Hi Reddit,

I am a developer for Armor Games. I've created games such as Crush the Castle, Sushi Cat, Phage Wars, Demolition City, and many more. You can check out the list of games I made here. You can also follow me on Twitter.

I have just released my new game Crush the Castle Adventures (plug, plug).

Some obligatory Reddit proof here. :D

EDIT: Thanks for the awesome questions guys. You guys rock! I think I'm gonna get back to work now though. I might pop in later if I get some time.

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atoms1212356 karma

What was your reaction when you first saw Angry Birds and it's growing popularity? (Compared to Crush the Castle.)

Also, how'd you come up with the idea for Phage Wars? I love it.

Thanks for doing what you do.

joeybetz70 karma

Totally expected this question. When I first saw it, I thought "What a rip off". Especially when they had a 'crushthecastle' tag in the game. When it started growing in popularity it's become kind of flattering really. I've heard from a few sources that they had a game that wasn't fun but then they played Crush the Castle and decided to change the game. If that's true, then it's awfully flattering that they chose my game to "copy". :P

Sir500019 karma

A few questions...

How has it been working/interacting with both Newgrounds and Armor Games community/staff?

A lot of your work, such as Crush the Castle and Sushi Cat, are made in Flash. What work is involved in order to port to mobile devices (does iOS do AS?)?

I love your work, and hope to see many more great games in the future!

joeybetz12 karma

I work for AG full time so I get to hang out with this awesome crew every day. We're just a bunch of nerdy gamers that love what we do. I haven't personally talked with many Newgrounds folks (sadly) but I've always wanted to meet more of them. They seem like they would be in the same boat as us.

We kind of prefer the native ports on iOS and Android over porting our Flash games, so we almost always go for a contract person(s). We're definitely looking into things like Unity though as our main development platform gong forward though. Especially for the performance and ease of cross platform support.

rolfraikou1 karma

I'm glad to see this. I've really liked some of the stuff I've seen done in Unity for mobile.

Though I have to ask, if you saw more scalability in say, UDK or Cryengine do you see yourself going that route?

Or do you prefer the more user-friendly over power-house?

joeybetz4 karma

Price is a big concern for every indie developer, so if an engine can offer an amazing set of tools for much cheaper than their competitors, I'm all for it. Right now, Unity fits the bill.

spqx2 karma

Can I ask why, with price being a major part of your phrasing, Unity is the most promising solution? It's not that cheap, especially when taking a scattershot approach. Even UDK would likely be cheaper on a title-to-title basis for many projects, though grossly overpowered for what AG does.

For cross-compatibility of games in the style I remember AG for, I feel as though cocos2d (or a variant thereof) with box2d and chipmunk would fulfill all the needs, and there's an ever-increasing cast of IDE's for smoothing that road out for unaccustomed team members. It has flash familiarity and and javascript familiarity and seems like it would fit a web-experienced team perfectly. Not to mention it packs down incredibly well compared to Unity games.

I'm not saying you're wrong to be looking at Unity -- I'm just curious as to what led you there.

joeybetz6 karma

It was a hard choice to be honest. Not something I took lightly. I think I appreciate the room to grow with Unity. We haven't dabbled in 3D much here, but I don't want to rule that out as an option in case we ever do. It also came down to familiarity as well. I had been doing a ton of research on Unity while working on CTCA and I felt like I just needed to make something with it. I don't want to rule out any platform though, as I don't feel like one platform rules them all. If something 'better' comes along, then I can assume we will move on.

spqx2 karma

I shouldn't be too surprised seeing as you're someone whose name I recognized without the rest of the headline, but I admit I still wasn't expecting three very solid reasons plus an open minded leadout.

Cheers mate, and thanks for taking the time!

PS my girlfriend loves Sushi Cat, and every time she plays it she asks "you like cute fun things, how come the games you make aren't like this??" So you get an extra thanks -- for making my relationship both more enjoyable and more difficult.

joeybetz3 karma

Haha. I don't intended to affect any relationships with my games, but I'll take the compliment. Cheers!

lonestar5052 karma

Why not use the starling framework?

joeybetz3 karma

I used Starling for CTCA. It works really well, but the GPU support for flash player either isn't amazing or most people are running tiny netbooks to play flash games. Either way, it was a rough experience for a select few players.

wisconsinrules819 karma

I love Sushi Cat I replay them all the time!!!!

joeybetz11 karma

Aw, very cool. Thanks for the support. :D

pbplyr3813 karma

How do you get started in developing games? It's incredibly interesting to me, but when I start to get into it I get so overwhelmed. What tools do you recommend for someone like me to learn the basics and get into the field?

joeybetz10 karma

I started like any young lad would, by going to college. I went into it not knowing a thing about programming and ended up loving it.

