Thanks redditers!! This was my first time doing an AMA and I had so much fun! I will be back in the near future (with Ken) to hang out some more. Peace out.

P.s. If you want a chance to meet us enter to win at the link below and in the process (this is the best part) you get to support the victims of OK tornadoes! They need our support!

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culdceptrulz15 karma

Any chance you would be interested in doing a production based AMA over in /r/edmproduction ?

That aside, I'm a big fan and I'm glad you're doing well. Cant wait to hear the new album!

skmethod13 karma

absolutely! Let's do it!

iaintpayingyou14 karma

Rare to see a good IAMA not promoting something.

skmethod44 karma

new album coming soon!

BitchesBeCrazy112 karma

What happened to your brain?

skmethod12 karma

i had a benign cyst in my skull right above my spinal chord...between the back of my skull and my brain so they took it know the guy from start trek who has a very unique shaped head...

panic8211 karma

Hey Scott, I just wanted to let you know that I've been one of your biggest fans since Vegas dropped years ago! So hi, and welcome to reddit. I don't have much of a question, but can you say hi to me so I can say that Scott from TCM talked to me? LOL

EDIT: Can I have an advance on your new album? ;)

EDIT2: Community service is great. I'm not a Sirius subscriber, but I do listen to your archived episodes on Sound Cloud.

skmethod4 karma

Whatsup panic82!

panic821 karma

Ha awesome :). You are one of the few artists whose albums I actually pay for. I still have my Vegas disc from back in High School, and got Legion of Boom and Tweekend which I still listen to on a fairly regular basis. As a programmer, there's nothing better than listening to some TCM and going at it for a few hours. I'm really looking forward to your new album.

skmethod6 karma


CherrySlurpee10 karma

Who's the rudest artist you've ever come in contact with?

skmethod22 karma

interesting question well..... hmm..... when I was 13 I won tickets to go backstage and meet KISS in Vegas. I was supposed to get a signed leather belt, but not only did I not get the belt or meet the band but I was also pushed out of the way by Paul Stanley's entourage...

bacchusthedrunk9 karma

When 'Trip Like I do' was used for the Spawn soundtrack, did you work with Filter at all? Or, did they just mix it and lay down the lyrics without consulting you?

skmethod13 karma

recorded with the Filter boys in Chicago! Great fun

fillipeano8 karma

What artists did you listen to growing up? What are you listening to now?

skmethod17 karma

my top 5 bands of before the age of 16 were Metallica Motley Crue Judas Priest ACDC KC and the Sunshine Band

before the age of 18 Depeche Mode New Order The Smiths The Cult

treston_cal4 karma

Is this what inspires the guitar riffs in your guys' music? This is the main reason I like your guys' music (Name of the Game got be hooked!) Oklahoma thanks you for helping us out as well!

skmethod7 karma

Oklahoma is like my third home town. Would go every summer to visit my GParents when I growing up! Got see Judas Priest in Norman back in 86'

aquanox3147 karma

How much do you think this surgery will affect your creativity?

skmethod17 karma

not at's made me want to work even more on finishing this album and getting back out there

detroitdecay6 karma

awesome attitude to have!

skmethod12 karma

thanks dude!

HadronWolf6 karma

Who would you most like to work with and why?

skmethod10 karma

Love Lana Del Rey! I love so many artists!

-Aphrodite-6 karma

Since your song is a theme song for "Bones", i was curious if you like the show? And is it ever weird, for example, when you have your tv on and you hear it in the background? I was always curious about that feeling, of hearing/seeing your work in media.

Also, since I am an artist, I seem to be getting most of my creative work done listening to "Blunts and robots". Such a motivational song you got there.

skmethod8 karma

Love Blunts and Robots! Peter Hook is my hero! I like Bones and its cool to here it whenever it comes up

deltaroo5 karma

hope you make a good recovery. What was the surgery for? Also, what is your favorite remix of a Crystal Method song?

skmethod16 karma

the more recent one would be the remix that Dirtyphonics did for "Play For Real"

VaporMaverick5 karma

Dude tweakend was legendary! No question, I just wanted to say I crank the subs in my car and still listen to it to this day

skmethod7 karma

Love that album! good times

kritikal5 karma

Do you prefer DJing or live production at shows and why?

skmethod7 karma

thats a tough one

animalcrackers15 karma

I hope you're feeling better! Tell me about your craziest fan encounter.

skmethod16 karma

This one guy who impersonated the owner of a big clothing line to get backstage. He gave us a bunch of shirts he had stolen from the store....6 months later we found out the guy was impersonating Ken as one half of The Crystal Method in Las Vegas! A friend called to tell us there was a guy impersonating Ken Jordan at this club which is how we found out

MasterJuanB4 karma

How often are real instruments used vs. synthesizers in producing your songs?

