Hey guys! I’ve been hopelessly addicted to Reddit for a little over a year and never thought to do an AMA until last week. I look forward to answering as many questions (hopefully all) as I can. I’m also excited to start some early buzz on my Adult Swim show “Rick and Morty” as well as spread the word on my new website www.roilandtv.com which features a ton of my previous work, with new and/or old stuff being added every Friday (or at least, that’s the plan)

EDIT: Okay, alllll done for real now. Still had no time to draw anyone anything. I will come back at some point and post links to some drawings. Or I won't. You'll just have to hang tight and see.

Proof: https://twitter.com/JustinRoiland

A bit about Rick and Morty: It’s a half hour animated Sci-Fi comedy that premiers on Adult Swim this December. Rick (voiced by me) is a nihilistic scientist who drags his stupid grandson Morty (also voiced by me) on insanely dangerous adventures across the universe. Meanwhile, Morty’s mom (Sarah Chalke), dad (Chris Parnell), and sister (Spencer Grammer) hang around and have wonderful story lines of their very own. Sometimes the story lines even cross over! You won’t believe it! They often cross right into each other! We have some pretty incredible guest stars/ series regulars spread across season one: David Cross, Dana Carvey, Claudia Black, Virginia Hey, Nolan North, Phil Hendrie, Richard Christy, Tom Kenny, Rob Paulson, Maurice LeMarche, Tress MacNeille, Jess Harnell, Brandon Johnson, Cassie Steele, Aislinn Paul, Echo Kellum, and many others.

I must thank NBC for letting me borrow Dan for a year to run the writers room and get all the stories and scripts Harmonized. His time away from Community (season 4) was very well spent, trust me.

That’s it for my shameless plugs! Lets do this!

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elastical_gomez66 karma

Hey Justin! I'm the new design intern at your office who's currently on Reddit. Okay I'll get back to work now.

justinroiland94 karma


elastical_gomez53 karma

D-do you want any coffee delivered to the writers room while I'm at it?

justinroiland77 karma


deadkennedy31 karma

please tell me this actually lead to ice cream...

elastical_gomez40 karma

We've got a PA on it!

justinroiland46 karma

I ate ice cream

blobo1212361 karma

Will you visit the MinerAp.com server again anytime soon?

By the way, you're awesome! I love your work.

justinroiland50 karma

Man, I've been playing off and on ALL MONTH!!! Got banned for very false accusations of xray and appealed. Back in the game. I love it. No server is as good. I want to start one that is almost exactly the same, but with a bigger map, more slots, and I'd promote it on Adult Swim. I want to hang out with Notch!

StumpyGoblin31 karma

Why not just promote us? It'll save you the effort! cough cough plug us to the world cough cough

justinroiland19 karma

I still plan to promote Minerap! Don't you worry!

Daedkro22 karma

Just don't forget us when your new show takes off!

justinroiland26 karma

Forget you? I'll be living in minecraft. Have you seen Dan Harmon? He has two shows and can't stop playing. He runs his writers room with a laptop on his lap playing the tech pack.

Daedkro14 karma

Does Dan play on MinerAp? I marathoned through all of community a while back, and it was really some of the best stuff I've seen in a long time. So glad to hear he's back for season 5.

justinroiland17 karma

He's dabbling currently. He's not sold on it yet. The whole x-raying witch hunt stuff has him a bit leery about it. I'm sure he'll end up on there eventually.

franknbrry213 karma

Got banned for very false accusations of xray

haha you can blame DangerCupcake for that

I want to start one that is almost exactly the same, but with a bigger map, more slots, and I'd promote it on Adult Swim

I don't ever plan on leaving MinerAp, but I would absolutely join this should it ever come to fruition.

Maybe you would offer me a spot in your faction again! I still regret saying no last time :D


justinroiland14 karma

Once I dig back in, I'll let you know. Right now we're small timing it.

JohnFairfax12 karma

please promote us oh god you are hero we need

justinroiland8 karma

Don't worry, I will spread the word

DS_Cooke24 karma

In addition to this what do you think of the MinerAp community?

justinroiland30 karma

looooooove it. It's the best. Cut throat. Brutal. Fear for your life and items. That's a whole new way to play minecraft.

justinroiland32 karma

You bastard!!!!!

Sheznahai47 karma

Seriously, Thank you so much for doing the lemongrab voice, it touches my heart everytime i hear it

justinroiland56 karma

That means a lot to me! I'm always worried about it touching people's eardrums...

Sheznahai23 karma

It touches those as well, but as soon as i heard lemongrab he was instantly my favorite.

once again, thanks <3

justinroiland12 karma

Thank YOU!!!

Miiyao39 karma

What was the inspiration behind the voice of Lemongrab?

PS thank you for contacting us mods over at /r/adventuretime and letting us know about this AMA ahead of time! :)

justinroiland47 karma

You're welcome! Trying to do this first AMA right!

When I went into the record, Pen had just cast me without an audition. We didn't know what the voice was going to be yet and sometimes those are the trickiest. Pen was a fan of my podcast (the grandma's virginity podcast) and just knew he wanted to give me a character to do on the show. I came in and just screamed a few lines and Pen smiled and said "That's it!" and we recorded. It was so much fun because I felt encouraged to play around and experiment during the record with lines. Pen also had very specific line reads for certain parts that were hilarious.

