Hey, I'm Paul Scheer, I'm a comedian and I once killed a unicorn. You might know me from The League or NTSF:SD:SUV:: or my podcast "How did this get made" or from The Arscheerio Paul Show or Human Giant. You can ask me anything you want.


UPDATE: Hello People of Earth - So I think this brings me to the end of my AMA. I need to go tend to my unicorns for their eventual slaughter. Thanks for asking questions and lets do this again.

Check out THE ARSCHEERIO PAUL SHOW on You Tube and a new season of NTSF:SD:SUV:: on ADULT SWIM at 12:15 every Thursday Night.


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Memphish_Boognish160 karma

What exactly is a Street Fighter?

paulscheer93 karma

You'd have to ask @MsJuneDiane that.

thewaybaseballgo68 karma

I'm convinced that June has legit acid flashbacks every time they record. The way she interprets movies is literally amazing.

paulscheer73 karma

Yeah, she's a Savant

Idontunderstandjob123 karma

Hello Paul, I really enjoy your podcast.

What would happen if Jason Mantzoukas was presented with a thing that was only figuratively bonkers? I feel like this could cause considerable problems.

paulscheer105 karma

Yeah, I think his head would LITERALLY explode

quannumkid41 karma

What if something was figuratively bonkers of this level and not the next?

paulscheer67 karma

Don't ask Questions you don't want the answers too

mindthepoppins120 karma

Paul – Thanks for doing this. Some of my favorite jokes on The League lead from the constant verbal abuse that Andre takes from just about everyone on the show. Just wondering whether you had a favorite “Andre Burn?”

My personal fav is “Anorexic David Crosby.”

paulscheer253 karma

Ha! I think my favorite is a Rapist who does Magic

CeltPats123493 karma

Dr Andre No-Dick. Behind Rafi, you are the funniest person on the league. Your impression of The Transporter was fucking hilarious. Two questions: 1. Who picks out Andre's clothes on the show, because I need to hire them immediately? 2. What does spunk really taste like?

paulscheer151 karma

1.) We have a team of people in eastern europe picking out the worst fashions they can find.

2.) Like Honey Nut Cheerios

Wilthadg67 karma

Would you consider getting the Human Giant guys together for some new shit? That was an amazing show and such a hilarious lineup...

paulscheer58 karma

We're all friends and we kinda did a new sketch at the Movie Awards a few years ago -- Maybe when we release Season 2 we'll do something.

k80k80k8062 karma

I have a question: WHAT IS HAPPENING?

I'd ask Jason, but he's not on Twitter.

paulscheer58 karma

A Lot of crazy shit! We got Riots, Corruption and Sexting Scandals!

cykovisuals61 karma

Just wanted to say that it was enjoyable seeing you while watching Yo Gabba Gabba! with my son. I'll just leave this here.

paulscheer34 karma


Pappus48 karma

Hey Paul, when can we expect a HDTGM episode centered around the Travolta-Cage epic "Face/Off"?

paulscheer81 karma

Jason doesn't want to do it, he thinks it's a GOOD movie, I think he needs to revisit it.

Memphish_Boognish48 karma

Hey Paul, huge fan here. I have two quick questions for you:

  1. Are we gonna see Scott Jeffries or Bill Diesel return to Comedy Bang Bang anytime soon?

  2. Are you guys ever going to do an episode of How Did This Get Made? on the Video Podcast Network?

paulscheer43 karma

1.) YES! (Don't Know When?) 2.) Maybe - Our shoot schedules make it a little tricky

MrX1645 karma

Can you give us just a teeny hint as to who is playing Ted in Season Five of the League? Can you name drop any upcoming guest stars?

paulscheer55 karma

I can tell you but then I'd have to assassinate you. Is that cool?

SherlockBrolmes25 karma

Works for me.

paulscheer90 karma

Okay...Meet me by your local Outback steak house and I'll tell you everything

pilksahoy38 karma

Hey Paul, you're the greatest that ever did it.

When Rob Huebel actually gets upset, does anyone take him seriously or do they think he's just doing a bit?

paulscheer75 karma

Ha! I don't think I've ever seen Rob get upset or maybe I have an I thought it was a bit, my whole world is coming down, I have to go and apologize to him.

