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I once heard Ariel over a dinner table talking to some kids. She started talking about using the forks to comb her hair and said "Princess Merida tried it and she got, like, 20 dinglehoppers stuck in her hair!"

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They are infamous for being loud, messy, rude, ect, at Disney Parks. I'm putting it mildly.

Edit: fixed my typo. And I feel the need to say I'm sure Brazillians are lovely people.

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How hard was it to learn to read japanese? There are SSSOOOOO many books in that language I wanna read...

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We had a budding sociopath in our neighborhood until recently. Single parent, no income house, he was supposed to attend a school for delinquents and skipped everyday. One day he pulled a trigger on a flash gun on my sister-in-law. What followed was a 2 month shit storm.

For some reason everyone in our neighborhood came to me with info, not my SiL. Kid liked to fashion his own weapons and killed rabbits (witnessed myself), turtles, squirrels, ect,. Apparently beat his mother regularly. He skinned a lot of those animals and never treated them, so they just stank and rotted. If he was out and about with a bow or knife and you asked what he was doing, there was no subtrefuge. He would tell you he was going to kill something and what he wanted to do with the corpse.

After his attack on my SiL he started stalking her. Even ignoring her husband when he was there. She ended up living with our in-laws until he moved away.

My question is, what are his chances of being a serial killer? We tried to get the police involved in setting up something for the kid. Some sort of intervention or anger management, but it just didn't happen. Like, on a scale of 1 to 10, how likely am I to hear about this kid in the future on the news. His fate weighs heavily on my heart.

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Obviously since Finn is only 13 then there were humans 13 years ago at least. He was abandoned while he was still and infant, possibly when his parents died. Princess Bubblegum is 18, so she probably knew of humans, possibly even his parents. There's also a mysterious buried library run by Turtle Princess. It's very old, so there's probably record of humans there. And finally


the Ice King was once human as revealed in the season 2 episode Holly Jolly Secrets.

They also frequently watch VHS tapes from our era.

Inconclusion I am aware this was made in sarcasm, but can never resist being a smart ass. Plus, I frakkin love this show!!