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Was seeing Divito flop out of that leather couch naked as hilarious on set as it was on TV.

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It was answered here

Edit: ok back with an answer from one our our frontend developers:

We are using canvas fingerprinting in two situations, both of them for improving UX:

1 - when cropping images uploaded by the user

2 - when pausing auto played gifs, to save your CPU from rendering gifs

we NOT doing canvas fingerprinting to track users.

I can confirm that there are no intentions at the management level to use this to track users. Not now, not ever.

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Zoning can be nearly all laws associated with how properties are developed. Such as; types of uses allowed (commercial, residential, recreational, agriculture...), what kinds of commercial uses (industrial, manufacturing, retail, restaurant...), how small you can subdivide properties (half acre, one acre...), number of units per lot, setbacks to property lines for structures/uses, pyramid/shadowing regulations, environmental setbacks, coverage limits, clearing limits, Planning Board review, Zoning Board review, architectural review...zoning is the laws that are enacted to try and shape the way neighborhoods develop in a municipality.

Source; smaller town zoning (and environmental) planner.