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You know you can still do those things and be done with dancing by 27.

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Does it mean your gay if you get a blowjob from a man?

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At a party, everyone shook hands with everybody else. There were 66 handshakes. How many people were at the party?

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When I was young, I stole minor things over a period of time. I never once got caught so it escalated to more and more, nothing expensive. Fast forward to teenage years and I was shop lifting some contact [eyes] supplies.

I got caught and confronted outside. I ran. I was able to outrun the LP but when I was running, many people saw the LP chasing me and said things like, "why did you steal" and "What did you do".

I didnt get caught but I'm glad that day happened. After that day I never stole again.

Years later when I was able to afford things, I returned $200 [approximation of what I stole from the store I shoplifted most from] to a manager admitting what I did when I was younger.

That was it for my self imposed restitution. I still feel bad for what I did but that day changed me forever and glad it happened. Who knows, my life could be way different now if I continued.

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What should a person gambling in a casino know that usually doesnt know?