Link to my original AMA

  • Well I guess that is is :\ I was really hoping for a more variety of questions. I had so many answers to give!

Come on people!! Ask me literally anything!! I'm an open book! But I LOVE talking about my job :)

Alright guys, I am exhausted, only got home an hour ago due to blowing a tire back to the yard, keep asking and I'll answer anything I can in the morning! Good night reddit!

Alright guys I am back! I am now more experienced, had more time to learn and can answer more questions about the industry! I have had the great opportunity to learn so much more about this job than expected since my last AMA.

Everyone listen!! Please for the sake of humanity. If you have garbage collection or recycling collection and you are home when they drive by, give em a water or Gatorade or anything cold. It's literally 100+ degrees all week and yeah we should come prepared but have some kindness please. We has 2 guys hospitalized this week due to heat.

I will post updated pictures when I can.

I have more stories to share this time and have been injured twice now haha!

*One side note. Last time I had misinformation about the number of trucks in our fleet, I was told almost 300 but it is actually around 160-200. I apologize do that!!! :(

I am a recycling collector because I work on a recycling collection truck. For ever 3 trash routes, there is 1 recycling route. (That should put into perspective the amount of time spent on the truck) On Thursdays I am what we call a swing laborer due to my main driver being a Saturday worker so I work on a different truck every thursday covering other helpers who are off, so many times I am a trash hauler

I work for a company in Northern Virginia (United States of America) called American Disposal and we service over 3 millions customers weekly, run around 100 rear loader trucks, 30 front end loader trucks and 30 roll-off container trucks. I have been working in this profession for over a year now and I have made t decision! I absolutely love my job, but at the same time I hate every aspect if it. I work 60 hours a week, arrive to the yard at 4:15am, punch in at 4:30, leave at 4:50 and start the route around 5:00am. We work all day, only taking breaks to go to the landfill and back to the route, and the occasional 7-11 or McDonalds stop for food if we didn't pack anything. Finish around 4pm some days earlier, some days later.

Not sure how I can really prove it, but this album should help ;)

Album 1, the day in the life of trash man

I am prepared for any and all questions. I am currently on the truck so if I don't get to you I will shortly, we are picking up farm country in nokesville, Bristow, Manassas and hayharket so I won't be on the step for more than 10 mins at a time.

Another Every wonder where your trash cans come from? Ol' girls had a long day Another pic? One moreWe

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Any mods reading. If you can edit titles can you add "Part 2" to the end of my title

frankgrimes138 karma

What is the typical pay for a sanitation engineer?

This may get me down voted, but I value your services far more than firemen and policemen.


SubzeroMK62 karma

As said before. All is different but we start helpers at 102.50 a day.

As for down voted who cares. Many people do. But all is service personnel have to work together. Given respect between us all equally.

Without fireman your lazy cat would still be in that tree, your fat ass would still be stuck in that toilet and your home would be burnt to a crisp.

Without police you probably wouldn't be alive today.

Without us your streets would be overflowing with garbage.

So give respect where respect is due!

Eastcorn15 karma

your last line should have been:

"Don't FUCK with us"

SubzeroMK4 karma

I was to bust concentrating on working lol

DreadedGonzo15 karma

Is there a presence of organized crime in the industry?

SubzeroMK20 karma

There used to be.

My grandfather and great grandfather were in that shit in NY bck in the day

DreadedGonzo6 karma

That's pretty awesome, in a way. Adds a cool little story to the profession.

On a totally unrelated topic, any idea if the grandchildren of your grandpa's "coworkers" are hiring? I need to do a different form of customer service.

SubzeroMK17 karma

Haha unfortunately we no longer associate with my dads side of the family for they are still involved in the mafia.

srsherm2 karma

Can you elaborate? What sort of crime and why your profession?

SubzeroMK14 karma

Ignorance is bliss and ignorance is also non incriminating.

[I am in this profession because it pays well and it's job security. I have not quit for one reason] my little girl at home.

Plus I get paid to fucking workout all day. I pulls TONS AND TONS of shit every week by hand yo.

EccentricBolt14 karma

No question, but when I was a kid, I loved "helping" the garbage man throw my trash in the back.

Thanks. 8 year old me thought that was the coolest job ever.

SubzeroMK14 karma

Get a job doing it! It's awesome!!

