6x6 World Record: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5Zi054Fa5k

Proof: http://imgur.com/A9muAVt

World Cube Association profile: http://www.worldcubeassociation.org/results/p.php?i=2009HAYS01

I'm 19 years old, live in Seattle, Washington, and other than "speedcubing," I'm also a NCAA DIII swimmer.

Edit: Here's a picture of my total collection, about 40 puzzles: http://imgur.com/ju0e8tn

Edit2: I know it's been 17 hours but keep asking! I'll still answer.

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lirio774 karma

I would like to say, you are very attractive.

Hays1035 karma

Why thank you very much.

newuser177671 karma

How do you change the stickers around so quick?

Hays1051 karma

Fast hands.

giggsy66462 karma

Wow, this will be a good AMA! Shout out to /r/cubers!

What's your PB with a 3x3? Do you think skills learned via cubing (logic, observation, spacial awareness etc) have helped you outside of cubing? Thanks!

Hays1061 karma

My best time for the 3x3 is 5.93 seconds. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWDgXd18RPM

And while my random pattern recognition and memory might be a bit better now because of cubing, I wouldn't say that the skills from cubing have been a great help in other aspects of my life.

DStoo5 karma

So the ladies (or gentlemen) don't like your manual dexterity?

Hays1011 karma

I don't think the ladies are going after Rubik's cube guys just for their manual dexterity.

TheModernNinja2 karma

What's the current world record and do you aim to beat it (3x3)? How many algorithms do you know in total? How long have you been cubing?

Hays103 karma

The current 3x3 world record is 5.55 seconds held by mats valk, but since I hardly practice 3x3 I don't see myself beating it in the near future.

I know around 120 algorithms in total and I've been cubing since January 2009.

SmokeorPass27 karma


Hays1043 karma

If you're trying to learn, here's a really good beginners tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=609nhVzg-5Q

Debragga23 karma

What's your strategy?

Hays10143 karma

First half as fast as I can, second half faster.

NotRelevantQuestion19 karma

If you had to choose one of the programs that currently run on The History Channel, which would it be?

ie: American Pickers, Pawn Stars, etc..

Hays1041 karma

Pawn Stars of course. As if there was another option...

acooper199519 karma

How many hours would you say you've put into practicing finishing any type of cube?

Hays1034 karma

When I first started 'speedcubing' in January 2009, I practiced about 2-3 hours a day. I probably kept that up until August of 2011 when I got my first world record at US Nationals. Now I only really practice before big competitions like Nationals and Worlds, but I'll still pick up a cube every day and do a few solves on it so I don't lose my touch.

mjh8415 karma

has anyone ever given you a free bagel while you were in college?

Hays1018 karma

I'm not sure. I doubt I would remember if someone did.

blakhal015 karma

I like to take my 3x3 on plane rides with me and when people sit down next to me act really frustrated and get a few pieces that match and then screw up and ask them if they want to take a crack at it, then they hand it back to me and I say, oh, see what you did there I think I figured it out, then I solve it really fast and watch their faces. You ever do that to people?

Hays104 karma

Ha no I don't really show off to random people, I get enough of that at competitions.

Crow2315 karma

Do you get along well with Feliks Zemdegs? I saw your 2-7 relay race, it looked like a lot of fun.

Hays1026 karma

Yeah we're buds. He's a pretty chill guy and we've hung out at the past 2 World Championships.

fazrulz93 karma


Hays1059 karma

You're right. I hate you.

ahesson47213 karma

How did you celebrate winning?

Hays1027 karma

Well you can see my reactions to when I won all of my titles on my YouTube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/26HTK Other than that I didn't really do anything to exciting, I didn't win enough money to do anything incredibly crazy.

kpattycakes12 karma


Damn, I was actually just about to PM you on your channel to do the AMA over at /r/cubers (I moderate the sub over there), but this will have to suffice. Just wanted to say it's been great following you for the past 2 years or so and watching your progress.

