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What do you think P-Hound stands for? College guy in the dorms, whatever could that mean?

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It's difficult to understand the current government structure, with 3 separate presidents and from what I gathered all look out for their own and between Serbs, Croats, Bosniaks there is segregation to very high levels. I remember in Mostar the Croats had basically their side of the city, Bosniaks the other, to the point where the Croats had built a road around the Bosniak side so they could bypass it. I had to convince the bus driver to take me across the bridge (coming from Croatia) to the Muslim side as they had built their own bus terminal and tried saying it was the last stop (even though my ticket specified the East terminal). Anyway, do you see the division only spreading, or what are signs of gaps closing and people coming together? How do you think the government situation will be for the next couple decades?

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Yeah very difficult if younger generations are wanting something but the older generations in charge won't allow change, though maybe there is something to the idea that slow change is more stable (if it is indeed at least moving forward). But also it's hard to get people around a solution that may take 50 years to come into reality.

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Should we not learn from the mistakes of others? Seems like a good opportunity to get students engaged in a story and into discussion at least, from philosophy to human behavior to at least the idea of going your own way in life.