Miiyao21 karma

That's awesome! I couldn't think of a better voice for that character, it fits perfectly.

Oh also... I asked Fred Seibert when he did his AMA with us.. Have you touched Pen's beard?

justinroiland43 karma

HAhaha, I think I may have unintentionally touched Pen's beard. It's soft and wonderful

oneguycoding36 karma

did you ever hear this great lemongrab mashup https://soundcloud.com/1051tunes/unacceptable-condition?

justinroiland34 karma

Yeah, it is amazing. At parts it reminds me of my old band. That's almost exactly what we sounded like.

icorrectpettydetails11 karma

Would... would you sing it for us?

justinroiland14 karma

I'll post some of my old band and you can be the judge. I'm trying to get some stuff to go live under the music section of my website. Be warned... it's old and bad.

0SED4X8 karma

I MUST know your band's name! If the vocals are in lemongrab's voice it must be absolutely spectacular! To never hear this would be UNACCEPTABLE!

justinroiland12 karma

they're not in his voice, but I'm definitely screaming. They're being posted right now on my website if you're curious. Be warned.. again, they're old and horrible hahaha http://roilandtv.com/music/

BringBackFannyPack36 karma

My daughter wants to know why lemongrab is so angry and has so many kids. I don't know what she is talking about. Shes 5.

justinroiland57 karma

Hahahaha, it could be a good opportunity to teach her about mental illness and insanity.

justinroiland12 karma

upvote this!

PaPpArAarmy29 karma

ACCEPTABLE! I am a huge fan of Adventure Time, and one of my favorite characters is Lemongrab! No one could do his voice better than you! Really, it's perfect. What's it like playing Lemongrab? Is voice acting hard?

Ps. Tell Pen Ward some girl from across the world says hi. (he's my idol)

justinroiland39 karma

I will tell pen you said hi!

Voice acting is the best EVER! You can show up totally naked and no one minds. Then you get in front of the mic and just talk. Then you go home and lay in bed and browse reddit on your ipad all through the rest of the day and night.

Screaming a lot can be rough, but if it's broken up over a few days or kept to a minimal amount of takes it's totally fine.

PaPpArAarmy10 karma

Wow. That sounds like alot of fun. Sorry to be bothering you, but what is Pen like? I've sent him a fan letter before but he never answered. Haha he must be very busy.

justinroiland19 karma

no bother!

He is really sweet. He's quiet and content. I really really like him. He LOVES video games. He's brilliant, and yes, he is very very busy.

JezusGhoti15 karma

In what ways is Rick and Morty different from your Doc and Mharti shorts? Please don't say the constant balls-licking is gone. That was the best part!

Oh, and when the fuck is the Grandma's Virginity podcast coming back?

justinroiland16 karma

Hahaha, well, the Adult Swim series actually has a lot more effort and thought put into it. It's still those two characters, but now they're related and have a whole family. Definitely less ball licking. That is an unfortunate side effect of working for broadcast TV. Rick still fucks with Morty quite a bit though. It's great. We retained what is great about the short. The podcast will be back! I swear!

GeeMuhnay15 karma

What is Dan Harmon drinking right now?

justinroiland24 karma

Kettle One on the rocks!

daniellajoyy14 karma

Can we please know more about your IMDB photo?

justinroiland16 karma

I had a hershey's chocolate bar sitting on the window sill in the Acceptable TV writers room. the sun was hitting it. I began to knead the chocolate around within the confines of the unopened package. It wasn't long until the package opened. This was the same day we had scheduled our staff photos. One thing led to another, and I started getting the melted chocolate all over myself.

linktothenow13 karma

How do you handle all the screaming? Are your lines recorded across a longer period of time so as to give your throat some rest? How much of your Lemongrab voicework is edited in production, or is it simply Justin Roiland screaming near a mic? If you could be any Adventure Time character who would it be? You don't have to answer all of those, 1 or 2 would be... Acceptable.

justinroiland35 karma

Man, the screaming can really kill my throat. We've only had one episode (has not aired yet) that REALLY screwed me up for a few weeks. They are usually not TOO bad, and recently Kent has been really good about saving my voice. As for the editing... they of course go in and edit the radio play together, but those long crazy screams are all me unedited in front of a mic. That's the REAL DEAL DAAAAAAAAAWG!

Jordanliamsim9412 karma

Omg okay, could I make a cheeky request that you at some point in the near future video record yourself reading out some lemongrab lines? This would make my life yep yep.

justinroiland10 karma

Did you see Kent Osborn's vine video from last week? It's not much, but it's something to tide you over!

mracidglee12 karma

Is there a possibility of getting "Friends and Lovers" to visit Rick and Morty? Or in general getting more FaL in any way shape or form?

Don't you think Rick and Morty should be the first show with its own Minecraft server?

What new Lego kits have you liked recently?

Did you ever contact the education connection girl?

