This year I had the opportunity to be ON one of my favorite shows of all time! It was such a trip, and I had the opportunity to work closely with Troy Miller, Jim Vallely, Mitch Hurwitz, Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, Alia Shawkat, and so many other great, talented people!

Proof if necessary

If you guys have any questions, I'll do my best to answer them! Thanks for being here!

Sorry for the lag, my comp just crashed for no reason...

Okay guys. I gotta get going, thanks for everyone being here! Stay tuned, I hope to not disappoint you in the near future!

Edit: Hey all, I'm back for a minute. I see there's more questions and stuff at the bottom. I'll be back for about half an hour AMA

Edit: Okay... I'm a little tired. Maybe I'll be back later on! Thanks for the questions and feedback!

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bombadil1877 karma

Have you ever even been on a plane you piece of shit?

gttngrltrdfyrsht509 karma

Not AS a piece of shit, but just as a regular person. I'm originally from Korea.

the_tokenasian308 karma

Is Michael Cera awkward in real life?

gttngrltrdfyrsht555 karma

Surprisingly, no. He's a very cerebral person, quick thinker, but very comfortable in his own skin.

conchamaior229 karma

When S5/the movie inevitably happens, do you think there would be a spot for a P-Hound return and would you be interested in that? The interplay between you and Jason Bateman was deliciously funny.

gttngrltrdfyrsht325 karma

I hope so. If they ask me back, I'd jump for the chance. Jason Bateman is a consummate professional and so funny. I really had no idea what I was doing...

vvedge195 karma

What's with was with the blinking? Felt like you were trying to signal us in morse code...

gttngrltrdfyrsht488 karma

I was saying OMG HELP I HAVE A MAN CRUSH ON JASON BATEMAN. Actually, when I was auditioning, my eyes were really dry and I blinked a lot on camera. Mitch actually wanted me to keep that for my character.

chizzleHiro138 karma

Did he want you to keep that slight character flaw so that your inherent awesomeness wouldn't upstage the Caucasians?

gttngrltrdfyrsht243 karma

Lol. Trying to keep the Asian man down? Probably not, I just have dry eyes sometimes!

knittas177 karma

Did you buy a woodblock app? Have your friends treated you any differently after the season was released?

gttngrltrdfyrsht270 karma

I don't even know if they exist lol. I should get one if they have one...

And no, they haven't. They're total dicks before, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I did get recognized recently, and that is weird, cuz I just feel like, hey I'm a normal person. I hope it keeps happening, because that just means my career is going somewhere! :D

knittas23 karma

I hope you get a ton more work in the future!

gttngrltrdfyrsht8 karma

Thank you! Me too!!

jasahhn47 karma

he bought three

gttngrltrdfyrsht89 karma

Yep. Times 3.

TheGiantWhoSleeps167 karma

What is your favorite Arrested Development joke?

gttngrltrdfyrsht621 karma

The chicken dance. And Egg. I mean Ann.

Profbrown161 karma

What was your most memorable moment on set?

That, and what is your favorite video game?

gttngrltrdfyrsht384 karma

When Jason Bateman called me a piece of shit. I know we were acting, but it did hurt a little bit. It stung. Also, every time I got to walk on set. :D

EatTheHead71 karma

Was that line scripted or improvised? Definitely one of my favorite moments of the new season.

gttngrltrdfyrsht203 karma

It was scripted. I believe Jason definitely believed I was a piece of shit in real life... Acting.

gttngrltrdfyrsht258 karma

My fave video game? Marvel vs Capcom. Don't judge me.

BrainzLA113 karma

oh, we're judging you and i think we have all come to the conclusion you're really cool.

chizzleHiro42 karma

No. Marvel v. Capcom 2 is better. Duh.

gttngrltrdfyrsht93 karma

Too confusing. Too many things I never really understood.


Are those guys funny in real life?

gttngrltrdfyrsht368 karma

Like you wouldn't believe. They are all so good at what they do. Honestly, I tried to keep my mouth shut unless I was filming or being directly talked to so no one would know how funny I'm not.


