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I'm a big fan of TPC because I have a lower vocal range, so I can sing most of your songs with relative ease as opposed to say, The Kooks or Two Door Cinema Club, who have higher ranges that are hard for me to hit in my chest voice

Dave, how does having a low range affect the way you write songs? Or do you not consciously think about it? And lastly, what vocal exercises do you do before performing, if any?

Thanks again for the AMA, I'm a huge fan. If you're ever in Michigan again, I will definitely be there.

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First off, long time fan of SLC Punk. I've seen it dozens of times, and I have one huge question about.


Alright, is Heroin Bob supposed to represent Jesus? I've talked with a couple friends about it and we can't reach a consensus. Here's how I see it; Jesus was supposed to never had sinned, but he died for everyone's sin. Heroin Bob was supposed to never have done drugs, but he died of a drug overdose. When Jesus died, everyone was able to stop dying for their sin. When Bob died, Steve-O stopped being a punk, and I think it's implied that he stops doing drugs, which could have ruined his life (like Shawn). The other evidence I can think of is when Shawn is on 100 hits of acid, he straight up says that Bob is Jesus.

tl;dr, Is Bob a metaphor for Jesus or not?

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As a person involved in Season 4, do you know all the little references and jokes thrown in (like the Always Sunny in Philadelphia reference in Maeby's yearbook), or do you still catch them from time to time?

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I heard that originally, you were going to be featured on Kendrick Lamar's "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe" but that the collaboration was scrapped. Have there been any other discussions about a different collaboration with Kendrick? Are you still interested?