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I think you are one of the best actors on the show. The subtlety to Dennis' character is immense, the secret psychopath hidden away in there. I absolutely love the episodes that let those parts of him slither out into the wild.

Do you plan on shedding more light onto the darkness of Dennis' character this season? I feel like every year you pull the curtain back more and more.

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Honestly, as fantastic as Terry O'Quinn is (and I honestly feel like he played The Man in Black incredibly well), I would have loved to have seen more of you on that show. You had a real presence whenever you were on-screen.

As for the character, I agree that he was tragically misunderstood. He just wanted off that damn island, and nobody would let him leave.

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Hey Rou, been a great fan of ES and your own Routron 5000 stuff since I was 16!

Something I absolutely loved about TTTS was its gapless playback. It really created a sense of story and concept to the record. Particularly I found the song transitions incredibly creative. Imagine my overexcited face when I first listened to Common Dreads to hear that you'd started it almost exactly how you'd ended TTTS (albeit one semitone down). CD also kept up with the creative transitions and use of gapless playback.

What was it that made you guys decide not to do that with AFFOC? I still enjoyed the record, but it felt much more like a collection of (great) songs rather than the epic concept-driven TTTS and CD.

Do you plan to implement gapless playback again for Album4?

By the way, you should do White Rock at Hastings again. It's been 7 years ;)

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He asked to be written off the show. He wasn't enjoying Hawaii, and he had a death in the family that was hitting him hard as he wasn't able to go home.

It was his choice, and the writers agreed to write him off. It really messed with the story, because season two is full of foreshadow regarding Eko and Locke (watch '?' again). The writers later admitted that Ekos character initially was planned to be one of the major players of season six.

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Me too. And it is wildly frustrating watching season two again. You can tell the writers had massive plans for these characters that they couldn't follow through with for reasons beyond their control. Then they get hated on anyway for 'making it up as they go'...