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Tweekend was what introduced me to your music and Legion of Boom was my favorite album (came close to blowing multiple speakers in my car with it!). My question is about the music video for "Name of the Game". Where did the character of Nosey come from? Thanks!

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Is there any worry about diluting the product in the parks? We've seen $2 billion spent on a glorified data mining project (My Magic+) while in park maintenance and innovation suffers. Things like the Yeti no longer working in Expedition Everest and Splash Mountain literally falling apart to the point of putting tarps up to catch falling debris from hitting guests can't be going unnoticed, can it?

Also are celebrity bloggers on the company dime? Heard plenty of rumors that Mongello and Brigante have main gate passes. Know anything about that?

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Senator Paul,

You're striking a very important chord with me, as I feel I've been extremely let down by those in office after first being able to participate in the 2004 general election. Far too many of the other candidates appear to be on a monstrous ego trip, looking to make more and more of a name for themselves without actually doing anything. You're the only one, at least on the Republican side, who has actually given a damn and done something about trying to introduce legislation that many other politicians would be afraid to touch because of the potential for ruining their careers. That said, you are a proponent of term limits and have stated that you want them to be introduced for both the House and Senate.

How would you make sure politics is no longer a career, but rather a representation of the American people for a period of time before going back to normal life? Is it possible to introduce an executive order to get the ball rolling or would a new amendment be needed for the Constitution? Also, do you have any thoughts on how many terms would be allowed?

Thank you and for the sake of the country, I hope to see your name on January 2017 as the next leader of the nation.

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Enjoyed Static-X growing up, but was always curious to know: How did you get involved with The X-Ecutioners for It's Going Down?