Also, what do you think makes you better at big cubes? You seem to dominate 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, and 8x8 (if it were a WCA event), but your times are slightly slower at 3x3 and 4x4 (obviously your times are ridiculously fast here as well, just not Feliks or Mats level on a consistent basis).

Also, any tips for a Petrus solver? Or anyone I could talk to to work on improving? I'm having a hard time getting a sub-20 average, but I'm damn close. Feels like there aren't many fast Petrus solvers out there...

Hays108 karma

I'd say I'm better at big cubes mostly because that's what I practice. I simply don't put in enough time solving 2x2-4x4 to be good at those puzzles. Also, I don't know nearly enough algorithms to be good at 2x2, or 3x3. I don't know any 3x3 F2L or last layer tricks, I can only get "good" times because of my turning speed and recognition.

On the contrary, I know an absurd amount of 6x6 center and edge tricks just because of the sheer number of solves I've done. This is very similar for 5x5 and 7x7 also.

And sorry, I don't know anything about petrus.

zacharyhebert12 karma

Have you ever been noticed in public by fans?

Hays1025 karma

Only once, which was pretty cool. But really I'm only a celebrity at cubing competitions.

Frumpy_little_noodle12 karma

I have to believe you use this to pick up ladies... PLEASE tell me this happens on a more-than-occasional basis!

Hays1027 karma

Well it does make me more interesting to people I have just met (at least I hope), and it's a cool thing to talk about, so that's a plus.

Unfortunately it's not like being a professional athlete. Saying the words "I'm Kevin Hays" doesn't make all the ladies flock to me.

alotofdavid22 karma

As a fellow cuber, I can vouch that a lot of girls like to learn to solve the cube. Good excuse for them to come over and hang out.

Hays1049 karma

Oh yeah. This is a thing.

aceofspaids9812 karma

THE 2X2 MASTA!!!!!!!!!! I have been a dedicated 3x3 solver for as long as I have been cubing (7 months) and have gotten down to sub 15. But I feel like big cubes are a lot harder to get better at. Here is my WCA id: (I failed at worlds badly through) 2013REYN01. Do you have any tips about getting into big cubes? You are great.

Hays1017 karma

I wouldn't say they're harder to get better at. It's more of the fact that when you first start they take a really long time so you don't want to practice them.

I didn't start really practicing big cubes until Nationals 2009, 8 months after I started cubing, so you still have plenty of time. Really the only tip I have is practice. Since big cubes take so long to do when you start, you'll also see huge drops in time and hopefully that should be motivation enough!

_Oak_11 karma

What event do you think should be official, and why is it Skewb?

Hays105 karma

Nope. I think WCA is good as is.

I_CAPE_RUNTS11 karma

Can you solve a rubies cube with your feet

Hays1026 karma

I can, however I do not compete in the event since I don't practice and am not very fast.

jmabbz11 karma

what's the most important thing in your life?

Hays1021 karma

Not cubing, but I'm not completely sure.

DrYao9413 karma


Hays1029 karma


Frajer11 karma

Is there any more to solving it than just finding patterns?

Hays1021 karma

In the simplest of terms, no. But it's not as if there is one pattern that you find over and over again and then the cube is magically solve. At each step in solving there are going to be dozens of different possible patterns, each with a different execution method. Solving the cube is recognizing which pattern you have and then knowing which moves are required to solve said pattern.

jmabbz9 karma

what is your favourite twisty puzzle to solve?

Hays1018 karma

Definitely 6x6. It's always been my best event and the one I've had the most success with. Also it's a long enough event to where you can mess up and still do well, while not being so long as to be boring.

jmabbz9 karma

favourite cubing pick up line?

Hays1042 karma

"Hey I'm Kevin Hays"

crazyninja30009 karma

So, uh, Kevin Hays, everyone knows you're a really good swimmer, but I think what a lot of people are wondering is, what's your favorite flavor of popsicle?

