Hey Reddit! I heard you delinquents want to talk to me. I'll be here for the next hour, so don't ask me stupid shit.

For the record everything you've heard about the Sunny cast is true. We're all a bunch of degenerates but even degenerates like to give back, right? That's why we're currently raising money for Wounded Warrior Project through Omaze and helping injured service members heal after returning from combat.

In return for your generosity, I'll fly you and a friend to LA to hang with me, Charlie, Mac, Dee, and Frank at Paddy's. We'll hang out, tell dirty jokes, and I might even let you pretend to punch me like last year's winner, Jimmy.

Here's all the info: http://omaze.com/AlwaysSunny


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elporkchopp02541 karma

SunnyGlennHowerton2985 karma

We dated for a while. She's a great gal.

Beaun2140 karma

Was seeing Divito flop out of that leather couch naked as hilarious on set as it was on TV.

SunnyGlennHowerton3406 karma

I saw his actual asshole that day.

HoJuSimpson1839 karma

What did you do, and for how long did you have to do it, to make your face look like this?

SunnyGlennHowerton1720 karma

That's my little secret. Pretty gross, huh?

OfficerJamesLahey1673 karma

The Nightman Cometh is one of the most popular episodes you guys have made to date, any plans on another musical episode?

SunnyGlennHowerton2154 karma

We have discussed it very seriously

Macktothefuture1657 karma

My wife and I decided that you would be the perfect Riddler. Would that be a role you would be intetested in? Also I fucking love It's Always Sunny. Best Comedy on television

SunnyGlennHowerton2122 karma

I would love to play the riddler.

FlyingCowOfDoom1647 karma

In his AMA, Aaron Paul indicated that he'd like to guest star on It's Always Sunny. Is that happening? If not, can you please make it happen (bitch)?

SunnyGlennHowerton2146 karma

We love Aaron and tried to get him on the show this year. Unfortunately we had scheduling conflicts.

TheJackal8958 karma

Paddy's, bitch.

SunnyGlennHowerton1140 karma

Yeah, I know, right!!!!

JesusPoints1069 karma

hi glenn

SunnyGlennHowerton2134 karma

Hi, motherfucker.

QuentinDave1590 karma

Does Dennis creep you out? Are you ever surprised by how fucking crazy he is?

SunnyGlennHowerton2516 karma

Dennis is a great outlet for my really weird sense of humor.

SunnyGlennHowerton1486 karma

Ok, that's it for me, folks. It's been fun. And informative.

The_lmpIication1483 karma

Hey Glenn I just wanted to thank you on behave of my sister and I, all last year she was in the hospital and received a double lung transplant. During all those rough times we would watch It's Always Sunny and forget about everything and just laugh. Those moments made it a less painful experience and I can't thank you and the rest of the cast enough!

edit: I accidentally implied that we watched and laughed right after her transplant but she has Cystic Fibrosis so a hospital was a frequent thing throughout her life. She received her transplant at the end of last year. TLDR: I didn't torture my sister with laughter.

SunnyGlennHowerton1513 karma

I am honored when I hear stories like this. Thank you!

Amadorus1477 karma

How close is the gang in real life?

SunnyGlennHowerton2456 karma

Too close

slipknutz1406 karma

Dee as a bird is pretty damn funny. Whose idea was it to have dee slowly become a bird throughout the episode?

SunnyGlennHowerton1841 karma

It happened kind of naturally after we first said she looked like Larry Bird in Season 3 "Mac is a serial killer"

lucasgreen39871379 karma

Outside of Always Sunny, what's your favorite tv show and why?

SunnyGlennHowerton2916 karma

Breaking Bad. To me it is the ultimate drama. Regular guy gets caught up in something he has no business being involved in only to flip the script and become his true self: the most ruthless motherfucker in the world.

JoeDurp1171 karma

When you came up with the character of Dennis did you always intend for him to be a complete sociopath or did it just end up working out like that?

SunnyGlennHowerton1818 karma

I always knew he was socio, I just wasn't ready to go all the way with it at first. It's been fun to tease it out and let it build over the years.

supraman11201022 karma

I've always wanted to know who, if anyone, was the inspiration for Charlie's character? Also, who writes Charlie's songs and plays?

SunnyGlennHowerton1444 karma

Charlie writes a lot of the music, as does our friend Cormac Bluestone who helped a lot with Nightman and many other things since then. We often all write the lyrics.

whistlesgowoooo973 karma

Hi there, I heard Game of Thrones writers wrote an episode of its always sunny, When is it supposed to air? Also, what was it like working with them?


