Hey guys!

So a few weeks back I had a 3.5cm brain tumour extracted in a 12h operation. As a result of the operation I am completely deaf in my left ear , have an awesome scar (http://i.imgur.com/g4L2fjc.jpg) and oddly, cannot taste at all on the left side of my tongue.

Ask me anything, don't hold back.

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So now that you've had half your brain removed, are you thinking of going into politics?

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That haircut + scar looks just badass Gl on recovery!

Five_Spice383 karma

Thanks, I definitely get the most awesome looks, it's a shame it's not closer to Halloween.

Kaala_Mixed_Blood121 karma

You are seriously my hero! So glad to see that you're so witty and funny at what people have been asking. This was the icing on the cake. :D

Five_Spice104 karma

Aww thanks! Take care now!

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Halloween? Try to get laid under the pretext of being a war hero.

Five_Spice261 karma

I gotta give you normal people a chance though. :(

sneakyimp313 karma

So how you feeling?

Five_Spice500 karma

Quite dizzy still!

The nerve responsible for hearing AND balance was severed and so I still find it a bit difficult to walk about and stairs are an absolute bitch! But otherwise, well enough to answer questions and all!

edit: Thank you for asking!

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While it is great to hear that you're doing pretty well over all, I was really hoping you were going to say "I'm feeling all right." Reddit has caused me to actively seek out puns, it would appear.

Five_Spice286 karma

Ahhh missed opportunities! I apologise.

aeonspast60 karma

No worries! Oh, and you're right, that is a kick ass scar.

drunkenwanderer57 karma

You mean "you're left"....

Five_Spice135 karma

I envy punny people :(

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Will you ever recover from that? D:

Five_Spice209 karma

Average recovery time is 3-6 months. Hearing is gone for ever, probably taste too, but otherwise I should be walking normally like any other!

Thanks for your concerns!

Kalamando60 karma

Aww damn that sucks dude, well who knows, maybe your hearing in your right ear will get better to compensate for your left.

Take care dude!

Five_Spice60 karma

Thanks you too!

moparornocar26 karma

Is something like a cochlear implant a possibility down the line to restore hearing?

Or is the hardware your body has for hearing just gone now?

Also, it's awesome how upbeat you seem about this, thanks for the AMA.

Five_Spice31 karma

No worries and as everyone else has mentioned no cochlear implant for me.

I can however get a "Bone anchored hearing device" that essentially vibrates sound through your skull to the other ear! It may help the head shadowing effect I get but I'm yet to decide.

Great question, and have a great day!

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Look on the bright side, now you get to go into the preferences menu of every software you use, and FINALLY use the "Mono" sound option! but f'real hope it gets better

Five_Spice75 karma

I had to convert all my Beatles into mono. Honestly, stereo is like the devil to me now.

Kirkdoesntlivehere21 karma

if taste is gone that opens up a world of awesome/not awesome opportunities!

peynir161 karma

Food tastes bad but healthy? Pass it on left side. Tasty? On the right side. PERFECT CRIME

Five_Spice103 karma

A devilishly good idea.

sneakyimp38 karma

That is fantastic to hear!

I am sure with time as you get used to your new balance you will become quite proficient. I wish you all the best on your journey!

A_Dunyain114 karma

"That is fantastic to hear!"

That was just rude... :D

Five_Spice83 karma

I think it's brilliant :D

Five_Spice48 karma

Thank you! I feel stronger every day!

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Five_Spice51 karma

I'm so glad to hear you mother is ok! Thanks for your encouragement, take care! :)

Markanaya22 karma

Do you know what nerve specifically? Based on my limited knowledge of anatomy, there are 3 semicircular canals in your inner ear that deal with balance and hearing (I think hearing, anyways). I think the official name for the system it's in, is the vestibular system.