I got overwhelmed a ton of times. I had a real problem with vector math actually. My best advice would be to just find a tool/book/resource that you can understand and learn from it. Not all learning materials are created equal, but I'll bet there is one out there that helps.

For someone starting out, go for anything that's free. It might not be the best out there, but at least you didn't spend money on something you don't like to use.

Leviktuz8 karma

When Crush The Castle came out, I thought it had a unique and fun gameplay to it. It is one of the few flash games that have interested me. Was the mechanic of knocking down structures influenced by another game or was yours the first of its kind?

And how did you feel about Angry Birds taking over the genre?

joeybetz11 karma

It kind of been a burden really. I want to make more Crush the Castle games, but I feel like they're flooding the market a bit. And now that they have a massive team with tons of developers, it gets harder and harder to make them relevant in the genre. Crush the Castle Adventures is the best I can do with a year and a half of development time and only a handful of developers.

Leviktuz5 karma

Yeah, I've noticed that.

But was yours the first or were you inspired by another game that was similar?

joeybetz10 karma

Ah yeah, so we had a game launch on Armor Games called Castle Clout that was really awesome. My boss was talking with the developer at the time and I guess he mentioned to him about doing a version that was "Armor Games" themed. My boss paid the developer a lump sum for the idea and we went from there. I wish I could take credit for the idea, but such is the game industry. That's why I say I'm mostly flattered by Angry Birds because they may or may not have been inspired by a game I made. :)

ikahjalmr1 karma

I remember playing castle clout and thinking it was the most fun flash game I'd played. Then I played crush the castle and was blown away, I couldn't stop playing it over and over when I found it. I was also annoyed about the angry birds craze because I knew people were missing out on these older games that I felt sure were the inspiration.

Just wanted to let you know I've always loved your games, CTC had been probably my all time favorite flash game. Glad to hear you're enjoying your work

joeybetz2 karma

Thanks for the kind words. Means a lot.

I do feel like CTC became the Angry Birds of Castle Clout at some point. I bet an even greater game will come along and become the Angry Birds to Angry Birds as well. ;)

Denault6 karma

  1. how much can one expect to make by going into this endeavor?

  2. how much time does each game take?

  3. where did you get that awesome music for crush the castle?

joeybetz9 karma

  1. I have always worked full time as a developer for Armor Games, so I haven't had a chance to work in the sponsorship model myself. I hear it's anywhere from $1k to +$30k, depending on the quality game.
  2. It takes anywhere from 8 hours to several years to make a game. I would say on average (for a flash game) a couple months. That number grows with larger titles though.
  3. His name is David Orr and he is awesome. He did all of the sound fx as well. Super nice guy and very talented.

ChrisJeffGames5 karma

Judging by your proof picture, you're strangely startled. Care to elaborate why Mr Betz?

On a more serious note, how're you feeling now Crush the Castle Adventures is now out the door? I mean it's definitely been a huge part of you for over a year!

joeybetz6 karma

I was candidly carrying a Reddit printout and a Sushi Cat plushie when Justin in the office took my picture. Caught me off guard.

It's both a huge relief and a scary feeling a the same time. For anyone who's never released a game, it's a strange feeling to explain.

qwertzyxcvb4 karma

Do you have any plans for a new Sushi Cat game?

joeybetz2 karma

I have a few ideas floating in my head. They're mostly changes in gameplay really. Trying to extend Sushi Cat into different and hopefully more fun ways to play. :D

qwertzyxcvb1 karma

Do you plan a level editor?

joeybetz1 karma

I don't have one planned, but I really love it when players mod my games for some reason. Level editors add development time sadly, but I will remember that for future reference. ;)

Endulos4 karma

I absolutely loved CTC1 and 2. They were actually what got me into playing flash games. Prior to playing CTC I considered all flash games to be completely stupid and a waste of time compared to "real" games. So, thanks for that!

Now for an actual question: Are we ever going to see Crush The Castle TD 2?

joeybetz7 karma

Wow, thanks.