ImaginalComponent8 karma

Synths ARE real instruments, Master Juan.

MasterJuanB2 karma

I meant playing flute vs. using a synth that sounds like one. I produce electronic music and I am always on the 'synths are real' side of the argument.

skmethod8 karma

Hoping to get Jethro Tull to play flute

skmethod7 karma

We record guitars all the time, just yesterday we recorded a wurlitzer piano for an upcoming song

ArtieA864 karma

Hey Scott! Die hard fan since 96 when I was in middle school. Seen you guys 10 times live and counting. Even drove 6 1/2 hours twice to catch you fellas up in Houston.

Question: What is the meaning behind "Blowout"? It's my favorite song of yours just in front of "Falling Hard". There's just something about "Blowout" that gets me. Can you explain the feelings and/or the creative process behind that masterpiece?

Thanks for taking time to do this for your fans. Hope you recover soon. And thank you to you both for your music. Your music truly does mean a lot to me.

skmethod2 karma

Blowout along with many of our songs is very cinematic. I love the way the synths antagonize each other. It's a very patient and urgent. and also dark but hopeful. Thanks for the love and hope to see you at a show very soon

MyOpus4 karma

What is some of your favorite software/tools to use?

skmethod8 karma

one of my favorite plugins is from FXpansion - the Geist

diregal3 karma

My time to shine:


skmethod9 karma


deltaroo3 karma

Who is your favorite electronic music artist that we may have never heard of?

skmethod8 karma

that's hard to say. depends. love the track from c2c "down the road" & love M Machine

ulonix3 karma

Do you think "bigbeat" as a musical style is coming back?

skmethod6 karma

not about the genre "bigbeat" but bands that love the big beat are here to stay

Christopholus3 karma

Hey Scott, awesome to see you on Reddit doing an AMA.

My friends and I have been big fans for a long time, TCM's music is considered legendary in our small group. We frequently show up at outings with a TCM song in mind and play them at key points throughout the night for those "OH MY GOD, THIS SONG!" moments. Good times :)

We managed to catch you at WEMF last year here in Ontario Canada, you put on an excellent show. I seriously think you guys cranked the bass the loudest of all of the performances, and at 5AM too! My friend said you ran by and high fived him on the way back to stage, I wish I had been there then too :( (when the bathroom calls, haha).

I was sad to hear you couldn't make it out to Digital Dreams this year, I hope you're doing better now!

My question for you: My favourite TCM song is "Comin' Back". Was this song inspired by anything in particular? I'm curious to know what inspires you and Ken to make awesome music like this. I aspire to create music like you guys!

Thanks for doing this AMA, and please come back to Toronto for another show!

skmethod3 karma

Love Toronto! Comin' Back grew from a demo we heard from the singer Trixie. She made layered vocal with a mic and delay that she recorded on a 4track

fourmica3 karma

Hi there Scott, best wishes on your recovery. Are you and Ken gonna be on playa this year, or does your surgery preclude that? Black Rock City wouldn't be the same without you :-)

skmethod5 karma

i'm not but Ken might be, i'll hopefully be there next year

nickvicious3 karma

Holy shit, dude! I had no idea. You guys are actually one of the first groups that got me into EDM. I might be seeing you in Phoenix this weekend, too @ the Monarch. Gonna be fit to play?

skmethod5 karma

yes! looking forward it!

cseyferth3 karma

What "traditional" instruments do you and Ken play?

skmethod6 karma

I'll play anything... the real question is am I good at playing them? The answer is no. But I'll keep trying

GateChange3 karma

Tweekend was what introduced me to your music and Legion of Boom was my favorite album (came close to blowing multiple speakers in my car with it!). My question is about the music video for "Name of the Game". Where did the character of Nosey come from? Thanks!

skmethod4 karma

The brilliant & twisted mind of the director Marco Siega

mrh3llman3 karma

How are you feeling?

skmethod12 karma

I am feeling great, almost healed

TR1V1UM2 karma

Hello Scott, Are you a fan of dubstep? Either the dirty UK movement or the more mainstream US acts like Skrillex?

skmethod6 karma

I do like more or the melodic stuff less than the mechanical stuff

zaikanekochan2 karma

Have you ever considered converting to a christian band? You could be called "The Christal Methodists." I'll gift you the name.

skmethod3 karma

pretty sure their is a band called that

msolnik2 karma

Hey Scott! I've seen you play many times! Burning man... Defcon/Blackhat. Etc. What are your favorite venues to play at? And what makes you decide on DJ set vs live sets?

skmethod5 karma

Fav Venues include Beta Denver, Ruby Skye SF, Avalon Hollywood, Red Rocks Co., so many great places to play!