Ninja edit: Googled an image of it to prove to myself I'm not insane

The image itself has a diagram of a plane in it, too. That was unintentional but you can enjoy a nice diagram of a plane if you want. :D

Five_Spice43 karma

I believe it was situated on the eight cranial nerve. I hope that helps!

Awesome diagram by the way.

SWaller893 karma

The doctors had to sever it to get to where they needed to get to?

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T_at148 karma

Any idea whether the deafness and lack of taste will be permanent?

Five_Spice257 karma

Deafness permanent, pretty much no doubt about it.

When I talked to the surgical team afterwards all they could do was shrug and say it may come back.

I can still feel temperature and texture but just absolutely zero taste!

T_at106 karma

Sorry to hear that about the deafness, although you still have one good ear, so that's a plus.

With luck the taste will come back in time - the fact that you can feel temperature and texture there is probably a good sign.

Five_Spice138 karma

Well I can only hope. I've actually started to get used to not being able to taste properly, I only really notice it now if I deliberately think about it, it's pretty neat actually, I put some of Nando's extra hot sauce on my tongue, didn't start burning till I moved it around a bit!

banjaxe58 karma

You want some superhot peppers? You could post YouTube videos like a champ!

Five_Spice100 karma

A few friends want me to enter some sort of chilli eating competition when I feel up to it!

Not sure about the "Super mega death fireball chilli" or whatever they call them.

archeronefour153 karma

Just remember that your stomach still works. You won't taste it going in but...

Five_Spice154 karma

I can finally eat my greens without throwing up :)

archeronefour26 karma

Haha! Good luck with everything man.

Five_Spice65 karma

Thanks, much love.

bloouup10 karma

The burning isn't taste, though, it's just that your tongue is more sensitive to capsaicin then other parts of your body. I don't know why Five_Spice can handle the heat better now, but it's not because he can't taste. It's especially weird considering he can feel temperature and texture.

Five_Spice35 karma

Well I'm no neurologist, but hot sauce ain't got nothing on me. And I'mnot a girl! I'm a real boy!

ncfpoozer39 karma

In regards to your tongue... the nerve input is rather complicated.

The lingual nerve, which is a branch of the trigeminal (CN5) is responsible for general sensation from the anterior 2/3s of your tongue. However taste on the anterior 2/3 is done by the chorda tympani, which is a branch of the facial nerve (CN7).

The posterior 1/3 of your tongue is innervated by the glossopharyngeal nerve (CN9), which is responsible for BOTH sensation and taste.

Movement of your tongue is controlled by the hypoglossal nerve (CN12), with the exception of one tongue muscle which is controlled by the vagus (CN10).

Good luck with your recovery!

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IBeJizzin27 karma

So I feel like a terrible person for comparing this to what you're going through at the moment, but that sounds almost exactly like when I had my tonsils taken out! I legit couldn't taste properly for probably the next 6 months. No idea why.

But you know, if it makes you feel any better, my taste came back, I'm sure yours will too!

even though I'm sure you're more worried about more important stuff like traversing stairs

Five_Spice54 karma

Hey, don't feel bad, don't feel bad at all. Sounds as if you had it worst! I can still taste, just not that well!

Yeah, not all hope is lost and there are worse things to worry about as you said.

Take care and thanks :)!

IBeJizzin80 karma

You actually sound like the nicest person ever

Five_Spice53 karma

Aww thank you!

GeneralTry4 karma

Deafness permanent,

That's terrible... is that because of incompetence on the doctor's part or was it inevitable because of the positioning of the tumor?

Five_Spice26 karma

Inevitable. If you picture it, the tumour grows around the nerve, think of it like a doughnut with the nerve running through it, you've also got to consider that's very hard to get to, practically encased in bone, so the only real way to get it out is to take out the affected part of the nerve. It was inevitable I am so grateful to my surgeons, they did awesome jobs.

shadowplyr148 karma

Hey there. I had a very close family member have a 16 hour tumor removal. Don't skip on the physical therapy. Totally worth it. Pm me if u want to discuss it.... (therapist here)

Five_Spice166 karma

Oh wow, send on my regards, I can at least sympathise slightly! And don't worry I have a physio booked and I can easily get there. Thanks for the offer too!