Also, I have some questions for Psychic Abilities:

  • Who will win the World Cup next year?

  • Will we all die from a horribly contagious supervirus that's immune to anti-bacterial handsoap?

  • When does the next GVP drop?

justinroiland19 karma

This is the best!!

  1. I have been saving cereal boxes for the last 6 years. I plan to do more friends and lovers episodes. Hopefully I won't wait TOO long. They could possibly show up in some capacity in Rick and Morty, but probably only in the background.

  2. Dan had set up a Community minecraft server, so it would be the second, but YES. I would want it to be exactly like minerapocalypse

  3. I recently (while drunk) bought 1k worth of new Lego sets. I have since returned most of them. I am hopelessly addicted to Lego. My favorite sets are the modular houses. I really wish they would release more of them, and smaller ones. We need a fast foot joint, and whatever else. They need to release 5 a year in the 60-80 price range.

  4. I NEVER contacted her. I got as far as getting her info and facebook page, and then just got busy. I blew it. I was really going to get in and do a whole thing there. Some day I will talk to her and find out what the deal is. My admiration for her started as irony, but then grew to become real. Much like my love for the canadian show Degrassi.

5ub1im312 karma

At what point did you realize your Lemongrab voice could actually be used for a character and not just an annoying squeal?

justinroiland29 karma

Hahaha, the moment I walked into the booth and tried it out. Pen was happy with it and we rolled ahead with the record. I walked out (I was totally nude BTW) and high fived the doorman. I danced back to my car and drove home with hope in my heart that more Lemongrab stories would come. They did. It was the best. True story.

SnookSnook11 karma

Lots of people think they have funny voices. Lots of people think they have great voices. Lots of people are correct in those assumptions- and yet they're never voicing cartoons. What's the big thing that separates success stories from the pool of people trying to be successful voice actors?

justinroiland16 karma

There are SO many reasons for this. I honestly think if I was never exposed to www.channel101.com I would still be working as a producer in reality TV. (Maybe) The big thing for me, was just making my own stuff and doing voices out of necessity. I never imagined I would be doing voices for REAL cartoon shows like Adventure Time. I was always just making stuff hoping to get my own show on the air. I really think a lot of it has to do with honing your skills, and never stopping.

Private_Ryan229 karma

WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO DO A NEW EPISODE OF GVP!? Or is that done? Because I hope not. It was the fucking best.

justinroiland14 karma

As soon as we are out of the woods on Rick and Morty. Ryan Ridley is a co-producer and he's pretty busy here with me. We got Jackie doing a few voices though! And Ryan too! Rick and Morty is like the podcast but in a different form! You'll love it, and it will be worth the long gap in regular podcast releases. We'll be back later this year.

ryanridley23 karma

It's really an honor to be an employee of Justin's.

justinroiland18 karma

get the FUCK off my AMA!

jmciesla9 karma

JUSTIN! You sent me a 1.5 second clip of Rick & Morty via email a year ago that I still cherish, THANK YOU! Can't wait for the premier of the show. You've listed a really impressive voice cast for season 1. My questions are:

1) What voice actor/actress would you really like to work with (on the show or in general) that you have NOT worked with before?

2) On the flipside (kinda), are there any shows you would love to do voice work on that you haven't before?

justinroiland15 karma

  1. David Bowie, Peter Serafinowicz, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Matt Berry, Wayne Pygram, The Lonely Island guys (again), Paul Reubens, Samantha Munro (DEGRASSI!), anyone from Game of Thrones, Michael Showalter, etc etc etc.
    I actually got to work with so many people on this first season. It really is amazing. Great excuse to meet awesome people.

  2. Man. This one is harder. I don't know... Maybe a movie? I always wondered if I'd get the chance to do a voice for an actual movie. Like disney or dream works or something. Some huge blockbuster animated movie. I'll be so rich! Think about how rich I would be from that!

Tsukunertov6 karma

Oh please get Bill Murray! That would just be the bees knees

justinroiland8 karma

He's a tough get. I want to get him eventually. Might need to be season 2 (if we get one)

jmccon8109 karma

What is your favorite lemongrab line

justinroiland22 karma

"If anyone needs me, I'll be taking a nap" because it's true! It's true!!!

LuiguSefirosu9 karma

Sir, Mr Roiland of Lemongrab.

  • What got you into voice acting?
  • How epic was it playing The Earl?
  • Favourite moment from any show?
  • Would you still be doing 'House of Cosbys' if it weren't for Bill and his lawyers cock-blocking you guys?

Your voice is incredible. You rock. Thanks for the AMA.

justinroiland15 karma

  1. I was doing voices on my own cartoons, mainly because it was fun, but also because I didn't have anyone else to cast. see them at www.roilandtv.com
  2. I am thrilled to be a part of Adventure Time. I absolutely LOVE the show, and it blows my mind that Lemongrab has become such a big part of the universe. It's insane. Whenever I find out about toys or products I buy a bunch. It's like living a dream.
  3. This is hard. I have THE WORST memory. From ANY SHOW? Ever? In the history of mankind? Let me think on this.
  4. We definitely would have at least finished the main story arc in house of cosbys. The legal stuff was certainly a good excuse to take a break from it. we were SO burnt out by that point.

