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Did Carl have to call in and win for his own voicemail?

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Call me a conspiracy theorist, but note the Chuck Palaniuk book in the bathroom pic. In "Choke", a man has an impacted anal bead stuck up his ass for an extended period of time and can't poop. Is he hinting that this is all an elaborate ruse? I can't believe a responsible doctor would release him- it sounds like he's impacted. I dunno- something's fishy.

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Yes. If you say “picture a white cat on porch,” we can kind of see that in our minds. The details- such as the color of the house or the size or age of the cat will of course be different from person to person. But there is a definite picture that is realized.

Edit: it’s not a perfect picture- It’s kind of a hazy phantom picture. But it’s there and the more you concentrate on it the more you can “see”.

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He's a murderer!

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I fly and I bring my knitting needles. I have had trouble getting through security with them (even though the TSA says it's fine). I have the website pulled up on my phone for when I go through screening, and they always let me through after I show them.