I would love to tackle another CTC TD game. I don't have anything planned, but I think it could do for a sequel.

Nume-noir3 karma

How really difficult is it to get a game released on AG? I mean...in what stage should a developer message them, what should a person tell them, ask for, expect? D: argh there is so many questions I want to ask!

Anyways, Hope you'll enjoy this AMA and people won't skin you afterwards :)

joeybetz6 karma

Well it's easy for me as I work for AG full time, but I can imagine how frustrating it can be for other developers. I would say a completed, or nearly completed but currently fun game would be the selling point to getting noticed. I don't really dabble in that part of the company dealings, but if you message me directly I can put you into touch with the right person for the job. ;)

jcaseys343 karma

I read somewhere that the guys that made Angry Birds got the idea from Crush the Castle, is that true?

joeybetz2 karma

I only heard that they had a game that wasn't very fun and played CTC and decided last minute to change the gameplay. Just what I heard though. ;)

DaBigPapi3 karma

What kind of job did you want to have when you were "grown up" and also, what kind of degree did you get in college?

joeybetz3 karma

Oh man. As a kid I wanted to be all kinds of things. An astronaut, a chef, marine biologist, and many more. I think it was hard to find something that I was interested in for a long period of time. I'm lucky game development allows me to dabble in any one of those career fields any time I want. :D

I have a bachelors in science, majoring in game development. And I'm not afraid to use it.

DaBigPapi1 karma

Thats awesome! I am going to college in the fall, I am interested in developing maybe a few indie games like you, but I want a business degree and I don't think my school has anything for games. What should I do? Look into programming and all that jazz on the side?

joeybetz2 karma

That isn't a question that I or anybody else should be answering for you. I can only tell you what I did. I wish you nothing but the best though. Seriously. ;)

ElbowsBrandtjr3 karma

Were you the sole creator of crush the castle

joeybetz6 karma

I was the programmer/designer, but in no means was I the sole developer. I worked with Conartist on the first 4 games and Jimp on CTCA. I also worked with many level designers, a few music composers, and many other talented people.

PiDayCat2 karma

I love Sushi Cat. I was introduced by a friend and still replay all the levels when I need to de-stress.

Is there any reason it has such a major glitch where it will get stuck to the obstacles until I restart the game (this is on an iPod Touch)?

joeybetz2 karma

Ah, the old pinch glitch. From time to time Sushi Cat will get stuck. It came down to poor level design really. We tried to eliminate all possibilities of it, but in some rare cases it still occurs. I think in the later flash versions, I've attempted to iron that bug out, but it's such a hit or miss.

iandouglas2 karma

Joey, Y U NO LIKE PAINTBALL? Miss ya bro, call ya up for some sushi next time I'm in town. 'Cause I know you love sushi as much as paintball. Or beer.

joeybetz3 karma

Whenever you're back in town, I will personally take you out. Maybe we can hit up Jersey Mikes for old times sake. <3

Raycu2 karma

What is your favorite game? How do you feel about the similarity between Bug wars and phage wars. (Love both) Which were you most proud of when it released, and before any reviews were written. Thanks for reading, bye.

joeybetz2 karma

Favorite game would have to be Half Life 2. It's kinda my thing. :P

I don't feel like I own the genre of Phage Wars really. It's inspiration was drawn from Galcon anyways, so I can't take credit for it. I suppose it's up to the players to decide on favorites.

I was fairly proud of a few games actually; Monster Bark, Sushi Cat, and Crush The Castle probably the most.

Mankyspoon2 karma

What's the best game you've played in the last 12 months and why?

joeybetz6 karma

Best game hands down would be Saints Row The Third. Especially in co-op. :P

pangtongshu2 karma

Guess who?! =D

Do you guys really do crazy antics in the office like I like to imagine? What kind of antics? (if you do so)

If I was to come and visit you guys, would we partay?

I saw a question pertaining to Boppins..so I ask, is Ferret as quirky as he seems? And how would you describe yourself?

How did you come to work for Armor Games? (pssst..I has a thread in the forums that all you admins could answer this question in "But What was the Cause/Reason?")

Thoughts on that pang character? Heard he was a nut-job

joeybetz2 karma

We do silly/fun things from time to time in the office. You have to have fun in this industry though. If you're not having fun making games then you're not making fun games.

