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Dude! We're scar buddies! Mine wasnt a brain tumour though. It was a Glomus on my jugular (1/2million chance! :( ) & I too have complete loss of hearing on my right side but its due to them having to sever & sew up my ear canal. So my ear still works...on the inside. The whole right side of my face and shoulder was numb for weeks but its mostly recovered now with just a tingly feeling (after 4 years!). I also just found out after a check up scan that there is a tiny bit left in there but it grows so slow I shouldnt worry...apparently. Pic: http://i.imgur.com/LNGOgyC.jpg EDIT: Math fail

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Cheers :) Yeah mine goes down my neck a bit further. They had some tubes coming out it shortly after the surgery, to drain lovely yellowy fluid into a bag...which was fun. I also smiled like two face for a while till the nerves came back. The surgery was 15 hours and as you say, i remember a nurse or someone asking what job i have then the next thing people are asking me if I can hear them and my whole body is in pins & needles, tingling everywhere! lol I got a pic of one of my MRIs actually..ill dig it out & upload later Good luck with your nerves, taste etc and have a speedy recovery. I dont envy your balance problems, i was lucky my balance center wasnt affected. Get well sooN! :D

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Hi Declan, did anybody you met come onto you when you met them? Unwanted or otherwise? :) Your show at the Edinburgh fringe was fantastic by the way!

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I was going to ask something related actually - has anyone unfollowed you after a meetup or a request for a meetup?

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Haha haha and I was so harshly rejected! Lol