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Sturgeon25 is now in the exclusive club of "People who Aziz Ansari wingmanned for." That's pretty awesome.

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Hey Arnold,

No question, but just wanted to thank you. Five years ago, I received heart surgery. Of course, the surgery was a bummer, since I lost a lot of weight (I lost 15 pounds, and I was around 130 pounds beforehand) and I had been trying to bulk up beforehand (I was 18 at the time). Getting heart surgery made me feel that I couldn't achieve my athletic goals, but then I heard that you had heart surgery as well (and still looked like a boss). This greatly inspired me to get out of my hospital bed, regain the strength and weight I lost from surgery, and keep training myself. I am now in a lot better shape, both in terms of my health and athletic ability. This may not seem like much, but in a time when I was lacking hope, it was refreshing to see someone who went through a similar procedure I had and doing well for himself. So thank you Arnold for inspiring me to be determined and not give up on my goals.

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What do you think of satirical news programs like "The Daily Show?" Do you think they're informative and beneficial to journalism or shouldn't be taken seriously?

Edit: Here's Dan's response to my question. Thanks Mr. Rather!

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What do you think about Michael Bay and his explosions?

Also, explosive poops?

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It wasn't Victoria! So for you:

Shame 🔔

Shame 🔔

Shame 🔔