HermanTheKid143 karma

I'm a geneticist in the Dept. of Neurological Surgery at a major research institution. I just wanted to plug the Acoustic Neuroma Association. I'll be at their meeting in August collecting DNA samples from people as we begin phase 1 of a study to identify genetic causes of these tumors (specifically, in people without NF2 mutations). If anyone has an acoustic neuroma (vestibular schwannoma) and would like to participate, I can provide you with my data manager's contact at Yale.

edit: Took a break from work to check Reddit, and now I'm using Reddit to work. Here's a bit more info about the project, and thanks so much for helping this to get seen!

My former adviser, Dr. Elizabeth Claus, is running a study about the genetic and environmental risk factors for acoustic neuroma/vestibular schwannoma with support from the ANA. Dr. Claus is an epidemiologist at Yale and a practicing neurosurgeon at Brigham and Women's/Harvard.

We are gearing up to open the online survey about environmental exposures, dietary history, etc. next month at the ANA conference in LA. We will also be collecting saliva specimens to perform genetic research (my area of expertise). If you have an acoustic neuroma and would like to get an email when the survey opens up so that you can participate, please send an email to:

[email protected]

Include in the subject line "please add me to the AN survey list". I'll warn her to expect some emails.

Here's a bit more info about our study (hosted on the ANA website). http://www.anausa.org/index.php/symposium/yale-university-study

Five_Spice20 karma

Hey, great to see your comment, nicely done guys getting him up here.

I'm not sure that the ANA really exist in the United Kingdom, we do have the BANA but I think that's a separate charity. Regardless what you are doing sound phenomenal and as much as I would love to help, I fear that my location rules me out.

Have a great day and keep doing what you're doing!

revjeremyduncan98 karma

How'd they find the tumor? I mean, what where your symptoms?

Five_Spice138 karma

Ultimately MRI scan.

The sort of tumour I had, acoustic neuroma, are quite rare last I checked 1/100,000, even more so with people who don't have NF2.

It started when my hearing started to dim in my left ear and I started to get wicked bad tinnitus. I remember going to the GP, my family has a history of ear wax problems, getting my ears syringed (horrible name and procedure) before getting referred on when that didn't help. Where I had an MRI scan!

blacklight12486 karma

Dude! We're scar buddies! Mine wasnt a brain tumour though. It was a Glomus on my jugular (1/2million chance! :( ) & I too have complete loss of hearing on my right side but its due to them having to sever & sew up my ear canal. So my ear still works...on the inside. The whole right side of my face and shoulder was numb for weeks but its mostly recovered now with just a tingly feeling (after 4 years!). I also just found out after a check up scan that there is a tiny bit left in there but it grows so slow I shouldnt worry...apparently. Pic: http://i.imgur.com/LNGOgyC.jpg EDIT: Math fail

Five_Spice74 karma

Wohoo! Scar buddies!

I'm glad to hear you're doing okay! Your scar looks even more awesome than mine, slightly jealous, then again, left side is where it's at.

I've been cautioned that a bit may grow back but yeah, they grow really slowly these things apparantly. Take care!

EnviousNoob19 karma

Huh, acoustic neuroma. My mom has that and unfortunately she can't get it removed as it is tangled within her facial nerve. She had surgery to allow the tumor to expand which caused her to lose her hearing as well.

Five_Spice27 karma

Gosh I feel sorry for your mother. That sounds very stressful.

HawkeyeNation15 karma

Well shit! I've had tinnitus for as long as I can remember. I always thought there were more extreme symptoms were for brain tumors. I must also have a tumor now.

Five_Spice41 karma

Oh for flip's sake... Tinnitus is natural everyone has it.