Hays1014 karma

The light blue otter pops. duh.

idoitforthelolz38 karma

I do a little bit of rubik's cubing myself (3x3 and 4x4) and I was wondering how do rubik's cube competitions work? Are all the cubes mixed up the exact same way? Is there some set of algorithms that mix up the cube in "equivalent ways" for each competitor?

Hays1014 karma

During a competition, competitors bring their cubes to the scrambling table. Then the scramblers will take the cubes and scramble them according to computer generated random scrambles. Then the competitor solves the cube. There are 5 solves in each average, with each solve having a different scramble. However, each competitor gets the same set of 5 scrambles.

Dirtyinthesandbox6 karma

What's your time on the 200 IM? I care more about the swimming! Uk 400 iM relay champ!

Hays103 karma

I'm terrible at the 200 IM. I haven't swam it in over a year and a half now, but I go a 2:09.98 in yards.

fazrulz6 karma

Are you good at cubing or do you just turn really fast?

Hays105 karma

It's only the turning speed that makes me fast, just ask Dan Cohen.

jralphur6 karma

how often do you polish your weapon?

Hays1018 karma

I don't even know what this is referring to.


Have you solved a rubiks cube while swimming

Hays1010 karma

Not while swimming, but I have solved one underwater.

CloakedGhost6 karma

Can I get your times for 50 yards free, 200 I'm, 100 butterfly?

Hays106 karma

50 Free - 23.01

200 IM - 2:09.98

100 Fly - 57.3

But I'm really more of a breaststroker.

Shuawuzheer5 karma

How long into learning how to solve a Rubik's cube did it take you to switch from the 3x3 to bigger cubes?

Hays102 karma

After I started speedcubing I learned how to solve the bigger cubes within a couple of months. I didn't start switching to big cubes as my main events until almost 8 months after I started though.

MartinSchou5 karma

Whenever I see the videos, I always feel like people are cheating. Yes, I realise they're following the same rules etc., but it still feels like cheating. Let me elaborate.

I don't think that you should be allowed to examine the cube before the time is started - the examination should be part of the time you set. Give all contestants in a heat the same hidden cube setup, do a race style count down and start the clock for everyone at the same time.

Hays106 karma

I can see how you would think the examination time makes the total solve 'time' an inaccurate description of how fast the cube was solved.

However, this would only make a large difference on the 2x2 and 3x3 cubes, where the competitors plan a large majority of the solve during the inspection time.

During my main events 5x5-7x7, not having inspection time would only slow me down by a maximum of 2-3 seconds, which is pretty insignificant in a 100 second solve.

MartinSchou5 karma

It's not just that - it'd make for more engaging competition (from an audience perspective at least), when everyone sets off at once.

Since the fastest solve wins in most cases, it's reasonable to compare it to a foot race. Imagine how boring the 100 meter sprint would be, if they ran one at a time.

Hays103 karma

Actually yeah I can see your point there. The inspection time does make it much harder to organize head to head competitions.

It would definitely be more interesting for spectators without the time.

Unfortunately I doubt there is any plan for change in the future...

TrOmBoNeR9115 karma

How do your family and friends feel about your hobby and the fact that you have multiple world records?

Hays1012 karma

They've known me since before I even started cubing so it's not a huge deal to them.

I remember one day a TV channel came to my school during lunch to film me for their show and all my actual friends just sat at their normal table while everyone I barely knew crowded around to watch and try and be on TV.

TL;DR They think it's cool, but don't make a big deal out of it, which is nice.

jmabbz4 karma

Who has been your biggest inspiration and why?

Hays1013 karma

Dan Cohen. He was the undisputed big cube king back when I first started cubing, and seeing him sweep 5x5-7x7 at Nationals 2009 was a big inspiration for me to get better at big cubes myself.

screwthebankiworkfor4 karma

Does cubing invade your dreams?