DisplayofCharacter11 karma

First of all, thanks for coming back. I enjoyed your first AMA and learned a lot, and everybody that does your job absolutely has my respect. My question is kind of a morbid one, but how often do you all encounter hypodermic needles/improperly disposed of medical waste/health hazardous stuff? I'd imagine not as much in recycling, but that still scares the hell outta me. I had a co-worker at an old job get poked with a needle cleaning out bathroom garbage, and I've been spooked since then.

SubzeroMK8 karma

Well if we find that kind of stuff in the garbage and its just a few we take it but if if its alot or in red bag we call it into dispatch and the county gets it

Real_MikeCleary10 karma

Most valuable thing you have found in the trash?

SubzeroMK24 karma

300$ coach bag.

Most valuable thing you've tossed?

Real_MikeCleary8 karma

Who would throw that away?!

I can't really think of anything in particular that was expensive that I tossed... I usually do the opposite and take stuff from the trash to sell.

SubzeroMK10 karma

Rich people haha.

eelassirak3 karma

What'd you do with it?

SubzeroMK23 karma

I give all the coach and Vera Bradley stuff to my wife. She has them cleaned and either sells them or keeps them

SubzeroMK17 karma

I give all the coach and Vera Bradley stuff to my wife. She has them cleaned and either sells them or keeps them

Thompson_S_Sweetback8 karma

Anybody ever fall off the truck?

SubzeroMK15 karma

Yeah all the time, not paying attention or not holding on properly.

I have before and it hurts like hell.

Sometimes it's an accident due to going over a bump to fast or whatever.

Thompson_S_Sweetback5 karma

How fast does the truck go while you're back there?

SubzeroMK10 karma

Um we aren't allowed to go more than 10mph but we generally do like 15-25 max MAYBE 30 if its a long street

denimvest6 karma

Worked on a truck for 3 summers at the Jersey Shore. Once got jammed up between the boardwalk and the truck, I was able to get the drivers attention rather quickly, but I still got rather torn up.

SubzeroMK7 karma

On the leech body trucks, the blade has a little play in it. So 3 weeks go I'm riding down the road when my hand slipped off the handle. In panic mode I swing my arm around the truck and grab tight but apparently the blade was all the way down. Yeah when he stopped the blade jerked back and forth an broke my ring finger on my left hand. Still hurts like a bitch.

denimvest6 karma

I always jockeyed for the side of the truck that had the blade controls. Working the packer was more often than not the most enjoyable part of the morning. I found that packing couches on bulk garbage day to be the most enjoyable.

SubzeroMK8 karma

Omg right? Lol I work alone just me and my driver so I just get on whatever side of the truck the stop was at

Jelder21896 karma

How did you get the job?

SubzeroMK4 karma

I knew some of the supervisors.

bowling_for_soup_fan3 karma

how does an average Joe get a job? and thank you very much for your service

SubzeroMK5 karma

Just go in and apply at the local office!

ailee436 karma

My city recently cut our trash days to 1 a week, and limited bags for that day to 2. I have no problem with this as a generate very little trash.

However, as i generate very little trash, i have a tendency to miss 8-10 trash days in a row, then put mine all out at once, and when i do its 4-5 bags worth (usually heavy bags, as im doing renovation).

ultimately its far less work, as you can just pass by my house 90% of the time, but when i do have stuff out, its more.

How much do you hate me?

SubzeroMK3 karma

Not at all if it once in a while. I prefer people to fill their cans and put out once ima while rather than put minut stuff out every week

onedavester6 karma

how much does it pay and are there any benefits?

SubzeroMK10 karma

All companies are different my friend, ours starts helpers/laborers or the step riders at 102.50 a day before taxes. We also get a weekly bonus of 100$ for just doing our job right.

We have full health care, all types of insurances, 401K ... The works!!

thedobes3 karma

How long do you typically work a day?

SubzeroMK3 karma

Depends on the route. Mon-wed average is a 12-14 hour work day.

Thursday can be any time of the day for finishing up. Some finish at 10am some finish at 4pm

It's just a matter of what route your on

polluxuk5 karma

Ever found any bodies in the trash?

SubzeroMK11 karma

Fortunately no. Not sure how I would even handle that.

CNN710 karma

My suggestion would be to notify the cops. They tend to like to know about that kind of thing.