Did you feel starstruck?

gttngrltrdfyrsht354 karma

YEP! Especially when I met Isla Fisher. She's so rambunctious and AUSTRALIAN. Also beautiful. Jason Bateman is also very handsome.

cheerstothe90s132 karma

What do you think P-Hound stands for? College guy in the dorms, whatever could that mean?

gttngrltrdfyrsht275 karma

Mitch actually told me it was kind of a joke in progress that he didn't really pan out. P-Hound stands for Physics Hound? That's all I know. But it's catchy!

IMDATBOY129 karma

How is it working with Alia Shawkat? I always hear about the other actors from the show, but never much about her. Also, great work on the new season, you should be proud to be tied to such an amazing show.

gttngrltrdfyrsht210 karma

She keeps to herself a lot. I'm thinking maybe it's because I'm probably creepy as f. Lol. No, but seriously, she's a great girl, and plays her part well.

gttngrltrdfyrsht127 karma

Gotta roll guys, thanks for all the questions!

haileybourgeau109 karma

I don't actually have a question, but you were my favorite new character of the season. So, hi!

gttngrltrdfyrsht136 karma

Thank you so much! I'm glad you're here to give me some lerv.

Cadet_HAM1299 karma

What is your favorite scene from the new season?

gttngrltrdfyrsht339 karma

Anything with Gob (Will Arnett) or Tobias (David Cross). From stuff I've done, voting out Michael (Jason Bateman) and GM. Just being surrounded by all those twins was hilarious.

YaBoyMikey94 karma

How much pussy have you gotten since the new season aired?

gttngrltrdfyrsht621 karma

Ummm... How do I quantify that? Like, in numbers? Or the quality? I think cats like me regardless of the TV show. I have a mild allergy though, so they make my nose run a bit.

cliquepop199 karma

What a brilliant non-answer

gttngrltrdfyrsht441 karma

You're a non-answer. :P

diplomats_son91 karma

Since your scenes were mostly at the university, how much contact did you have with the other actors like Will, Jessica, Portia, etc..? Did you at least get to meet them and chat? Also I think you're really cute and were a great addition this season.

gttngrltrdfyrsht203 karma

Thank you so much!

I didn't get to meet all of them, sadly. I met a few at the premiere, but I just looked longingly upon Will and Portia. They're too awesome.

I worked with Jason, Michael, Alia, Henry Winkler. At the premiere, I met Tony, Jeffrey, David, and Jessica. I never did anything but lay eyes on Will and Portia. There was never a real good time to intrude on them. :\

tympeter89 karma

What'd your favorite Wu-Tang single?

gttngrltrdfyrsht177 karma

Wu-tang Ain't Nuthing to F' Wit

mangage36 karma

Ah, the classics

gttngrltrdfyrsht65 karma


uvamark1084 karma

First I have to say P-Hound may have been my favorite new character this season. Two questions: How was working with Mitch Hurwitz and is there any level of improv during the shooting?

gttngrltrdfyrsht120 karma

Thanks! Mitch was so accommodating and sweet. He would give me a hug every time I came on set (obvious joke there). In terms of improv, there wasn't much. We'd throw out lines here and there, and he'd either say yay or nay. Everything is written so tightly, there's really not much need for improv. That being said, Mitch was always open to suggestions.

senorfitz82 karma

Did you ever get to ride any of the vehicles in the show, like Gob's segue or the stair car?

gttngrltrdfyrsht112 karma

Noooope. I wish.

chizzleHiro81 karma

What steps do you feel must necessarily be taken by the entertainment industry to depart from the traditional, subliminal typecasting of Asian-American males as merely meek sidekicks, martial arts specialists, enemies in war, or oppressors of the to-be-saved-by-a-White-guy, Asian, damsels-in-distress?

gttngrltrdfyrsht252 karma

I don't think it's necessarily the industry's responsibility to depart from that sort of casting. I mean, as an Asian-American male, I see the problems, but I believe the solution is telling a good story. The media is a reflection of our society, and as diverse as it is where I live, it's not everywhere in this country. If you're white, you're still the majority and these are the people that the media will cater to. That being said, there's a reason there's a huge influx of foreign media in this country, things are getting more diverse, albeit VERY SLOWLY. I definitely feel that it is part of my responsibility to convey realism and not be a stereotype, but bottom line, I'm an actor, and just hope that I can bring truth to whatever role I choose to play.