I think we could come up with some fun things to do. As long as you're nice. :P

Ferret is even quirkier in person, but I find that he and I are a lot alike. Probably why we get along so well.

I was making client games for another company and was getting a bit frustrated by the lack of creativity you had in them. I was messaged by Dan from AG and I suppose the rest is history. That was like 4-5 years ago too. I feel old all of a sudden.

Tasselfoot2 karma

Why do you look just like that kid from Hot Tub Time Machine?

joeybetz3 karma

Why does the kid from Hot Tub Time Machine look like me? :P (PS. Haven't seen it, but I should totally watch that movie now)

bomtoons2 karma

where is the best place to get gas in bakersfield?

joeybetz1 karma

Costco it seems. Cheapest prices I could find. Enjoy your trip. :P

Cognuss2 karma

Phage wars is one of the most wonderfully unique games I've ever played. I can't tell you how many times I've beaten it and happily started again.

What was the inspiration for Phage Wars? Was it cellular/microbe sort of thing or was it a completely different inspiration altogether?

Keep up the good work!

joeybetz3 karma

I was playing Galcon in college and I had just finish studying AI programming. I was looking into a senior project at the time I had overheard my teacher talking about microbes to another student. When I started doing some research on the subject, it became clear that microbial warfare was the way to go.

namkash2 karma

I love your games. A friend and me are trying to make one in Flash but it's harder that it looks :S

  1. What steps do you make while developing a new game?

  2. Of all the games you've developed, which one do you like most? Why?

  3. Where did you get your degree in Game Development????


joeybetz3 karma

  1. Have a rock solid idea. If it's not amazing, work on it till it is. If you're not enjoying the game, then how can you expect other players to.
  2. I really enjoyed making Sushi Cat for some reason. I know that if I go back in time and ask myself the same question I would say otherwise, but it's become nostalgic now.
  3. I got my degree at Westwood College (the ones with the terrible commercials). ;)

Malcaiah2 karma

Will there be another Sushi Cat game? It is one of the few awesome flash game series that my children and I both play. Sushi Cat rocks! Thank you for creating it. I'll be sure to check out your new game as well.

joeybetz2 karma

I hope so. Nothing planned, but it's one of my favorite series to make so far.

ridgeg2 karma

I'm a high school programmer, and i was just wondering what you use (programming language as well as any game developing software) to make your amazing games.

Keep up the great work!

Edit: one more thing: have you heard of nitrome games?

joeybetz3 karma

I code in AS3 as part of my career, but I've dabbled in few other languages over the years. I use FlashDevelop as my go to programming IDE for AS3. It's free (but you should totally donate) and it's awesome.

Good luck and happy coding though. :D

Ragnar_D1 karma

How does it make you feel having given countless children things to do in class?

joeybetz1 karma

Ha, never had it put that way before. I would say that those are not hours wasted but hours spent wisely. ;)

Rogpog7771 karma

Would you like to make a game using voice actors and can I be one for you? I could do a wicked "dying medieval soldier #3".

joeybetz1 karma

I would love to do voice over work in my games, it just comes down to money sadly. Voice over can be expensive at times.

katekaos1 karma

Just popping by to say I was playing CTC last night and saw this and thought Reddit was reading my mind. Sushi Cat rocks too! Those are two games that helped inspire me to start working on making my own little games. Thanks!

joeybetz1 karma

Congrats on starting to make games. It's a long road, but well worth it.

ChampionLeague1 karma

A few questions (if you get the chance to answer them): 1. How many lines of code do you think is about the average for your games? 2. What programming languages out there today would you say are the best for game development? 3. How many programming languages do you know? 4. How can a high school engineering student get more involved in professional programming like this?

joeybetz1 karma

  1. I wish I knew how many lines per game. That would be an awesome stat to get. Maybe some analytics on how many errors per day as well. :P
  2. This is kind of one of those "pick your poison" kind of answers. There is no best programming language, only the one that can reach the audience you're going after.
  3. Not enough. I want to learn them all.
  4. Take a class in college (or in your high school if you have one). It's not the cheapest way of doing it, but it's probably the most effective (at least for me it was). You'll eventually reach a point where you can study other languages much easier because you had that formal education prior.

arobegamr1 karma

I'd like to start off by saying I absolutely love the Sushi Cat series.
One of my absolute favorites.