SubzeroMK9 karma

Really? Never woulda thought if that :/

Glad your here to let me know!!

Lol but anyway, I probably would but I meant mentally handle it

Jonesy_girlAZ5 karma

Is it just a back east thing where a guy hangs on to the back of the truck and tosses the trash in?! In AZ, it's all mechanical. The only time I ever see a guy get out is to open a gate or something.

SubzeroMK3 karma

Maybe I dunno. I guess it differs from company to company

TR1V1UM2 karma

I'm in Old Town Scottsdale and the guys ride on the back of the truck and throw it in by hand. Not mechanical here.

Jonesy_girlAZ2 karma

Interesting. I live in Central Phoenix and grew up in North Phoenix, I have never seen that! WM?

SubzeroMK2 karma

Yeahhh!!! AZ guys!! Wooooo awkward glance around Don't tell them I am from VA!

djlax8055 karma

Not to be ignorant at all, but how hard is it to be a garbage man? I intend on traveling a lot in my life and this seems like a good paying job that wouldn't require an impressive resume. I am interested in your annual salary for my long term stays in certain areas and you can PM me if you don't want to answer on here!

SubzeroMK16 karma

Actually extremely hard.

Want a quick test?

Take a treadmill at a low running speed, a 100 lb barbell set and a 20 lb barbell set. Run the treadmill, jump off, run over to the 100 lb, drag it and than lift it over your head. Than drag the 20 lb back over or 6 hours straight.

Trash guys can do like 120 tons in a eek all by hand.

You run all day and lift all day.

templerist5 karma

That sounds like a bitching workout. I might try that.

SubzeroMK5 karma

Haha these muscles don't make themselves!

eelassirak4 karma

Pics... for science?

SubzeroMK5 karma


f_humanity4 karma


SubzeroMK15 karma

Haha where in NOVA are you? Yeah, plus I have a 7 month at home so I get like 4 hours of sleep a night.

In my free time (when I have it) and I may get down voted but I play Runescape, drink a beer, work on my car, but most importantly I play with my baby girl.

Inostroza3 karma

You play 2007 or eoc?

SubzeroMK3 karma

EoC. 2107 total lvl

agravecase4 karma

Some jackasses on a couple of times have dumped huge furniture in my dumpster. It usually isn't gone in just 1 week, but it eventually leaves. Is that you guys or someone else?

SubzeroMK8 karma

Can you rephrase that? It's hot outside and I don't wann think to much

agravecase3 karma

People dump furniture in my dumpster. Do you deal with it? What happens to it? It's too shitty of furniture for someone to want to take.

SubzeroMK7 karma

Rear loader gets it

FuxY2 karma

Rephrased : Someone drops huge furniture at a dumpster. Who picks it up?

SubzeroMK6 karma

Rear loader guys do.

Gaywallet11 karma

SubzeroMK9 karma


warmrootbeer4 karma


SubzeroMK7 karma


warmrootbeer3 karma

Ah, old-school 2d MMOs.

I was a Tibia guy myself. Our kind did not mix well with you Runescapers...

SubzeroMK5 karma

Haha we are one of a kind!

everyonehasfaces4 karma

I waved at one of you guys going to work today.

Thanks for everything trash related! Cept when you don't put my trash cans back on my property...I hate when you do that lol

SubzeroMK6 karma

Haha we appreciate the job because without you I'm jobless and was it American Disposal or someone else?

Also I apologize for on behalf of your guy for that, sometimes we are just to tired to give a fuck lol

DangerousPuhson4 karma

Do you secretly hate the people who constantly leave out a ton of bags or really heavy garbage each week, or do you not really remember/keep track of that stuff?

SubzeroMK7 karma

We remember almost every stop on our routes.

We remember the heavy cans, the cans with only 1 bag, the nasty cans.

We remember those who give us water or tips.

We remember the ass hole customers and shit.

Yes I have stops were in like, "fuck you in you homo bitch ass you WHORE!!!!"

SubzeroMK4 karma

Check back this is gonna be a long response


What is the weirdest/most awesome thing you have found in the trash?

SubzeroMK13 karma

Knew this was coming. Found a display mannequin with knifes stabbed in it.

I also seem to find a lot of coach bags, DVDs, porn, magazines am such.

johnn19894 karma

Are you allowed to keep items you find? If so, what was the best thing you have kept?