LuiguSefirosu5 karma

I possibly should of said "..any show you've been in?"..

You should put a picture of your collection, that would be mmM..ACCEPTABLE!

Thanks for responding!

justinroiland6 karma

Any show I've been in.... Hmm. That's hard. So many good ones. I think maybe that VERY first Lemongrab episode "too young"

LuiguSefirosu4 karma

Ahh his introduction was incredibly, and disturbingly, awesome!

Thanks again for AMA

All the best for 'Rick and Morty', too! It'll be funny as shit, I'm sure!

justinroiland4 karma

I can't wait for you guys to see it!

Regiscyde7 karma

I'm glad GVP should be coming back some day, also 2 Girls 1 Cup The TV show is my favorite web series. A LOVE TO EAT SHIT AND DRINK PISS!!

justinroiland9 karma

Now THIS is my type of guy!!!!

Manimal57 karma

Adventure Time is my favorite television show, Lemongrab is my favorite character, and Too Young is more or less my favorite episode. Thank-you for all the great humor that you have provided me. Now for a question, do you have a favorite Lemongrab scene, and if so, what is it? Thanks!

justinroiland15 karma

I really love when Lemongrab eats the pie out of the dead rat's mouth. I think that might be my favorite moment (of the stuff that has aired)

PopDavid7 karma

What does a busy man like yourself eat for breakfast?

justinroiland14 karma

This is a fantastic question. I usually just starve until lunch. Is that good to do? Any doctors in here?

Ethmin7 karma

Can you let us know if your Time Traveling character on Gravity Falls will return?

justinroiland5 karma

I can NOT let you know that. In fact, I don't even know myself. Alex keeps his lips SEALED on his show. Gotta respect that. Love that guy.

fromRailroadTimes7 karma

Justin: I've been a big fan of yours, and Dan's, and Schrab's, and pretty much anyone who was central to the original Channel 101 "scene" 5-10 years back. And I'm not in LA or anywhere close and I've never met any of you. I just watched online from across the world. Thanks for providing so many laughs.

Your own voiceover style is often very distinctive (and fused inextricably with the comedic effect, moreso than most voiceover artists in my mind). Who do you consider your foremost influences in terms of your approach?

(Also: How the hell did all of you end up meeting? Talk about a huge collective of unbelievable talent.)

justinroiland7 karma

We all met BECAUSE of Dan Harmon and Rob Schrab starting Channel101.com

I'm not sure who influences me as a voice actor, maybe Gene Wilder? Phil Hendrie? I can tell you who influenced my comedic instincts and my writing. Bob Odenkirk, David Cross, Jack Black, Larry David, Mike Judge, and mister floops

MissMaegan7 karma

Hi Mr. Roiland, thanks so much for doing this AMA! I just wanted to say I’m a huge fan of Lemongrab, he’s one of my favorite AT characters, and the voice fits him perfectly! I wanted to ask you what you enjoy most about voicing such an insane character? And what is your favorite line of his to say? Thanks again!

justinroiland17 karma

Thank you! I enjoy the freedom to be crazy in the booth. Kent Osborne lets me try stuff and play around. Pen too. So for sure that it the best part. My favorite lines are the ones where he's shouting but not SCREAMING. Right in the middle. Anything in that zone is the best.

deadkennedy7 karma

I can't help but hear lemongrab's voice when I read EVERY reply you've made good sir.

3 hours dungeon!

justinroiland6 karma

That sounds painful!

justking6 karma

I love your Doc and Mharti cartoons with all my heart. I spent a day last year building this loving shrine to Mharti. Thank you for the laughs!

justinroiland8 karma

Oh my god that is AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much! I want to build a shrine to you now! I'm going to start tomorrow!

Sweetmilk_6 karma

Who came up with the "robots/beaurocrats" line?

justinroiland6 karma

That's a Harmon line all the way. I'm as big a fan of his as the next fellow!

justinroiland5 karma

Harmy (my nickname for Dan Harmon)

redsweatshirts6 karma

Do you have any interesting stories from your high school days?

Also, still sorry about the ban thing...

justinroiland15 karma

Hahaha don't sweat it. Here's a story for you. My first girlfriend (first love, whatever) cheated on me with my good friend and caused me to switch high schools. The friend who did this later went on to work with me on a BUNCH of my cartoons, and worked on Rick and Morty in concept art. Back in high school, when I switched schools I left a horrible school (Sierra High School in Manteca) and went to an absolutely incredible school (at the time) (Manteca High School, in Manteca). My senior year was like the movie dazed and confused. It was insane. All thanks to this cheating nonsense.

WrongDayToQuit6 karma

I just wanted to wish you the best of luck with your new show! Lemongrab brings me great joy. Have you ever done his voice in public or on a phone call as a joke? Like, called the phone company and complained that your bill was UNACCEPTABLE? Insist your pizza be delivered in less than an hour or 3 hours dungeon?? Also, the Lemongrab eps haven't aired here in Germany yet as we are only on season 1, but my husband liked watching Too Young (English version, of course), at least what he understood of it.

justinroiland4 karma

hahaha I have done the voice for friends and family. I wonder if in Germany they will get someone to scream like me in german. Do they replace the voice actors with german speaking ones?