Much love take care :D

robo_reddit66 karma

I had trigeminal schwanoma, welcome to the club. Can't feel the left side of my face.

Five_Spice106 karma

Thanks, quite an exclusive club so I hear!

ifyouknowwhatimeanx312 karma

Or do you?

I'm sorry I'll leave now...

Five_Spice276 karma

Oh Bravo.

ChairmanLi55 karma

What were the odds of you surviving the surgery, and what were the symptoms like to get the scan?

Five_Spice88 karma

Very good, because of my age and fitness. But especially since KCH, where I was operated upon had such experienced surgeons, practically the best I could hope for.

What I did really have a high chance of was facial palsy, I can't imagine how that would have affected my confidence, and I don't want to. Thankfully, I got out without it.

I got the scan because my hearing had worsened slightly, I had very loud tinnitus and there were no visible reasons behind it (ruptured ear drum, wax etc.)

iwalkthedinosaur13 karma

Since having such a life-changing operation has it given you any different aspirations career wise, like wanting to be in the medical profession or something like that?

Five_Spice34 karma

Honestly? Not really, I would not envy being a surgeon or even a doctor for that reason, have a bad nights sleep and you may muck up someone's life forever, that's a lot of responsibility and I have nothing but respect for those who carry the burden, someone's got to do it.

ilkakilka10 karma

I have tinnitus as well and the hearing in my ear has lessened. When I got the MRI, it was normal. Should I be worried? ( I'm also 18) glad that the surgery went smoothly.

Five_Spice25 karma

Well everyone has tinnitus and whatever you do, don't take advice from me, all I have are some GCSE's and a few A-levels, ask your doctor!

kelvin19451 karma

While this may seem like a defining moment in life right now, you'll be surprised how little you think about the surgery and side effects in years to come.

Five_Spice59 karma

I've been hearing that a lot, and one thing I can say is that it puts everything into perspective, loads of things just came worthless to me or so inconsequential it's hard to describe. Now it's all said and done, I feel it's merely a stepping stone in life.

floofmoofin17 karma

I can relate to this as well. I never wanted to have a surgery. It was not something I ever considered putting on my bucket list, but by the beginning of next week I will have had 2 in a month. There has been a lot of crying and I know I may never recover the vision I have lost and that my eyes may never go back to normal, but I am thankful that I had the opportunity to try to protect them from further loss and the blindness caused by what I have.

I wish you all the best OP!

Five_Spice18 karma

Gosh my heart goes out to you, I wish you the absolute best for your surgery, tell me how it goes wont you?

Take care!

frassenei4442 karma


Five_Spice32 karma

Oh very good.

Five_Spice36 karma

I'd like to thank you all so much for your questions, comments, witty remarks and of course your support. I've thoroughly enjoyed this.

It's probably time I get some rest however, I've been typing almost none stop for a while and I'm ever so slightly tired. So I'm gonna have a Dr. Pepper, maybe a sandwich, and have a nice nap.

I hope you all have an awesome day and once again thank you.

Edit: Just going to answer the odd question.

Edit 2: I just woke up, it's about 4am and so I'll just quickly say it's great to see that so many people are interested in this AMA! I'll definitely try and continue answering questions after I get a few more hours of sleep!

ianoreo27 karma

thanks for your time! I wish you the best.

here's a pretty bad sketch i did of your badass scar while at work today. hope you enjoy it or something

Five_Spice8 karma

Hi, a friend of mine just pointed this out to me, it's brilliant!

Thanks so much and have a super duper day!

winston-smith32 karma

Seems like I wheel this out a lot, but high-five for awesome brain surgery scars!


Five_Spice45 karma

Oh you win.

winston-smith67 karma

Nah, I didn't lose any senses. Just a few.. what are they called..

Memories! That's the one. I think.

Five_Spice12 karma

Aha, wow Reddit gold? Snap!

