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How is it working with Alia Shawkat? I always hear about the other actors from the show, but never much about her. Also, great work on the new season, you should be proud to be tied to such an amazing show.

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If you could force Travis Outlaw to become a regular on r/kings, I'm all for renaming it r/Travisoutlaw

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How did you first meet Alex Hirsch? And do you have any funny stories about him?

I remember reading something where he said that he had already planned Mabel's voice to be your's, and if you didn't voice Mabel the show wouldn't have happened! I'd have to agree it wouldn't be near as amazing. Great job on adding a significant amount of charm to the show.


In response to 4) I feel that the center position has benefitted Demarcus' offensive rebound numbers, which is good because he's one of the more talented players when it comes to that ability. I think many fans sight a need for a shot blocker, which there seem to be more of at the center position rather than the power forward, to compliment Cousins. However, I think we would lose many of the advantages of Cousins versatility if he is matched up with with the multitude of power forwards who can also bring their games outside the paint, so I would keep in mind the defensive transition for Demarcus should he switch positions. I think he'll get his points at any position though.


Hi Pete. As a long time Kings fan, I'm more than grateful to feel hope again when talking about my team. Can you talk a little about our teams overall strategy? Vivek mentioned basketball 3.0 entails "postionless" basketball, can you expand on that?