WrongDayToQuit3 karma

Yes, they replace all the voices for every show here with sometimes hilarious/unexpected results. And Adventure Time comes on around midnight because I don't think it's acceptable (that word again!) for German children, probably a little too violent. I admit I am afraid to hear how the German voice actor will interpret Lemongrab. Remember, too, that keeping order and eating bland food are a part of daily life here, loved by all! ;) Not sure how that will go over...

justinroiland6 karma

when it airs, will you PLEASE record some and post it to youtube? I have GOT to hear what Germangrab sounds like

Aniviaintraining6 karma

Is there gonna be more episodes where Lemongrab will be featured in?

justinroiland8 karma

Yes, but I'm not sure how much I am allowed to say. I will say that there are a few that haven't aired!

wangotango225 karma

You tell JD Ryznar to keep shooting Yacht Rock.

justinroiland4 karma

He should.

Minya_Zylion5 karma

Hello Mr. Roiland, I'm so happy that you're doing an AMA! I've always loved the life you bring to Lemongrab and I'm amazed at your talent! A good friend of mine loves your voice acting of Lemongrab as well! How did you get to where you are today, voicing such a unique character? I'm sure it was interesting discovering your awesome vocal range! Thank you so much!

justinroiland5 karma

Yo DAAAAWG! I got an answer for this one! I just worked on my own cartoons in my crappy apartment and then submitted them to Channel101 and that ended up getting me signed to UTA, which led me on this long and dusty road to where I am now. Doing cartoon voices for a living. It's a dream come true Y'AAAAALLL

scannedlife5 karma

Now that you're doing some pretty cool projects and are a show creator yourself, what advice would you give yourself 10 years ago when you were starting out in LA?

justinroiland11 karma

I would tell myself to be patient. Chill out. Stay away from certain women. Stay away from certain men. Stop trying to sell an animated variety show. No one wants that. It's too soon. Someone will do it before you anyway.

SamHamBand5 karma

How many writers are on Rick and Morty, and what is the room and process like?

justinroiland5 karma

We started with just me, Dan, and Ryan Ridley and our writers assistant Mike McMahan. Then after a few months of working, we added 3 more writers who worked for 5 months with us. Now it's back to just me, Dan, and Ridley. Soon Dan leaves for community and then it will be just me. All by myself. Sitting here finishing season one.

popsuperstar5 karma

What was it like working with Sarah Silverman?

justinroiland7 karma

It was a blast. Sarah is insanely kind and she was so much fun to hang out with. She was also really cool about letting me do whatever i wanted on the cartoons.

OptionalEssential5 karma

do you ever get a sore throat from all the lemongrab work? i know a guy who can do an impeccable imitation, but it destroys his vocal cords.

justinroiland4 karma

Yeah definitely. And a head ache. if I'm screaming a lot for a long time it can get preeeeeety rough

deltron20205 karma

What's it like working Dan Harmon?

justinroiland10 karma

Dan Harmon is a genius. He and I have been friends for a LONG time. Working with him is a blast. We compliment each other in the best way, and on Rick and Morty it really is a partnership. We break stories together, but once it gets to the final pass of the script, Harmon rolls up his sleeves and digs in. I'm always so excited when he finishes a draft. Laughing out loud as I read it. Then when I get in and do the voices, I'll change stuff and fuck around with Rick and Morty's lines to see if there is anything insane in my head that none of us would have thought to write. The end result is this really amazing collaboration. I can't wait for people to see it.

TLDR: Dan is the best. I wouldn't want to make this show with anyone else.

Ethmin4 karma

What would have happened to the Cosby's if Bill's lawyers hadn't been dicks?

justinroiland6 karma

You would have seen Evil Cosby with a fully functional cloning machine. Then all shit would have broken loose.

RED_NEKID4 karma

How much creativity will you hold in the new show?

justinroiland6 karma

Dan made it clear from the very beginning that he wanted to let me do what I wanted and just help me make it good. I give him a lot more credit for the quality of the show than just that, but he held true to his word this whole time. This show is very much my sensibility. It was a great mixture of Dan and I coming together on a project that allows us both to do what we want without getting in each other's way. Community fans will love it, and animation fans will love it. People who watch Oprah might not like it. Maybe 50% of them will like it.

tumblrneeds4 karma

Whats working with john Dimaggio and jeremy shada like? Is it hard not to laugh sometimes on set?

justinroiland8 karma

It's funny, I've never had an ensemble with John, but I have with Jeremy. It's really fun. I remember talking to Jeremy's dad and asking him (without thinking about what I was saying) if they are worried about his voice changing. My friend (and podcast co-host) Ryan Ridley scolded me later and made me realize that it was rude. I didn't realize! I was just curious! Luckily they didn't seem to mind. Much like Vici from Small Wonder, Finn ages in real time!

I've hung out with John DiMaggio and he's the best. He's hilarious and kind. We both spilled red beats on our pants at a TCA dinner for Out There. I'd love to hang out with that guy more.

rmarkham4 karma

Team Cosby Triosby!