Hays106 karma

Actually no. I don't think I had a cubing related dream even right before Worlds this year.

Davecasa4 karma

6x6 in 1:41, I don't even... it takes me 10 minutes for the 5.

Who made your 6x6? It seems really smooth. Like better than my 5,

Hays102 karma

The 6x6 I use is a shengshou, and you can pick one up on Amazon. I also use maru lube to make it smoother.

yuxuibbs3 karma

Yay finally :D

I'm a speed cuber (WCA ID: 2011CHEN54 since WCA stuff is considered public info)

Can you explain how you practiced to get to where you are?

Can you make more walkthrough solves?

How important are learning algorithms for big cubes?

How many algorithms did you actually have to learn for big cubes (not counting the algs needed for 3x3 stage)? Basically, how many parity algs do you use?

How did you get past 2 mins for 5x5, 4 mins for 6x6, and 6 min for 7x7?

Did cubing affect your academics at all?

When do you do most of your practicing?

What do you do during a "normal" cubing session at home?

Do you do more slow solves or speed solves?

Did you use/mention cubing in your college apps or job interviews or your resume? Would you say it's a good idea for others to do the same?

What do you think is the limit for 2-7? (obviously for big cubes, assume the hardware will be better)

Hays106 karma

Wow a lot of questions, OK: -How I practiced? I really just did a ton of solves. The only thing I do that's different when I practice is I sometimes deliberately turn slower in order to have smoother solves with more lookahead, but that's really it.

-I'll probably get around to it sooner or later, since a lot of people have been asking.

-Algorithms for big cubes aren't that important since most of the solve is taken up with centers and edges which don't require lots of algorithms. I would say can easily be sub 2:30 on 6x6 without any fancy algs.

-I know all of my last 2 edge cases for 5x5, which is around 10 I think, and then OLL and PLL parity, so just 12 algs in total.

-Practice, practice, practice

-Cubing hasn't really affected my academics, as long as I don't put off studying by practicing.

-In the afternoon after I finish my school work.

-For normal practice sessions I just do tons of solves. When I was practicing for worlds I would probably do an average of 12 on 7x7 and avg of 25 on 5x5 every day.

-I do mostly speed solves, and only slow solves if my lookahead is bad.

-I mentioned it on my college apps since it shows dedication and my ability to be good at something I put my mind to. I wouldn't put it on a job app or resume unless it is pertinent.

-:02 + :08 + :30 + :50 + 1:30 + 2:00 = 5:00 That would be having amazing solves on every single cube.

slinky7733 karma

On the Speedsolving forums, there's a topic about considering the future of speedsolving. Things like google glass and brain implants are coming very close to being the tomorrow of technology, and those could drastically change the way we view competitive speedcubing. What you say?

Hays102 karma

Well I'm sure if Google glass advances to the point where it can influence speedcubing then it would be banned in official competitions.

As for brain implants, if they become commonplace then yes, cubing would be doomed as everyone would be able to find the optimal solution. However, I think we are still a ways away from seeing the end of cubing.

incognito-commentor3 karma

how do you think you would fair with this

Hays104 karma

That's a megaminx and I can solve one in about a minute and 15 seconds. I don't practice it that much so I'm not that fast. The world record is 42 seconds.

TheFriikinDuck3 karma

How do you solve the centers of bigger cubes? My time with the 7x7 is about 25-30 minutes and I have to commutators for the last two centers.

Hays103 karma

For 7x7, pick one color to do and build the center bar. Then build the left 2 one at a time. Then the middle right bar. Then use commutators for the last bar.

minidini103 karma

What's your pb on the larger cubes? 9x9? 11x11?

Hays103 karma

9x9 on Hi-games is 7:53.96. Never solved an 11x11, and I don't have either of them in physical forms.

Emmalouwho23 karma


What's your best tip for someone wanting to start out? I know "how" but I can never execute it.

