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PounderMcNasty522 karma

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

ArtGirl131119 karma

My tongue! I just cant stop chewing on it!

AxM0ney289 karma

I instantly began chewing on my tongue when I read this.

ArtGirl13569 karma

Its good, right?

mosnos326 karma

the first drawing seems to be Tohru, from Jackie Chan Adventures

ArtGirl13210 karma

Knew it was from something like that! Even she didn't remember.

iBleeedorange319 karma

Care to embarass your nephew for us by telling an embarrassing story?

ArtGirl13884 karma

Haha he doesnt like me telling this story, but last year i caught him kissing his girlfriend! It was his birthday and i was very excited to give him his present. I walked up to his room and tried to open the door, but it was locked. Luckily i had a key, so i opened the door and saw him on his bed kissing his girlfriend! They looked really weird and his face grew red when he saw me. I started to laugh and set his card on a table. He didnt want to talk to me for almost a week after.

your_moms_penis412 karma

Props to your nephew for actually typing that out

ArtGirl13819 karma

Im typing, he just makes sure i spell good haha.

GEarHEad22-17 karma

Be careful. When he gets older, he and his girlfriend will be doing more than just kissing...

ArtGirl136 karma

Like what?

Disturbingpizza304 karma

This is awesome. Keep up the good work! Greetings from The Netherlands.

ArtGirl13418 karma

Where is that?

Tinkerboots265 karma

A country in Europe!

ArtGirl13478 karma

How does he speak english then?

friedjumboshrimp272 karma

Do you get picked on still, meanest thing a stranger has done or said to you? Nicest thing a stranger has said or done to you?

ArtGirl131210 karma

Most people are very nice to me, but sometimes people say mean things behind my back. One time, i heard a stranger call me stupid, but i marched right up to him and told him i wasnt! He stopped laughing right when i said that!

ArtGirl13265 karma

Please dont be shy! Ask me some questions

GinnyPotter13243 karma

Does your boyfriend have Down Syndrome?

ArtGirl13674 karma

Yes, he does. We met each other at a meeting of people with down syndrome. He is so sweet to me, we like to touch each other and play games all the time.

ebec20236 karma

Is your down syndrome on the mild end? Do you have any heart problems?

ArtGirl13641 karma

When i was in school, they put me in the special classes because they thought i would be dumb for the rest of my life. My mom wouldn't have any of that, and she took me right out of school and taught me herself. Now i know a lot of stuff! The last time I went to the doctor, he said I was as fit as a bull.

joenottoast235 karma

how hard can you hug?

ArtGirl13714 karma

One time i hugged my mom so hard she made an accident!


What are your plans for the future in regards to relationships and children? What is your dream job?

ArtGirl13483 karma

I have a boyfriend, we like to go out sometimes. I also have a job as a person who puts groceries in bags at walmart. But the job I want to have the most in the whole world would be someone who gets paid to draw.

DaintyTaint230 karma

Tell us about your boyfriend!

ArtGirl13685 karma

He is really big and strong and is the best boy friend ever! Sometimes he picks me up and carries me like a bride, and we like to do fun things together. One time, we had to cross a puddle after it rained, and he laid his jacket down so i could walk across.

DaintyTaint254 karma

He sounds lovely. If you two get married, I want an invite.

ArtGirl131056 karma

Why would we get married?

lawlessk197 karma

I wanted to thank you for doing this AMA! My brother has Down Syndrome and he is the greatest person I know and so many people have such little knowledge about the topic.

Thank you for helping advocate for people with Down Syndrome!!

ArtGirl13178 karma

I bet your brother is a really cool person :)

flappysex188 karma

Hey there ArtGirl!

I am currently a psychology student and I am very intersted in those with DS. They seem to be some of the nicest and bravest people on the planet, and I am sure you are very courageous yourself.

Could you tell us how you got into art? Was it hard at first?

ArtGirl13267 karma

I have been making drawings for 15 years. My mom used to take me to classes where I would exercise my arms and hands a lot.Sometimes, they would give me crayons and tell me to draw on some paper, and I have loved to draw ever since!

packos130104 karma

What's your favorite thing to draw?

ArtGirl13292 karma

I like to draw pokumon!

revjeremyduncan181 karma

Hey, Ellen! Those are some really cool drawings. Way better than I can do.

I wanted to ask you what you think about people calling stuff "retarded" when they mean it's bad. Does it bother you when people use that word like that?

Also, what's your favorite TV show, if you have one? And favorite movie?

ArtGirl13738 karma

I hate that word! My dad used to call me that, then my mom showed him and made him move out.

Damnskipp170 karma


ArtGirl13217 karma

Do you like poke mon too?

Damnskipp142 karma

Of course I do! I have been playing it for 12 years! I'm actually playing it right now!

ArtGirl13320 karma

I have been playing for longer!

Mecha_Sheva152 karma

When did you first learn about Down Syndrome?