SeveralPeople2 karma

What's the most musically productive part of the day for you, Scott? For me it's 11pm to 1am-ish.

skmethod4 karma

After hours for sure! I love working late!

5hawnking51 karma

Your set at Bonnaroo is the night that introduced me to electronic music officially. Lee Burridge played right after, it was just a whole night of awesome. After the weekend it was largely discussed that the sound bleed was bothering other stages (it didnt bother me while i was running back and forth between GWAR and Deadmau5 being blasted by bass =P) and consequentially that stage didnt make it back. Just came to say THANK YOU for such an awesome set, great mashups, great music! Im sure you won over more fans than just myself that night. To toss a question out there, do you have any crazy festival stories? Any festivals stand out in your mind as particular spots that you enjoyed? thank you again! I hope you are well and look forward to seeing you play in the future!!!!

skmethod3 karma

Boonaroo was AWESOME that night! No lights just a bunch of beautiful people dancing! Hope to get back!

iceplanet20021 karma

Hi Scott. I saw you guys at the Hollywood Bowl some time ago and it was quite a memorable show! My question is, what are some of your favorite venues to play at?

skmethod2 karma

One of the most surreal moments ever at the bowl. It was a flash... went too long and charged $5K for going too long. Would've gone longer if given a chance to play again(-;

DaftBabe11 karma

When do you plan on releasing a new album? By the way, your performance at Britt Festival last year was exquisite.

skmethod2 karma

New album will be released in the fall. Just finished a Depeche Mode remix!

Chef_Lebowski1 karma

Dear Mr. Kirkland,

This is my fantasy collaboration. Crystal Method, Chemical Brothers, Gorillaz and Daft Punk. All in one song, an album or a film score. Have you ever considered working with these artists before?

skmethod3 karma

That would be Mazebags! Never met the Gorillaz but the Chems & Punks are lovely!

detroitdecay1 karma

where the hell do you get your sample packs?

and i want you to know, your work has been a huge inspiration!

skmethod1 karma

years of digging!

bigc2nyce1 karma

Fun Fact: Your dad was my dads sponsor back in like 2000 in SF. I went to st.Johns catholic school in 7th grade and I brought my album to school one day. "Sister Lilian" saw it on my desk and said it was all about crystal meth. My dad had to call her and explain that it was just my favorite band! lol... Your dad was a really cool guy though. And TCM is an awesome group. Glad your doing good. peace

skmethod1 karma

What an awesome story! Thanks for sharing! Glad Sister Lillian was set straight. HaHa

dko1 karma

i don't know if you'll remember the show, but a few years ago at Northwestern University's Dillo Days you guys headlined after a bunch of other bands, including Blackalicious with Zack de la Rocha and Robert Randolph and the Family Band, and others.

this isn't a complaint really, but i thought the show felt really phoned in and as i was a fan at the time (it was a few years after Vegas and just after Tweekend came out) i came away pretty disappointed.

i've enjoyed a lot of your music and i can understand if you don't remember the show itself. i can also understand that you may have had a rigorous tour schedule and there are plenty of personal things that could be going on, and on and on. i just wanted to let you know that one performance put me off and that live shows are important to me, and i assume, others.

thanks for making music i've enjoyed a lot!

skmethod1 karma

well its hard following those bands in an outdoor venue. Don't think the crowd new that it was going to be a DJ set. Sorry it felt phoned in. I remember feeling the crowd was cool but a little off because of the vibe change. Loved it from my end

danno_O1 karma

Do you have any regrets regarding the way your music has evolved?

Big fan! :)

skmethod3 karma

Nope! just glad thats its evolved! Thanks for staying with us!

slightly_illegal1 karma

Not a question, but a story... We met when you played in Montreal. (This is years ago). I ran a music magazine and you agreed to be interviewed as long as I took you to a strip club. So we took off right after sound check, I got the interview and the label rep almost killed me because you were an hour late for the show...

skmethod2 karma

Hmm Doesn't sound like me.

eclipsedave1 karma

What happened with the fiasco during entering the extremely foggy stage at Cyberfest 2001 at Cow Palace? And do you remember a stripper named "Lethal Weapons"? She had a huge rack and said she knew you guys. I pierced her belly button at my shop back in the late 90s.

skmethod1 karma

So many years ago and so many foggy nights! Don't remember Ms Weapons. Glad your well though

jazz_zoot1 karma

When are you cats next coming to the UK as I still haven't seen you live? Also, can I be in your band? I play bass with loads of FX and can roll a wicked joint.

skmethod3 karma

Lets Do it!

