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(I watch a lot of Criminal Minds so I was super excited to see your name on an AMA)

What is it like playing Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds? Favorite episode(s)? Favorite quote(s)?

Any stories about what happens behind the scenes while filming Criminal Minds that doesn’t make it to the bloopers?

Have you read any fan fiction about Derek Morgan? If so, what are your opinions?

Which role do you think is/was the most fun/enjoyable so far in your career?

How long does it take for you to memorize your lines? Do you use any “cheat sheets”?

How often do you watch the films/shows you were in?

How often do people recognize you in public?

Any interesting stories of what fans said/did to you that you can disclose?

PS: Criminal Minds made me want to learn a lot about the human mind and how it works. I have to say the psychology and forensics classes I took during the school year were the best classes I ever took. I even chose criminal profiling as my psychology final project.

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Sorry for the amount of questions, I was overly excited. Thanks for answering! You just made my day :D

Have a great day Shemar!

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How do you connect two computers together so that you can control another computer through your own computer that's using the same wifi and is in the same house?

And is there a reason why the school wifi at the public schools are so slow other than there are too many devices using the wifi at the same time?

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Can you describe how you game? (like the setup and how you move the character and stuff)

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Yay finally :D

I'm a speed cuber (WCA ID: 2011CHEN54 since WCA stuff is considered public info)

Can you explain how you practiced to get to where you are?

Can you make more walkthrough solves?

How important are learning algorithms for big cubes?

How many algorithms did you actually have to learn for big cubes (not counting the algs needed for 3x3 stage)? Basically, how many parity algs do you use?

How did you get past 2 mins for 5x5, 4 mins for 6x6, and 6 min for 7x7?

Did cubing affect your academics at all?

When do you do most of your practicing?

What do you do during a "normal" cubing session at home?

Do you do more slow solves or speed solves?

Did you use/mention cubing in your college apps or job interviews or your resume? Would you say it's a good idea for others to do the same?

What do you think is the limit for 2-7? (obviously for big cubes, assume the hardware will be better)