Hays102 karma

Well if you're new to speedcubing I would say learn your 2 look OLL and PLL and then just practice! It's all in the practice. And get a good cube if you don't already have one.

Emmalouwho21 karma

I've got a cheap one to practice on for now, but thanks so much for the reply! Do you have anything regarding how to keep the motivation?

Hays101 karma

Watch fast people. The only difference between you and them is practice. But actually.

Theriley1063 karma

You say that you did an average of 25 for 3 years to get where you are in 6x6, That would mean you did about 27500 solves! Is that about accurate?

Do you listen to music when you cube?

How old were you when you got into speedcubing?

What are you Pb's for 2-7?

Also, How much money would you say you have made just by cubing?

By the way, Congrats on the New WR! Your probably my Favorite Cuber :P

Hays102 karma

I guess so. I do a lot of solves.

When I practice I do, but it's not allowed in official competitions.

I was 14 when I first got into speedcubing.

My best time for 2x2-7x7 is I think around 6:40.

Net profits? Less than 0. But total winnings + Ads from youtube is around $2500.


talkingmelon3 karma

What's your favorite pizza topping?

Hays108 karma

Pepperoni. Literally no other option. And I mean literally.

ninjapenguin53 karma

What's your favorite kind of muffin?

Hays105 karma

Blueberry. What else?

Vman4052 karma

Do you solve other twisty puzzles, aside from the traditional cubic ones? If so, which ones?

Hays103 karma

I can solve the square-1, pyraminx, and megaminx, but I'm not that good at any of them since I only practice the cubic puzzles.

meepinsqeak2 karma

Are you still on IST?

Hays103 karma

I swam with them this summer, but since I'm swimming for my college team I'm not on IST anymore.

Laplacelol2 karma

What's the best lubricant to use for your cube? I've been working on my own PR and have seen people use various lubricants for easier turning but some don't last and some may damage the rubber/plastic. Anything they use for the cubes at competitions that you know of?

Hays103 karma

Yeah I myself use maru lube and z lube. They're specifically made for cubing and can be found at 51morefun.com

NGMcustoms2 karma

What was your first 3x3 speed cube?

Hays102 karma

Rubik's brand. Awwwwwww yeah.

Westicle2 karma

you should visit david, and visit me.

Hays102 karma

Yes. definitely.

dr_mannhatten2 karma

What kind of cubes do you use in your competitions?

Hays102 karma

2x2 - Dayan 3x3 - Dayan Zhanchi 4x4 - 6x6 - Shengshou 7x7 - Mini Shengshou

NGMcustoms2 karma

For a someone with an average of 45 seconds on 3x3 and 9 seconds on 2x2, any tips for getting faster?

Hays102 karma

Yep, just practice. And if you haven't, learn full OLL and PLL.

CheckeredBlanket2 karma

Will edge recognition get easier over time on the bigger cubes? Or is it something I should actively train? I find that that's one of the hardest parts. Also, what sticker sets do you use? (For 5x5 - 7x7)

Congrats on the championship!

Hays103 karma

You don't really need to actively train edge recognition. The only thing I would recommend is turning a little slower on edges to have more fluid solves. I still find that I have a lot of trouble recognizing edges. And I have half bright z stickers on my 5x5 and 6x6, and SS standard set on my 7x7.

Sa967St2 karma

What's your actual favourite event? 2x2x2, pyraminx or megaminx?

Hays103 karma

2x2. Sub 4 average greatest accomplishment ever.

TapeIsMagical2 karma

Hello! So first I have to ask what your favorite colt is And why. Next I'd like to ask what your favorite twisty puzzles are, And finally I'd just like to say that you're pretty awesome.

Hays103 karma

My favorite colt? I don't know what you're talking about, sorry.

My favorite twisty puzzle is definitely the 6x6, followed by 5x5, then 7x7.

And thanks!