ArtGirl13423 karma

My mom always told me i was special, but i still didnt understand why everyone treated me so different. Nobody wanted to be my friend, and it hurt a lot. I always knew there was something wrong with me, but it wasnt until a doctor told me what i had that i knew what down syndrome really was.

sjgw137140 karma

If you could tell future teachers anything, what would you tell them?

ArtGirl13813 karma

Be respectful of everyone, especially if they are slow or not smart. These are the people who need help the most, not hurt the most.

vSity139 karma

It looks like there is a margarita on your shirt. If you drink, what's it like being drunk for you?

ArtGirl13256 karma

Haha i never get drunk, but margrita is my favorite drink!

friedjumboshrimp119 karma

Favorite band, song? Is your nephew going for the Justin Beiber look?

ArtGirl13881 karma

I like Hannah Montana, I even went to her show. My nephew showed me dubstep one time, and I dont like it all, it doesnt even sound like music!

alli-katt108 karma

This is a great AMA! You are an awesome person, it seems! :) a few questions:

Are you able to read/type at all, or is your nephew helping?

Also, I'll be working at a camp for special needs kids and adults this summer. Any tips for me?

ArtGirl13172 karma

I can read a lot of it, but my nephew helps explain some of the hard words. I can also type most of it. And just be patient with them, they can be hard to work with but they are the most loving people in the world when you get to know them.

sanfrustration103 karma

I'm really sorry to hear about your mom. That must have been tough. Have you always gotten along well with your sister? Did you have to move far to live with her and your nephew after your mom passed?

ArtGirl13353 karma

My sister is pretty nice, but can be hard to get along with sometimes. She tries to make me go to bed early, but i stay up as late as i want!

ckypop100 karma

Out of real curiosity, have you ever had to take an IQ test? If yes, what was the result if you don't mind saying?

ArtGirl13183 karma

When i was real young, they gave me a test. I dont remember what it said, but they tried to put me in the special classes after that.

Drewtyler696 karma


ArtGirl1391 karma

Tell your uncle I said hi!

OtterPunch88 karma

Is there anything very specific you wished more people knew about DS that you don't think is common knowledge?

ArtGirl13286 karma

We are all very special people, and you shouldnt group us all together as dumb because we might not be the same as you.

RevesAvalon83 karma

Do you have a favorite artist? What do you like to draw with?

ArtGirl13142 karma

i like to draw with a pencil

Matt321482 karma

Wow, I love your drawings. Upvote for you!

ArtGirl13125 karma

Thank you! i put a lot of time into my drawing!

kajemu78 karma

How old are you? How do you like your job? You said you have a boyfriend, does he have Down Syndrome? Do you live with your family?

ArtGirl13201 karma

I am 30 years old. I love my job, it is awesome and everyone is really nice to me. I live with my nephew and his mom. They let me move in and they built me a home to live in in the back yard. It is pretty small, but it has a toilet and air conditioning.

kajemu74 karma

Awesome. c: I work for Walmart in Canada. That's awesome of your nephew. Is his mom your sister?

ArtGirl1389 karma

Yes, she is my sister

TheIronNegrohungry74 karma

Hi! What is something that is hard for you to do? Also, which are better? Dogs or cats?

P.S. Your drawings are amazing.

ArtGirl13266 karma

It can be really hard for me to get my computer to work right ,which is why i live with my nephew and his really nice mom! My mom used to help me do the hard stuff, but she got in a real bad accident and isnt alive anymore:( And dogs are way better, my cats just poops in my bed and scratch me when i pet them.

Plkt67 karma

Just wondering, what's you favorite movie? Which movie are you looking most forward to this year?

ArtGirl13183 karma

My favorite movie is pokamon 2000! I have watched it a million times. The movie i am excited about right now is the hangover part 3.

EuphoricPulse66 karma

Most people I see with Down syndrome look so happy all the time and I was wondering if you could give insight on why or how they're all so happy. Plus it's awesome how happy people with Down syndrome are even though they have a disease.

ArtGirl13537 karma

We are all so happy because we don't have to worry about the bills, according to my mom.

DannyLee9065 karma

Who's your favorite superhero? I had a friend with DS that absolutely loved Spiderman.

ArtGirl13205 karma

I like the Hulk, because he is really strong like me.

sicapat64 karma

are you a belieber?

ArtGirl13531 karma

I didnt know what that was, but my nephew explained it to me. I hate justin beiber!

Beautiful_Bitch64 karma

You said earlier that your sitter makes you do things you don't like, could you explain that? I want to make sure it's not abusive or anything. Thank you for this AMA, by the way.

ArtGirl1386 karma

If i misbehave or am doiing something he doesnt like, hell put me in timeout . He has also called me mean things

cytokine760 karma

What would you say was the very biggest obstacle that you have had to overcome? (physical, mental, social, whatever)

ArtGirl13191 karma

When i was little, i had a hard time moving my arms and getting them to do what i wanted them to do. So my mom took me to a doctor and he helped me make my arms work. This was really hard, but its also how i started to draw!

nprose60 karma

What kind of pets do you have?

ArtGirl13130 karma

I have 2 cats, 3 dogs, 2 birds, and a turtle.

nprose56 karma

Wow. Can either of the birds talk?

