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Jonesy_girlAZ28 karma

Pretty neat! How long do the tea lights last? And how long for shipping? (In AZ)

Jonesy_girlAZ27 karma

One of my friends (female) decided to become a trucker. I used to ask her if people thought she was a Lot Lizard, she said she had never heard the term. A few months later she calls me to tell me that at almost every stop, she was getting propositioned by the truckers. She said they got so pushy that she was scared to be in her own truck. She ended up getting a big ass dog! I will have to check out your movie! Thanks!!

Jonesy_girlAZ12 karma

Thank you for the alternative that I use on occasion! I wish they were not as heavy!

Jonesy_girlAZ9 karma

The dog helped considerably. She only lasted about 6 more months. The constant harrasment got to her. She is straight and actually quite pretty. Probably part of the problem, they were not used to that in the lots.

Jonesy_girlAZ5 karma

Is it just a back east thing where a guy hangs on to the back of the truck and tosses the trash in?! In AZ, it's all mechanical. The only time I ever see a guy get out is to open a gate or something.