Frajer36 karma

Are there any movies you refuse to do for How Did This Get Made and if so which movies and why?

paulscheer57 karma

Probably movies with our friends in them or that people we work for made and mostly comedies.

whitt_2236 karma

I asked Katie Aselton in an AMA which of her League co-stars was the funniest and she hinted at Nick. What do you have to say about that? Also my fiancé has one heck of a crush on you. What can I do to get her to like me like she likes you?

paulscheer105 karma

I'd say that Katie secretly meant me but she didn't want to upset the other guys so she hinted at Nick because it would take the attention off me. It was a perfect plan.

Shave your head and get a gap in your teeth? It's drastic but might work


How you doing Paul? Please do the movie Congo on How Did This Get Made. It would literally be the greatest thing in the entire world!

paulscheer60 karma

OK. I think the only other person who was as obsessed with "Congo" as you was Michael Crichton.

tehvolcanic41 karma

I think I might be up there too. I got my DVD copy of Congo signed by Ernie Hudson.

paulscheer50 karma

WHAT?! Not Ghostbusters?

jeekster2435 karma

Hi Paul...love the League and How Did This Get Made. Do you and the crew from the League have a fantasy league in real life? If so, what's at stake and who won last year?

Bonus question: will Taco try to draft Aaron Hernandez in the upcoming season?

paulscheer42 karma

Yes! But it's 8 Teams (Lame) We have an ASELTON CUP named after our 1st champion Katie Aselton. Our Show creator Jackie Schaffer has won it twice

JanetSnakehole2423 karma

I'd say Andre is more likely to draft him.

paulscheer51 karma

Good Point. Taco just auto drafts

Starkicker33 karma

1) What gave you the idea to re-enact Arsenio Hall interviews for Arscheerio Paul?

2) Where can I find a job eating corn chowder?

paulscheer42 karma

1.) JASH was like bring us an idea that you could never do anywhere else and that was always in the back of my head and they said yes! It was amazing.

2.) I don't think you could handle it. The boss is very tough.

Dancing_Lock_Guy28 karma

Who are your inspirations for getting into comedy? Thanks for doing this AMA!

paulscheer49 karma

Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller and Bill Cosby

WeTarScientists28 karma

I listened to your interview on WTF with Mark Maron and was completely surprised that you have lived a pretty tough life and seemed to have overcome a lot of hardship and obstacles to get to where you are in your career today.

Just a big congratulations to you. However you came away from all of that with such a great sense of humor and drive to succeed is an inspiration.

paulscheer69 karma

I owe it all to the crack cocaine that I take daily

Itsaschooner27 karma

How about doing Degrassi: School's Out on How Did This Get Made?

paulscheer53 karma

Is That a thing? Then Yes!

International_J27 karma

Hi Paul,

Just wanted to say that I love "How did this get made", there have been other podcasts that were in the same vein (reviewing terrible movies), but what I think separates your podcast from the pack is not only that you, June, and Jason are hilarious, but the almost youthful joyness you have in discussing some of the insanity in the movies.

So thank you for constant laughs in all your mediums, and can't wait to consume more of your work.

paulscheer43 karma

THANKS! We try not to be haters. We just have some questions about these movies that don't make much sense.

arcyn26 karma

Have you tried the 3 penis wine?

paulscheer87 karma

Yes, it's very ballsy

SuperKamiGuru6926 karma

How did that last bottle of Crystal Pepsi taste?

paulscheer41 karma

Like a heavenly cloud filled with strawberries and Purple gatorade

karennc2820 karma

Now that you have official interns, have any of the three of you become drunk with power? Ever consider getting some MST3k/Rifftrax folk on as guests?

Also a plug - we're trying to get r/hdtgm going for fans of the podcast. Everybody, come over and say hello!

paulscheer35 karma

I've actually talked to Joel H about doing the show and he seems down.