SubzeroMK12 karma

No but we do.

I find coach bags a lot and laptops.

Coolest thing was a 1950s turkey carving knife set. Pics are in my old AMA

Daze_and_confusion3 karma

What is one thing that us, the residents, can do to make your job easier? Thank your for your work btw.

SubzeroMK4 karma

Thanks for the job! Without you I would have work to do.

If your allowed put everything in a TIED bag and don let you can fill with water please.

Alway check with the company for bag policies though. Also a thank you is appreciated in person :)

SubzeroMK3 karma

Also break down boxes. Lay them flat if you can!! PLEASE!!!!

Ricktron30303 karma

Has anyone ever called you a trash eating stink bag?

SubzeroMK5 karma

You'd be the first

SubzeroMK5 karma

Sorry what is it? In the boonies ATM and can't pull up videos

Ricktron30303 karma

It's the Simpsons clip that what I said comes from. :)

SubzeroMK6 karma

Aahhh ok :)

Inostroza3 karma

Do you ever take cool stuff you find in the trash home?

SubzeroMK5 karma

Yes, we all do. Not supposed to but if we can fit it comfortably on the can we take it.

jethroboom3 karma

If I have an unusually difficult or pain in the ass pile (but still close to or within allowable, acceptable trash) I drop at the curb, and want to tip you to show my appreciation, but I'm not home . . . how do I manage that without someone else taking it?

SubzeroMK4 karma

Eh this is difficult. You can tape it under the lid of the can and leave a note on top that says look under lid. Only thing I can think of. Mostly our customers just tape an envelope to the can.

timsplace03 karma

What do people do that anger you the most?

SubzeroMK16 karma

*As a recycling collector stand point.

Putting a loa of garbage in the recycling can and topping it with recycling so we don't notice.

Putting a single bag in a can, upside down not tied.

Putting out a hundred lb of boxes without breaking them down at all.

Yelling at me for not taking their trash.

*As a trash collector stand point.

Letting a nasty can of old food fill with water and leaving it.

Yelling at me for not taking the recycling.

*Overall stand point.

Honking your fucking horn will not make me work any faster so just wait the 20 seconds and we will be out of your way

Do NOT speed around a working trash truck, that's a vehicular manslaughter waiting to happen.

timsplace03 karma

Thanks for that information. i dont do any of those, so its good to know, sometimes people do things wrong/annoying and dont realize. However on these sounds like they are just being an a$$.

SubzeroMK5 karma

Yeah generally I don't blame people because you can't accuse the general population of being smart.

Just be mindful of what you do.

haribananarama2 karma

Do NOT speed around a working trash truck, that's a vehicular manslaughter waiting to happen. You're not shifting us. I lost a couple of friends (together) to careless circumnavigation of a garbage truck back in my mystery van days.

SubzeroMK4 karma


haribananarama3 karma

A friend and his girlfriend were killed by a garbage truck. I'm sure there was a hefty dose of intoxicants involved. I was spending the year abroad when it happened 17 years ago so I'm sort of foggy on the details.

SubzeroMK3 karma

Ah well I am sorry for your lose. We have a strict policy on drinking an drugs and very few accidents. Our company is based one the first rule of safety

haribananarama3 karma

Oh I'm. Sure the workers weren't. at fault. I meant my friends were altered. But thanks for the nice words.

SubzeroMK3 karma

Oh wow but still we all need to be mindful and careful wether be the workers or passer buers

kampfy32 karma

I think the first lesson to be taken there is, "Don't be a drunk driving asshole." Sucks that they died, but that garbage truck could've just as easily been a minivan with kids in it.

haribananarama2 karma

I imagine a garbage truck has a bit more or a blind spot than a minivan, tho.

SubzeroMK2 karma

Ever tried to stop a 16 ton truck with 12 tons of garbage on it? The blind spot is the least of your worries.

ADogslife2 karma


SubzeroMK2 karma

I like to go through and read all comments and add my 2 cents where I can :)

[deleted]2 karma


SubzeroMK2 karma

Alllrighty then!

TheCosmicCoyote2 karma

Can you clean me up before the big policemen's ball?

SubzeroMK2 karma

Ugh. Fine.

Policemen don't have big balls though!


billybobthorton222 karma

Policemen don't have big balls


SubzeroMK2 karma

rolls eyes

NastyGringo2 karma

What is the strangest thing you have ever encountered on the job?

