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First off, Love your work, Nicolas. I consider you my favorite director of all time. Bleeder is incredible as well as your Pusher trilogy. I saw Drive in theaters and it became an obsession of mine.

1) As shown in the documentary NWR, your love for toy mechas knows little bounds. Have you seen Del Toro's Pacific Rim and, if so, what were your thoughts on the film?

2) At what point in your life were you in during the production of Bleeder? The film practically emits noxious fumes and it is singularly one of the most caustic pictures in recent memory.

3) How do you feel about Fear X as a project? I ask because when I first saw that film, for some strange reason, I began wildly sobbing for the first half hour. John Turturro evoked some repressed depression or something and I thought it was such a tragic film.

I'd have more if I wasn't so nervous but those come to immediate mind. Again, love your films and I will continue to follow your line of work with an ever-watchful eye.

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The saddest song in the world.

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Is Lydia Lunch as absolutely erotic in person as she is in Richard Kern's collection of work?

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Do you make a habit of finding/keeping/hoarding peoples trash/treasure?

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The Comfort of Strangers is an incredible film! I love the monologue given by Christopher Walken throughout the film! How did audiences react initially to the ending? Was it as polarizing as I can only imagine it was?