Shonuff819 karma

Will we ever see a return of the Crawdad Man? A spinoff perhaps?

paulscheer34 karma

There will be a return of Crawdad this season in an episode I wrote with Steve R

SutterCane18 karma

Will Human Giant season two ever get a DVD release?

paulscheer41 karma

Since no one watches DVDs anymore, we're trying to figure out how it will get out there, but it will probably be out in a digital format sometime soon. But if that's too far away, let's form an army and burn down the MTV building.

ank161318 karma

What is the most ridiculous plotline/subplot that hasn't made it to camera on "the league"?

paulscheer42 karma

Hmm, It used to be Andre's Blog about Magic but we did that. I still want Andre to start a podcast and have the guys on as guests

Scobeastie17 karma

How many pairs of sunglasses do you go through on NTSF:SD:SUV::?

paulscheer30 karma

I Only have 1 pair...Can you believe it. Those Cheap asses at Ray Ban - Don't even give us free ones. So we have to be very careful with them.

TheRealAK17 karma

Thanks for taking part in this. Who on The League is most like their character in real life?

paulscheer38 karma

I'd say Steve (Kevin) the rest of us are pretty different especially Raffi (Jason M)

leolovelamp17 karma

Great work, your stuff always makes me laugh. With the first overall draft pick who would Andre draft? so I won't draft him. Thanks

paulscheer68 karma

Andre would draft Aaron Hernadez of course

kittenbutter16 karma

I've said it before and I will say it again. You must do a HDTGM episode for the movie Remember Me. I have to hear June Diane & Jason's take on this movie. PLEASE

paulscheer25 karma

Ok. Duly Noted - Who's in it?

runhardr15 karma

Any chance of a big reunion with Aziz and Rob, maybe a big budget Hollywood picture with drama and musical set pieces and laser gun battles?

Also, I still think about "Grandma's a soldier from the future sent to kill you."

paulscheer45 karma

Yes! We want to to a musical version of Schindler's List with more action set in space and instead of the Germans we'd have Robots

diamondzo14 karma

Are you and your friends surprised at all of the main stream/oscar and academy type folks that want to be a part of your shows? or do you just drug and force them to be guest stars?

paulscheer26 karma

Yeah, it's crazy right?

The entire time we've been doing NTSF:SD:SUV:: (which just started season 3 last week) - We've only had 2 people say No, everyone else has been really into it.

I think for the most part everyone is up for doing comedy. And we shoot so quickly that it's fun and not a pain. Our biggest problem is getting schedules to line up

czamani14 karma

Hi Paul! I love the AP show and the league, I guess I still haven't found one of your works I don't like. My question is: Does Alison Brie smell magnificent like I imagine she does?

paulscheer66 karma

I signed a legal contract to not disclose what Alison Brie smells like.

adamf198313 karma


I love HDTGM and have long commutes to work, so I need to find more entertainment than weekly episodes can provide. What other podcasts would you say combine June's coquettish discomfort, Jason's vaguely ethnic rage, and your love of Audible.com?

paulscheer19 karma

It's a question everyone asks But I honestly don't know.

I do like Chelsea Perretti's Podcast, Call Chelsea, Rafflecast and I listen to Howard Stern everyday

PATS2FAT12 karma

Hey Paul,

Huge fan of "How did this get made?" My only question, how have you guys not covered Theodore Rex yet? It is LITERALLY the most unwatchable film ever created.

paulscheer9 karma

It's on the Master list of movies we must do, Although I'd love to get Whoopi to do it with us

Necrath12 karma

Dear Paul. Human Giant was the best sketch show ever. Corn Mazeeeeeee......

I miss it =\

paulscheer12 karma

The Corn Maze still exists if you want to go, I'll let you know where it is.

Baron3ss12 karma

When are you guys going to watch Miami Connection? This movie is everything that How Did This Get Made can hope for.

paulscheer14 karma

Yeah for a live show

spidermanjka2k11 karma

Who would win in a fight 1 horse sized Howard the Duck or 100 duck sized versions of Jason Mantzoukas?

paulscheer40 karma

Ugh! I get this question all the time! It would be a draw. Because the 100 Duck sized JM's would just masturbate while the Duck Horse watched.

Rob_Saget11 karma

Thank you for this AMA and all the laughs you've provided over the years!

  • What got you into comedy and acting?
  • Moment in your career that made you go "Wow, I never would have dreamed I'd get to do this"
  • What was your favorite part of filming NTSF:SD:SUV::?
  • I too host a podcast and would love to have you on an episode to nerd out about tv, film, etc. Can we make this happen?