Seriously though, where were you going to go with the next episode, I'm dying to know!

Bill Cosby hasn't come in 8 days, so be careful.

Also, Lemongrab is my favorite character on AT.

justinroiland7 karma

I had an arc mapped out to end the story, but keep the show going with a new arc. I still plan to finish it some day. I'll just make it for free and post it online so I can't be sued for any money. I had BIG plans for evil cosby. Such a bummer.

suck_my_happiness4 karma

Hello Justin! Thanks for the AMA. :)

  1. What do you think you're best known for?

  2. What's been your favorite project to work on?

  3. Did you know Dan Harmon prior to working for Channel101?

Thank you for doing the AMA!!

justinroiland6 karma

  1. I think I'm known for all kinds of things, but the people who know me for one thing don't know about the other things. It's really hard to tie all the worlds together. Probably MOST known for lemongrab or Oscar on Fish Hooks. But I also think a lot of people know about House of Cosbys, so I'm not sure. We should do a poll!! LETS DO A POLL!!!!!

  2. Besides the crazy fun Channel101 stuff, I actually think Rick and Morty is my favorite project. I do have to say though, the cartoons I made for Sarah Silverman were a LOT of fun to work on.

  3. I did not know him, but loved Heat Vision and Jack and was familiar with him. We became friends at 101

ShadowJumper1173 karma

I really loved you in "Out There"! I was sad to see the first season end so quickly. Can you confirm if there will be a second season?

justinroiland6 karma

I have been bugging Ryan Quincy and the IFC folks off and on about season 2. I really love the show and want to do more. It sounds like they're talking currently

justking3 karma

Can we get some more Doc and Mharti? It's for your life, hurry!

justinroiland11 karma

You'll be getting a whole 11 episode season of it! You'll like it better, trust me. It's a huuuuge step up! I still hid a TON of ball sacks throughout the season. Don't you even worry about it.

SimonPetrokov3 karma

Greetings Earl! What has been your favorite episode to voice as Lemongrab?

justinroiland6 karma

the first one has to be my favorite. "Too Young" because we were all discovering the character in that record. It was awesome.

Whynotska3 karma

Hello Mr. Roiland, sir, of the Earl of Lemongrab.

I just wanted to ask, how were you requested to voice act the character of Lemongrab? Is all of the humour and absurdity which not only comes from the script, but from your voice and the tone which you create your arrangement?

justinroiland7 karma

Ok, I'm going to try my best with this one, as I'm not 100% sure what the exact question is. I think it's a collaboration between script (or more specifically board) and my voice acting. Tom and Jesse always have some specific and hilarious lines of dialogue with odd word arrangement and emphasis.

LolaKite3 karma


justinroiland5 karma

Just breaking story with Harmon. Collaborating with him from the genesis of an episode idea, then having him (sometimes forcing him) to run his hand across each iteration. The outline, then the final script. Dan goes in and changes dialogue and elevates the show on the script page. We also have a chap named Ryan Ridley who's helping out in that respect, but this is about Dan. And Dan is always the last pass on a script. I would't want it any other way. I'm as big a fan of him as all the community maniacs are.

unclephilsmovie3 karma

Is Rick and Morty all being animated in house at Starburns Industries in the US?

justinroiland4 karma

We have an insanely talented team here in the US. We do all the writing, design, records, storyboards, color, and animatics here. Then we ship to a canadian studio called "Bardel" to be fully animated.

Tsukunertov3 karma

Hi, thanks for doing this AMA.

I was just wondering how long it took to get your new show from your initial idea to being greenlit by Adult Swim? Did you hit any speed bumps along the way?

justinroiland6 karma

The green light to pilot was handed over. No hoops to jump through. Dan Harmon called me and told me Adult Swim was interested in working with him on a project and he asked if I had anything animated that I was excited about. I reminded him about "Doc and Mharti" and told him I was working on a TV show based on those two characters, but just changing their names to something else. He loved those guys and was instantly on board. The only snag we hit along the road to series order was the potential recasting of "Morty". We actually auditioned people for Morty, all the while I was respectfully submitting improved scenes with me talking to myself as both characters. Just trying to keep my name in the hat for the final choice. I felt like it was important that I do both just because a lot of the scenes between the two characters end up being improv of me talking to myself. I'll post some of the workshopped scenes here in a bit.

Ethmin3 karma

oh my glob yes

justinroiland4 karma

Here is another workshopped scene of Rick and Morty. This was the one where I did Morty's voice to sound much older. More grounded. He doesn't sound like this in series. He sounds like the other clip I posted. It's in here somewhere. rick and morty final workshopped scene

Here is the one I posted elsewhere: rick and morty audition scene

again, none of this is in the show. This was just me making stuff and having fun.