Hydrocephaluffagus2 karma

Great AMA! You've written that cubing is fun -- does that enjoyment hold even if you're practicing for a few hours, or does it get tiring? Do you usually practice in silence, or do you ever have music or the television on in the background?

Hays103 karma

Good question. Practice sessions do tend to get a little boring if I'm not doing to well. If I'm getting best times and setting records though I can go for a few hours without feeling worn out. If I'm doing really bad I get mad and quit.

I usually practice with music in the background as it is a good thing to fill the silence. Television would be too distracting.

MorganTheCreator2 karma

How ling did it take you to master the 3x3? Was it an instant understanding of the patterns or did you memorize the algorithms?

Hays104 karma

I haven't mastered the 3x3! I only average about 8 seconds per solve, while 7 or even 6 seconds is completely possible.

As for learning to solve the 3x3, I learned over about a week. I figured out how to do the first 2 layers by myself and then I memorized algorithms for the last layer.

bruski2 karma

What would you recommend to someone who is just getting started?

Hays102 karma

Are you learning to solve the cube or are you trying to solve it fast?

Here's a good tutorial for basic solving:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=609nhVzg-5Q

Here's a good one for speedsolving: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ad2NdgoAg8I

The biggest thing to remember is that your speed now has no effect on what you can achieve. It once took me over 2 minutes to solve the basic 3x3, and over half an hour to do a 7x7. You just got to practice!

VendettaCS2 karma

What brand of 6x6x6 and 5x5x5 would you chose?

Hays104 karma

I use shengshou for both 6x6 and 5x5. My main 5x5 is Florian modded though.

NGMcustoms2 karma

What are your mains for 2x2-7x7?

Hays105 karma

2x2: Lubix Dayan

3x3: Lubix Zhanchi

4x4 - 7x7: Shengshou (7x7 is mini)

TheReasonableCamel2 karma

How did you get into solving rubik's cubes?

Are you hands skills helpful with other things?

Hays105 karma

I learned how to solve one originally in 7th grade, and then in 9th grade my best friend and I went on a skiing to trip to Whistler where me met a guy who could solve the cube in around 20 seconds. He taught us the basic speedcubing method and pointed us in the right direction and I took off from there.

Hmmm what would having fast hands be useful for........well I can type really fast.

jmabbz2 karma

Do you have a large collection of puzzles or just a few?

Hays102 karma

I'm amassed a rather large collection of the years. I'd say I have around 40 twisty puzzles.

kazeikan2 karma

Seeing how you're also a swimmer, do people (non-cubers) generally view you being a cuber a really unique side to you seeing as it's more or less 'geeky'? Is it something you bring up with friends or people in general to get to know you or is it something that people know as they get to know you better?

Hays106 karma

I usually don't bring it up when I'm meeting new people, but its a pretty unavoidable topic after I've known someone for while, especially since some of my friends like to tell everyone I meet that I have a world record.

Most people think it's pretty geeky but still cool since I've been doing it for so long and am successful at it. I would imagine that if I hadn't accomplished anything people would think of it as a negative attribute.

qwerrecd2 karma

How are the different sized cubes different in terms of how you solve them?

Hays102 karma

Well for the cubes that are 4x4 and larger, the goal is to reduce them to be just like a 3x3. In order to do this, first I solve all of the centers, and then solve the edges. After this, the cube is just like a 3x3 (minus parities) and I finish the solve just like I would any 3x3 solve.

You can what I'm talking about in the 6x6 world record video. Centers are finished at :42 and edges at 1:31.

divineskulls2 karma

You've probably answered this many times before, but how do you stop from being nervous in a large or important comp? I saw you were listening to music during 5x5 finals at WC13, do you find that helps at all?

Also, I forgot to buy that 7x7 from you at Worlds. xD

Hays104 karma

The secret is that I don't. I was still super nervous during 5x5 finals, I just happened to do a little better under the pressure than Feliks did. If you notice on the results, there wasn't a single sub 1 single during the final, but we both got sub 1 averages first round.