Thanks again for this AMA and look forward to your responses!

paulscheer36 karma

What got me into comedy and acting: I got into acting because I'm a huge fan of Eddie Murphy, and I had 2 strikes against me. I didn't have a red suit, and I was not African-American. But I managed to overcome both of those things. I now own a suit, and am half-black.

Moment in my career: How about when I got to chop of Jeff Goldblum's hand in NTSF:SD:SUV::. I've always been a fan of Jeff Goldblum's and this made my dream of chopping off his hand come true.

Favorite moment of filming NTSF:SD:SUV:: was the fact that we get to cast AMAZING actors, every actor that I am a fan of, and make them do ridiculous stuff. Getting to work with my favorite actors - I got to have Ray Liotta on set and make him beat up Martin Starr.

Thanks for the invite! Email my website.

paulscheer17 karma

1.) I always wanted to buy an elephant

winkingskunk11 karma

Hey Paul, quick question. Have you ever noticed how Nick Kroll looks a lot like the film version of Howard the Duck? Coincidence? I think not.

paulscheer19 karma

You mean because They both are covered in white fur?

gidjun11 karma

First off, thank you for adding "Chile, please!" to my friends and I's lexicon.

Second, will NTSF: SD: SUV:: ever cross over with any of the other programs in Adult Swim's live-action lineup? An Eagleheart/Hauser teamup is all I want in life.

paulscheer13 karma

Hmph, I'd love an EAGLEHEART/NTSF Mash Up - We do have Brett Gelman on NTSF this season and he's HILARIOUS. He faces off against Robert Forrester

lafemmedutronc10 karma

First, i have a request, and then i have a question: I worked on Last Stand, and it was not a good experience.... Will you please do an episode of HDTGM about it when it comes out on bluray/dvd/video casette/laserdisc/betamax? Question: If you could have any actor from any of the movies you guys have discussed on the show, who would it be, and why?

paulscheer15 karma

The Schwarnegger movie about the mexican town where the drug dealer needs to drive thru to escape to Mexico? That last stand. What do you mean it wasn't good it was GREAT! Tell me one story from it -- PLEASE

I think Stallone would be the best.

tenderboats9 karma

Big fan of NTSF and HDTGM. Please do Crossroads. I really want to hear June's take on that movie.

1) Which film that you covered on the podcast was the hardest to get through?

2) What happened to the Smurfs episode?

paulscheer17 karma

1.) Uwe Boll's Movie was pretty Bad. 2.) It was taken down

Crossroads is coming

redsonsuperman9 karma

Hi Paul! I'm a huge fan of NTSF:SD:SUV, Human Giant and How Did This Get Made. Season 3 of NTSF is off to a great start. My favorite episodes of the show so far are "Full Hauser", 'Time Angels' and 'The Real Bicycle Thief'. I have a few questions for you so feel free to answer only the ones you feel like.

Are we going to see much President of the Navy this season?

Where did the name Trent Hauser come from?

What was the biggest inspiration for NTSF?

Did you know Bob Odenkirk or Jeff Goldblum before doing NTSF?

What was your first impression of June the first time you met her?

Did you really have a Jack Nicholson impersonator as your best man at your wedding?

Can we hang out sometime? We can talk about Demolition Man and Howard the Duck while we play video games and eat pizza. Heck, I'll even buy the pizza (but it's gotta be a veggie pizza or extra cheese because I'm lacto-ovo vegetarian).

paulscheer15 karma

Yes, you are going to see much of the President of the Navy - he has a cursing problem, and he needs to get it fixed.

The biggest inspiration for NTSF was just the fact that I love action heroes, but I would never be cast as one. I would always be cast as the guy who fixed the computers - so I figured why not create a show where I get to be that guy.

I actually knew both Bob and Jeff before doing NTSF because I live in Hollywood (just kidding). I met Jeff on an hour-long drama and he asked me to talk to him like I did on "Best Week Ever." Bob I knew through doing comedy and I was a big fan.

My impression of June the first time I met her was that she was a young karate master that needed discipline, so together we formed an amazing bond and then she won the San Fernando Valley Karate Championship.