SubzeroMK2 karma

Old couple like 50s, walking through a section taking cans out of bins of recycling for "a missions trip". I swear they were tripping on something dressed like hippies

Bathroomdestroyer2 karma

How does it feel to live through the most dangerous job everyday?

SubzeroMK2 karma

Exhausting, it really is exhausting mentally and physically. Constantly watching your back for cars and people. Making sure your careful on the way you dump the can, listening to what is coming out so that if any broken glass starts coming out you can make sure your not in harms way.

About 4 weeks ago I was pulling trash, only 20 minutes left in the day, came up to a can with only 1 bag in it, on this one particular day we had 2 guys on the back of the truck and a driver due to the driver having some medical emergency the week before and unable to do physical labor. Anyway I ran over and opened the can and grabbed the back and a sharp pain ran down my arm, it didn't dawn on me for about 2 minutes what had happened, I took my glove off and there was just blood EVERYWHERE, dripping down my arm, hand was covered, and it was all over the road, thank god the other helper that was on the truck was an ex-EMT and always kept a good first aid kit, he wrapped it up for me and everything. Got back to the yard and after and got authorization from my safety supervisor to go get stitches on company time/money. Got to the doctor and had it cleaned out and cleaned up, turned out that a sheet of glass in the can had sliced through my glove and down the center of my right middle finger, down about a 1/4 way down the nail. If I didn't have a glove on it could have done some severe damage.

I've had VERY close calls to getting hit by cars, when people aren't paying attention when they are riding to close behind us and I am on the back, we will come up to a stop and unable to get out of the road way, all the flashers on and lights going, they still get like a foot within the back of the truck.

Another is when people line up behind us on a road way and I am crossing the road to return/dump a can and they jump out of line, and cross the double yellow line and almost hit me or my driver.

People will put lots of broken glass or other dangerous items in the can and not realize it, and not put a note on the can to let us know so we can be careful and we dump it and almost hurt ourselves.

All it takes is a few seconds of your time to realize what is dangerous and what is not dangerous and to write a note and stick it on the can so we know what to expect.

PaperTax2 karma

What kind of items are you not allowed to take? If someone leaves you money, would you take those items anyway?

SubzeroMK2 karma

We aren't allowed to hopper shop at all but if ppl leave money and we see something nice we take it anyway

McKennaJames2 karma

what do you like to read on your spare time?

SubzeroMK4 karma


No I'm just kidding. I actually come in Reddit and read AMA, talesfromretail and shit. I'm not a huge book worm

Jayrmz2 karma

It is a bit of a myth (here in the UK anyway) that the recycling that gets collected by bin men such as yourself gets thrown into the same landfills as the regular trash. Is this the case on the whole or is it a load of B.S.?

SubzeroMK2 karma

Gonna use the same response I gave to someone else.

Oh yeah. Let me tell you all about it. Hope you have a minute to read.

There are 2 types of collections, recycling and refuse. Refuse haulers have twice a week pick up so they have 3 routes. Mon/Thurs, Tues/Fri and the once a week (usually yard waste or the boonies) once a week pick up. Mon-Wednesday is the heaviest due to the extra day and weekend to accumulate trash. They can pull upwards to 40 tons a day Mon-Wednesday and on Thursday and Friday it is more like 10-20 tons due to being middle of the week. Our trash trucks (rear loaders not getting into commercial pick ups) can pick up over 100 tons in a week, just our company alone has around 50 refuse trucks, so 500+ tons a week. Imagine there are hundreds of thousands of companies out there doing this every week.

Recycling is a bit different, it is all once a week pick up so we have 5 routes. A recycling truck (at least in our company) will pick up 2 1/2 trash routes due to not everyone recycling you know? I am a recycling collector and my truck alone does around 6-8 tons a day and around 30 tons a week. Many other recycling trucks and easily do double though.

Refuse dumps, landfills and incinerators are the big question on everyone's mind really. What we do is weigh in (make sure we aren't over 10 tons or else the driver can get a ticket unless they have a permit on the truck) and go dump, this is than pushed around by bulldozers all day and covered with dirt and mud. After an area is filled they lay down ventilation piping all over the area to release fumes and heat, don't want that to explode or catch fire do we?! They cover this with a giant white tarp (if you pass a dump you will see what I mean) and let it sit for a few months, cover that with around 10 feet of dirt over the entire area and repeat.