Ethmin3 karma

You've been a hero of mine since I was in middle school watching your Channel 101 shows. It's been amazing watching your career take off over the years, and I can't tell you how excited I am about Rick and Morty. Who were some of your heroes growing up and how did they influence you to do the stuff you do?

justinroiland4 karma

Huge influences were John K and Mike Judge. I have been developing TV pitches since I was twelve years old. I never imagined I'd actually end up involved for real. But who knows... maybe I'm actually just in a coma and this is all fake.

dan123md3 karma

Best Dan Harmon quote that only you would know?

justinroiland6 karma

Oh man, I have the worst memory. There are too many. Harmon is hilarious. Between him, me, and Ryan Ridley, we're constantly making shit up and making each other laugh.

Barltonio3 karma

Hey Justin. Long time fan here. I remember a while back while listening to your GVP podcast that you were collecting canned foods and other survivalist things for the inevitable world financial collapse. Are you still preparing for the end? I'm fascinated to know what your thoughts are about this.

justinroiland7 karma

the end is near! Grab your nap sacks!

hello2ulol3 karma

If you join MinerAp.com again, I will personally supply you with everything you need.

justinroiland3 karma

I'm on there!! I'm there man!

justking2 karma

When can we expect to see more about Rick and Morty? Please tell me Morty calls him Doc and has a time car..

justinroiland6 karma

I'm not sure when Adult Swim is going to roll out the promotion train. I know we are doing a panel at comic con on Saturday July 20th. Not sure what time yet.

Rick does not have a time car. There is no time travel. Time travel doesn't work. It doesn't make sense to me. The show is just all kinds of different sci-fi stuff. It's really far away from the original short.

Here is something that IS NOT a part of the first season, it's just a work shopped scene I did to keep my name in the hat for the voice of Morty back when Adult Swim was considering recasting Morty. I talked about it in another comment. rick and morty workshopped scene

Ethmin2 karma

What is your current favorite video game?

justinroiland5 karma

FTL and Minecraft. They consume all my game playing time. But I DID just but KOTOR1 for ipad. I love that game so so so much, so I'll probably play through it once I get time.

yugo6572 karma

What's it like working with the team and playing Lemongrab? Doesn't it hurt with all the screaming? Also, I hope Lemongrab is coming in again soon.

justinroiland5 karma

It definitely can shred my voice for a few days, but I always bounce back. Doing Rick's voice on Rick and Morty isn't a walk in the park either. Between the two I've been to an ENT doctor 3 times in the last few months.

cabbage162 karma

I want to tell you that Lemongrab is my favourite character on Adventure time! My question is do you think that if Lemongrab was real would you hang out with him?

justinroiland7 karma

Hmmm. If he were real... I don't know. It would probably be really awkward. I suppose it would be sort of like hanging out with a crazy person in real life. It would be really hard to connect and you'd also never know what they're thinking. Like, is he planning to attack me?

savourthesea2 karma

How did you get into animation? How does a person get to WRITE FOR TV?

justinroiland5 karma

Honestly, the best advice I can give (because there are so many different paths) is to just start writing stuff and do whatever you can to start making the stuff you write. Force yourself to create one thing a month. Treat it like a requirement for living on this planet. Learn flash or learn final cut or imovie. Whatever it takes. Vegas video. It doesn't matter right now. All that matters is that you force yourself to DO the thing you're dreaming about doing. Just start doing it with what you have. Crayons and butcher paper. It doesn't matter. Write a story and figure out a way to tell it that is within your skill set and means. Keep it simple. Don't worry about blowing people's minds visually. That's for later. Just learn how to tell a story in a visual medium of some kind. Do that for a few years. Create one thing (or more, but at least one) every single month. Watch yourself grow and get better. Make sure each thing you make tells a complete story. No "to be continued" or weird art school nonsense. Tell a trackable story. Force yourself to. Watch TV and study it. Make sure the things you create are followable. Post your stuff on a youtube channel. THEN email your youtube link to JJ Abrams or James Cameron. If they don't respond continue to bother them. Email it to them and their assistants every hour until you hear back. If they write back telling you to leave them alone, then you should just get more aggressive about it. Just kidding about that. Don't harass any A-list directors. Or anyone really. Forget that part. But seriously, just start making stuff. Don't worry about the rest of it. That will happen later. For now JUST MAKE STUFF!!

igotligerblood2 karma

How is working with Adventure Time?

justinroiland4 karma

He is a good guy. I like Adventure Time a lot. He is nice.

andiznit2 karma

How did your podcast empire (ferel audio) start? Are you planning to expand in big ways?

justinroiland3 karma

Oh, That's not my podcast empire! I think maybe that's more Dan Harmon's thing

aablmd822 karma

I know that this is pretty sellfish, but it's my birthday today! However, I'm in Japan for a couple of months, so I'm not able to celebrate it with any of my friends. Lemongrab is one of my favorite characters on Adventure Time, with "You Made Me" being high on my most liked episode list. Do you think you could give me something to brag about to my friends? Maybe a doodle on a napkin or a swab of saliva sent to my home add....Sorry that last one was a little unacceptable.

*edit* Also, what's your opinion on Will Sasso's Lemon Compilation?

justinroiland4 karma

I will move into my office and get on my Cintiq! I guess I should have been on there this whole time. Could have been drawing stuff.

rocky_giraffe2 karma

What it like being the voice of Lemongrab and working with AT peeps? Lemongrab is one of my favorite characters :)

justinroiland5 karma

It's a dream come true!