Have an awesome day!

rapscallionx26 karma

are you a man or a woman?>

Five_Spice54 karma


SteroidSandwich22 karma

What was the percentage of risk involved?

My aunt had a brain tumor the doctors tried removing but they fucked it up. They didn't remove it and she lost all movement on the left half of her body. She later died of the tumor and the radiation she was given.

Five_Spice42 karma

Risk of what exactly? Brain tumours really differ in side effects and risks, I had about a 20-30% chance of not being able to move my face again, but as far as death was concerned, not likely.

I'm very sorry for loss also, thanks for asking.

seanlee201319 karma

Glad to hear you are feeling well! How did you feel when you woke up? Did the anesthesia make you nauseous at all? Did they give you anything to counter-act the sick feeling most people get when you wake up after surgery?

Five_Spice51 karma

Waking up, in my experience is exactly how you see it in the movies, no joke.

I remember just like sitting in a pitch black room when you hear your name, get louder and louder, almost annoyingly loud and then bang! You open your eyes and there are nurses looming over you.

I was very nauseous when I came around for the first few days especially since they had altered my balance so drastically. I was given lots of anti-nausea drugs.

KyleAg0616 karma

So I guess it was a Tumor.

Five_Spice13 karma


lvmisfit15 karma

That is Awesome scar! Glad your doing okay!

Five_Spice29 karma

Thanks so much! It definitely turns some heads!

PeppercornMedley14 karma

I had a really big tumor taken off my neck about a year ago when I was 18, probably not as serious as this, but it was a bit of a shock at the time...I'm obviously not a doctor or anything, but I lost movement in my right arm due to nerve damage and its finally back to full strength! so maybe something similar might happen with your tounge? Also did you get morphine? that was the best. Best of luck with your recovery!

Five_Spice19 karma

Thanks your your kind words, I'm glad your'e back to full strength, and honestly, yours sounds a lot more serious.

I was never given like the IV morphine or anything but for the first week, whenever I wanted Oramorph, no questions asked unless I'd had it in the previous 3 hours.

I hear they flavour it to taste repulsive to stop you habitually taking it, but I thought it was the shit!

Codeine Sulphate however, that stuff really works.

Gabeyluke14 karma

Was you scared?

Five_Spice36 karma

Yeah, I was actually put to sleep on the operating table (it was made of memory foam!) and so I could see all the lights around me and everything. The anaesthetist was so lovely though.

Also before being walked in, the consultant surgeon literally came up to me asked "Left side right?" then used a sharpie to draw a cross on the correct side of my head.

It did have me thinking.

Gabeyluke10 karma

Wow I can't begin to comprehend what that must have been like, You are a very brave person. Best of luck to the future and I hope that everything is well

Five_Spice26 karma

I keep getting this from people but in reality, I did what I think any other reasonable person would have done in the same situation.

Regardless, thanks so much!

Yeah_its_me_alright9 karma

Once I had surgery to my foot and I remember the surgeon asking seconds before I was put to sleep "It's the 'right' one, yes?". After I nodded he said to himself "Well, let me just cover the other one." I wasn't given to much time to think on it, but it was strange at least. But well, at least they checked - it would suck to operate you on the wrong side of the head, right?

Good luck on the therapy!

Five_Spice22 karma

Ahhh what was that Askreddit "Worst things to hear before surgery?" I think you would qualify.

fuckingsamoan13 karma

No questions really just wanted to say glad your feeling well! Brain surgery is scary! My mom had an acoustic neuroma removed in April of this year, behind the same ear. Her surgery was expected to take that long, but ended up being about 7 hours. She is doing great now, and has less and less 'bad' days where she doesn't feel well.

Five_Spice17 karma

Thank you so much, and I'm glad to hear your mother is doing well and recovering, it definitely takes time but you really do feel stronger everyday.

grisoeil12 karma


Five_Spice17 karma

I know this is going to help, and I'm sorry for being a little cryptic but

Regardless, I wouldn't take any advice from besides perhaps see a therapist? I can't say I've ever had that sort of mindset and I can't really tell you to get better it's something you need to figure out for yourself.