At the incinerator that we go to in Fairfax, VA. It is a GIANT warehouse looking dump site where you back your truck against this giant hole in the back wall and dump your garbage where 10 or so bulldozers are moving this stuff around, on top of the building is 10 GINORMOUS cranes with claws bigger than our trucks that come down, pick up as much as they can and dropped into the fiery pit of hell and turned into useable energy.

Recycling is different since many companies get paid by the ton for their recycling drop off. It is a big building that we dump in, it gets pushed around by a bulldozer just like the refuse but it is than picked up by a bigger bulldozer with a claw and put on conveyer belts and sorted through all day and night by hard working crews at the recycling facilities. Trash is separated as well as metal into big dump truck (separately of course). Plastics get separated, paper ect.

Side note. Mon-Wednesday can be easily a 12-15 hour day due to how heavy and large our routes are. Thurs and Friday for refuse can be anywhere from 10am to 3pm usually and recycling can go a bit longer because obviously it is once a week pickup.

When you are missed on a regular day and you call the company to let them know, they actually call us on the radio and tell us we have to go back and get it regardless of how far or close we are to your house. Many times we don't go back but some guys do go back and get it. Holidays are great for us because nobody puts out so we just ride around and look for stuff in our routes. But the week or next pick up day after is hell, especially after Christmas/New years because it is a 3 week miss for recycling :\

Anything I can clear up for you if you didn't understand just let me know!

SunshineBlotters2 karma

How the bitches treating you. How do you tell a girl you are a garbage man.

SubzeroMK2 karma

My family is treating me well.

Bathroomdestroyer2 karma

If you break a bag how much do you need to clean up? Do you ever break a bag and say fuck it?

Have you ever thrown a whole can in your truck because you couldn't get the bag out?

SubzeroMK2 karma

We clean as much as possible up until it becomes a waste of time (shredded paper and shit)

I would LOVE to just say fuck it but I would get in trouble.

Yes I have lmao. I saw that gif but it wasn't that bad. I just tossed a personal can in the back and flipped the house off because they put a bag of wet grass in it and if you know anything about grass or plants, they suck the air out of bags. Well it became basically vaccumm sealed to the bottom of the can and I beat it and tried yanking it out so I just picked it up and tossed it.

Fck them

Upstream152 karma

Is there a giant incinerator like in Toy Story 3? :-(

SubzeroMK3 karma

Actually in Fairfax VA there is.

wongkerz2 karma

Have you ever picked up a garbage bag only to have it rip and spill all its contents? Also any advice on someone looking to get into the trash business?

SubzeroMK2 karma

Yes. Pisses me off because you didn't bag properly.

Go to your local disposal main office and apply. Or get to know your trash workers and ask them for a way to join

rolypolyman2 karma

Have you ever dealt with items set out for pickup that were not specifically prohibited on paper, but you all had to call the office or consult each other about to see if it was allowed?

SubzeroMK2 karma

No not really. We use our own judgement out here mostly. If we can't take it, it stays. If we can we take it.

Rarely do we call in for permission.

Now if your recycling cans full of yard waste or trash we will leave it and call dispatch to let them know its still there

Yozj2 karma

Why do you hate mailboxes so much? Purely curious.

SubzeroMK2 karma

What do you mean?

Yozj4 karma

SubzeroMK3 karma

That's fake but if I had a dollar everytime I wanted to do that I'd be a very wealthy man

Yozj3 karma

How about this, if you do it and get me the video I got a dollar for you. I'm sure if this gets the traffic we may even be able to get you a couple of dollars. There's money to be made here friend. Food for thought.

SubzeroMK3 karma

Oh man.... Tempting

Gaywallet2 karma

Former EMT here.

Is there a physical fitness test they make you do to get a job as a trash man? I only ask because most EMTs have to.

SubzeroMK2 karma

No lol. Our training is limited to "good luck!!" We use muscles you'd never think you have so the physical fitness part comes after you've been working a couple months.

Btw thanks for being a real life saver! Your a hero!

N8_the_almost_GR82 karma

Have you ever found something that you brought home with you?