Yes, I had a Jack Nicholson impersonator at my wedding - I tried to give him a script of funny things to say, but he kept forgetting them and just kept saying "yummy yummy."

Alright, you meet me at Jersey Mike's subs in 20 minutes. See you there!

hero0fwar8 karma

Watching The League, I always wonder if you were picked on with your friends similar to the show, like did that aspect come from any real life events, or is it you just fit the character well?

And if you didn't know about it, you may enjoy /r/TheLeagueFX

paulscheer15 karma

No, luckily I've never been picked on like Andre, I dress slightly better

But as the show has progressed I do add to the character to make him way more extreme hence the blog about Magic

mnbowman8 karma

You've worked with a lot of great improvisational comedians over the years like rob riggle in bobby dukes. Who is the one comedian that you have worked with that has made it the hardest to finish scenes without laughing?

Also what is your favorite comedy movie?

paulscheer24 karma

I'm pretty good about not breaking in scenes but lately Nick Kroll and I have been cracking each other up on this season of the league, we just keep pushing it until the other laughs. I'm constantly getting into his personal space to make him break.


emilyisanelf8 karma

Is June ever going to be on The League?

paulscheer20 karma

I Hope so. They haven't asked her yet. I think she'd kill it.

kovalev278 karma

Why do you continue to refuse to do a HDTGM podcast on the movie The Happening? The people have made clear that this is what they want. Yet still you deny them. Is it fear of upsetting Marky Mark? What's the deal?

paulscheer28 karma

How do you know we are refusing it? Maybe we haven't done it yet or we are waiting for a guest to line up with our recording schedule.

ArthurDigbyS8 karma

Out of all the people you've worked alongside - who has the worst farts?

paulscheer16 karma

Mark Duplass

flamenco926278 karma

Question about unicorns-Although you've killed one, have you ever ridden one? Also, can you have Kate Mulgrew ride one & post a picture of you both?

paulscheer13 karma

I killed one after I rode it because it wasn't magical ENOUGH!

I'll talk to Kate but she's very busy with OITNB - BUt I'm on it

JanetSnakehole247 karma

How involved were each of you in developing your characters on the League? Did you choose to be the hapless, poorly dressed, perpetually uncool guy or was that the role they put you in? What was the audition process like?

paulscheer12 karma

They cast me as Andre but because it's improvised - You get to create a bunch of stuff for your character so it's definitely morphed.

We auditioned by improvising scenes with the creators and its was funny because for awhile I refused to audition because I didn't know anything about FF

mattisafriend7 karma

Not really a question, but please tell me you still have the Over the Top toy

paulscheer23 karma

I Wish because if I did - I'd sell that shit on EBay and be a Hundredaire

Rubene37 karma

Hey Paul, How did the Arscheerio Paul Show come to be? How do you pick who will play what celebrity?

paulscheer11 karma

I'm a HUGE Arsenio fan and I went back and watched the interviews and became obsessed and I wanted to show them to more people. So we recreated them. The best thing about the 7 new ones is that you can watch the improvised and actual real versions.

I picked the celebs really by just thinking which friend would be the funniest in each part.

Creepio7 karma

Will Human Giant ever do sketches together again?

paulscheer8 karma


alexgjurashaj7 karma

Why hasn't Martin scorsese approached you to be in one of his movies yet

paulscheer24 karma

Because he's mad at me that I turned down Taxi Driver, I said, I thought I was too young and he's never forgiven me

Radtown7 karma

What is the worst part about rollerblading?

paulscheer25 karma

Telling your parents your gay!

paulscheer31 karma

By the way it's What's the Hardest Part!

homestar866 karma

Which is creepier, the way Stallone forces his son to arm wrestle in Over The Top, or that Stallone had virtual sex with Sandy Bullock, who was probably his daughter, in Demolition Man?

Also, How did Martin Starr get involved with NTSF? Did you meet him when you were on Party Down, or were you friends before that?

paulscheer8 karma

The Forced Arm Wrestle FOR SURE! That's CREEPY x 10 Million.