I hope you have a great day anyway, take care.

yolomancer12 karma

Glad you are doing better. Did you get any superpowers?

Five_Spice33 karma

The power to eat my greens without throwing up! and a .5 reduction to spicey food effectiveness.

Joecracko11 karma

Don't you just want to give that chair in the background a hug?

Five_Spice16 karma

Those chairs really suck, I couldn't stand them, they look comfy but no! the backrest is like stone.

Ohgodwhatisthisidont10 karma


Five_Spice13 karma

Yay, congratulations much love :)

coonta9 karma

How do you feel about having a bad ass hair style :D

Five_Spice52 karma

Bad ass.

Nidorosity7 karma

Oh my god, man. Serious props. Just had a surgery to remove a cataract 2 days ago but suddenly that seems like something you could just brush off your shoulder. Get better soon!

Five_Spice13 karma

Hey! All surgery is surgery none the less, thanks for your kind words and I hope your surgery was a success as was mine!

redditopus5 karma

Can you tell us where the tumor was?

Five_Spice18 karma

I found this brilliant MRI scan online, it's not mine but it's fairly identical. It's on the Acoustic nerve.

Tilger5 karma

How did you find out thou had a tumor?

Five_Spice14 karma

MRI scan after a very lengthy process, the audiologist who was responsible for me was rightfully very sceptical, the MRI was really just a precaution, initially they thought it was viral damage of some sort.

I got called, they pulled me in to see the consultant, time with a consultant is very valuable and hard to get without weeks or months of booking, so I was concerned, she essentially told me straight.

Ambroz7894 karma

are you excited to have a sweet battle scar?

Five_Spice13 karma

It's pretty unique I guess! My friends have come up with all sorts of alternative reasons for why I have it.

made_me_laugh4 karma

How was the procedure? And what were the risks associated with it? My best friend has a tumor currently, but it's in the back of his brain in a really delicate spot, from what I'm told. He is still debating whether to get the operation, or to just live it out...the tumor is benign, but it gives him the worst kinds of migrains. He has since cancelled any appointments to get it removed. This one really hits home for me.

Five_Spice16 karma

I would have been able to live a relatively normal life for a few more years before things started to get bad, in fact, when older people, and I mean older people, normally get these sort of things it's either radiation, which is much cheaper than surgery or they live it out because they have a higher chance of dying from something else and the stress of the surgery is not worth it.

A bunch of risks namely facial paralysis, double vision, stroke, facial numbness. Death was an unlikely probability.

I debated the surgery but eventually convinced myself, especially since I don't know how much longer the NHS will be able to dish out these incredibly expensive operations for. But it was hard, either have a few years of normality before having the surgery, but always knowing that you were in fact getting less and less treatable everyday or go with the surgery now and risk dis-figuration.

It is a hard decision to make and of course I can't comment on your friend's choice but I always stand by that you always do what your doctor tells you to do, who's more qualified?

I hope your friend does well, and thanks for asking. Take care.

howtoredditderp3 karma

Not that odd! It sounds like your chorda tympani was affected on that side. It's the nerve that carries taste!

edit: I forgot to ask something, but I haven't anything to ask. Have a good recovery!

Five_Spice10 karma

I had to sign a huge waive before surgery where they had listed practically everything the two consultants could think of, they didn't add this, still! I could not care less, as far as I'm concerned they did a great job, I can still move my face!

jesuswazblack2 karma

You can't taste?? Holy shit I feel you.....

Five_Spice8 karma

I can taste on the right side of my tongue, just not on the left!

yoloswaggins5ever2 karma

1) You're awesome! 2) How/when did you find out about the tumor?

Five_Spice29 karma

wasa3332 karma

What thing about normal life will be the mot difficult do you think after this surgery?

