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I'm sure he was 100 times faster than everyone else to respond. /poortaste joke

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Only DLC I'll ever pay for.

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BTW, I was vegetarian for three years, because it made me feel better. Your best friends are now as follows: Eggplant parmesan sandwiches (very hearty if you get them from the right establishments, if the first one you get isn't your fancy, shop around) Mushrooms, especially portabella to make burgers out of. Beans.

I was never a big fan of veggie burger patties because they had weird patties, always tended to be too soft, and leave weird after tastes.

For me it wasn't the flavor of meat I craved, but the heartyness of it. The above items filled the "void" for me very easily.

I only caved and stopped being a vegetarian when I got really bad food poisoning once, and after having not eaten for days, all I wanted was tacos for some reason. But honestly, in those three years up to that event I never missed it once.

I love fish, I keep contemplating cutting red meat from my diet again, because every time I eat it I feel like crap. Good luck finding what works for you.

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A lot of people seem to forget, a streamer may play an unknown game on the offchance that it really takes off. Then their video was one of, if not the first of said newly popular game. Markiplier's career basically started on various, mostly crappy (some really good) horror games. If he had played only mainstream games I question if his popularity would have rocketed off the way it did.

And on top of this, it seems like 30% of the population thinks that 50% of the internet is being paid to say things.

I've already been accused of being paid by disney to say I like the new star wars movie.