RossEAnderson1 karma

Hey Scott, what did they do with your Cyst Goo? That shit has got to be worth something.

skmethod2 karma

Had my surgery at USC and I donated all of my goo bits to science and research

DopeSickCanadian1 karma

What's brain surgery like? Apparently they have to keep you awake so they can make sure they didn't screw up it anyway.

Did your brain hurt after?

skmethod3 karma

They put my ass out! no reason to keep me up because they weren't noodling with my brain only the space around it.

Zenerdi1 karma

Hi Scott, I have two questions about a specific piece of gear used on Crystal Method live shows. How did you come come up with the concept of the guitar-keyboard-turntable? Also do you have any nicknames you use for the thing?

skmethod2 karma

It was inspired by random gear laying around in the studio and the fact that we treat the cdJ's as an instrument. Stephen McSwain is the genius who helped us fabricate it. TCM2000 or The Bass Odyssey

stash06061 karma

Please tell me why Community Service 1 and 2 aren't on Spotify? You guys are awesome btw. Thank you for being my first foray into electronic music, and I don't regret a single time of the countless times I've listened to your songs on loop day in and out. I've never gotten tired of them and don't think I will, which is far more than what I can say for even some of my favorite artists of late. So thanks for making some sick music guys.

skmethod3 karma

not sure! will look into it

kowdermesiter1 karma

I'm glad it turned out well! Q: What's your favorite gear in your inventory that you will keep use until it falls apart?

skmethod2 karma

Well, I love the Jup6, MemMoog but the ARp2600 is such a beast! t's all over the new album!

di3g01 karma

People were saying that The Midnight Owl at EDC Las Vegas had something to do with Crystal Method... Were you Midnight Owl in EDC LV?

skmethod2 karma

Yes many people were involved including Jason Bentley, Bunny, DJ Dan... but it was Ken who worked with them all at our studio to pull it all together! I heard it was cool!

racer_ohms1 karma

just want to say thank you for making great music that to this day still has the same effect on me it did...well. i dont know how many years ago now haha. but anyway, youre awesome. also, i brought you guys my old gemini mixer to sign when you were at the virgin recordstore in union square in nyc years back

skmethod1 karma

I miss record stores! Thanks for the support!

tamammothchuk1 karma

What song have you released that you are most proud of?

skmethod4 karma

any track that made someone smile

Mr_Pockets1 karma

What album did you enjoy creating the most and why?

skmethod3 karma

Vegas was so special because it felt like we had nothing to lose! All the rest we're great because we felt someone cared.

blackandblu1 karma

How has your day been?

skmethod1 karma

Good so far!

Zaskoda1 karma

After pondering hard, I don't have much to ask. I just want to thank you for the music. When Vegas dropped, it was exactly the sound I wanted to hear. And in 2001 when you guys played with Uberzone in Austin, I can't tell you how impactful that performance was for me. I used to sit near Miles at Mondo Robot hearing about what great guys you are. Seriously, you're a very special. Thank you so much for the tunes.

skmethod3 karma

Awe thanks! Qberzone is tha man!

reverbandbeer1 karma

Jean Luc Ponty used repeating arpeggios to awesome effect. Any chance.for a.collaboration with him?

skmethod1 karma

Great talent & Great Beard

Baskerbosse1 karma

Hey Scott!

Long time fan. When/how did you notice that you and Ken were on your way to getting big?

What kind of music were you listening to when you first started out back in the days?

Cheers from Malta!

skmethod3 karma

The first time i knew was when keep hope alive played on KROQ in 1996!

Grambi1 karma

Do you feel you'll be at 100% for the show in Albuquerque on Friday? If not it's ok. Simply your presence is appreciated.

skmethod3 karma

i can't wait for albucracky!

ShawtySnappin1 karma

What was experience making like "Trip Like I Do" with Filter? I found that song was catchier than a given DJ song or a given Filter song, so I was wondering how it came about. Thanks.

skmethod1 karma

just a great blend of like minded bands from different styles. Hey Man Nice Shot still gets me going!

nerdhelpdesk1 karma

Do you prefer playing in smaller venues or larger ones? How does the experience differ?

PS-The first concert i ever attend was one you played in Athens, Georgia :)

skmethod3 karma

How old are you! My first concert was Loverboy! Shit! How old am I! Athens was cool! Great town

Of_Rapture1 karma

hello, I saw you guys play at identity in MA a few years back, an one of you pointed at me as I was dancing my ass off.. it was a good time

skmethod2 karma

such a great day in MA! haha good fun and great venue