BigWillieStyle2k62 karma

I saw on Twitter you were talking about the Xbox One with The Best Gamers. What is your opinion on the WiiU and PS4? Also just out of curiosity, what is your favorite video game of all time?

justinroiland3 karma

Of all time.... Metroid. I think. It's hard man. So hard to pick just one. Shadow of the colossus, GTA:SA, Clash of Heroes, Advanced wars, Pokemon. It's hard to chose.

I am a little worried about this next generation of consoles. I went ahead and invested in a really nice gaming PC and stopped buying my games for consoles. It's all about steam at this point. I am usually a day one adopter. I got the WiiU on day one and it has collected a lot of dust. I'm waiting on xbox one. I don't like the DRM. I might get the ps4 on launch, but it really just depends on what games they'll have around that time.

tgijsola2 karma

Did you guys have a story arc planned for Kosbees before Acceptable.TV got canned? So much potential!

justinroiland6 karma

Yeah, definitely had ideas for where we wanted to take it. The kosbees that hatched were going to be the angry, sexual harrassy (I know that's not a word) version of him. I wanted to have Kosbees be the first cartoon out of the gate on AcceptableTV really badly. I knew it would get us some buzz for the show because of the legal history there with Cosby (Who I swear to god I love and am a huge fan of) but I got shot down. There is another timeline of reality where 8 episodes and a lawsuit exist for Kosbees.

Tinfoiloid2 karma

What's the hardest thing about your job?

justinroiland3 karma

Besides managing Dan? (kidding) probably sitting through insanely long meetings where we go over every minute detail of a script for the story board guys. It's still FUN, but it's hard sitting in there for so long.

franknbrry22 karma

Hey Justin! Any chance the Gravel Police are planning a comeback? MinerAp has been missing all of your gravel-ness!

justinroiland4 karma

You can't gravel the gravel police. Yeah, we'll be back. I think the gravel police will be back when the next map reset happens. Not that I want that to happen any time soon. I've got a lot going on with this current server!

whistlesglimberg1 karma

Can you please make a full length 'The Mountain' pilot and pitch it to Adult Swim?

justinroiland2 karma

I tried to do exactly that with that guy, only for comedy central. He didn't return my calls. Dodged me for a few weeks. I found out why later. It's not a fun story.

scannedlife1 karma

As a fan of GVP, I know that having your own cartoon show was a big life goal of yours. How was it different than you thought it would be?

justinroiland1 karma

It's pretty much what I thought it would be. If anything, it's better than what I imagined it would be. I expected to get a lot of network notes (that's always part of making any tv show) but we get virtually none. Mike Lazzo is so insanely in sync with us on this show. it blows my mind. All the hard work, I anticipated that. I just can't wait until people get the chance to finally see the show.

Ethmin1 karma

Any thoughts on a GvP tour akin to what Harmon did with Harmontown? I would kill for a Chicago show.

justinroiland1 karma

We talked about it. I would be more game to doing a few shows around the country in the cities with our largest listener base. That would be fun. Better than doing a live show here in LA anyway. Maybe we can come and do a show just for you in your living room!!

justinroiland3 karma

Yes! I loooooooooooove it as if it were my own child

ImEatingHummus1 karma

I'm a hopeless comedy writer living in SoCal, do you have any advice for finding writing jobs? Also, if you're hiring..

justinroiland2 karma

My advice is to try your best to make some of the stuff you write. Use whatever you have to do it. A cell phone camera and stick figures. Then post on youtube and email links to JJ abrahms (or however you spell his name. no disrespect, just not great with names)

Ethmin1 karma

Should we expect any 101 references in Rick an Morty?

justinroiland2 karma

Not really... There are references to some of my older cartoons... or character designs we used from them. Little of that here and there.

Private_Ryan221 karma

Also I just read through all the names that you put as people on your show. You got Cassie Steele! From Degrassi! I mean damn that's gotta get you pumped

justinroiland2 karma

Man, she was so awesome. I also got Clare (Asilinn Paul) too! DAAAAMN! DEGRASSI KIDS ON MY SHOW!

Rango_991 karma

I just want to say you are awesome, and i love adult swim! please keep the good stuff coming. Also what other adult series shows have you worked on?

justinroiland2 karma

I worked on "Out There" for IFC doing the voice of "Chris" and that was a blast.

Ethmin1 karma

Can you talk at all about your time on Acceptable Tv and what you learned from that experience?

justinroiland3 karma

I learned how to run an animated production on the most insane schedule ever. Nothing else has been as intense and insane as that job. I was running the animation department/ directing the cartoons, and then running off to the sound stage to shoot stuff constantly. I was the busiest I've ever been, but was also the most fun I think I've ever had in my life. We had so so so much fun on that show.

Ethmin1 karma

I had so much fun following that show! You delivered some of the funniest performances ever on that show, OPERATION KITTEN CALENDER etc...

justinroiland2 karma

I havent' watched that stuff in a long time. I remember loving it. I also loved "I'm not racist" so much. Can't even find all those online.