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What is your best most misunderstood invention you can't see why the world won't adopt?

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I was curious about this the other day, and found out there is a Fakeblock app that looks a lot like the one in the show.

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That's actually very cool. A brief overview of any of those patents would be very interesting. How do you serial invent X-defense patents? Do you have sudden ideas of inventions that create completely new devices? Or is it more of a go digging and find things that address gaps in, or improve, already present technology?

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Do you feel that as the rules change that they are more and more forcing out the 'little guy' inventors? Tinkerers in their garage and such that have amazing ideas, but ultimately lose to better funded corporations?

What do you think of companies that abuse the patent system by buying up competing patents and technology? only to sit on them because they can either profit more from a cheaper, less advanced, or more established technology, or just to kill competition.

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Ah, the classics