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What's the worst bachelor party you've seen?

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I'd want gin, but I wouldn't want anyone else to have gin.

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Justice is a process. You get one chance to present your defense, and then every appeal after that you usually have to show why you didn't argue this the first time. You can't have a system where everyone gets to retry everything all the time.

But when the system gets the result wrong, you can have some very strange procedures for making it right. A conviction, no matter how it's obtained, is treated like it's truth. So if you're going to overturn it, and you've already lost your appeal, and you've already been denied your appeal of your appeal, then the law takes away a lot of your options. You can't just knock on a judge's door and say, "Hey, I've got new evidence, can you look at this dude?" You have to show that the evidence you got is evidence you couldn't have gotten before, or was withheld from you.

Not familiar with OP's case, but I'm guessing that's what's involved.

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You'd better pee within two minutes or the grease will seal your urethra.

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I had an officer draw a weapon in a deposition.

Is there more to this story? I'd like to hear what happened next. Did the judge have anything to say about it?