SunnyGlennHowerton1720 karma

Yes, the Game of Thrones guys (Benioff and Weiss) wrote an ep. this year. It's going to be called "Flowers for Charlie" and I'm not sure when it will air. They were great to work with. Smart as hell.

stiffolous911 karma

How often are you guys actually drunk during filming? And who is the wildest person of the group when you guys all go out to drink?

SunnyGlennHowerton1917 karma

We NEVER drink on set. It's "bad for insurance" and we would NEVER want to put the show at risk.... NEVER!!!!!

outcastspice1363 karma

This is how great an actress Kaitlyn is, her drunk slurring voice (and dry heaves) are so perfect.

SunnyGlennHowerton1530 karma

She's amazing.

atticus138760 karma

How's that ass feel?

SunnyGlennHowerton1028 karma

Awesome. I just worked out.

logically383 karma

Shirt popped yet?

SunnyGlennHowerton1208 karma

Shirt exploded during my incline dumbbell presses.

M0D3RNW4RR10R606 karma

The most satifying feeling you can get in the gym is the pump. Its as satifying to me as cumming is, you know, as in having sex with a woman and cumming.

SunnyGlennHowerton915 karma

Nice Pumping Iron reference. One of my favs.

ThirdProject704 karma

I get FX but not FXX, I imagine a number of other people are in the same boat. Do you anticipate a big dropoff of viewers? Also, how should I watch the show (aside from torrenting it)?

And I saw your call for scripts on twitter a while back, get anything good?

SunnyGlennHowerton1052 karma

I apologize for anyone who doesn't get FXX. That blows. You can always download legally on iTunes soon after air.

If you don't know whether or not you get FXX, go to GetFXX.com. It is very easy to find out.

atomicskier1889669 karma

Hey Glenn!

Dolph Lundgren did an AMA on here where someone asked him if he has been asked yet about appearing on It's Always Sunny...he said "Not yet, but I'm on board if they ask. Maybe not the mesh shirt though."

Any chance we'll get to see Dolph on a future episode? I say you give him the mesh shirt, but stipulate that the full penetration stays in script.

PS...thank you for your tweets showing how much of an idiot Donald Trump is.

SunnyGlennHowerton940 karma

I love Dolph and as soon as we have something for him on the show, I'll bring it to him.

superwiggy620 karma

Glenn, there is a fan theory about it's Always Sunny that states that Dennis is actually a serial killer. Most of the evidence for this is how Dennis acts in "Mac is a Serial Killer" and the "D.E.N.N.I.S System." What do you think of this theory?

SunnyGlennHowerton1319 karma

In my mind, there are very few theories about these characters because I write them. I actually have all the answers. And no, the Waitress is NOT Nikki Potnick.

d_inasty607 karma

Whats your gym routine? I want to be able to pop my shirt off in any situation.

SunnyGlennHowerton1579 karma

I usually just bounce around, pick up heavy shit and toss it all over the gym. It's a little unconventional, but it works, legs, core and upper body.

recentlybearded583 karma

As a vet that just got out of the military a few months ago I just want to say thanks for picking wounded warrior to give money to...this solidifies you as the coolest degenerate on tv. Thanks again :)

SunnyGlennHowerton809 karma

I am honored to be helping with the Wounded Warrior project. Our troops don't get enough support at home. Not even close.

fathertree543 karma

Hey Glenn, when recently watching Serenity, I noticed that you were in the film. How did that come about? Were you a fan of the show and asked to be in the film or was it a random acting job.

When are we going to see an "Electric Dream Machine" tour, we are all in need of some sexual magic..

SunnyGlennHowerton730 karma

Good friends with Morena Baccarin so I knew those guys.

manwithabadheart532 karma

I think you are one of the best actors on the show. The subtlety to Dennis' character is immense, the secret psychopath hidden away in there. I absolutely love the episodes that let those parts of him slither out into the wild.

Do you plan on shedding more light onto the darkness of Dennis' character this season? I feel like every year you pull the curtain back more and more.

SunnyGlennHowerton643 karma

I appreciate that. I try to keep things real on some level. And yes... we will tease that shit out... slowly but surely things come to light.

woodwalker700518 karma

What's your favorite episode from the new season coming up? A guy on r/iasip mentioned that of the three new episodes he got to see (he works in the media somewhere) he thought "The Gang Tries Desperately to Win an Award" might be the best episode of the whole series.

SunnyGlennHowerton817 karma

That episode is pretty great. It's an all time high for sure. I think we've done some of our best work this season.

eztarget896478 karma

  1. What is your favorite Dennis moment?
  2. What's it like to work with Mindy Kaling on your upcoming appearance on her show?