I've released three games on Mochi Games, but I want to release my next project on Armor, and hopefully get in sponsored. I know Armor has very high standards, so I'd like to ask:

In your experience, what makes a game resonate with the players, making it more than just a time killer, but something they will play again and again?

joeybetz1 karma

Awesome gameplay and infinite content (or at least as infinite as you can get it). When I released Crush the Castle back in 2008, we launched with an in game editor. Players could make their own castles and share them with each other. That game and the games following it have had the most return players out of any I've made. It was a small feature at the time, but it gave players a reason to come back.

Another way is procedural generation. If you can create an experience, that when played again, is different and somehow new, then players can enjoy the game in different ways. Take Minecraft for example. That game is never the same when you play it again, plus they're always releasing new content for it.

tilsitforthenommage1 karma

I never realised you had made all those games, most of them are my favourite "reddit is boring" go to games, they are pretty different from each other the cutness of sushi cat and the starkness of pixel grower. It's pretty freaking awesome. Not to mention the addictiveness and perfectionism of crush the castle.

Question time though,

Coffee or tea? Fancy or frugal? Milk or no? fried chicken or poached eggs? Chips or Popcorn?

joeybetz2 karma

Ha, sadly neither. I stopped drinking caffeine a few years ago. I can only have like herbal tea (naturally decaf) now. But yeah, fried chicken and chips. Mmmm....

tilsitforthenommage1 karma

Works for me, what kind of herbal is it? I recently discovered pure lavender tea and it's pretty epic.

oh and did John ask you about using sushi cat in his game Corporation Inc

joeybetz2 karma

Whatever decaf tea I can get really. I'm not partial.

And I'm not even sure if he even asked to be honest. I think I would have been OK with it either way. :)

DannDax1 karma

What's next?

joeybetz2 karma

Good question. I think that will have to wait till the next AMA (if there is one). ;)

Myker1 karma

Phage Wars and Phage Wars 2 are some of the most fun flash games I have ever played. Thank you so much for the wonderful entertainment.

Are there any plans for Phage Wars 3? If not, then: Can you please create Phage Wars 3 for me? Thank you :)

joeybetz1 karma

Aw, thanks. I have no plans for Phage Wars 3, but it's not ruled out by any means. ;)

chemman51 karma

CTC is still one of my favorite games ever. I spent a lot of time playing that. What is the best thing about being a game creator?

joeybetz3 karma

The fans of course. They're just so awesome. :D

assarb1 karma

Hello, i just wanted to say i love your work and i really love your games. How does it feel to have created some of the most popular flash games out there, and how does it feel that alot of the current flash developers steal alot from you?

And final question, i know you didnt create this is the only level, but i was wondering if you enjoy those game and what you think of the latest installment in the series, and what do you think of John in general?

joeybetz1 karma

I'm kind of flattered when it does happen. It's kind of like developing open source software and someone takes it a does amazing things with it. You can't help but be flattered.

John is an amazing friend. We worked together for 4-5 years and I don't think I can say enough good things about him. Everything he touches becomes gold. ;)

torp2521 karma

Have you ever thought about becoming apart of a better game company? And did you go through college because I've coded a flash game before.

joeybetz2 karma

I think better is always subjective as I don't feel like Armor Games could be considered subpar to any other company. When you work with talented people and have an amazing community around your games, there is nothing better out there.

MineMann1 karma

How did you port the games into mobile?

joeybetz1 karma

We hired a few contractors actually. I kind of wish I did them myself, but I was busy with other projects when they needed to be ported.

maverickpisces1 karma

Sushi cat is so awesome and cute! I love playing both games. Do you plan on making a 3rd Sushi Cat?

joeybetz3 karma

Maybe, depends on many things. If anything it'd be a new gameplay mechanic featuring Sushi Cat.