zoelawson66 karma

I wish I could meet you :( you seem so down to earth n shit... lets be friends

gttngrltrdfyrsht91 karma

Please. :D

cliquepop62 karma

Thanks for doing the AMA! Since you were not part of the original series run, how was your experience working in the show different from the returning cast? Was it hard for you to adapt?

gttngrltrdfyrsht160 karma

Not hard to adapt, I just had to know my place on set. All of the returned cast are bona fide stars, I'm just the new guy. I just tried to keep my mouth shut and absorb everything. Try to hit my mark, know my lines, and occasionally if I had input, I had the chance to say so. The twin scene where we vote George Michael out? I suggested to Mitch that we have all the twins shake their head when GM tries to say something, and he thought it was a great idea and actually used it! And you're welcome, thanks for being here!

cliquepop71 karma

That's pretty cool, you were one of the most pleasant surprises of the new season (the fact that a new season was made being the most surprising, of course)

gttngrltrdfyrsht73 karma

Thank you, that means the world to me!

MadeInDeutschland56 karma

  1. Was any scene particularly hard to film?

  2. Who had to laugh the most often while filming?

gttngrltrdfyrsht134 karma

I'm sorry, I can't recall having anything that was hard to film. Maybe when we're voting GM out? There were SO MANY twins in that room at once. It was hot and disorienting.

Mitch. It's cool to see the director actually reacting to what the actors are doing on screen. Second to him was probably me, although I had to cover it up because everyone else is so professional.

nbarnesbatista54 karma

Can you give us a description of some of the characters' personalities off set? Jason Bateman? Michael Cera? David Cross? Will Arnett?

gttngrltrdfyrsht134 karma

Jason Bateman - handsome and professional, his eyes are very intense Michael Cera - reads a lot, makes a lot of over-my-head type smart person jokes David Cross - energetic and off-the-cuff Will Arnett - DIDN'T GET TO MEET HIM!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!

TrillGill54 karma


gttngrltrdfyrsht141 karma

I hope, yes. Do I think, yes. Is this based on ANYTHING. Nope.

zoelawson50 karma

You're hot

gttngrltrdfyrsht79 karma

THANKS! So are you!

MyNamesNotTaylor45 karma

As a person involved in Season 4, do you know all the little references and jokes thrown in (like the Always Sunny in Philadelphia reference in Maeby's yearbook), or do you still catch them from time to time?

gttngrltrdfyrsht123 karma

I try to catch them all (POKEMON!) but I'm really not that smart. I usually have to be asked, hey did you catch that reference? And then I'll be all like... derp.

tympeter43 karma

Did you ever start laughing while doing a scene and break character?

gttngrltrdfyrsht101 karma

Several times... There's a couple of dorm room scenes where Michael Cera is looking straight at me, we're less than a foot away from each other, and I just... couldn't stop laughing for a while.

lightsandmotion39 karma

Thanks for the AMA.

  • What are you up to next?
  • What's the status on The Breast Day Ever project?

gttngrltrdfyrsht67 karma

You're welcome! I don't know. Currently I'm indisposed with a healing broken leg. :*( But I'll get back to auditions and stuff really soon!

Breast Day Ever is a personal project. My ex-wife had breast cancer in 2010-2011, and it was a cathartic project that my friends helped put together. It's a light comedy, I don't know. I may revisit it soon.

techman9108 karma

ex-wife? How old are you...?

gttngrltrdfyrsht98 karma

I'm as old as you think I could be to have an ex-wife. It's Hollywood baby!!!

lightsandmotion18 karma

Appreciate the answers. How the heck did you break your leg?

chizzleHiro59 karma

Probably doing something stupid, like wake-boarding.

gttngrltrdfyrsht107 karma

Shut it. And yes, wake-boarding. Wait, I know you. Right?

DietCokeHeads35 karma

Who would win in a fight, the cast or the crew?

gttngrltrdfyrsht70 karma

The crew! They outnumber the cast like... 6-1 lol!

awlyssa34 karma

which of the fast and furious movies is your favorite?

gttngrltrdfyrsht83 karma

1 and 5.

nbarnesbatista32 karma

I don't mean to be offensive or anything, but are you gay? Like is your crush on Jason Bateman a man-crush or a real crush?

gttngrltrdfyrsht117 karma

No, not offensive. If I was gay, I wouldn't care either. But I am straight.