Martin and I met at a party and then We did Party Down became friends and I asked him to do the show. He's the best!

strings_struck5 karma

You should do another episode of the /Filmcast! I really enjoyed the last time you were on. I believe it was for Harold & Kumar 3D?

paulscheer8 karma

Yeah, I Love /Film..I'll definitely do it again, if they'll have me

recklessconsumption5 karma

What would be your ultimate punishment to give to the loser of a fantasy league?

paulscheer12 karma

A Tatto of BEiber

thegnarwahl4 karma

Where do you think "The Bad Man in the Blue Shirt" is now?

paulscheer13 karma

Wait? What? I don't get this reference.

But I'll just say China?

rogue_pineapple4 karma

If you could create your own unicorn based show. How would you present your unicorns to the audience? How would they look, act, etc. edit: And what would you name it (the show)

I love you.

paulscheer24 karma

The show would be HORN OF PLENTY or HORNY

The Unicorns would look like Goth My Little Ponies and Be Hipsters that instagrammed their food and texted and never spoke to each other.

MCPriest834 karma

What are your 5 favorite episodes that you've done on "How did this get made"?

paulscheer9 karma

In No Order

1.) CRANK 2.) FAST 5 and 6 3.) OLD DOGS 4.) Justin to Kelly 5.) Punisher

mxdj4 karma

Hey Paul, no questions, I just wanted to thank you, June, and Jason for helping me get through the work day at least once a week. May I suggest for your next movie you guys do The Expendables / Expendables 2 / Newest Rambo? Something literally "Over the Top".

paulscheer7 karma

I Love the EXPENDABLES 2 but it definitely works in the show...We're on it

RememberAttica4 karma

How did you get that sexy gap between your front two teeth?

paulscheer12 karma


kidbrandon3 karma

Love your work!

  1. What was it like when you realized you could take what you loved, comedy, make it a career, and actually be successful?

  2. Brooklyn Decker lived across the street from me, was prom queen at my High School and was a good friend of the family. What was it like working with her on the league?

  3. Unicorns are in the Bible, what are your thoughts on this?

Can't wait to see the Comedy Central special!

paulscheer5 karma

1.) I'm still realizing that. It's awesome to be able to work with amazing people and do stuff that I want to do.

2.) She's the fucking coolest. I Love BD

3.) That the Bible is true!

foolinfrontoftbone3 karma

What happened to Rebecca Romjin on NTSF?

paulscheer6 karma

She was shooting King and Maxwell, she'll be back but this season, the schedules didn't work out

TeamSpaceBug3 karma

I had tickets to the Human Giant show in Boston a few years back but it got canceled. My heart still aches so can you console me with a poem?

paulscheer8 karma






ginjaninja32233 karma

Hey Paul, I absolutely love your work in The League and on How did This Get Made. It seems like Andre's character is so far removed from your personality in real life, it must be hard for you to stay in character during the show. Is it, or do you tap into some freaky, pork pie hat wearing side of yourself that we don't see in public?

Also, you, June and Jason need to be written into Sharknado 2.

paulscheer3 karma

Start the petition for Sharknado

Re: Andre I think is that part of yourself that you keep checked because you are afraid if you do, say or wear that thing you'll get made fun off and he just embraces it - But thank god,I'm not Andre

emilyisanelf3 karma

Is there a movie you, June, or Jason have acted in that you would ever do on HDTGM?

paulscheer8 karma

Sure but that would probably make the people that gave us $ for being in that movie upset. So we stay away from it.

SetYourGoals3 karma

If Neveldine & Taylor could remake one classic movie, what would you have it be?

paulscheer6 karma


NerdSync3 karma

If I were a unicorn, what would my favorite kind of bread be?

paulscheer7 karma

Rainbow Bread

TheCreativeName3 karma

When might we expect "The Running Man" to grace our presence? Think about it: two former governors, a killer hockey player and an opera singer straight out of TRON. Might be the most HDTGM movie in recorded history.

paulscheer5 karma

YES! It's on the agenda!

foolinfrontoftbone3 karma

Do you and @MsJuneDiane ever get sick of each other? It seems like you're in about 80 current projects together

paulscheer9 karma

I Can't get sick of her - She's the best.

If by 80 you mean 2 then Yes.

balloflovemeat3 karma

No question, I just wanted to say I'd pay good money for a porn version of "Human Giant."

