are in shape and ready to go with sex to over-ride the weird creepy guys that never say anything but like to tailgate ladies.

Usual rule is: 50 dollars to get in, must stay nude (cannot even wear a towel), don't go in the couples only area even if you're escorted, don't exchange contact info, don't get fall-down drunk, don't be a dick. By the way, if meet a girl that's trying to be a prostitute (pretty stupid thing to do in a place where guys have no cash on them since they're naked) just report her to the bar. A lady like that can get the place shut down fast.

SwedishFaggot11 karma

Do the really whine like they do in porn?

sexclubthrowaway20 karma

Some do. I don't find it attractive so I might kiss her more than normal to avoid it. I prefer a sexually assertive woman.

tminus543218 karma

I have never gone nor I doubt I would but I am curious.. how often is there kissing involved between strangers? Like 20% of the time? 50%? Personally to me, kissing is very personable and would seem more intimate than sex in a sex club.. plus the chance of giving the other person an std mouth to mouth..

sexclubthrowaway14 karma

Near 100% of the time from what I've seen. You are right in that it makes the sexual act more intimate which is key to making it more pleasurable.

Only prostitutes in the US seem to have this thing about not wanting to kiss. Probably has less to do with intimacy and more to do with not messing up the make-up.

kjimene17 karma

What clubs have you been to in Japan? If I may ask.

I currently go to these as well. I have been to bliss and dark night. I want to check out Kun-Kun.

Also, how was muse?

sexclubthrowaway12 karma

I won't list them all, but there aren't that many anyway (half dozen in Yokohama, couple dozen in Tokyo). I liked Muse because there was no smoking and it was a clean place. It was an older crowd (and I'm not exactly young) on average, but I liked it truth be told.

The club for actual sex and SM is probably Pure.

MrsRickyRicardo6 karma

Is there gay sex clubs?

sexclubthrowaway5 karma

Yes. Also, at regular sex clubs, transexuals (new haffusu) are charged the same as ladies.

Kengede5 karma

Can you explain Chikan and why Japan seems to me to very sexually active? Ever since I saw that movie "Babble" Japan comes off as a horny teenager. Side note, I really want to go to Japan.

sexclubthrowaway2 karma

I haven't seen Babble aside from a couple of short scenes so I'm not getting the reference. As for 痴漢 or chikan (ignore the fact the kanji is literally sick chinese) it's just a term for molester or person committing sexual assault. A pervert sometimes called 変人 but the chikan is term for a criminal act.

Laurannah-7 karma

Are you a sex addict? If this behavior is normal for a guy, then I'm going to quit.

sexclubthrowaway8 karma

You mean do I impulsively engage in sexual activity without regard to repercussions at times? Yes, I'm a sex addict in that case. Is it normal behavior to be willingly to engage in sexual activity without regard to the repercussions at times? Yes, I think that's the case more guys and should be considered normal.

The annoying part is that sexually activity is criminalized or socially stigmatized counter to the evolutionary drive creating conflict where none needs to exist. You can argue that we don't need sex to live and you'd be right, but I find the pleasure and bonding experience of sex to be something not to be wasted.

MadeiiNPoland-17 karma

Does jap pussy run sideways?

sexclubthrowaway6 karma

When she's laying on her side, just like every other woman I've been with. That said, it's amazing how differently designed some women's vaginas can be. One felt like the uterus was further to the back while another seemed very shallow. Unless you're watching gynecology videos you'll never know this except from experience or someone telling you about it.

MasterRoshii-1 karma

true, mexicana snatch is tha best

sexclubthrowaway3 karma

I've had sex with many a lady around the world. I've not found one that's really any better than the other. That said, I do prefer Hispanic and Asian women.