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You'll like this...

My daughter and I were in a store several years ago, she was 4 at the time.

A little person got in line behind us at the checkout. My daughter said "Daddy, that person is the same size as me!" and I explained things to her, saying things like "yes, but she's no different inside" etc and all those things us parents are supposed to say when presented with a "teaching moment".

I told her that the lady had a condition that kept her from growing big and tall like mom and daddy.

To which my daughter said "could you and mommy get that condition so we could all play in my castle-fort?"

It was a really cute moment.

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there must be someone else there besides your wife

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"I swear by my pretty floral bonnet..."

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That has got to be the most wonderful looking room I have ever seen!

Are you heavily involved in the management of all this equipment, or do you have a tech person to assist?

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I don't even think that works. Going all the way back to the 70's and Project Shamrock NSA operations get exposed, we got outraged, a few hearings are had, and then things go back to the way they were.

Granted, Shamrock resulted in new laws that banned the NSA from spying directly on US citizens per se, but in the end, the NSA was still able to find ways to get around these laws when needed.

Since 9/11 things have really really really really (no, really) changed. We find out about things, we get outraged, then congress passes laws making said outrageous things both legal and secret.

EDIT: a word, to make someone happy.