Not sure what to call it, but my first guess is "Human Giant."

paulscheer8 karma

Or the Chinese Porn Version

Hunan Giant

dylofpickle2 karma

What are you Top 5 favorite (good) movies?

paulscheer2 karma

Raiders Ghostbusters Empire Back to The Future Point Break

91_pavan2 karma

Can we please see you and rafi together in more episodes this season?

Big fan Paul.

paulscheer4 karma

Ha! I'd like that, we often don't get to do stuf together because Andre is afraid of Rafi.

etjeparle2 karma

If there is one character from a movie you've reviewed for HDTGM who you wish you could have played, which one would it be and why? (Personally I wish I could have done J.Lo's part in Anaconda)

paulscheer4 karma

Great Choice...I'd like to be the Puppet Master from Old Dogs or Statham from Crank 2

celibacy4life2 karma

Will HDTGM ever be put up on You Tube with the rest of the Earwolf podcasts?

Do you think that HDTGM should be used by the movie industry to avoid the pitfalls of other movies?

How would you characterize your role in the entertainment industry? You are becoming the Christopher Penn of comedy, always working.

Do you miss the old days of Best Week Ever? Or was that as inconsistent and brutal as Greg Fitzsimmons makes it out to be?

When will you get your own commercial with Kobe based on Trent Hauser?

paulscheer2 karma

1.) Hmm, I don't really know - We never can get it together for a live Podcast if that's what you mean.

2.) Hopefully. But most people in Hollywood Don't have ears

3.) I just hope I don't OD

4.) BWE was great. Super funny. But too much of the time you'd waste so much time because you'd perform 2 hours of material and they'd use 3 minutes of you total.

5.) Make it happen

Tangeman2 karma

Do you have a personal favorite episode of the league?

paulscheer6 karma

Expert Witness, Andre takes the stand.

Gdot0242 karma

Hi Paul, I fucking adore you in everything you do!

With that being said I must ask: what one piece of advice would you give someone looking to pursue a career in comedy?

I know it's a generic question but I love swing the different answers from my comedic idols (yeah, you're included in that; you're welcome)

paulscheer5 karma

WHOO HOO! I'm an IDOL! Now you must destroy me to gain power.

My rules for pursuing a career in comedy can be broken down into 4 easy steps

1.) Move to a place where there is a comedy scene - I Like NYC (Warning don't come to LA 1st) 2.) Find people that you like and that like the stuff you do and work with them. 3.) Make stuff, don't talk about it, do it, Learn what works and what doesn't from on the job experience 4.) Be open to criticism but don't be defined by it. You always have to trust your gut.

RandomHerosan2 karma

1.Who would you say is the funniest person on The League?

2.Any Draft tips this year for fantasy?

3.Will you Shiva blast for Reddit?

paulscheer8 karma

I think we have the Avengers of Comedy. Each one of us has a special thing that we do well and when you put it together it's makes doing each scene so much more fun than if we were all funny in the same way.

2.) Don't draft Aaron HErnadez do Draft Arian Foster


jdwyer20092 karma

How can I get into a fantasy league with you? I have 50 dollars.

paulscheer5 karma

I only take payments of Smurfs (I need 3 of them, I'm a modern day Gargamel)

Kyle-Overstreet2 karma

If you could recast The Godfather, who would you cast and why?

paulscheer5 karma

I'd cast all the parts with Frank Caliendo, just because he's a great impressionist.

johnnymills2 karma

Have you considered plastic surgery?

paulscheer2 karma

Yes to look like ALF, no one will do it though.

johndmee2 karma

You grew up on Long Island? Fondest/worst memories of this fish shaped, suburban hell hole?

paulscheer2 karma


PaulKelly12341 karma

Huge fan here in Ireland! To date, what's been your favourite character to play? Also, when is the next season of Human Giant? I miss it.

paulscheer2 karma

Yeah you are my favorite person in Ireland and my family is from there so way to go.

There won't be a new season of HG - We've all gone on to do different stuff but you can see Rob and Aziz on my new Show NTSF:SD:SUV:: (We just started our 3rd season - THey were both in Season 2)

Rob was also on The League with me in Season 2

And I was on Parks and Rec in Season 2