And yes. Both. Jason Bateman is cool as f. Maybe if there was wine flowing and a romantic setting, I would kiss that man. Lol.

Confused? It's okay, life is crazy :P

cliquepop119 karma

You wouldn't mind kissing that man between the cheeks, so to speak?

gttngrltrdfyrsht45 karma

Phrasing... Lol!

siegel_caww31 karma

I really wanted yo to somehow be related to Annyong. Idk, I think it would be cool.

Also we have the same first name. That means we're bros.

Also also, how did you first discover you liked acting?

gttngrltrdfyrsht111 karma

Lol. Sure, I've never had a brother before. HEEEY hermano!

I was originally a poli sci major at UCSD. Got done with it pretty early, decided I wasn't ready to graduate so decided to do something off the beaten path, cuz hey, what the hell am I going to do with a poli sci degree.

After taking some classes and doing some small theater shows, I realized nobody knew I didn't know what I was doing. The rest is history. Moved back to LA, signed with an agent, and been doing it for 5 years now.

'Do what you want, and work hard at it' is a mantra that I try to live by, and hope to pass on to my son.

chizzleHiro29 karma

Was any of the filming done at the studios on Pico and Motor in LA?

If so, did you ever play the par 3 course across the street and, during the round, point across at the studios and say, "I wish I can work there", only to be given the friendly/serious advice to just walk in there and take what's yours?

If so, that guy that told you to do that is pretty awesome, huh?

gttngrltrdfyrsht30 karma

No. Culver Studios and Eagle Rock.


And he's okay. Terrible golfer.

I_smell_awesome29 karma

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

gttngrltrdfyrsht49 karma

Breakfast? What is that?

mangage28 karma

Its that thing you get when you go to denny's between 3-6 AM, before bed.

gttngrltrdfyrsht74 karma

Oh. Well in that case, I had some leftover Papa John's pizza dipped in delicious delicious Garlic Butter sauce. That is my JAM!

BurntSystem29 karma

How did you end up getting cast as P-Hound?

gttngrltrdfyrsht62 karma

I was cast by Allison Jones, CSA. She's such a wonderful lady, and she also happens to cast most of the major Apatow films and comedies in Hollywood! Hopefully she'll call me back for some future projects. Anyway, I walked in, read with her on tape, then got the call two days later that I got the part!

ilikadapie28 karma

Here, i brought you a friendship pizza.

gttngrltrdfyrsht11 karma

I'll eat all kinds of pizza.

filmingej25 karma

Do you think you would be a part of either season 5 or the movie? I thought you were one of the best new characters this season.

gttngrltrdfyrsht43 karma

THANK YOU! I don't know honestly, but believe me, if I have the chance, I will jump on it!

sarahvampgrl23 karma

We quote Michael talking about you at the airport all the time! That was so funny. "Well, of course P. Hound's gonna vote against you."

gttngrltrdfyrsht24 karma

I will always vote against you.

haileybourgeau22 karma

Are you excited for the return of Breaking Bad?

gttngrltrdfyrsht86 karma

Yes and no. That just means it's the end. And the end makes me sad. Especially when it's the end of a delicious burger. Breaking Bad is a delicious burger...

letmetalreign22 karma

Yo P-Hound! Love you on the new season!! What's your Bluth's Original Frozen Banana of choice?? I peg you as a George Daddy man.

gttngrltrdfyrsht24 karma

Boom. Yep! Love the grahams!

vocalyzer18 karma

Favorite moment on set?

gttngrltrdfyrsht40 karma

Honestly? Every time I walked on. Also any time I was able to make my other castmates laugh. I was busy trying to learn and so tried to stay out of the way as much as possible.

mmmm_whatchasay9 karma

Did you ever get to see George Michael's full chicken impression?

gttngrltrdfyrsht15 karma

Nope. Damn matador pants.

gttngrltrdfyrsht3 karma

Edit: I just came back on my mobile real quick to see if there's more stuff to answer, clearly there is. I'll be back occasionally! Keep asking more questions! RJN