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Hey Glenn, Thanks for doing this AMA. I'm a huge fan of Always Sunny. It's provided me with a lot of much needed laughter through hard times.

I wanted to ask you about the constant speculation that Always Sunny will be leaving after 10ish seasons. I've read a few interviews/articles that seem to contradict in their assessment of the future of the show. I wanted to ask you in finality, Where do you see the show going in a few years? (Of course, only if it continues to go at all)

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Hey Kevin, thanks for doing this AMA. Tame Impala has been my favorite band for a few years now (as noted by my username) and has gotten me through some tough times, inspiring me to pursue music myself.

On that note, my question has to do with making it in the modern music industry, a task which is notoriously difficult to do.

My band (a very new one), The California Death, ( EDIT: Check us out on Facebook too!) is heavily influenced by you guys as we embrace the do-it-yourself mentality that you are known for employing when making music. But even with this, our dreams to make it in the industry are unclear as we are not really sure what steps we should take to get there. This early on in the game, we are sort of just throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks.

With this in mind:

Do you have any advice for myself and any others who are attempting to make a living in the music industry?

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QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE. God, I love that band,

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Thanks Kevin, your advice helps a great deal. I wish more people in the music industry thought like you did regarding just letting people listen.

Cheers man.

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Beach House is a big influence of ours! Along with DIIV, Parquet Courts, Mac DeMarco, and Tame Impala as influences, that sort of rocking summery/surfy reverb sound is something that we try to strive for.

The positive vibes are great, man, thank you.