Five_Spice10 karma

Hearing is a real bummer, I cannot hear unless you are either:

A) On my right side. In which case it's fine.

B) In a very quite room.

If you try to talk to me on my left side and we're say, walking down a street, I may catch a few words but it's likely I'll ask you to repeat yourself.

wasa3331 karma

Are you worried about balance at all in the long term?

Five_Spice2 karma

I should be back to normal in a few months, they say total recovery is typically 3-6 months! I've had a few tumbles, but everything will sort itself out. I am by no means as bad as I was.

wasa3331 karma

Thanks for all the answers... Wishing you a speedy recovery from Australia :)

Five_Spice1 karma

No worries, that's why I'm here!

Thanks a bunch :)

eriktheguy1 karma

A surgery into your brain affects your ability to perceive the world and control your own body. Has this affected your sense of self?

Five_Spice2 karma

I certainly think of myself as being far greater than all of you, peasants. /s

Whale-I-Am1 karma

You have the worlds best attitude and I hope the best for you!

Five_Spice1 karma

Aww thanks!

X_Wizard_Pimp_X1 karma

You sound like you're really toughing it out. Great job.

Five_Spice1 karma

Hey thanks, take care :)

tooasianforreddit1 karma

i am intrigued by the way they opened you up. do you know why it's shaped like that?

By the way, congrats!!! Glad youre okay!

Five_Spice4 karma

As far as I've seen it's quite typical for this sort of surgery and thanks!

welcometowendys1 karma

First thing you noticed or did after surgery?

Five_Spice6 karma

Because I was so scared of facial paralysis first thing I did was try to move my face. Biggest delirious sigh of relief ever, first thing I noticed were just how many lines were in me!

Turbotottle1 karma

Friend of mine got his removed 2 years ago, he just got his driver's license back quite recently.

Five_Spice9 karma

I did declare what was happening to the DVLA without lying, they haven't revoked my provisional but there's no way I'm going near a car, it's a shame that the only two widely accepted forms of ID are driving license and passport, I'm not bringing my passport to the bar damn it!

tempe851 karma

You realize you can get an ID that is not a driving license, right?

Five_Spice1 karma

Yeah, I know there are all these CitizenCard and things, but most places reject them. They're so weak and really just a racket since they don't have nearly the amount of proof required to get.

epicrat1 karma

Is everything gone on the left side or just hearing and tasting? Left leg still works?

Five_Spice3 karma

Just hearing and tasting thankfully. The surgeon's did an excellent job.

weedmonkey1 karma

you had pics inside your tumor? WTF?

get well!

Five_Spice2 karma

What do you mean, like MRI scans? Confused.

noturtles1 karma

Hey, just wanted to say that i'm glad that you're feeling well and that i'm impressed with your AMA.

How did you feel going into the surgery? I got my wisdom teeth taken out a month or two ago and was scared for my life (note: I'm a huge pussy). I'd probably be freaking out before a brain surgery!

Five_Spice4 karma

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it and oh my God, I hate dentists so much I would probably rather be in my situation than yours.

I was really scared, I would be lying if I said I wasn't, but the surgeons and especially the anaesthetist was so so so friendly they made me feel much better.

dbgnok1 karma

Congratulations on having your tumor removed! I'm just wondering because I'm a neuromonitoring technician and we monitor acoustic neuroma removals if you had any neuro diagnostic testing performed on you during the operation? some guy or gal (not anesthesia though) would've hooked you up to a whole bunch of electrodes when you got into the OR if you did!

Five_Spice4 karma

Not that I remember, however I would not be half surprised, before the operation there were a lot of people in suits blending in with the surgical team who I had a chance to meet with, afterwards I found out they were specialists from India and Japan conducting some sort of nerve probe study!

Thanks for your curiosity!

JesseBrown4471 karma

How did you find out you had a tumor?