SubzeroMK2 karma

Yeah I find coach bags a lot. Found an old knife I took too. Pics in old AMA

MisterReous2 karma

Hey how is it going? Thank you a lot for you and your guys' hard work always. So if we put out a big furniture, is it an etiquette to put out a check or $20 or something on the furniture itself? Because I've always done it and was afraid that you guys won't notice it being there.

SubzeroMK3 karma

Going alright! A little hot today but I'm making it by, trying to keep cool so I don't end up in heat exhaustion an in the ER like 2 others this week.

Just leave a big note and a 20$ pinned to it should do :)

How are you? What do you do for a living?

MisterReous3 karma

I'm doing well thank you for asking! I'm a pediatrician and would not in million years be able to do anything even close to your job!

I'll be sure to hand a water bottle or two to one of you guys whenever I get a chance! ;)

SubzeroMK4 karma

Haha it's not for everyone you know. Hey question.

My 7 month old keeps tugging her ears but there is no infection. Do you know why?

Also she hates her nails being cut, she throws a fit and we can't cut them, she keeps scratching her face and us. Easier way to clip them?

Supermehran52 karma

Any new innovations in the trash industry?

SubzeroMK2 karma

Eh just the side loaders and crap. Nothing really "new" ya know?

PounderMcNasty2 karma

Do garbage men get the ladies?

SubzeroMK5 karma

We are to smelly and to tired! Plus I have a family.

I'd be a liar if I said the convenient store clerks didn't hit on me though

SuperBump2 karma

What is the one thing you can remember seeing in the trash that really gave you an "oh, what the fuck?" moment?

SubzeroMK6 karma

Story time!!

So we have one customer who always put out every week but one day they stopped setting out, weeks, months went by and one day it appeared on the curb. Naturally I ran and grabbed it but when I pulled... It pulled back and knocked me on my ass. Not to uncommon but annoying. So I dragged it across the road and set it up on the lift. What happened next, will blow you mind!

I shit you not, this can was full to about the last 3 inches if water and the bottom? File with hundreds of shit filled dirty diapers, they have been marinating in the water for months.

This literally caused me to become immediately sick to my stomach due to the horrific smell.

SubzeroMK4 karma

Umm NSFW guys.

Recently a gimp suit and a ton of toys

SuperBump2 karma

Heh. I found a gimp suit and some sex toys on top of this Army wife's entertainment stand while moving all her shit. It all came tumbling down as we tipped the massive thing over, and the look on her face was absolutely priceless.

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FentanylFreak2 karma

Can you tell me why my Trash Man bitches about me placing my can on the road instead of my grass above the curb? He leaves nasty stickers on the can saying its in the wrong place. Thank you for providing a valued service.

SubzeroMK3 karma

Idunno. Depends on the company. Me personally I don't care. It could be he gets in trouble by the company for leaving it on the road and supervisors may bitch at him regardless of if you did it or he did.

Personally isk

Fourlojko2 karma

Hey thanks for keeping the world clean.

Do you guys switch off on who drives the truck and who rides in the back or is it more of a seniority type thing? Also thinking of that do you need a special license to drive the truck?

SubzeroMK2 karma

You new a CDL class b license which is for air brakes.

All helpers don't have one in our company. Once you get it you get promoted to driver which is higher pay.

repriseinjustice2 karma

Do you make a habit of finding/keeping/hoarding peoples trash/treasure?

SubzeroMK2 karma

No not at all. Wife would kill me

Permafam2 karma

Do you ever get Hop-ons?

SubzeroMK2 karma

Hop ons?

Permafam2 karma

sorry. It was a joke from Arrested Development. People trying to hop on and take a ride on your step.

SubzeroMK4 karma

Only once and we stopped short, he fell off, I chewed him out an he ran off

denimvest2 karma

I spent 3 summers as a garbage man at the Jersey Shore. I recall emptying a wire municipal basket only to discover what appeared to be an uncooked rotting turkey. This was the closest I have ever came to vomiting. Have you ever vomited, and if so what brought it on?

SubzeroMK2 karma

Story time!!

So we have one customer who always put out every week but one day they stopped setting out, weeks, months went by and one day it appeared on the curb. Naturally I ran and grabbed it but when I pulled... It pulled back and knocked me on my ass. Not to uncommon but annoying. So I dragged it across the road and set it up on the lift. What happened next, will blow you mind!