SunnyGlennHowerton1173 karma

  1. Any time shit gets really dark. I really enjoyed the moment of almost banging the small Asian dude in the country club locker room last season.

  2. Mindy is an absolute gem. I'm having a blast working with her and everyone else over at Mindy Project

hbxli423 karma

How does it feel to be a Golden God?

SunnyGlennHowerton770 karma

I'm not going to lie. It feels great.

driftinginterest380 karma

What are some odd jobs you did before "It's Always Sunny" and did you draw any inspiration from them?

SunnyGlennHowerton1037 karma

I worked at Chic Fil A in Alabama. Sold meat door to door (I'm not kidding). I worked in an aluminum factory fixing machines and driving a fork lift. I've had some random fucking jobs, man.

SunnyGlennHowerton1105 karma

Here's another fun fact. This will sound made up, but I promise you it is not. I worked as a bellman at the Hudson Hotel in NYC with all of the following people: Rob Delaney, Matthew Bomer and Lee Pace.Weird, right?

mrpen7352 karma

Do you really have all of Rick Astley's CDs?

SunnyGlennHowerton714 karma

The Rick Astley thing came from my sister Courtney and I growing up hearing him on the radio and imitating his weird singing voice all the time. To me it was originally just a shout out to her, then Dennis obsession with 80s music became a runner.

thefamousmoe341 karma

Always Sunny is the funniest show on television. The comedy always takes it to the edge. What I want to know is, WHAT WONT YOU GUYS DO!? Seriously. Then how are you going to do it?

SunnyGlennHowerton1078 karma

I do whatever I want and no one can stop me.

Laser_Disc_Hot_Dish330 karma

Hey Glenn! Is it true you can speak over 4 different languages? Why don't you show it off in Always Sunny?

SunnyGlennHowerton715 karma

I don't like to brag.

Nuroman323 karma

Came here to upvote all of the questions/concerns about the move to FXX. I don't get this channel. How do you feel about alternative nefarious distribution methods?

SunnyGlennHowerton956 karma

If you download illegally, you won't necessarily be hurting me, but it trickles down and has a real affect on the crew and other people who work very hard in this business and don't get enough credit.

NotSoTameImpala293 karma

Hey Glenn, Thanks for doing this AMA. I'm a huge fan of Always Sunny. It's provided me with a lot of much needed laughter through hard times.

I wanted to ask you about the constant speculation that Always Sunny will be leaving after 10ish seasons. I've read a few interviews/articles that seem to contradict in their assessment of the future of the show. I wanted to ask you in finality, Where do you see the show going in a few years? (Of course, only if it continues to go at all)

SunnyGlennHowerton490 karma

We haven't decided when to end it yet.

coreyputney280 karma

Is the excessive use of "god damn it" on the show intentional? Do you all say it as much in your own lives as you do on the show? Either way, hats off. It's always perfectly fitting and hilarious.

SunnyGlennHowerton743 karma

Goddamnit is just super fun to say. I don't know why. God made it that way for a reason, I suppose.

doswarrior264 karma

How do you find Will Smith in the snow?

SunnyGlennHowerton834 karma

He'll be the one with the giant trailer, an entourage of 15 people and stacks of money bulging from his jeans.

ff00gg256 karma

please get yoni wolf on the show!

SunnyGlennHowerton327 karma

I'm a huge fan of his. I'm doing his podcast The Wandering Wolf in the near future.

Irish_MOC251 karma

How about a shout-out for the Irish fans?!

SunnyGlennHowerton678 karma


Why do you pronounce the word "film" filuhm?

MundaneEjaculation217 karma

Do you ever skip leg day?

SunnyGlennHowerton525 karma

I do legs every day. I never want to be that top heavy guy at the gym. Very unhealthy.

JenLikesCats180 karma

Hey Glen, huge fan. If you could name any books that have inspired you either as a young man or currently, which would they be?

SunnyGlennHowerton463 karma

I remember being really blown away after reading 2001: A Space Odyssey when I was 13.

GreyjoyKilljoy89 karma

Marry, Fuck, Kill: Charlie, Mac, Frank

SunnyGlennHowerton696 karma

Fuck that stupid fucking game.

Red_Gonzo66 karma

Glenn, huge fan of your work. As an aspiring comedy writer, what do you suggest is the most important first step-- other than having a script-- towards having a show that picks up on television?

SunnyGlennHowerton222 karma

It has to actually be good.