ArtGirl13593 karma

I talk to them all the time, but they never talk back. I think they are just being lazy...

awra200158 karma

What do you think is the best part of your day? What about the worst part?

ArtGirl13140 karma

The worst part of the day is when my sitter is watching me, he is so mean and makes me do things i dont like. The best part is when i get to stay up late at night and go on the internet with my nephew.

vocoders53 karma

You mentioned you have a boyfriend. Have you ever thought about having children one day?

ArtGirl13204 karma

I have been dating my boyfriend for over a year, but i still have not had a baby yet. I thought this was weird since my mom told me when a boy and a girl were together for a long time the girl would get pregnant with a baby.

catsmustdie51 karma

Do you like to travel?

Which is the best place you like to be, travelling or not?

ArtGirl13105 karma

I like to drive around with my sister a lot. We even went to mexico one time.

ighso42 karma

how do you feel about yesterdays post are you pro-life? Thank you, I realize I didn't choose to be born into my body any more then you did in yours, I just wish everyone else knew that to.

[reddit!] http://www.reddit.com/r/science/comments/1fv06r/noninvasive_first_trimester_blood_test_reliably/ ?

ArtGirl13230 karma

I think everyone deserves a chance at life. Even though having someone with down syndrome can be very challenging, they have their own special gifts that make it worth giving them a chance. One of my friends almost didnt have a baby because they knew the child would have down syndrome. I convinced her not to do it, and now she has a healthy 4 year old boy who she loves very much, and she thanks me almost every day for changing her mind.

firewave41 karma

What television shows do you like to watch? And how often do you draw?

ArtGirl13172 karma

I like to watch game of thrones with my nephew!

GinnyPotter1336 karma

What are your thoughts on gay rights?

ArtGirl13478 karma

I believe in the teachings of jesus, but i dont think he cares about what kind of people get married. Everyone deserves a chance at happiness

davidandsarah0835 karma

If there is a God, what do you think he or she or it is like? Why are we here?

ArtGirl13212 karma

I believe in jesus, and i think hes great! He put us here to help each other, which makes me sad when people hurt each other.

phishbrained33 karma

Which Pokemon is your favorite and why?

ArtGirl13110 karma


SithLordDave31 karma

How's it going? You doing OK?

ArtGirl1365 karma

Im doing GREAT!

JessicaMeatpoop23 karma

My cousin has DS and is a model for Target & baby gap! Question: do you ever get annoyed when people are TOO nice to you? Do you ever wish they'd just treat you the same as everyone else?

ArtGirl1345 karma

I love it when people are nice to me, and i like being treated special.

ariablackfire22 karma

Are you planning on playing the new Pokemon X&Y? If so, which starter will you choose?

ArtGirl1341 karma

I dont have the new gameboy, so im not sure.

IAmLindsayLohan21 karma

Hi Ellen! I'm from Canada and love to travel. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

ArtGirl1359 karma

I want to go to China. I heard they have dragons there!

PichinchaV20 karma

If you could eat lunch with any person on earth, who would you choose?

ArtGirl1379 karma

My mom...

friedjumboshrimp14 karma

This is one of my favorite IAMAs, you never answered the second part of my question. What is the kindest thing a stranger has said or done for you?

ArtGirl1349 karma

The nicest thing a stranger ever did for me was save my life. I was walking across a street, when a man grabbed my arm and pulled me back. I was nearly hit by a bus running a red light.

tachionpulse13 karma

Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses?

ArtGirl1384 karma

I can beat up a duck any day!

cleverusername1112 karma

Any spiritual experiences or beliefs you would like to share with us? I've often heard the notion that people with Down's are angels in the flesh, or spiritually special in one way or another. I was curious if you feel any connection to God or the spiritual realm?

Thank you for having the courage to do an AMA.

ArtGirl1346 karma

I love jesus, he is my savior and the church means a lot to me.

toucher8 karma

Thank you for doing this AMA. I am writing a fiction novel (a zombie story) in which one of the heroines is a young lady with Down Syndrome. She is a her in every sense, but I want to make sure I get her character right, especially in the context of a zombie-filled world! Is there anything that I should make sure to include or avoid? Any characteristics that are commonly misrepresented in the media?

ArtGirl1327 karma

Dont make her seem stupid. We might be a little slow, but we have personalities and interests just like everybody else. You need to understand that.

kanchill2 karma

What's your favourite drawing that you have done?

ArtGirl136 karma


RelaxingJd1 karma

Do you have a nickname?

ArtGirl137 karma

My name is Ellen!

friedjumboshrimp-4 karma

Favorite shrimp recipe?

ArtGirl1314 karma

She doesn't cook a lot of shrimp, sorry. But my aunt can make a mean burger!

downvotedildo-7 karma

Have you ever thought of selling your extra chromosomes on Ebay or Craigslist?

ArtGirl132 karma

How would i do that?

ImGoing2Hell4This-77 karma

Can you count to potato?


ArtGirl1316 karma