TimTomTank1 karma

Are there any plans to make a new phage wars? Possibly a desktop version of it?

joeybetz2 karma

No plans currently, but I don't want to rule it out.

echisholm1 karma

I've really got to know: are you pissed off at Rovio for hogging all the glory for a game genre that you basically invented?

joeybetz3 karma

Not really. I didn't invent the game genre so I don't feel like I own it.

erykthebat1 karma

So if you could be locked in a room with the lead guys from Rovio and there would be no consequences , how messy would that room be?

joeybetz2 karma

To be honest, we would probably have a good time. I said this to someone earlier, I think I might be over qualified to work at Rovio as I have been doing this longer than them. :P

TheTimLee1 karma

You literally saved me from boring college days with Crush The Castle. Peggle was also a staple of my teenage years. What's the best part about your job at Armor Games?

joeybetz1 karma

I think it's a toss up between the talented folks I work with and the amazing fans. Both make my job so much more rewarding.

ianhamilton_1 karma

Hope I'm not too late! Have you thought about gamers with disabilities in any of your work? I'd be interested in hearing about anything at all, from colorblindness upwards

joeybetz1 karma

I can't say that I'm the best at this, but I can say that I'm usually conscience about distinguishing colors and shapes mostly. I know I strive for simpler controls as much as I can as well, but sometimes complex controls are unavoidable. I usually don't like to make games that ask too much from players, but I know that's debatable. I hope I answered your question.

FriendlyRogueAI1 karma

Why don't more flash games have level editors ? They seem like an easy way to create a lot of new content.

joeybetz1 karma

I think development time is really the concern. You either have to make them really user friendly or provide a very detailed set of instructions with them. Otherwise you won't get the best bang for your buck.

mindputty1 karma

I'm back in school to get my B.Sc. in computer science. I did it because I want to make games. However, after a year in, I realize that there are actually Bachelor's degrees specializing in Game Dev. Did I make a wrong choice, and should I switch before I waste more time, or can I use my B.Sc. towards getting hired at a game development studio or going about the solo route? If it doesn't matter much, what would you guess are some of the major differences in getting a B.Sc. in Game Dev (so I can go out and get some reading material to supplement)?

joeybetz1 karma

The biggest difference would have to be learning game design as well as programming. I suppose another difference would be making games instead of making generic software as your course projects. Both of these differences can be learned on the side though, if you're so inclined.

TrucksNShit1 karma

What is it you have against castles exactly? Those personal attacks are starting to become excessive.

joeybetz3 karma

When I was a kid, a bunch of punk castles cornered me in the school yard and started calling me names. I came home with a black eye that day and I vowed to crush every castle in existence. And I mean EVERY CASTLE!!!

Byehaveagreattime1 karma

How is it like working with Jimp?

joeybetz1 karma

He rocks! No better way of putting it. I know I put him through a lot for CTCA, but I hope we can make many more games together. :D

Bigfoot-Daisey1 karma

Demolition City with zombies in the buildings who try to throw up on the dynamite to stop it. Demolition city is my favorite . keep up the great games your awesome.

joeybetz1 karma

I've always wondered what I can do to make another Demolition City game. I think zombies might just be the answer to my problems. (Never thought I would utter those words to be honest.)

HarryDicke1 karma

Crush the Castle is awesome! Love that game!

Keep up the great work.

joeybetz1 karma


twosinxcosx1 karma


joeybetz2 karma

I think it depends on the audience you're going for. For the casual space, you want quick, fun gameplay. You want them to be able to play the game during their lunch break and enjoy "wasting" time on your game. When it comes to the hard core space, you want to keep them engrossed in your game. This comes in the form of story, aesthetics, etc. Catering to both is hard, but it can be done. I think first and foremost, the gameplay has to be fun, and then you can build on top of that.

Ktmktmktm1 karma

Do you remember when armorgames was games of gondor?

joeybetz1 karma

Ha, I don't personally as that was before I joined the team. I do hear about it often though. :P

comediekid1 karma

Can you use you influence in the gaming world to find out what the exact location of the servers on which Candy Crush is hosted? I'd like to blow it to smithereens.

joeybetz1 karma

Haha. You're right though, that game is everywhere. It's the next Angry Birds. :P

triwa1 karma

-What software do you use to program your games?

-Do you prefer object oriented or procedural?

joeybetz1 karma

I use FlashDevelop to make my games mostly. I prefer OOP, but that's only because I was taught it from the start. I think procedural is good for scripting (ie. Unity) as you don't need the bulk of a Object for everything.

packetOFfries1 karma

Do you have any advice for a young budding programmer?

joeybetz2 karma

Stick with it. It's not easy, but it's really rewarding. Work on stuff you like first before working on stuff other people like. You'll have a lot more appreciation for it.

p0wnd1 karma

Do you have a typical process when you get an idea for a game? Could you give us shitty game designers any insight or tips on how you make things 'fun'?

joeybetz2 karma

Ideas are a dime a dozen. You're friends and family are usually proof of that. The difference is execution. On a typical game, you offer up a challenge for the player. Defeat these enemies, solve this puzzle, etc. The value for the player to keep playing comes in how you reward them for their efforts. Unlock new weapon, gift an awesome trophy, etc. The balance of how much you challenge and how much you reward is the science behind games and why some games succeed and why some do not. There are a whole host of other factors in game design (aesthetics, story, multiplayer, etc.), but the key is to play test the game a ton. I mean a TON. If you don't enjoy the game, then it's hard to say other will.

