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Hi Mrs. Clyburn. There's something that's been bothering me for a long time: Why has nobody taken any serious antitrust action against cable providers and ISPs, seeing how there has been a fairly large amount of evidence that at least a few companies have created cartel-like local situations that inhibit any real semblance of free trade, and prevent consumers from having any real choice in the given market outside of a tightly controlled oligopoly?

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It is blown out of proportion. Various studies have been done regarding the sub-sonic "hum" and shadow effects on rotating blades, with nothing confirmed coming from either series of studies. Most think it's psychosomatic.

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Nah. The limiting factor on speeds isn't the blades really, its the gearbox. Converter designs have a synchronization and super-sync design that allows them to compensate and provide power output for speeds well above optimal.

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Each turbine model is designed for different opwer outputs at optimal wind speeds, which can be rather low (some designs are as low as 2.1m/s). Generally, the most popular turbines in the US are designed for either 1.8 MW ideal output, or 2.5/2.75MW output, although Siemens and Vestas have higher output units available in the US as well.

Generally, cost for an industrial unit is somewhere between $2-4 million, plus construction costs.

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If it makes you feel better, oftentimes it has the opposite effects in the military. Being forced to work side by side with them, depending on them and having them depend on you, trusting your life to them, changes you a bit.