I would say music helps a little bit, just because it's a distraction from the crowd.

harry_heymann2 karma

What's the deal with the stacks of 2 dollar bills in your twitter profile picture?

Hays1012 karma

All of the prize money at Worlds was paid out in 2 dollar bills.

NGMcustoms2 karma

When did you start solving?

Hays102 karma

I first learned to do the cube in 7th grade. I started solving for speed in January 2009, during my freshman year of high school.

Nuka-Cola12 karma

Your girlfriend must love how fast your fingers go ;)

Hays106 karma

Yeah so I'm single.

ryanw12312 karma

Have you ever solved a Dodecahedron? Shit's bananas.

Hays104 karma

Yeah, it's just a megaminx. I'm not too good at that puzzle though since I don't practice too much. My best time is around 1:14

noothnhawk2 karma

Personally I doubt I could ever complete a Rubik's Cube before I even die. So would you say that as you are completing one it feels natural or are you carefully over thinking every step?

Hays103 karma

When I first started I had to think about every step but now it's pretty automatic.

S1234567892 karma

I am an avid speedcuber. With a 3x3 my personal best is 39.1 seconds. I use the basic method. Any tips to get my time from "really good" to "holy crap" level?

Hays102 karma

Here's a good tutorial on how to become a speedcuber: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ad2NdgoAg8I

I suggest learning all the algorithms you need to know and then just practicing, a ton. It's all practice.

ianelinon1 karma

Have you ever used this to attract girls?

Hays104 karma

Well I have certainly tried.

TooMuchProtein1 karma

How many rubiks can you cube in a day?

Hays102 karma

Well assuming about 15 seconds per cube, that would be 5,760 cubes in 24 hours.

drewkid1 karma

Hey, I live in Washington too! I also speed cube :P (I'm not competition worthy, though. My PB on 3x3 is like 22 with an average of 33 ish.). Next time I'm in Seattle we should hang out and cube. Haha.

Hays102 karma

22 seconds is definitely competition worthy! You don't need to be world class to go to competitions.

NSArecordbot1 karma

Do you use real cubes? Like rubiks brand?

Hays102 karma

Nope, Rubik's brand cubes are actually pretty bad for speedcubing.

I use a Dayan Zhanchi for 3x3, and Shengshou cubes for 4x4 - 7x7.

goodBEan1 karma

Ever fight the machine known as the cube stormer 2? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHXTEBihbN8

Hays101 karma

I have no doubt that it would win. It can solve the cube in about 6 second s every time, including inspection. I average about 8 seconds, not including inspection.

LifeOfRi1 karma

Do you think you will ever try to become "world class" at a non-big cube event?

And favorite non-cubic event?

Hays101 karma

3x3 Blindfolded would be fun to get good at since it's the most impressive to non cubers, but I probably won't ever be world class in anything else.

And the V-cube 7

CoyoteTheFatal1 karma

Just how?

Hays102 karma

Magic. But actually here is a very good beginners tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=609nhVzg-5Q

Bumble2171 karma

When you first started cubing, did you learn the various algorithms yourself or did you have to use a guide to help you out?

I happened to find an older 3x3 cube at my grandparents house a few years back and spent the next day or so watching youtube videos about it. All manner of cube puzzles sort of became an obsession for me after that.

Hays101 karma

I learned how to do the first two layers by myself, but after that I had to use a guide to learn the algorithms for the last layer.

NGMcustoms1 karma

Have you broken any records unofficially?

Hays101 karma

Yep, I have the fastest ever 6x6 Single and average (1:38.xx, 1:48.3x) And 7x7 single (2:24.xx)

I also have a few more; you can find a complete list here: http://www.speedsolving.com/wiki/index.php/List_of_UWR

4a4a1 karma

I'm decent with the 2-5 cubes, but I was given a vCube7 as a gift recently, and I'm finding it to be a lot more work than the 5 to memorize and internalize all the sequences.