I shit you not, this can was full to about the last 3 inches if water and the bottom? File with hundreds of shit filled dirty diapers, they have been marinating in the water for months.

This literally caused me to become immediately sick to my stomach due to the horrific smell.

denimvest2 karma

That is truly horrific. Dirty diapers on their own are bad enough, I can only imagine diapers of that magnitude.

I recall dragging a lidded can from the curb to the truck and being able to detect the presence of maggots before taking the lid off simply by the unique odor they put off. It was difficult to get used to have maggots crawling along your arms and legs and worst of all down your shirt.

SubzeroMK2 karma

Fucking jumping rice sucks. So gross!!!!!!!!

denimvest2 karma

Often accompanies "naked garbage" in other words, garbage thrown in the can without a bag.

SubzeroMK2 karma

Yeah..... Fucking gross bag your shit people. An for the love of god fucking tie the bag it's not that hard. Nothing worse than grabbing a bag that's upside down and open an it spills everywhere

denimvest2 karma

Another PSA, if you do not have a mechanical device that lifts your can do not bother buying those giant Toter cans that are meant for mechanized collection. Not only are the incredibly heavy, but are very awkward and difficult to empty by hand. An example

SubzeroMK2 karma

96 gallon Toters SUCK to lift when the lift is broken

Edit: your example is a bad one since those are easy to lift. The large 96 gallons are the bitches

denimvest2 karma

I didn't bother looking at the volume of my example

SubzeroMK2 karma

Well that part is important size matters. The 48 or 63 gallon cans are easy no matter what. It's the 90+ cans that we have issues with

SubzeroMK1 karma

96 gallon Toters SUCK to lift when the lift is broken

Ron_Jeremy2 karma

Where I grew up I Hawaii, it was a tradition to leave a six pack out with the garbage the first pick up after Christmas. Do people do this where you are?

Also, my little son goes apeshit for the garbage truck when it comes. I give him a bottle of water to give to the driver. Is there something else I could do for our guys?

SubzeroMK6 karma

Haha some people do. Mostly just like a 5$ bill Since your asking. A water and a semi frozen Gatorade would be PERFECT for me! But next time you see the guys. Go ask them (without your son there) if next pick up they will ask him to control the blade. They could show him how and everything and it would blow his little mind

medioxcore2 karma

i don't have a question, but one time, when i was in high school, my buddy, anthony, and i were walking to school on trash day and came across a garbage truck. anthony thought it would be funny to move one of the trashcans that the guy was about to pick up, and stand in its place. the truck operator laughed and brought down the mechanical arm anyway.

anthony screamed and dove out of the way, then we all had a good laugh.

SubzeroMK1 karma

Dangerous and the driver shoulda been fired. No reason for any of you to act stupid like that. Your part of the reason why this job is ranked 4th most dangerous.

Greyygoose2 karma

Has anything absolutely horrifying/scary/ or interesting happened with a customer's (is that what they are called?) pet?

I'm asking because I have a dog who, although he looks scary, is a big, barking fluff ball of love and affection. We have had mail men and garbage men alike be terrified of my poor baby, Tony. It's gone as far as pepper spraying him and hiding behind me for protection.

SubzeroMK2 karma

Nothing I can think of off the top of my head. Last week a dog came charging at me, huge one at that but the owner got to him before he got to me.

We do have our heart stopped a few times when dogs come running down the front yard and right when we think the invisible fence will kick in ... Nope!!! Right in the middle of the street!! Good thing my driver is such a good driver or else many dogs woulda been toast

b00zy1 karma

Why did you drop out of high school? guys stink.

SubzeroMK3 karma

I did? Shit that graduation ceremony must have been a dream or something or all those highs school years was a fantasy. :/

b00zy4 karma

Well played Sir. Add this upvote to that steamy, fly covered pile you have there. Speaking of which... I'm sorry for all of the dog poo I put in my trash can. They're big dogs, and well.....sorry.

Erinescence2 karma

i always feel horrible about that too, even with only one dog. But you really need to make sure there is no water in your garbage cans if you're dumping a couple of poop-filled bags in there per day. Otherwise it's a can of poop soup--YUCK!

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SubzeroMK1 karma

Someone's gotta get it to the dump. Why not us?? It out job!! :)

SubzeroMK1 karma

But seriously most garbage men are graduates. Drivers make like 55k+ a year.