Roxxar1231 karma

Joey Betz, I think you're awesome.

But why did Jimp do the art for CTCA instead of Con Artist?

joeybetz1 karma

Aw, thanks. You're awesome as well. :D

Con was busy doing The Last Stand Dead Zone (very selfish of him ;). And Jimp is just an awesome, super nice, super talented guy. He was a perfect match for the style we were going for.

troll_magnet1 karma

Dude, you are awesome. Seriously. I have spent so much time playing your games. I hope you keep doing what you love so we can keep loving what you do!

joeybetz1 karma

Judging by your name, I don't know if I should take it as a complement. I will though, just to be nice. :P

oldsmell1 karma

What indie games are you looking forward to in the next 6 months?

joeybetz1 karma

I'm most excited for is Sir You Are Being Hunted, Starbound, and Delvers Drop. Whether or not these games come out in the next 6 months has yet to be determined.

ChrisJeffGames1 karma

On a scale of 1 to OH MY GOD I AM GOING TO DIE, how are you feeling?


I have to say Con has the best expression though!

joeybetz1 karma

I would say on a scale of 1 to OH MY GOD I AM GOING TO DIE, I would be at about a OH MY GOD THERE'S A SPIDER IN THE SHOWER. :P

KingFlash1 karma

Robbie from FlashMush here. First off love your games. You're easily one of my favorite developers.

Also, while I know you just released a new game (Crush the Castle Adventures), any new projects you're already working on?

joeybetz3 karma

Well CTCA is still being updated with new content, so I'll be working on updates for quite a while.

Elsewhere, I've been looking into Unity a lot lately so I've been trying to come up with some ideas around that platform. I really like Unity so far, so we'll see what comes of it.

Misterlolie1 karma

How did you come up with sushi cat? And any advice for someone who starts programming?

joeybetz3 karma

Sushi Cat came from me attempting to make soft body physics. I had made a demo of something running and sent it over to my artist Jimp and he came up with the idea of a cat eating sushi. The rest of the game was just us having fun with the idea.

My advise would be to study hard and work on completing a project, start to finish. There is no greater experience than having a completed game under your belt.

[deleted]1 karma


joeybetz2 karma

He's twice as nerdy as you might assume. :P

greeny741 karma


joeybetz5 karma

I'll give you two hints: A) It's near the end. B) How does CTCA normally "hide" blocks from the player? ;)

mfsmyx1 karma

Always used to play on Armor Games. What's your favorite flash game that you did not participate in the making of?

joeybetz3 karma

I really love the Achievement Unlocked series, but I can't say I wasn't present for the development of each of them. I enjoyed The Last Stand Dead Zone quite a bit as well.

HappyHomecow1 karma

I love CtC and Sushi Cat, great work! What was the hardest game to develop?

joeybetz3 karma

Crush the Castle Adventures has been the hardest game so far. It's been a rocky development, but I'm so glad to have that game released now.

Epace1 karma

I notice a lot of your games are driven by physics. Is this a direction you want to continue when it comes to game design?

joeybetz2 karma

I guess physics games are something of a 'hobby' of mine but it's hard to say they define me. I think it's just that the games that have been my most popular are games revolving around physics. I really like dabbling in anything and everything though.

ArmorGames1 karma

What are the best/worst flavors of jelly belly beans?

joeybetz2 karma

So worst flavor by far is Buttered Popcorn. I know some people say Black Licorice, but I get the most cringe out of Buttered Popcorn.

Arceus211 karma

Who do you sit next to?

joeybetz2 karma

I sit between Larry (Head of Web Development) and Ron (Many-hats-designer). I find that this spot has the best AC to window ratio for the room.

brentdude1230 karma

Xbox One, PS4, or Wii U?

joeybetz2 karma

PS4, but only because I played it at E3 and already have it pre-ordered. I might be biased.