Do you recommend any online resources for getting more comfortable with the 7x7 cube?

Hays102 karma

I would say just practice. If you can solve a 5x5 then you should be able to solve a 7x7 with the same method. The only tricky thing is that it is very hard to keep track of all the pieces at first. Over time it becomes much easier though don't worry.

Gordoisfat1 karma

Whats the secret?

Hays101 karma

There isn't really a secret. In order to solve the standard cube you have to break it down into steps and use various algorithms. Here's a good beginners guide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=609nhVzg-5Q

Jaaade131 karma

So really how many chicks do you get?

Hays102 karma

A gentleman doesn't kiss and tell.

sckmyldyballs1 karma

My boyfriend impressed me because he could solve a rubiks cube in under a minute. Panty dropper I am sure you know. But you have the same last name and i think that's crazy.

Hays101 karma

under a minute isn't bad when using the beginner method!

InitfortheMonet1 karma

Hi Kevin! I'm hugely impressed. My little sister has just gotten MAJORLY into cubing, going from casually examining one if she saw it to carrying 3 or 4 in her purse everywhere she goes. I don't know much about them, so I find it amazingly impressive. She has a hollow one without the center squares, and a pentagon shaped one. Do you have a favorite 'unusually' shaped one? Also, what's your favorite book?

Hays101 karma

Hmm my favorite 'unusual' puzzle would probably have to be the square-1. I think the shape shifting of it is pretty cool.

As for favorite book, I would have to say Artemis fowl: the eternity code.

Tromboner371 karma

What cubes do you have?

Hays101 karma

I have 2x2-7x7, square-1, pyraminx, and megaminx.

eminemfunpack1 karma

Why not 8 x 8?

Hays102 karma

I actually had the 8x8 unofficial world record for a while, but since it's not an official event, I don't practice it too much.

JokerManiac1 karma

A fellow speedcuber and swimmer here! What is your favorite stroke/event (swimming)? I would love a chance to meet you some day, maybe nationals next year. Good luck on all you do until then!

Hays101 karma

50 breast! If you're only talking real events then 100 breast, but that's not nearly as fun.

lurgi1 karma

Do you invent any of your own tricks for moving pieces or are you working off of already known algorithms? If you do invent tricks - how? Do you try stuff and see if it does anything useful or do you actually build the solutions you need?

Hays101 karma

I don't really invent algorithms, but I do invent small tricks for big cubes. I've made up a lot of tricks for solving centers and edges over the years.

In order to make tricks I just try out different things and see what happens. A lot of tricks just come through experimentation.

sm4rt4ss1 karma

Is your keyboard you're typing on right now shaped like a Rubik's cube? 199 words per minute

Hays101 karma

Ha nope I actually have a laptop. I can type like 110 WPM though.

qwerqmaster1 karma

How difficult is it to solve a 5x5, 6x6, and 7x7 cubes to you as compared to other everyday tasks (eg. tying your shoes)?

Hays102 karma

About the same level of difficulty. None of them take any brainpower anymore and are all muscle memory.

Magneticbunniies1 karma

I can solve many different cubes but not the 5x5x5, what are some tricks?

Hays101 karma

I don't know of a good 5x5 tutorial off the top of my head, but you should be able to use the same method for the 4x4 in order to solve the 5x5, assuming you use reduction.

dlowashere1 karma

Do you still have all the random water bottles and stuff you won from US Nationals last year?

Hays101 karma

I don't know about the water bottles, but I have all the plaques at least!

mariabraganini1 karma

When did you lose your virginity? Before the cube?

Hays105 karma

Why are you presuming I've already lost my virginity?

spdavis1 karma

You're a really handsome guy. Do you kill it with the ladies?

Hays102 karma

Depends on what you define as "killing it."