Five_Spice1 karma

MRI scan after a lot of getting bounced around!

cameronKO1 karma

Could you feel the tumor while it was in your body? I'm sure the pressure on your head must have been awful.

Five_Spice2 karma

As far as feeling goes, I wouldn't say I could feel it pushing outwards like a balloon or anything, however I could sense it because it made my tinnitus so bad.

_hey_hi_hello_1 karma

Have you tried to see if you can taste in the BACK of the left side of your tongue? The front and back of the tongue are innervated by different cranial nerves! (Taste for the anterior 2/3 is from the chorda tympani, a branch of the facial nerve, and the taste for the posterior 1/3 is the glossopharyngeal nerve, if you were curious!) You can still feel other sensations because that is again more nerves! Sensation of the anterior 2/3 is from the lingual nerve and sensation of the posterior 1/3 is the same as taste...glossopharyngeal. So if you can feel sensation in the back 1/3, you should also be able to taste...

Five_Spice1 karma

It's very difficult for me to test this I find, I mean I can wet my finger and dip it in a bowl of salt and rub it along the tongue, but I'm not sure I want to stick my finger that far back!

Still thanks for your educated words, take care!

lemonade10941 karma

Was it cancerous? I have a pseudo-tumor (non cancerous) in my head that has caused me headaches my entire life. And every doctor I've been to says surgery is not necessary.

Five_Spice3 karma

No, it would not spread to other parts of my body, however, if I continued to let it grow, the shear pressure would start to kill me, but not for a good few years :)

I hope you manage to find something to help you, that sounds like a real bummer, take care!

clegolf1 karma

Since you can not taste have you considered Soylenta?

Five_Spice1 karma


GeneralTry1 karma

So was the tumor related to cancer at all?

Five_Spice3 karma

No secondary tumours would form as a result of it.

BioDerm1 karma

Okay, so you said don't hold back. BTW, I haven't read through this and I'm just going to throw some hungover thoughts out there.

So, you have a brain tumor which sounds pretty serious and they cut it out. In doing so they fucked up your hearing, taste buds, and god knows what else. And you could still possibly die from this in the "near" future? I mean it could reoccur? I guess my question is....your quality of life is worse now and you could still die, suffer longer, while spending brazillions of monies on future surgeries? I guess it's worth it or you wouldn't do it. I'm in the dark on this and now I'll read through the thread. Just curious man, not hating.

Five_Spice4 karma

Just remember those aren't my brazillions, they're the NHS's. And the doctors recommended that I have the surgery it was inevitable, my probability of dying from it from now on is so negligible it's not worth considering, consider myself cured.

Thanks for your question, curiosity is fine here I think :D!

jgrimm11581 karma

What lead up to you discovering you had a tumor. What kind of symptoms etc did you experience?

Five_Spice2 karma

Mild hearing loss, and very bad tinnitus!

OffalAutopsy1 karma

Sucks that you can't taste bacon anymore man. I will eat a strip for you.

Five_Spice2 karma

I can at least taste half the bacon! But you go ahead and eat that strip, you've earned it!

Mukhers1 karma

Will you shave your head and get more scars so your head resembles a baseball?

Also, kudos for being so cool about what I assume to be a shitty ordeal. Hope you're okay!

Five_Spice1 karma

Not sure how well a baseball would go down in the UK.

Thanks for your comment, take care!

Wrewdorden0 karma

You totally look like MGK with that haircut #LaceUp

Five_Spice5 karma

Ahah, I hope that's a compliment.

I think it's pretty rad however it is one sided currently, I'm waiting for my hair to completely conceal the scar, then I'm going to cut the other side to match.

I get the strangest looks.

BeardMilk3 karma

Chicks Dudes dig scars.

Five_Spice5 karma

epicrat0 karma

Were you conscious through the operation of did they put you out?

noturtles2 karma

oh god.

Five_Spice2 karma

Thankfully I was out.

ala-akbar-10 karma

What are you talking about?

Five_Spice5 karma